Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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The Evil Inside

Tears were streaming down my face. Archer wasn't moving and the pool of blood underneath him just kept increasing.

He was gone and it was all my fault. In more ways than one.

If I hadn't walked outside that night of my 20th birthday, Archer would still be here and Icarus would still be trapped underneath Shay's house. Mother would still just be my mother and I would never have known anything about this world.

And if I had just gone for the final blow when Icarus was already wounded the last time... But I was too scared. He was still family and I didn't want to kill him because I believed that maybe we could talk some sense into him. But no.

There was nothing human behind those blood-red eyes. Not even wolf. Only a monster in werewolf skin.

I could feel anger inside me. Something I hadn't felt since Archer betrayed me. But back then I had put it to rest. That wasn't the case right now.

I was stronger now. And I could hurt him. Maybe even kill him. Something I had never thought that I would be capable of doing. But right now, I felt more than capable.

If I could rip out his throat and tear him to pieces... Make him suffer like Archer...

I imagined the scenario in my head. Me standing with his heart in my hand over his lifeless body. I could almost taste the blood.

Then I heard him chuckle. What the hell was wrong with this guy?!

"You look just like Diana, " he said in a ridiculing tone. "Crying and begging to some non-existing God to bring back the lifeless bodies beneath her. You have the same look as she did when she saw how I had mutilated her children. You should have seen her face." I could feel him smiling. "They might have been family but they were impure from their human father. A rather disgrace, I would say. Not worthy of the Loucrious name. I actually did our family a favour, Rieka. Just like I'm about to do now..."

He had killed Diana's children because of a mere reason like that? He was truly a monster. If they had not been worthy of the family name, then Icarus was not worthy of life.

I had been too soft because I had been told that Icarus was my relative. But now I understood that it was all that he was. A relative. Not by family, only by blood.

I wiped away the tears from my cheek. I got up but kept looking at Archer's dead body. The vision was giving me the strength to do what had to be done. He still couldn't touch me but I could touch him. I had the advantage.

I felt a wind sleeking around my body. Filling me with energy. I felt the earth beneath my feet. I felt Nature in it's purest form. I was ready to purify it from the evil that possessed Icarus.

I turned around and reached for him with my claws. He dodged. "Feisty, " he said. I reached for him again but once again, I missed. "Oh, now you're really starting to look like her, " he said and laughed.

I reached for him again but this time I felt his hand shortly touch my shoulder. I had him now.

I turned around to face him but he didn't seem affected by the touch at all. Nothing was burning and he didn't seem to be in pain.

"What...?" I whispered. He smiled and moved close to me with the speed of light. "That's right, doll, I have other methods..." He reached out and grabbed a strand of my hair. Then he took a step back to let the hair be visible to me. It was brown.

My eyes widened. It was just like Harvey told me had happened to Diana. I looked at my palm. The mark wasn't gone but I could see that it was fading.

Was that how Icarus had corrupted Diana? By killing her children, driving her so mad that she abandoned all she stood for. Everything that she believed in... Just like I had moments ago.

I was frozen. My body wouldn't move. I had just lost in his game. So many thoughts were going through my mind and I couldn't keep up.

Icarus smiled again and went for the final strike. I closed my eyes and embraced it, but it didn't happen.

I was ripped back to reality and saw a large black wolf burying its teeth into Icarus' shoulder. A few other wolves followed him. And I saw a human shape run to Archer's body on the ground. Harvey...

"Rieka! Are you alright?" Everly came running towards me. "What happened to you?! Your hair... What..."

Everything seemed to be spinning around and it took me a few minutes to get myself together. Shay was still fighting off Icarus with the other wolves. Harvey was still with Archer but his head had changed focus towards me.

His eyes were wide and filled with horror. Not just because of Archer's dead body underneath him but because of me.

He left Archer hesitantly but ran for me as soon as the contact was broken.

"I'm so sorry, Harvey, " I cried. "I couldn't save him! Icarus outsmarted us... He..!" "We have to get you out of here, Rieka! Right now!"

"But Archer!?" "There is no time!" Harvey insisted. "But..." "I can't lose you too, Rieka... Everly!" Everly nodded and grabbed my arm. Harvey grabbed the other and they started dragging me with them.

"We have her, Shay!" Harvey shouted. The black wolf looked back at us and let go of Icarus. He barked a single time and signalled the others to retreat.

Shay ran towards me. "She's too ruffled up, Shay. I don't believe that she can turn, " Everly said.

Before I knew it, they placed me on Shay's back and I had to cling to his fur to avoid falling off.

"You can't run forever!" I heard Icarus shouting behind us. I looked back. The others had left the area too. The only one left was Archer. I let the tears flow.

Icarus had won again this time. I couldn't let it happen again.

Don't worry, Archer. I'll be back for you.

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