Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 13

“Show yourself, and I may yet, let you live!” Mia called out into the trees, “We know you’re there!”

“I can smell you, asshole!” Nyx growled, adding his two cents. “Come down now, and save your skin!”

Nothing but the wind in the trees and the birds in the bushes, and a few growls from beyond the wall. As creepy as it had all become, and so quickly, Navina felt at ease. Things were familiar in this place. With her senses heightened, everything seemed so....

“If I have to come up there after you...” She heard the Demon say, and she shook her head.

“Scaring it won’t help!” She sighed, and took to one of the stone benches, running her hand along the chiseled edges.

“Do you want to try?”

“I don’t think we have to try!” Mia growled, as a figure stepped out of the treeline. It was big, and tall, and dressed all in black. It moved back and forth like the leaves on the wind.

A sword was unsheathed, the blade glimmering in the sunlight, and the figure darted forward. It dodged Euphamia and dove beneath the Demon as his foot came up to kick it, and in a heartbeat, the figure was before Navina, the blade pointed at her chest.

“I’d advise against that!” Mia called out, with a blade of her own at the back of the figure’s neck, but the sword did not move.

“Nice and easy now...” Nyx chuckled, “Nice, and...” But the Demon wouldn’t get a chance to take the bastard down, as the sword was tossed into the air, and all eyes followed it, as the figure spun about, grabbing Navina by the arm and pulling her into his chest; before catching the sword as it fell back towards him.

“Nice! Not what I was expecting, but nice!” Mia glared at him, and then at Nyx, who disappeared.

“He will bring others!” Navina tried to warn her captor.

“It is best if you let me go.” “You have trespassed on my Lady’s lands...” His voice rang out, so eerie and so calm.

“Let him bring the others, and they too, will feel the touch of stone.” Mia was eyeing the figure, who was clearly male by the sound of his voice.

The way he stood, the blade he held in his hand against Navina’s throat; but there was something odd about him. He was too real, to be a Ghost.

“Please? We’re only here looking for someone!” Navina pleaded with the male, feeling his warm breath upon her neck. “Please? Help us find him.”

“You have seen the statues, you have looked upon their faces, did you not find the one you seek?” The male growled, his grip growing tighter.

“No, no we didn’t!” She hung her head, only to bite at his thumb as it gripped his sword, and watched the blade fall to the ground as she stomped on his foot and threw her head back. She heard the crack as her skull connected with his jaw, and felt the searing pain as it shot through her, blinding her for but a moment.

That moment, was all that was needed, as Mia reached forward and pulled her away, and the daggers protruding from his chest, ran green.

Shit!” Nyx growled, withdrawing his blades, and taking form behind the ‘thing’ as it fell. “

What was that?” Navina mumbled, trying to catch her breath.

“We call them minions, though their creators have a different term for them!” Mia sighed, holding Navina upright as she tried to steady herself.

“I see!” She sighed, and then shuddered, feeling yet another presence.

“We’re still not alone!” She muttered, feeling the eyes upon her. “

No doubt, there are others!” Nyx groaned, wiping the thick green ooze from his blade. “And their Creator, too!”

“Who created them?” Navina inquired, between deep breaths. “Who knows?” Mia grumbled, “Anyone with the knowledge is able. Shit, Kember’s Mother has sent hundreds after her.”

She paused for a moment, looking at Navina with a puzzled expression. “

No, she didn’t!” Navina turned to her. “That was Pathen!”

“Right! Because I’ve taken out about forty of them myself, and Kalin wasn’t the one leading them?” Nyx laughed, “Tell me another one!” “I’m only telling you what I saw!” Navina argued with them.

“So one of us saw, wrong.” Mia rolled her eyes and turned away. “You know? I’m getting really tired of this bullshit! Every fucking time I turn around, some dumb shit has started another battle and my blades just can’t resist! Every, fucking, time! You think after three hundred years, the idiots would learn a thing or two."

“You feel better?” Nyx blurted out.

“No!” She spat back at him. “Why is it, that every time we get a moment where it’s just the two of us, we get sent on a mission to unlock her visions?” Mia carried on, practically snarling at Navina.

“Why can’t you just figure your shit out?” Okay, wow! What the fuck was up with Euphamia? Who the hell had pissed in her go-juice?

“Now...” Nyx chuckled, “... do you feel better ?”

