Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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The Hunter and the Wolf

"Diana...?" The thing above me whispered with a hint of wonder in his rough voice.

He was still in my mind and it completely suppressed every bit of strength and fighting spirit that I had left.

"No..." He continued. "I killed my sister. You're someone else..." He was quiet for a little while. Tasting the words in his mouth before he dared to say it. "Rieka..." He said and I could hear him grinning behind the fur.

My name woke me up. "Icarus..." I whispered back. He started laughing slowly. The cruellest laugher I had ever heard. Deep and evil. As if every bone in his body was without any hint of decent in them. It made my blood freeze.

"I have your mother, little one, " he grinned. "But you're strong. I have yet to have you too..." "Don't think for a second that I will ever follow you!" I spat. It only made him laugh harder.

"Feisty. Just like my sister... But you will come to me. One way or the other." I could only see his red eyes through the massive fur. Red, penetrating eyes. As if he could see right through me.

He let go of my eyes and looked to his right. To Harvey. Then he started laughing again. "You really believe that you have a chance against me? Harvey is just as weak now as he was back then. He made a mistake going to that which, making us immortal." His eyes turned to me again. "Thank you for letting me out." He finished.

I could feel the fire inside me ignite again. The one that he had put out when he entered my mind. He had hurt so many already. My mother. Harvey. Archer. Shay. And so many other wolves going into battle.

"I won't give up without a fight, " I hissed. Without thinking, I reached for his fur but my hand hit his torso.

He roared and backed off. I could feel a warmth in my hand. A burning sensation.

I looked up and the moon slowly began to turn back to normal. The red was fading.

The huge shadow of Icarus also looked up and I could see that he hadn't planned for this part. He looked at me and growled one last time before he disappeared into the shadows of the trees.

I was still sitting on the ground, overwhelmed by what had just happened. I looked at the palm of my hand where I had just felt the burn.

A black line stretched diagonally across my palm. Where a small circle was placed in the middle, being split by the line.

Was this because I touched Icarus? I heard someone whining to my left. I didn't have the time to think about myself right now. I had to get Harvey to safety.

I got up and ran to him. The moon was white again and it was easier to see. "Harvey?" I said and turned him around.

He looked groggy. Like someone who had just been asleep by accident. Icarus must have hit him so hard that he had lost consciousness which he was about to regain just now.

"Rieka..?" He whispered and looked at me with grey eyes. "I'm here, Harvey. Let's get you to safety."

I felt my strength as a flow of water in my body as I summoned that part of my wolf. Harvey was not capable of walking by himself and needed support. I couldn't carry him only by my human strength.

But the flow felt different this time. It usually feels like water going faster through my veins. Providing more oxygen to my muscles but this felt like a wind. A breeze.

I took Harvey's arm around my neck and got him to his feet. He was like a doll. Like carrying dead weight. But it wasn't as bad as I thought. He was actually quite easy to carry.

"Did we win?" Harvey whispered. I chose not to answer but kept walking. "We are going to Shay's house, Harvey. Archer will be there too." I said to change the subject. Harvey didn't resist. He understood and let me help him.

We arrived at the house and Shay let us in right away. Shay wanted to help me but he still looked exhausted from the battle so I brushed him off and told him to go and sit down. He probably hadn't been relaxing since he got here.

I carried Harvey to one of the guest rooms and put him on the bed. "Rest here. We are right outside if you need us, " I assured him. As he rolled onto his back I could see that his shoulder had been dislocated. Harvey might be immortal but he could still bleed and break his bones.

I signed. I couldn't just let it be like that. If he healed, that shoulder would be like that until we broke it again.

I had helped my father with a dislocated shoulder from time to time when he had a few of his crazy ideas.

I placed one hand on his arm and one hand on his shoulder. "This is going to hurt, Harvey, " I warned him but didn't let him think any further before I pushed the joint to its proper location again.

He screamed but calmed down shortly after. I left the room and closed the door behind me so he could get some peace.

I turned around and walked straight into a naked chest. "It took you long enough, " Shay growled. His chest and feet were still bare but he had put on his sweatpants.

I couldn't tell him about my encounter with Icarus just yet. He would freak out and that wasn't what I needed right now.

"I'm sorry. He wasn't as easy to find as I had hoped." It wasn't a lie. It had taken me hours to find him and that hadn't been because of Icarus.

I expected a scolding but I was met with a pair of arms instead. Shay pulled me into an embrace and hugged me tightly. "Thank God, you're okay," Shay said and buried his nose in my hair.

"Of course I'm okay, " I said, smiling. "I told you that I could take care of myself." He chuckled. "Don't get too used to it, " he teased. "I would still like to be needed." I laughed. "Don't worry. I will always need you."

He looked at me and smiled. He bent down and I raised to the tip of my toes. Our lips met in a gentle kiss. It made my tense body relax. His arms around me and the heat from his body.

"Rieka?" Someone behind him said. I looked over Shay's shoulder and saw Everly standing with her arm in a bandage and her eye swollen. "Everly!"

Shay let go of me so I could run to my best friend. "You're okay!" I shouted and felt the tears running down my cheeks as I hugged her closely.

"Auch, auch, Rieka! You're hurting me, " she laughed. "Sorry! Sorry, " I said and wiped away the tears. "How's Caleb?" I asked. "He's okay. Hurt, but okay. He's at his parent's place. I just wanted to be here to make sure that you were okay."

She gave me another hug before she took a deep breath. "By the way... What is Archer doing here?" She asked.

Omg, right! Archer. "Where is he?" I turned around to face Shay. He pointed to one of the guest rooms. He knew that he couldn't keep me away so he stayed right behind me.

I opened the door and saw him lying in bandages but he was still alive. "Archer?" I slowly approached him. His face was expressing a lot of pain. He was sweating but his skin was extremely cold.

I turned around. "What is happening to him?" I asked. Shay sighed. "Did you notice the bite marks on his back?" He asked. I nodded. I remembered clearly. The blood running down his back and the puncture wounds covering it.

"One of those marks have turned purple, " he finally revealed. "Purple?" He nodded. "He is turning, " Shay explained.

"Turning?" I asked again. "Turning how?" "Into a werewolf, " Everly finished. I didn't understand. "How? Aren't you supposed to have the gene?" I asked.

Shay nodded again. "Usually, but if your blood is so pure, you are able to turn a non-werewolf person into one. Most werewolves bloodlines have sooner or later encountered a relationship between wolf and human. From that point and forward, that bloodline won't be able to turn humans. Your bloodline has been able to until your mother had you with a human, " Shay explained. "We believe that Archer was bitten by Icarus. That could explain it."

So Archer was turning into one of us?

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