Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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The season is coming to an end and Rieka will soon find out whether Shay is her destined mate or not. Though, she is starting to fear the werewolf traditions. What will happen if she becomes the pack's Luna? What will be expected from her? Summer is near. Caleb and Everly are planning their mating ceremony and it is soon time for Rieka to fulfil her promise to the hunter, Harvey. She will have to free her ancestor from his cage so that Harvey will regain his mortality and be reunited with his family. But things aren't going as planned and Rieka is finding herself trapped in something she didn't sign up for.

Fantasy / Romance
Bex Michaelson
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Summer is Near

It had been more than a month since I had told Shay about the deal with Harvey.

He had been surprisingly understanding about it. Apparently, he had been talking quite much with Harvey behind the scenes before he got to know me. They had been discussing Icarus' position and the possibility of letting him loose in a controlled environment so that Harvey could deal with him.

Nothing had happened since Shay didn't believe that it had been his rightful place to make that decision. But if I was sure that it was the right thing to do, he would be with me through it all.

The rest of the month had been all about getting to know my primal side. We had done it everywhere ever since I got on the pill. And I mean everywhere. Even in his office. I was almost certain that I had tried every position in the book but boy did Everly prove me wrong... Just the thought made my legs shiver.

The weather was finally looking good and warm. It was now possible for us to walk around outside without a warm jacket and without alerting every human in the city that something wasn't right.

The season was over in just a few weeks and I was starting to feel the butterflies in my stomach. Luckily, Caleb and Everly had decided on a date for their mating ceremony and it could keep my mind off of things. The 25th of July. A summer wedding, just as Everly had always talked about.

We were having brunch today, just Everly and I. We were supposed to discuss the details for her mating ceremony.

Over the years, we had found our favourite cafe, our favourite restaurants and our favourite brunch place. An amazing little place filled with paintings and plants. It was like entering a completely different world when we came here.

I was here half an hour early. I ordered a cup of Thai tea. I grabbed my sketchbook from my bag and started drawing. This place had always given me so much inspiration and I could feel the ideas flying in my direction.

Everly had been my best friend ever since kindergarten. I knew her better than I even knew myself. Apart from the fact that half a year ago, I didn't know that she was a werewolf. But I knew her person.

She wanted a magical mating ceremony and what I always liked the most about weddings was the dress. I wanted to design her magical dress.

I knew how to draw and design, Everly knew how to sew. We were quite the team. I knew that she wanted her dress to be completely white but I couldn't help myself and threw little golden something in there as well. Just to stir up the magic.

The time went by so fast that it only felt like 5 minutes had passed when Everly entered the place.

"You're already here?! And I thought I was early, " she laughed. "What are you doing?" I could feel a big smile on my face and I couldn't hold it back. "I'm designing your dress."

I was pretty happy with the design already even if it was just a sketch.

"Really!?" She threw her handbag on the table and pushed her chair next to mine. "It's beautiful, Rieka!"

"I know that you said completely white or cream but you also wanted some magic..." "Sure, sure, sure, sure." She wasn't listening. Her eyes were glued to my drawing.

I had made the top tight, stopping halfway over the butt. A little like the dress she had been wearing to their bonding. The dress then transformed into a ball gown.

The tulle was supposed to be consisting of at least 6 layers to make it look big. As a finishing touch to the skirt, I had drawn orbs of gold to make it look like fireflies. In my head, they should be able to glow in the dark, but I had no idea of how to make that a reality.

I had added some messy thin stripes in gold to the top to match the messiness of the skirt. The neckline was an 'off the shoulder' neckline, where I had placed flowers to incorporate her love for nature. Of course, I had put in a little gold there as well. Not much, just enough to see it around the edges.

The white was still dominating but the hints of gold here and there were enough to make the dress a bit interesting.

"What do you think?" I asked. "I know that it's just a sketch but I hope that you understand what I'm trying to do."

"It's gorgeous, Rieka... I really mean it and I can't wait to get started on it!" She grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

"Are you girls ready to order?" A waiter came over and interrupted us but I was in a good mood. "We'll have the deluxe brunch, please, " I kindly said. "Two deluxe brunch plates. Anything else?"

I looked at Everly. We both started smiling as we knew exactly what we were going to get. The same as always.

"Two mango smoothies, " we both said unanimously and started laughing.

We talked and laughed for the rest of the morning. Mostly about shoes, jewellery and hairstyles. It was nice, being able to walk around the city without having to look over my shoulder. Harvey had certainly lived up to his end of the bargain. I hadn't seen Archer anywhere around. I hadn't even been able to smell or sense him ever since the kidnapping.

We asked for the check after sitting there for almost three hours. The waiter came back and placed it on my plate. We paid for the delicious meal and then we're on our way.

Just as we were about to go outside in the rain, my phone started buzzing. I took it out of my pocket and looked at the screen.

Unknown caller? Who could that be? I pressed accept and moved the phone to my ear.

"Hello? Rieka speaking, " I said. A deep voice answered me.

"It's time."

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