“Will you shut the fuck up? Seriously, Fuck!” Mia snapped at him, and took a few steps towards Navina.

“Why don’t you just give us the answers, Navina? Tell us all the truth, instead of sending us out, day after day, hoping, that you’ll fucking remember shit! Or was that the plan, all along?” Mia eyed her up and down.

“You, and your sister, you’re both working for the enemy, aren’t you? And this is just some scheme to keep us all busy, isn’t it!”

“Wow!” The Demon rolled his eyes and had to turn away.

“What the fuck?” Navina replied, “What, the actual fuck, Mia? Have you lost your shit?”

“Don’t play stupid, Vina! It’s getting old, so I suggest you give up the act!” Euphamia was glaring at her, her eyes watching every step, every twitch that Navina made.

“What act? And what level of crazy, did you just step onto? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I can’t believe I let you fool us all...” Mia shook her head, and came even closer.

“You’ve ruined everything!” She swung at Navina, and the impact sent Navina to the ground.

“Holy fucking shit, female!” Nyx let out, “What the fuck, Mia?”

“Don’t holy shit, me! My name is Euphamia, not Madrina, and I am far from holy!” She hissed at her mate.

“I may love you, but I won’t put up with your bullshit!”

“Now, wait just a second!” He growled back at his mate, “That was completely, uncalled for. I’d say Zahara, before Madrina. Gods, Euphamia! What the hell, Home Slice?”

“She, is what the hell!” Mia threw her arm up and pointed at Navina as she rose from the ground. “Her visions, her so called Kor’Mhia blood. It’s gotten us nowhere, but deeper into shit!” Mia was growling at Navina, and for a moment, she swore she saw something, deep within her eyes, but then it was gone.

“And now we’re here, getting attacked by minions... because you saw it in some vision?” Mia was shouting, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Kor’Mhia or not, you will never play me for the fool again!” She finished, and lunged at Navina, dodging her mate as he tried to stop her. Navina had no choice but to run, no choice, but to hide; as Nyx tried to hold Mia back.

The female had flipped her shit, and Navina couldn’t get up and over that crumbled wall fast enough.

“KEMBER?” The scream sounded again, and Malice all but disappeared, leaving Kember alone in the passageway.

“Fuck!” Kember let out, as she took off, going as fast as her jelly legs would take her. She knew something was up, she could feel it. Bloody hell, she could hear it. Madrina’s cries could be heard throughout the whole ship, and a few seconds later,

Kember found her ass on the ground, and a large pair of hands lifting her back up.

“Dammit!” The growl let out, and the hair was brushed out of her face.

“Are you okay?” It was the Vampire, Markus. Zahara’s mate, and his blood was boiling as each cry echoed throughout the ship.

“Yeah! Yeah, I’m good! But Madrina...” She tried to tell him, but her head was pounding with every word.

“You need to take this...” He growled again, letting go of her to roll up his sleeve; but the sudden jolt of the ship had her falling into the wall.

“Fuck!” He roared, pulling a small vial from his pocket and removing the cap.

“Fucking autopilot!” Scoring his wrist, he let the blood pool inside the vial, and handed it to Kember before closing his wound.

“What the...” She mumbled, still a little shaken as yet another cry rang out.

“Take this!” He told her.

“Whatever’s going on, you may need it!” He closed her hand around the vial and put the cap back on.

“I have to get to the Bridge!” And with that, he was gone, vanished; and Kember was alone in the hall once more.

“Fuck, me!” She whispered, and slipped the vial into her own pocket. This day was getting better and better. Reh was falling apart, she’d almost been vaporized by a miniature Valkyrie, and now Madrina was screaming hysterically and she was to bring her, Vampire blood?

Oh, was it ever a great drug to have on hand. A little too great, considering she had a few friends who would hunt down Vampires, so they could drain them dry.

She hadn’t reported them, only because there were those Vampires, who had sided with the enemy; and it was easier to pretend that they no longer existed.

They probably didn’t, all doped up on Vamp Blood and jonesing for their next hit. That was not the life that Kember had wanted for herself, and she had closed that chapter on of her life. Madrina’s screams were getting louder, dragging Keber back to reality, and continued to get louder the faster she ran.

A little ship, her ass! In a time like this, right here right now, Kember felt as if she were running through a maze; and it was never going to end. Her mind was racing as fast as her heart, taking the stairs two by two; down to the next level, and through another corridor.

