Life's a Game

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Part 9

I sat in my chair, grieving. I couldn’t pay attention to the games. It would only remind me of Alec. I was crying silently to myself as I looked out the window into the empty arena. It was good that no one could see into the room, I didn’t want anyone to see me weak. Right now, maybe the only time I have besides at night, to properly grieve for my friend.

He was my family and friend, my ally. What am I suppose to do without him? Also, who was that speaking to me in my head? Maybe another contestant. Possibly Metis, he could read minds, so perhaps it extended to talking to people telepathically. I did break the warding somehow, which, as far as I knew, was not ever done before. Who knows, and honestly, I don’t care at this point. I just want to curl up in bed and go to sleep. Then never wake up.

Something that did bother me was the fact that I didn’t end the games. Somehow, that stranger convinced me to not kill the people that murdered the person I care most about. I am still here when I had a chance to be free. I believed a stranger, someone that wouldn’t even tell me who he was. I wanted answers, but I wasn’t going to get it until he spoke to me again. I lost my opportunity, and now I will have to sit here in sorrow wishing for a different ending.

Today for the games, they only have elementals fighting. Usually, there are two of each power of an element. Two earth abilities, two air, so on and so forth, and I paid enough attention to the first round of battles to know the winner is Helios and he can conjure fire. He had spiky black hair with red tips, which was a strange look, but it suited him. He was wearing all black armor and a scarf around his neck. He had a peculiar sense of fashion. I can only assume that he wanted to stand out in the crowd. To be remembered.

Helios went against someone that could control the earth like me. The one with the affinity of the earth almost won if Helios didn’t blast their face with fire. It was hard to watch and even worse to hear the screams. There was so much screaming. Usually, in the first week, the Elders try to pair contestants up with their complete opposite or close to it. Well, they typically do.

From what I witnessed, Helios didn’t demonstrate much fighting, just straight ability, which is fine for me. I would rather fight that way.

The last battle of the week just finished. It was an air affinity against someone who controlled water. Now there are only four elements and four spiritual left in the Game of Life.

The girl’s name was Hera, and she reminded me of Aura, my battle partner. It was interesting to see the different battle strategies. Hera used air to swirl around her to carry her high in the sky, basically flying around the arena. The one that controlled water was having a difficult time hitting the girl. Eventually, Hera pulled all the air in the field and tried to suffocate her opponent. I am glad I didn’t go against her, or I would be like her opponent, dead.

She was a small petite girl with short brown hair. I will have a lot of strategizing against all these Gifted competitors. The next round of the games will be the day after tomorrow, more than likely. I will probably be one of the first to battle next like I was the opening this week. I needed to prepare for whoever I am going against.

I slowly sauntered to my room as my guards guided me there. They never once looked at me or said anything, which I was grateful for. Luckily for me, I made it to my room with no trouble. I quickly locked my door and did my nightly routine. I ended up lying on the hard ground again, preparing for the day after tomorrow.

Remembering Alec’s teachings and training, I thought of strategies to win the next round. More than likely, I will fight someone that has a spiritual affinity. Who that maybe was anyone’s guess. I would have to assume that the Elders would pair me with someone callous and would kill me swiftly. Of course, whoever they throw my way, I have more reason to fight and win these blasted games. I will destroy everyone in my path if it means to avenge my friend, and I hope I didn’t waste my chance relying on the mystery person inside my head.

As I thought these things, my eyes began to droop, and darkness overcame me, sending me into a deep sleep.

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