Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 16

Malice scanned the area around them, and then the male who stood beside her. She searched for a memory with any mention of a brother, but came up blank.

“She would not have spoken to me!” Kordahn let out as he shook his head, that long black hair, whipping about in the wind.

“None of them would have!”

“And why’s that?” Malice inquired, as she started off on the path again.

“Not that I’m too keen on you poking around in my head, but still, if you have answers.”

“My Mother’s clan would not stay with the others. They said it was not safe, and that one among them would betray us all!” He told her, following close behind.

“Huh! And did they find the traitor?” Malice glared at him a little more, her wings ruffling against her back in the cool night air.

“You tell me, you have been there more recently than I!” He glared back at her. “And don’t bother lying, I can smell my sisters all over you! My only question is which ones?”

“Uh?” Malice let out. “That would be none of your business!”

“Orella for sure; and recently too!” He chuckled, and she turned away from him, trying to hide the blush in her cheeks.

“I will assume then, that she has passed her First Rights, and will be ascending to the.” He paused for a moment, and then shook his head.

“No, it won’t be enough!” He sighed.

“You couldn’t have been enough, and whoever she finds herself betrothed to, will know!”

“What the hell are you babbling on about?” Malice had to stop and think.

“You are female! A formidable warrior yes, but you lack certain, external necessities, to accomplish the task required!” Kordahn seemed to blush now.

“I think it went quite well, actually!” She grinned, all matter of factly.

“But you lack...” He started again, and she had to laugh. Was he embarrassed?

“What, a cock?” She grinned again, and moved towards him. “My dear, sweet Kordahn, when I was brought forth into this Verse, it was for two reasons.” She started, kissing his cheek and grabbing hold of his hand, tucking his fingers in between her legs to rub against the fabric of her leggings.

“One...” She continued, rubbing his fingers against her sex even harder.

“... to protect the people, and bring those worthy enough to an afterlife of service.” She hissed, nipping at his chin as he stood still.

“And the other...” She let out with a moan, “... was to bring pleasure to both males...” And his eyes grew wider, as the weight in his hand increased, and he pulled his hand away as she laughed.

“What the bloody hell, is that?”

“A cock!” She howled, “The very same one I used to steal Orella’s flower!” She added as she turned away and down the path she went leaving Kordahn standing like a statue.

“Seriously?” She sighed as she turned back around.

“Do females turn to stone when you males show them your cocks? Or does that only work in reverse?” She shook her head, and made to grab hold of his hand, but he pulled away.

“I can’t... ” He started again, but it was not disgust that registered in his eyes.

“You can’t? Or you won’t?” Malice inquired, “One implies an illness or defect, the other, implies that you belong to another!”

“I won’t!” He replied, staring at that spot between her legs.

“Though there are moments...” He mumbled, but the snap of a branch, and the scent on the wind, told them someone was near; and the grin Malice let off.

“Bathsheba Ashlyn? Get your ass out here, right now!”

“How do you know it’s..” Kordahn spun about, as the bushes began to move and a small figure, draped in a black cloak, appeared before him; shutting him up mid sentence.

“I’m here, Mother!” The response was almost immediate, her daughter must have sensed her anger and she looked down at her feet as Malice glared on.

“I ought to beat your ass, until you can’t stand!” Malice started, and the female hung her head. “Let down your hood, I want to see your face and know you’re not sassing me!” She added, and Bathsheba did as she was told.

“You, oh daughter of mine, put everyone at risk, including your Father, with your reckless behavior! You nearly got them all killed, or worse, captured by the enemy! And all because of what? Your anger? Your hatred for Kember?”

Bathsheba raised her eyes to meet her Mother’s and the rage seethed.

“Of course she would tell you.” “She told me nothing, which only adds to my frustration! To think that my own daughter would despise one who had saved my life.” Malice shouted, just as Mia and Nyx, emerged from the bushes.

“Whoa, bad timing! But uh, what’s he doing here?” Nyx let out, and was ignored as Malice continued.

“What do you mean, she didn’t tell you anything? Then how...” But she was cut off, as Mia approached her.

“You will apologize to Kember and to show your penance, from now on, she’ll be the one tutoring you!” Mia glared at the female, and Bathsheba hung her head.

“Do not, make me give her my permission to beat you senseless!” Malice finished and turned away.

“Now let’s get off this fucking rock, before I do something stupid, and kill you all!” She hissed, and turned back towards the cottage.

As they were walking back, Malice could feel the intensity of her daughter’s shame, and took note of her sulking.

With a sigh, she conjured the link then ran between blood-kin, digging deep into her daughter’s thoughts.

