Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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Training a Beast

He wasn't saying anything for a few moments. He just kept staring at me and the only thing covering him was the towel around his waist. Something I wish had been there a few moments ago.

My heart was still racing like crazy. He slowly lowered his hand to my shoulder and swept my hair aside. He grabbed the collar of my shirt lightly and pulled it down a bit.

I was so frozen that I didn't know what to do. "So this was where he marked you..?" He asked and touched the mark on my neck.

Goosebumps made their way across my skin. The mark had always been a sensitive area and Shay had already been taking advantage of that... A lot.

He studied it for a few moments before he asked. "Has he claimed you?" Archer asked. I wasn't quite sure that I had heard what he said correctly. "What do you mean, Archer?.." My voice was shaking like the rest of my body.

I was scared but I didn't want to waver. I didn't want to show him how scared I was. I was afraid of what he might do if I showed any sign of submissiveness. I was an Alpha after all.

But I hadn't expected this. "Did you lie with him? Has he kept your bed warm?" He asked a little louder and pressed me further up against the door. The questions threw me off for just a second but it was enough for him.

I could feel him clenching his fists as he turned his eyes towards the floor. As if he was trying to restrain himself.

Then his scent hit me. It was overwhelmed with pheromones. It was basically the only thing I could smell.

Any wolf would have jumped him right away but I was marked. The only pheromones that affected me were Shay's.

It all started to make sense. Archer wasn't used to the urges of a wolf and he had been bitten in the middle of mating season. Shay had turned me on, just moments before I walked in here and my scent had probably been packed with pheromones as well.

Archer didn't know the difference in the scent from a free wolf and a marked one and I didn't believe that he knew what he was actually doing.

I needed to get away before he did something that he was going to regret and right now, he was confused and vulnerable.

I concentrated and focused purely on my strength. I placed my hands on his chest and pushed. He hadn't expected it and had to take a few steps back. I threw the clothes towards him and made it out of the door before he could understand what was happening.

I closed the door behind me and I was out. I breathed in relief. I hadn't noticed that I had held my breath through the whole escape.

This was going to be more difficult than I had thought. We would have to start training him right away. He would have to learn to control his wolf and fast. The red colour of his eye when he had been a wolf concerned me.

I was afraid that Icarus had manifested something in him that he was trying to fight on his own. He would need our help.

"Get ready in there and meet Everly and me outside in half an hour!" I shouted to him. He didn't answer me directly but with only a growl. I decided that he had understood and I walked away.

Everly and I had been waiting for almost an hour by now. We had been talking about how we were going to approach teaching Archer. I only had the experience from when Shay was teaching me and I had only been a wolf for less than a year.

Everly had known about her wolf her whole life and had been prepared for the day she turned the first time. She could definitely teach him about our customs and traditions. What it means to be a part of a pack. But she had no idea about the rest.

We weren't exactly the greatest examples of teachers but it would have to do. Shay wouldn't have the patience with Archer which was required and I was afraid that they would end up in a fight like usual.

We had no idea of what we were doing so this was going to be learning as we go.

Archer finally stepped out of the doors 40 minutes late. "I'm sorry, " he said. "It took a little longer to clear my head than half an hour."

He slowly walked closer and stopped right by my feet. Regret was written all over his face. "I am so sorry, Rieka. I don't know what happened... I would never..."

I stood up. "Archer, " I started. My heart was still beating faster than usual and I needed to calm myself. "I know that you didn't mean to. Being a wolf is more than the turn. You will experience animalistic traits and urges that you haven't had before. This is why we're here today. We will teach you to control the wolf inside you and teach you what it really means to be a wolf."

... Not bad for a first speech...

I heard someone slowly clap behind me. "Impressive, " Harvey said. "You just needed some dramatic background music and it would have been the most dramatic speech in the history of wolves and hunters."

I looked back. "What are you doing here, Harvey? Shouldn't you be resting?" I asked confused. "Probably, " he shrugged. "But I thought that I could lend a helping hand here. I have taught many of my bitten soldiers control. I don't believe that any of you have tried teaching another wolf before so maybe you could use the experience. Archer can be a stubborn guy after all, " he teased.

We needed all the help we could get. Archer needed to learn fast. We wouldn't know when Icarus would strike again. We only knew that he was injured for now and needed time to heal.

The touch of a pure soul wasn't something that only needed a few days to heal. Not even for a wolf. We had time. I just didn't know how much.

"Alright, " I said and turned my attention to Archer once again. "Let's get started."

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