Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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The Golden Shift

Archer was starting to whimper. He rolled to his side, trying to let the wounds breathe. But it didn't seem to do the trick.

Everly fetched a bucket of cold water and a cloth to try and cool his continuously rising fever. But he was burning so much that the water from the cloth evaporated.

"Is this normal, Shay?" I asked, trying to hide that I was actually trembling with fear. "I don't know, " he said. "I have never experienced this kind of transformation before." His voice wasn't calm but he too was trying to sound like it.

Archer began ripping and scratching the bandages around his chest and back. As if they were painful for him. "Everly! Help me get the bandages off!" I said and started unwrapping him. "But the wounds? They were quite severe, " she said. Her voice was without a doubt telling me that she was scared too. She didn't know what would happen when he turned either.

"He is going to hurt himself if we don't take the bandages off him first!" I raised my voice so she knew that this was serious. She came over and started helping me.

There were layers of bandages and most of them were soaked in his blood. We finally made it to the last layer and we both took a deep breath, preparing for the worst sight of our lives and then we carefully removed it.

We both looked at each other. Shay was astounded as well. "How is this possible?" Everly asked. "I don't know, " I answered just as surprised as she was.

His back was completely healed. Even the bite from Icarus had disappeared. Only a purple colour from the teeth markings had remained. Almost like a bruise.

Archer screamed again but this time it wasn't a scream. It was a roar. So deep that only a werewolf would be able to make it.

Everly and I stepped back to avoid injury and give him some space. He began twisting and turning in the bed.

Then the transformation happened. His nails grew into claws. His teeth grew to fang. I could hear his bones break and the screams that always followed going through the first shift.

Then it all stopped. His teeth were back to normal and the claws were gone. "Was that it?" I whispered. Shay looked into my eyes and I could tell that he didn't believe so.

And he was right. Archer roared again but this time he also opened his eyes. They were the same golden brown as before but they were glowing. This transformation had only just begun.

Archer turned around to get up on his knees and elbows. He hid his head between his arms and whimpered as the pain was too much to bear.

He looked at me with his golden glowing eyes. "Rieka...?" He whispered with some type of sadness hidden in his words. Then another bone broke but he refused to scream.

His body wasn't built to shift. I couldn't imagine how much pain he was in. "What's happening..?" He asked with a strained voice.

I wanted to go closer. To hold his hand and tell him that it was going to be okay. He had once been my best friend and my lover but I didn't dare. He had also been the one obsessed with trying to kill me.

"You were bitten, Archer, " I explained. "We believe that it was by Icarus which means that you are turning right now." "Turning?" He panted. Just as I had. I closed my eyes for this part. I didn't want to see the disappointment in his eyes. "...Into one of us."

Before I could hear his reaction, he screamed again. Then I heard more bones breaking. I opened my eyes and saw his nails turning into claws once more and his teeth turning into fangs. But it didn't seem to stop again.

His nose turned into a snout and his skin was soon covered in short fur. The real transformation had begun. The first shift.

It took forever. Archer was screaming and twisting while his bones were rearranging. The fur was growing but slowly. He would be able to feel every single strand penetrating his skin.

His hands turned into paws. His ears grew bigger and turned into real wolf ears. His whimpers and screams turned into growling and roars. There were no longer words coming out of his mouth cause his throat was no longer able to form them.

His shorts started to rip and a tail popped out. Left on the bed was a golden wolf where Archer had been just a moment ago surrounded by bandages and the remainings of his clothes.

"Archer?" Everly asked. The wolf slowly started moving a little. He opened his eyes and I had to back up. One of his eyes was the same golden colour as before but the other was as red as Icarus's.

He began to whimper but was startled by his inability to speak normally. From then he started to freak out. He looked down and discovered that his body was covered in fur and his snout was covering part of his vision.

He got up but tripped over his legs and ended on the floor. He tried getting up over and over again but he didn't quite seem to understand how to use them.

"Archer, " I calmly called and sat down on the floor to get down on his level. He looked at me with panic in his eyes. "Calm down... We're going to get you through this. Your senses will be enhanced in a few moments and I need you to focus on only one thing. It can be anything. I can keep talking if that's..."

From then on, it was like he didn't listen. He was in pain once again. I knew that pain. It felt like everything was too much for your mind to handle. "Archer..." I tried again. Nothing. "Archer!" I tried a little louder but it just seemed to make everything worse.

I took a deep breath. I felt the wind-like sensation again and then I let go. "Archer!" I shouted and it went straight through to him. Like a hot knife cutting a piece of meat. My alpha voice.

The room was quiet. Everyone was looking at me. Not only Archer's wolf. I ignored them and focused my energy on Archer.

"Imagine your human form, Archer. Feel it. Recall that part of you and your body will follow. He closed his eyes and I could see him trying harder than what must have been good for him.

Then the door was busted open. Harvey walked in with heavy steps. I got up and ran to support him. "Harvey! What are you doing up so soon?" I asked him, worried about his health.

He was still in a lot of pain. That was easy to see. "I... I heard screams. It sounded like Archer so I had to come and see how bad it was..."

Harvey looked up and saw the golden wolf laying on the floor. "No..." He whispered. "Archer...?"

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