Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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Shay had made some changes in his bedroom around the hatch to Icarus' prison. A few wolves and Elan had been helping and was now in on the fight too.

They had installed an automatic system to his cage under-ground so that they could set him free from above ground.

Smart move but I was still pissed. Pissed that Shay was making me stay here and that Everly was agreeing with him.

Shay had sent the message to Harvey this morning and they had agreed that it would all go down tonight so that everyone had the time to be extra prepared.

I wasn't planning on following orders. I had been training all day and all night in my room. Shay had way too much to deal with right now so I could practice in peace without being disturbed and without him finding out.

I finally had my wolf under complete control. More than ever. I was able to shift partly now so I could use my enhanced senses without turning completely. It didn't hurt to shift anymore and I believe that I had managed to beat my own record for the time it took to shift.

If I wasn't ready now, I don't believe that I would ever be.

The time quickly passed and an hour before dinner I decided to take a shower to get rid of any indication that I was training for battle.

We ate in silence until the end where Shay finally broke it. "I'm sorry, Rieka. I know that you're disappointed but I just can't take the risk. It's too dangerous for you out there." He got up and placed his plate by the sink. Then he walked back to me to kiss my hair and make sure that he had my attention.

"I'm not doing this to hurt you or to exclude you. I just don't want you to be a direct target because of your connection. I really hope that you understand."

I didn't answer him and after some time he gave up and let me go. "I will call you if anything happens, " he said and walked to the conference room.

Not more than an hour later, a whole bunch of people were standing in our backyard. How many had he asked to be here? How many knew that it was Icarus we were releasing? The better question was, how many knew that they were going to fight side by side with the Marquardts?

It was almost 8 and a few people, including, Everly and Elan were making sure that everything was ready in Shay's room.

I had been placed in the living room for now but Everly had assured me that I would get to be with them when they pushed the button.

She kept her promise and came for me a few minutes before. "Are you ready?" She asked. I sighed. "I don't know what I should be ready for, " I said. "I'm stuck here."

I could see that it was bothering her but I also knew that she wanted me safe. As did Shay.

We entered the bedroom and Shay was already standing with a remote in his hand. Just one push and everything would be set in motion.

They were all looking at the big clock above Shay's closets. One minute to go.

Then I remembered the dream I had had about a month ago. The crooked shadow and the forest.

I began to wonder if it had been a dream at all. It hadn't felt like it. It had felt more like when Shay and I had mind-liked. Just as real. What if it had been real?

The only person around that would have been able to mind-link with me at that point would have been Shay and...

"Shay?" I asked but it was too late. It was 8 o'clock and Shay pressed down. "What is it?" Everly asked beside me as we could hear the mechanics work underneath us. "This just doesn't feel right, " I whispered. "What do you mean?" She just managed to whisper back to me before we heard the loudest howl I had ever heard.

"Was that... Icarus?" Elan asked and looked at Shay. Shay looked so baffled that he could hardly answer. "I... I don't know... It's hard to believe that he could be this powerful after all these years down there, starving every day."

He turned around and walked towards me. "We better get going, I think the Marquarts are going to need us more than we first believed, " he said and stopped right in front of me. "Please, stay here, Rieka, " he whispered and pulled me in for a hug. "For me."

I started reconsidering my choices. He really wanted me to be safe. Maybe I should stay here after all?

Then the darkness outside started changing colour. We looked up and everyone walked to the big window panels in the corner of Shay's room. The moon was full but it wasn't white anymore. It was blood red. Just like in that dream.

Could this all be because of Icarus?

I heard a howl again but it didn't sound like the loud one from before. This was from another wolf. I could feel a cold shiver moving its way down my spine. I had a really bad feeling about this.

"Elan! We need to get moving! Gather the warriors and meet me in front of the gate in two minutes." Shay was standing strong and didn't show the slightest bit of fear and didn't hesitate for a second.

It was first when the others had left the room and we were alone that I could see the fear on his face. He didn't want to alarm the pack. They needed a strong leader in order to fight.

"Rieka, please promise me that you'll stay here. This is going to be worse than I thought. I think he might be expecting our every move." He had grabbed my face and kept my eyes glued to his. "Please, Rieka." He kept begging.

I couldn't resist him. "I..." I was just about to surrender when a thought hit me. If I felt a connection to Icarus then what about my mother or my brother? They also shared the blood of the Loucrious. They had no way of protecting themselves since mom wasn't able to turn anymore.

I wrestled myself free from Shay's grip and kissed him deeply. "I'm sorry, Shay!" His eyes widened. "I have to get to my family. If he can sense me, he can sense my mother and my brother too!" I was almost panicking. I couldn't let anything happen to them.

"Rieka! What do you mean by sense you? Is there something you're not telling me?" It was too late to explain now. I was already halfway out the door. "Rieka!" I could hear him shout behind me.

To my luck, Elan had gathered everyone by the front gate so I could escape through the garden.

Hold on, mother. I'm coming.

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