Six levels, fourteen rooms, a bridge, and a giant ass cargo bay that she was about to head through. That didn’t include the engine room that came next on her way to the med lab. Rehoboam was there, laid out in a bed; and Madrina had been keeping a close eye on him. So was it Madrina or Reh, who needed help? Or both? What the hell, she had to move faster.

“Kember?” She heard a voice call out to her, and spun round to see Bathsheba, running up behind her.

“What’s happening?” The fifteen year old version of Malice with flames for hair, inquired. “And don’t bullshit me like everyone else!” The female stood almost as tall as Kember herself, with long cherry red locks and a leather outfit she had.

“Are those Mia’s leathers?” Kember asked, totally confused. This was Bathsheba? She looked like a Mini Mia with red hair! “

I needed something to wear!” Bathsheba rolled her eyes at her, “So, are you gonna clue me in, or do I have to go back to my fucking room?”

“Well, wait, what? Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” Kember glared at her, “You, mind your manners, young lady!” Kember huffed, and turned back towards the engine room door.

“You’re not my mother!” Bathsheba called after her. “You can’t replace him!” Okay, so the little vixen had grown a huge attitude! Kember turned back, but for a moment, “I don’t plan on replacing anyone! But yes, I believe you should return to your room, before your real mother catches you disobeying her commands!”

And just like Nyx would, Bathsheba shook her head, and vanished. So, she had a few of her mother’s tricks that should make things a hell of a lot more interesting, and then add in her whole ‘I hate you’ attitude.

Oh Malice was going to have her hands full. The engine room smelled of oil and something Kember couldn’t quit pin, but on the other side of those doors just ahead, was a short walkway and then the doors to the med bay.

A few more feet and the doors opened before her, and Malice appeared in the doorway. “

We need Markus, now!” The Valkyrie told her, and she could see the fear, and wonder, in her eyes.

“He’s on the bridge...” Kember replied, fishing the vial from her pocket, “

He said to bring you this!” She added, handing it over.

“I don’t think it will be enough...” Malice choked out as she turned back through the doors.

“What the hell happened?” Kember asked, following behind her, but the what, was more of a who? And that who, was not Reh, but Madrina.

“Oh Gods!” She whispered as she saw her friend, laid out on one of the beds with her back towards her, so that all Kember could see was the long red and white hair, and the blood spattered sheets.

“Oh, fuck no! Madrina?” Soft whimpers crept out from her lips but she did not turn and face her.

“We must get Nissa here, and fast!”

“But what about the blood? Will it not do?” Kember asked. “That’s not what she needs right now. Trust me, Kember, she needs her mate!” Malice replied with a sly grin.

“Go to the bridge and tell Markus to get that Angel’s ass over here!”

“I can’t!” She heard Kember reply, and shook her head.

“It will take far too long for me to get back there! You go, and I will stay with her until you return!” “

Bloody hell!” Malice sighed, bringing a bloodied palm to her forehead.

“You sure about this?”

“Go!” Kember ordered her. “Go, now!”

She said again, when Malice stood there with a grin on her face. Well, damn! Look at her go all ‘balls to the walls cause she had this’ shit!

Excellent, and Malice’s grin grew wider as she let herself go. A moment later as she was storming on to the bridge like a female on a mission, she threw her cloak to the side, and let herself slide into the seat across from Markus.

“Get me Nissa!” She let out, pulling up the view screen before her.

“Uh, kinda busy...” He barked back, as he cranked the ship to one side, and Malice watched the red beam miss their bow of their ship.

“Well that explains the vial, instead of the Vampire!” She groaned, re-positioning herself in her seat, her fingers dancing across the keys as she brought up the weapons system.

Markus almost shit his pants when her seat rose from the floor and the screens came down around her.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ve done this before!” She grinned down at him, linking with the ship’s main computer.

“Just, fly the damn ship, and I’ll do the rest.” Markus shook his head and returned his eyes to the screen before him. “Nine , twelve and three!” He called out to her as she pegged them off.

“I can see them, you know?” She laughed back, taking out two more. “Better than you can!”

“I don’t do the virtual shit!” He growled, as she took out one more.

Where are they all coming from?” She asked, as the small fighters flew past in hoards.

