Blood Moon (Marked #3)

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Rouge Blood

I didn't want to shift as I ran. I would tear my clothes and my brother would probably be scared by me when I showed up as a wolf. I didn't know if mother had explained to him what had happened to me.

So I ran as fast as my two legs could carry me. The feeling in my stomach had worsened the second I had left the house. A feeling that my family was in danger and that I needed to get to them.

Shay hadn't followed me. He had Icarus to worry about and he knew that I was going for my family.

I was covered in sweat when I arrived. I stopped to catch my breath and to observe the house. A light was flickering in the kitchen which was weird. Mother would never be able to handle a flickering light for more than a second. That light was to be changed immediately when it was just a tiny bit broken.

I walked closer to look inside. The place was trashed. I had been right. Something was wrong. Then I heard a scream coming from upstairs. From the bathroom. It sounded like my brother.

I blasted the door open and shouted. "Luca!" I heard a deep growl. I practically jumped upstairs. I was prepared to kill if that wolf was after my family.

I saw a brown wolf at the end of the hall. It was pounding and scratching the door, trying to get through it. I could hear Luca crying on the other side. "Hey!" I shouted and the wolf turned around and paid attention to me instead.

Its eyes were just as red as the moon outside. The wolf slowly stepped closer. I shifted with the blink of an eye. I was on all four before my torn clothes could touch the ground and I jumped towards the wolf to attack.

I shut my mouth around its shoulder and pressed down. This would only make a deep but superficial wound. Like a warning. The wolf yelped.

The door to the bathroom opened and my father was standing there with widened eyes. "Rieka, no!" He shouted. I let go in confusion and the wolf escaped down the stairs and outside. I had hurt its shoulder. It was limping and I could easily have caught up with it but it wasn't worth it. I'd rather stay here with my family.

My father ran past me to my surprise and ran downstairs. He opened the door and shouted. "Clarissa!"

Was mother outside? I didn't have much time to think about it before I heard a little cry from the bathroom. Luca was hiding behind the door.

He must be scared of me. They were just attacked by a wolf so I could understand. He didn't know that it was me.

I slowly approached the door and I could see that he had pressed himself as close as he could against the bathtub. His eyes expressed nothing but fear and I could see that he was about to cry again.

I didn't go any closer than what I already was. I wanted him to see that the wolf he was looking at was in fact me. I wanted him to see the shift so he could finally know. It was time.

I felt my bones break and rearrange but it wasn't as uncomfortable as in the beginning.

"... Rieka?.." Luca whispered. I looked up and smiled. "Yea, Luca. It's me." His eyes changed. His frightened face turned into a smile even though the tears kept rolling down his cheeks.

He got up and almost jumped into my arms. "I was so scared!" He shouted. "I know. I know, " I repeated, trying to comfort him. He backed away a bit so he could look into my eyes. "Are you a wolf?" He asked with a deadly serious face. I couldn't stop myself but controlled my laugh enough to make it more of a giggle.

"Yes. I'm a werewolf. I can change into a wolf." He looked so fascinated. "That is so cool!" He said. "Why are you naked?" I giggled again. "Well, my clothes are not big enough for me when I'm a wolf so they tear apart, " I tried to explain.

His face darkened again. "Is mom a werewolf too?" He asked. I was a little surprised that he asked about that. "Yeah, but she can't turn into a wolf anymore. How did you know?"

"Will you turn bad just like mom?" He asked and I could see his eyes tearing up again. Turn bad? What was he talking about?

"Rieka?" I heard my father saying behind me. I turned around and he gave me some clothes I could wear. "What happened here, dad?" I asked.

He sighed. "Come here, " he said and started walking downstairs. I quickly put the clothes on and followed him. Luca stood his ground and didn't move at all.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I reached him in the middle of the living room. "That was your mother, Rieka." He said and sat on what was left of the couch. "Mom?"

"She suddenly started acting strange. Then the moon turned red and she shifted. She shifted, Rieka! I didn't know that she could do that anymore! I told Luca to go upstairs but he didn't understand what was going on. Everything happened so fast. Her eyes were red and she started attacking us. I grabbed Luca and ran into the bathroom. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't shown up..."

Had that wolf really been mother? Father said that she had turned the moment the moon turned red. The moment that strange feeling... Could all of this be connected to Icarus?

"I have to tell you something, dad." He looked up. "Have mom told you about Icarus?" I asked. He nodded. "The wolf who started the war?" "Yes. How about Harvey?" I continued.

His eyes darkened a bit. "What did you do, Rieka?" "Listen. Harvey is actually a nice guy. He was just hurt very badly when Icarus killed his wife. Harvey's wife is also my ancestor, Diana, and also Icarus' sister. Harvey is tired and the only way he can find peace is if he kills Icarus and regains his mortality. Icarus is weak and we thought that it would be easy to set him free in controlled surroundings but I think he is stronger than we anticipated. I think that he has something to do with mom..."

"... You freed Icarus?" He whispered. I nodded. "Why didn't you tell us? Mom could have helped. She knows a lot about him. More than anyone else. There are stories that are only passed down to Loucrious relatives. Stories that no one else knows!" He said frustrated. "Has he tried to contact you?" He asked.

Contact me? "I... I don't think so?" Then I thought about it again. "Or maybe. I had a dream about a month back about a crooked figure talking to me. As if he knew me. Could that have been him?"

"Fuck!" He shouted. I don't think that I have ever heard him curse before. "You need to get to Shay. Now. Warn him before it's too late!"

"Too late for what?" Father was tripping real hard right now. "Icarus is not weak. He has gathered every rouge wolf in the area. Even those wolves that haven't gone rogue yet but are close enough."

"Has mom gone rogue?" I asked. I remembered those red eyes from Mr Jordan. "No. She had never been even close to going rogue. I think it's because of the bloodline." He answered.

I could feel the blood leaving my face. "What about Luca or me?" I asked. "I don't think that Luca is in any danger. His wolf gene will never be activated. You are a strong, young Alpha. Mom was not as strong as she used to be. I can't be completely sure but I don't think that you will become like your mother. But you need to warn Shay. He has to know what and who he is up against. We can't let him kill your mother. She doesn't know what she is doing and he doesn't know that she is on her way to Icarus."

He was right. Shay had asked me to stay here but I had to warn him. I had to face them all.

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