‘I will assume that you can hear me?’ and her daughter looked up as they walked. ‘I was impressed by the trap you laid. And in light of the way you and your brother have been handling the situation before you, I have seen fit to raise you both, to the status of Valkyrie. You and he may braid your hair in the ways of old, if you wish!

But, I will not have you disrespecting Lord Eroch or Lady Ellaria ever; and that goes for their family, and friends as well! You so much as breathe wrong, and we will return to this conversation!’

With a sigh, Bathsheba nodded her head.

‘Did you really shoot an arrow at him?’ And her daughter grinned.

What is it with that male, that makes his female kin want to shoot him?′ Then Malice remembered something, a wisp of a memory of her shooting not an arrow, but a plasma bolt at Eroch when she’d first arrived, and she started chuckling.

‘Mother, you didn’t!’ Sheba seemed so surprised as they walked along silently.

‘Oh yes I did. Blew a massive hole in the Null’s throne room doors.’

It was as if she were lost in amazement. ‘What of the male, Mother?’

‘Bathsheba?’ Malice stopped short, examining the look on her daughters face, and let out a grin.

“Kordahn?” She called out loud, and waited for the male to turn around.

Would you allow me to introduce my daughter, Bathsheba?” She smiled, and then turned to her daughter.

“Bathsheba, this is Kordhan, of the Kor’Mhia.” The young female seemed to almost crawl out of her skin, watching in horror as Kordhan, all formal and the like, bowed towards her.

It took a moment, but Bathsheba finally extended her hand and let out a little curtsy; surprising the boots off her Mother and Mia, who was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Not only had she pulled it off, having been a mere five year old a few days ago, but she did it with the same flawless grace that Malice’s own Mother would have. And her thoughts trailed off.

“Malice?” Mia was scowling at her, and pointing off to her left.

“Sorry, I got lost in thought!” She sighed, hurrying to catch up with them.

“What’s wrong... Oh!”

“Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb, and assume that those mindless drones, are yours?” Mia groaned and rolled her eyes.

“They look a little lost, too!”

“Shit!” Malice huffed, and took off towards the herd of walking dead before her.

“Did she...?” Bathsheba started.

Yup!” Mia sighed again.

Can I...?”

“Don’t even fucking start with that shit!” Mia was glaring at her as Malice looked back.

“One, psychotic Valkyrie raising the dead, is enough; thank you very fucking much, and I need to help your Mother calm her herd!”

Lips like silk, eyes that gazed back at her.

‘I have missed you!’ She heard him say, as she watched them both behind the screen.

‘I tried to come sooner, but there was an uproar in the harbor. I was lucky to find a crew to man my ships.’

The female’s voice was so sweet, so...

‘Then come with me, Khia, or let me come with you?’ That was Kordahn, that was her brother; but the female, could that be his mate?

She had short black hair and eyes the color of fire. Her petite posture was but a mask, hiding the strength and knowing how to unravel the enemies of her court.

‘You know I cannot, Kordahn! The people would never understand...’

‘What? That you had your husband murdered, and claimed an estate that was never yours to claim?’ Kordahn shot back at her.

‘You know fine well that Markin was a madman! He used me, he used every female he laid his hands upon, abusing us and tricking us into doing his bidding. no matter how vile it got.’

‘Yes, yes, and because of males like him, you must fight for the protection of all females in Samo’ana .

The Paramour of the Docks, Temptress of the City, Madame of the Street.’ She watched as her brother shook his head,

‘And the worst part is that you enjoy every minute of it; every last sinful moment of madness.’

His words stopped short as the female let her hand fly across his cheek, and she turned away from him, running for the door; but he’d caught her by the arm.

‘And what am I supposed to do? Waste away in this manor that belonged to your beloved.’

Again she slapped him, trying to pull away from him. ‘You will release me..’

‘Never!’ Kordahn growled, ‘I have watched you reign over your whores for almost a century, you will not walk away from me now, or ever, Khia! You were mine, before you were theirs.’

‘That life ended the day I was taken from the Isles and brought forth to Samo’san. The day they took me from your arms and changed my life, our lives, forever!’ She whimpered as she turned her face away, Navina could see the tears in her eyes.

‘I had no choice but to move on, and those sinful summer nights did not help.’

‘I know what that bastard put you through, and he received his just reward, Khia, but that was eight hundred years ago.’

‘And yet still, there are males as vile as Markin, roaming the streets of each world, preying on females from the shadows.’

‘You cannot save all of them, Khia.’ His voice was so low, so heartbreaking, Navina’s own heart sank in her chest.

‘I have to try!’ She replied, turning back to face him. ‘I started something, something special, Kordahn. I brought hope to a village, and then a city.

Soon enough, an entire country of females and children were under my protection, and though the manor has fallen to pieces and the descendants of those females are now scattered throughout the Verse on many hidden worlds, they still need my protection; and I gave my word, that my quest would never end.’