It’s like they’re a swarm.”

“I ain’t gonna lie to you, I’m still pretty new at this shit!” Markus admitted. “Put the enemy in front of me, and my hands and fangs will do the rest. But this...” He choked out, pressing a button to lower the shield over the bay windows.

“This is fucking insane. Six, eight, ten, and two?” “Got ’em!” Malice laughed as the bright lights lit up the screens.

“Fuck, they just keep coming! But where?” Markus growled. “There are no heavy cruisers in the area.”

“Fuck, off!” Malice let out, her mouth dropping wide as she caught something on her screen. “They didn’t?”

“Didn’t what?” Markus growled again. “You better work on getting Nissa on that line!” Malice bellowed the orders as her chair swiveled about for a better look at the enemy.

“What the fuck, Malice?” Markus choked out.

“We have to jump!” She told him, hitting the switch to power up the drive.

“We can’t! Not with Madrina and Reh!” He looked at her with shock written all over her face. “Where would we jump to?”

“As close as we can get to Sanctuary! Anywhere, but here!” She muttered.

“We can’t jump!” He protested, but she raised her visor for a moment and glared at him. “We don’t have a choice!" She added, flipping her visor down, and the intercom on.

“Listen up, folks! We’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride, and we have no other choice but to jump; so strap yourselves in, and hang the fuck on!” Her voice rang through the ship, and the final belts clicked all around her.

“What, the fuck, is that?” She heard him ask, and her only reply was “You ready?”

“Fuck No!” He shot back, closed his eyes and sighed, before nodding his head. Malice waited a few more seconds before flipping the final switch, causing the bright light to flash all around them.

The pressure kept her snug in her seat, and the one time she did open her eyes, she was momentarily blinded. Not such a good idea when wearing a V.R visor.

A few minutes later, they were.... Fuck, where were they? This looked like dead space.

“Any sign of followers?” She asked, scanning the area herself, before looking over at the Vampire.

“You, ever, do that again...” He growled back at her, and the screens rose while her seat descended back to the floor.

“You’ll what? Almost vomit, like you are now?” She grinned, and stood up like nothing had happened.

“Fuck, you!” He managed to let out, before resting his head back on his chair.

“Maybe, later!” She laughed, and turned away. “I’m going to check on the others, see if you can contact Nissa now!” She added.

“What the fuck, was that thing, Malice?” He called out, stopping her in her tracks.

“That thing?”

“That, my friend, was a hive ship!” She growled. “There was no ship! Just a bunch of broken rocks and asteroids!”

“And one of them, was way bigger than the others; big enough, to house a space station inside!” She told him, “I’ve seen one before... and it was not, pretty! The fact they have another, means this ride isn’t over yet. So do me a favor, and get Nissa on the line!”

With that, she was out the door. She had to check on Madrina, this was a time, when that female was going to need all the support she could get.

The screams rang out as she traveled away from the bridge, and with one thought, she found herself in the med bay, the cries and the whimpers, the shouts and the profanities.

Oh the joyous sounds of life in the making, as she approached the foot of the bed.

“It’s alright, Madrina, you can do this!” She cooed, taking her place and relieving Kember, who by now looked as if she were going to pass out.

“I’ve done this before, it’s all good!”

Hidden in a hollow log, Navina tried to clear her mind. The last thing she needed was the fog to roll in and another vision to start.

Mia was pissed at her, for only the Gods knew why, and this place that she was lost in, was haunted; or infested with the enemy, take your pick! Her heart raced faster with every branch that snapped, and the more she thought about it, the more.

Crap! Someone was coming, she could hear their footsteps in the lush foliage surrounding her fallen log. She couldn’t stay there, she’d be found for sure! Off she went, sliding down the embankment and towards a patch of rocks and boulders.

She had no idea where she was going, or where she would end up; she just hoped to the Gods above, that it wasn’t here. Down past the rocks, and along a path that seemed to wind through the trees and bushes, weaving back up the hill she had just come down.

“Dammit!” She muttered as she ran, trying to find a way that led back down. Mia, was up there. That haunted temple was up.

‘You’re sure, he will be safe?’ She heard her own voice in the wind, but she had not spoken.

‘He will be safe!’ Another replied, and the chills ran down her spine.

What the hell? Oh Gods, not now! She couldn’t afford to fall helpless to her visions.

