Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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A Pure Soul

"The symbol of purity?" I repeated his words. My mind instantly went to a place where it definitely shouldn't right now. Shay on top of me and penetrating me with so much passion. I was definitely not pure...

"Your soul, Rieka. Your soul is pure. Just like your hair has been telling us ever since you were born. When you touched Icarus, a soul so dark and rotten, Nature must have marked you to protect you. He can't hurt you now, Rieka, " Harvey explained.

"What do you mean that he can't hurt me?" I asked. "The mark protects you. He will be burned if he tries to."

That was what had happened in the forest. Icarus had been burned when I had touched him. That's why he backed off.

I looked at my palm and studied the mark. "So we can beat him?" I asked. Harvey smiled. "We definitely have a better chance. But you have to be careful. He is stronger than before. He might not be able to touch you but he can still affect your mind. He can still corrupt you. And if he does. If he corrupts your soul, the mark will disappear and you will be vulnerable."

I looked up and met Harvey's eyes. He looked worried. "We will have to be careful, Rieka. You have kept your soul pure for over 20 years but you don't know the power Icarus possesses. You have never met a soul so dark."

I felt Shay press his body against my back. "We won't let that happen, " he said sturdily. I looked up to meet his serious face.

"We will make sure that there's always someone by your side, Rieka. Just until we get this under control." Everyone in the room nodded. Even Archer.

Shay lifted my hand and kissed the mark. "We will protect you, " he said and smiled. I felt my face turning red. We had been together for a while now but he still knew how to make me blush.

He smiled even wider when I tried to look away. He made my heart beat faster so I tried to change the subject. "Archer!" I almost shouted. He looked startled. As if he thought that I was going to scold him.

"Um... Shower?.." This situation was becoming more awkward by the second. "You look like someone who could use a shower! Follow me and I'll show you the way." He got up faster than he was used to and almost fell back onto the bed again.

I turned around and started walking towards the door like a soldier. Archer followed me like a puppy. I managed to get a glimpse of Shay before I walked out of the room.

He was nearly throwing knives with his eyes. Not towards me but towards Archer. Though, it wasn't the 'I'm going to kill you if you hurt her' look. No, it was a different look. I think... I think he was jealous.

The thought made me giggle. Shay, jealous. It wasn't every day that I got to see that side of him.

"What are you giggling for?" Archer asked. He was keeping a distance and made sure that there were a few steps between us while he tried to hang on to the sheets which covered him.

It ripped me back to reality. "Nothing..." I said. And that was the last words we exchanged before we reached the bathroom. I had no idea what to say. We had been friends for so long. Yet, that time felt like a lifetime ago.

"Here we are, " I said and opened the door to the shower. I walked inside and waited for him to follow. "The drawers contain the towels. Sope is in the shower and..." I looked at him. Right...

"Shay is about your size. I will get some of his clothes and come back. Give me 5 minutes, " I said and walked past him. Archer didn't say anything. He just let me pass him.

I closed the door behind me to give him a little space. Then I went to Shay's bedroom and opened his closet to grab a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I turned around and stepped into a wall. It had become a habit by now and I think Shay was quite amused by it since he never said anything but always waited until I realised that he was there by myself.

"What are you doing?" He asked and leaned in. I hid behind the clothes that I had picked up. "I... I wanted to get some clothes for Archer... You two are the same size so I thought..."

He was grinning. "You thought that you could borrow without asking?" He finished my sentence and leaned in even more. I still couldn't look at him. His bare upper body was making my body hot. He was so close that I could smell the pheromones steaming from his skin.

"Shay... I..." I stuttered as he pressed me against the closet. "You know, " he interrupted and got very close to my face. "It's difficult to get you to myself with all of these people around..." His voice was smooth and seductive.

My legs became soft. Shay noticed and smiled by his success. He spread my legs with his thigh and helped me stay on my feet. He put his index finger under my chin and forced me to look into his eyes.

Not a moment later, he covered my lips with his. It quickly got way hotter than just a kiss. I couldn't stop my free hand from touching his muscular chest. The muscles were working so smoothly under the palm of my hand.

Was this Shay being jealous?

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. His other hand moved to the back of my neck and I was completely under his control.

It was still mating season and I could feel it just as much as the first time. The fire in my heart. The desire. I wanted him badly and there was no question about how Shay felt.

Then I felt the clothes between us and I was reminded of my first mission. Archer was still in the bathroom, waiting for me. Waiting for the clothes.

I was worried that he might wander off and catch us in the act. Not that it concerned him but ever since Everly walked in on us... It wasn't my best moment and I don't ever want to relive that again.

I knew that Shay wasn't going to let go easily, so I had to make a smooth move. I took charge.

Moving my hand up and down, kissing him harder than he was kissing me. He let down his guard and stepped back. I spun around to get out of his embrace using every last strength and stubbornness I had in my bones.

"What the...?" Shay said surprised. But his expression changed. He didn't look mad. He actually smiled. "Letting me wait again?" He said loudly and chuckles. I couldn't help but giggle. It was fun to see him struggle a little some times. "I'm going to make you pay for that, " he managed to say before I was out of the door once again.

I wanted to go back to him. I just needed to give Archer these clothes first.

But I hadn't noticed how long I had been gone. It had been 20 minutes and it had only felt like 5.

I opened the door to the bathroom and was met with a cloud of steam. I had been in so much of a hurry that my brain hadn't managed to comprehend what might have been going on in there that I had walked 5 steps into the room before I stopped.

Archer was done showering and had just left the shower to get his towel. He turned his head in my direction and widened his eyes in surprise.

I was so shocked that my eyes accidentally looked up and down at his exposed body before I looked away. "I'm so sorry!" I shouted. I had closed my eyes and used the clothes to build a wall.

Pure soul my ass. I had just looked at another man. At Archer. "I... I forgot the time! I'm sorry! I hadn't thought that you might already be showering!"

I started to back away towards the door. I opened my eyes slowly to make sure that the clothes were enough to cover my vision.

I reached the door and grabbed the handle frantically but an arm stopped me from opening it.

"Rieka, wait, " he said. I was trapped again. "We need to talk." I let my guard down. "And you believe that this is the best time for that?" I asked. Panic was starting to get the best of me. Clouding my mind. My heart was racing a thousand kilometres an hour.

Archer reached for the clothes and lowered it so he could see me. "Now is as good a time as any, " he teased. "We are alone, right? And it's nice to see that I can still make your heart race."

My face was probably red as a burning fire. He was getting closer. Making sure that I couldn't run unless I hurt him. He was stronger now and not as easy to throw off.

His body was still wet. He hadn't spent the time drying and drops from his short hair were finding their way down to my skin.

What was he going to do?

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