Again, she heard her voice, but she wasn’t speaking at all, nor was she walking apparently, as one foot got tangled in the gnarled roots of a nearby tree, and she felt the cool ground against her cheek.

‘He will be safe here!’ The male replies, and she watched as two cloaked figures came forward for the bundle, and then retreated into the darkened temple; but she wasn’t at the temple.

She was in the woods, or had been, last she’d checked. Where the hell was she now? Who were these people?

‘I cannot trust anyone but you, Kordahn, if they find him here, I fear they will kill him!’ ‘He will be protected, though I cannot stay by myself, Dianon and his men will guard him!’ She heard the reply.

‘Pathen would not dare come to this place, Navina!’ So, not only was it her voice, but it was her name; it was her. She was the one talking with the male, but none of it made sense. She had never been here, she had never spoken to anyone named Kordahn; not that she remembered anyhow.

And who the hell was Dianon?

Has there been any word?’ She asked him. Oh bloody hell, this was going to get confusing.

‘Not since the last transmission came in, and even then, no one knows if it was truly them!’ The male sighed, ‘Rammal would never have gone this long without contacting us. I’m sorry, Navina, but there is not much more we can do. The rift is closed!’

‘And what of our sister? Has there been any word on her?’ Wait, what? ‘Our’ sister? But when the two came in to view, and she watched as the male took the female to his chest

‘There are others out there, other Kor’Mhia, but they have hidden themselves so well, for fear of Pathen’s rage. He will never forgive them for betraying him.’

‘But you sent word, right? You’re not just gonna give up?’

‘I assure you, our Father is doing all that he can to get her back. The people of the Isles and the Northern Folk, they’ve come together, Navina. We will find her.

Our sister. Our Father... Was he really her brother?

‘We have to find her, Kordahn! Her, and Rammal!’

We will! Even Khia searches for her! She has sent out a thousand ships from her harbors, and she upholds the annual hunts, in hopes that someone will boast of her whereabouts.’

‘There has to be more she can do! We have to fight this!’

‘We will! But you have your orders, Navina. What did Orella say?’ The male inquired, lifting her chin and placing a kiss on her cheek.

That she is looking into it, and I should continue on with my deception. But she sits in her fortress, lost in time.’

Her deception? Lost in time? Just what the fuck was going on here? A brother she did not know, and a sister she had seen but a mere flesh of as she made her way across the fortress floor; to ‘busy’ to even speak to her.

Oh she was lost in something alright; now, Navina was what, a spy? This made no sense, how could she have been a spy? Pathen would have known, or had he? Was that the reason he had wiped her memories?

One of them, at least? What the hell had she stumbled upon, she wondered, as she watched herself walk away, leaving the child behind. She was leaving Lync, with her so-called brother?

What was so important about Lync, that Pathen would want his kind dead? What was he? What about him, was Pathen afraid of?

I said... get away from her!” The voice echoed into the woods around her, and the blinding light shone down.

“Easy there, Asshole, I’m not going to hurt you!” That was Nyx, she could recognize the Demon’s voice anywhere.

“It’s not me, that I am concerned with!” The other voice sounded again, and Navina heard that eerie, yet familiar tone.

One more inch, and you lose an eye, my friend!” Mia was here too, but where was here? Was she in the temple, or in the woods?

“Your threats do not scare me, female, not where blood is concerned!”

“Fuck, Buddy, her threats scare me, and I’m mated to her!” The Demon chuckled, and Navina tried to open her eyes.

“My name is not Buddy! And I am not, your friend!”

“Kordahn?” Navina finally managed to force the words from her lips.

“Mia, stop!” She added, her eyes flying open as she rose to her feet. Funny thing about adrenaline was, it had a way of waking you up; and she needed to wake up, with Mia wanting to ring her neck and all. Or had that been a dream?

“Easy now!” Nyx spoke up again. “You okay, Navina?”

Navina nodded her head, eyeing Mia up and down before she turned to the male with the long dark hair hidden beneath a gray hood.

“Your name is Kordahn, isn’t it?” She looked over at the male with the large gray cloak on.

“I am!” He glared back at her, “But who, are you supposed to be?” He inquired, still facing off with Mia and Nyx as she stood off to the side.

“My name is Navina...” But she was allowed to say no more, as his eyes flashed red, and a snarl crept across his face. “I knew a Navina, once! You may look a lot like her, but I highly doubt that you are her!” He chuckled, “What cesspool did the Shadows create you in?“He inquired, raising his sword.

“I mean, they’ve done well, adding the Daughter of Darkness and her pet Demon to the mix; but I will not be fooled by the Shadows!”

“If she was a Shadow, then why do you protect her?” Mia cut in, daggers in hand and aimed at his head.

And don’t even think about lying, cause you just tried to stop me from getting to her!”

“Why, do you care?” He replied, and Nyx rolled his eyes and let out a growl. “Why did you try to protect her?” Mia asked again, and the game of questions began.

Do you always play with your prey?” He cocked a brow at her.

“Don’t you?”

“Are we really arguing over this?” He lowered his hood, and the grin on his face rang out.

“Do you have something else in mind?” Mia growled at him. “And you don’t?”

“What the fuck? Shut up, both of you!” Nyx let out, and then glared at the male who stood about the same height as he did, though not as built.

“Homie, she is not the one you want to argue with. She will win, every time, and there ain’t a thing you can do about it. So just, don’t get her started!” The Demon sighed and shook his head.

“I am, Navina!” She started again, “And you, are my brother! You know it’s true!” “

Fuck me, sideways! Seriously? I bypass one shit storm, and you go unlocking another? He’s your what now?” Nyx had thrown his arms in the air, but Mia still kept her blades trained. “

You saw him, in your latest vision?” She asked Navina, glaring at the male.

“Yes!” Navina replied, closing her eyes. “His name is Kordahn, and he is my brother, somehow!”

“Shit!” Nyx grumbled, debating on whether or not to drop his blades.

“So we can’t kill him?”

“The last time I saw my sister...” The male started, eyeing Navina up and down. “...she gave me something.” He paused again,

“What, was it?” Navina was silent for a time, searching for the male’s thoughts; but they remained hidden from sight. He had shadowed them, but there were glimmers of hope seeping through in anticipation of her answer.

“What did you give him, Navina?” Mia inquired, clearly getting annoyed with all the non-explaining.

“I believe the question is not what, I gave him; but who?” She replied, and Nyx’s mouth dropped even further.

“Mind, blown!” He mumbled.

“Just, fucking add some more into the shit pile, why don’t ya? Who the fuck did you give him?”

There were whimpers, cries, shouts and screams; there were even some profanities, that Malice had never heard before.

“Madrina, I’m here, and you’ve got this.” The Valkyrie cooed into her ear as she ran her fingers through Madrina’s hair.

“Kember? Go and get my children, please? Bring them here.” Malice added, as she checked between Madrina’s legs.

Wow, this one’s quite eager to meet the world.”

“I, uh...” Kember started, but as Madrina started to cry out again, she turned and made for the door.

“Okay, Madrina, you need to push now! Ready?” Malice asked and then took in a deep breath of her own.

“Push! Keep pushing, keep pushing!” Malice kept her voice as cheery as she could to help encourage the female. “Okay, stop and take a breath!”

“Female’s do this all the time?” Madrina let out through labored breaths. “Seriously?”

“Well, not all of them give birth to twins that have been genetically enhanced.” Malice replied, and another contraction bore down on them.

“Malice?” A voice called out, and normally she would have been thrilled to hear it, but at this moment in time, she wasn’t too sure.

I’m here, my love!” She called back to him. “A little busy, but I’m here!”

“I thought, I heard your voice!” She heard him sigh, but his voice grew grim.

“Uh, what is going on?” Gods, a female in a labor, and a husband that had been drugged and secured, now waking up and struggling against his restraints.

“I’ll be with you in a moment, my love!” But Madrina began to cry out again, and that had Reh struggling even more. Kember returned, not a moment too soon, only to find Malice had managed to get herself masked and back between Madrina’s thighs.

“A little help, would be nice!” She grumbled.

Without a word, Malice watched as Bathsheba grabbed a big towel and Ben set off to fill a pan with warm water. They both just knew what to do; and she smiled at her children. It was nice to see them, even if they had aged eleven years overnight.

“Here comes another one, you have to push, Madrina.” Malice urged her, but she was losing wind, her eyes glazed over and blood shot from all the pressure.

“You can do this...” “Where’s Nissa?” She whimpered, as yet another contraction took hold of her.

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