‘And what about us?’ His words were like the wind, there, but a mere echo of what they should have been.

‘It has been nine hundred and eighty three years and twelve days, since he last laid a hand on me; and not once has my love for you ever faltered. Destiny saw fit to give me a new path, a new purpose the day I was taken, and I cannot turn my back on those still lost to the madness of man.’ She sighed, letting a tear fall down her cheek, ‘Who else will fight for them, my love?’

“Dammit!” Navina let out, as her eyes opened, and the bright light nearly blinded her. Well that, and the image of Nyx’s rear end, directly in front of her face. What the fuck?

“Nice of you to join us!” He growled, stopping short to put her down.

“Can you walk?”

“I saw...” But he cut her off. “

No time, Sunshine, we gotta keep moving! Can you walk?” The Demon glared at her, before removing his hand from her forearm.

“Yeah, I think so!”

“Less thinking, more doing!” He grinned, and ushered her to follow him. So, this wasn’t exactly what she had expected when she woke up, not that she had expected to pass the fuck out, in the first place; but clearly, that’s what had happened, and she was going to just have to roll with it.

“Where are we?” She let out with a yawn, and took in the glare he shot back at her.

“Well, right before you decided it was time for a nap, you had a vision that suggested it was time to leave!” He told her, urging her to move faster.

“I did?” She blurted out. Why didn’t she remember that? She’d gone from sitting by the fire place, to here and now, surrounded by tall weeds that whipped at her bare legs as she... fucking stopped short.

“What the hell, happened to my pants?” She asked, taking a good look at the chunks that had been torn from them; no, they had been...

“Yeah, would have been nice to know you’re an immortal, before I lunged into the fire to rescue you, eh?” He snickered, holding up the singed edge of his leather trench coat.

“I’m a what?” It was then, Navina realized that the jacket that she wore was not hers, but Mia’s, and barely covered her naked rear end.

“Uh, what the fuck happened?”

“Malice, happened!” The Demon shook his head, as they came upon a tiny settlement that looked to be untouched in the tall grasses.

“I’ll explain more once we find you some clothes!” “Where is Lync? And Mia? Where are the others?” She let out, taking a good long look at her. No sign of her mate, or even her brother.

Oh Gods, that was not a good sign; it had been made very clear, that Lync did not trust Kordahn at all; and she hoped like hell they were behaving themselves.

“Clothes first, if your mate sees you like that, I’m done for!” Nyx chuckled, and stowed away into the nearest cottage.

Drones. Fire. Kaboom; and a half hour later, as the flames died down in the distance.

“I said I was sorry!” Bathsheba shouted at her mother as she hurried to tie her cloak around her waist. “I just...”

“You could have killed them all!” Malice seethed through gritted teeth, trying to wrap her head around what her daughter had just done.

“What the hell were you thinking, using a wall of fire, in such close proximity?”

“That if I hadn’t done something, those drones would have taken the cottage and everyone inside!” Her daughter was still shouting, and to everyone else, it seemed like Mal was arguing with her almost twin.

“It’s like they knew we were in there!” They stood eye to eye. One with long blonde hair, the other with red to match the blood that boiled in her veins.

Malice was pissed. Bathsheba, was pissed. Everyone was pissed.

“Where did those drones come from?” Kordahn inquired, as he scanned the area for more; and Malice bit her tongue.

Oh, she wanted to lay a smackdown on the little harlots rear end, but how was Malice supposed to continue scolding Bathsheba, when she knew fine well where those ‘zombies’ had come from? And it wasn’t, totally, Malice’s fault. Ugh!

How was she supposed to know, that once she had awakened them, another could take control of them? It had never happened before, not even with Mist!

“It doesn’t matter!” Mia sighed, glaring at Malice from the corners of her eyes.

“We’ve gotten most of them, and Nyx and Navina are alive. If we can make it to the portal, without running into their leader we’ll be golden.”

“But where?” Lync was still growling, as he had been since the Demon had pulled him from the ashes and tied him to a nearby tree. The male had gone ape shit as soon as the first drone had barged through the door; with Navina having a vision and unable to defend herself, Lync was in overdrive.

Malice had taken a stand to protect Rehoboam as Lord Eroch swung as the mass of the dead. It was quick thinking on Bathsheba’s part. FUCK! Bathsheba needed a medal, not a fucking lashing. She had saved them all with her wall of fire. They were a little singed on the edges, but everyone was safe. Dammit!

“We have to keep moving. My Father will be waiting for us at the portal!” Mia told them, and Malice shook her head.

“No magic, period! Do you hear me, Bathsheba?” She sighed, and then looked to her son, a son who had been a mere child only days ago.

“And the same goes for you, too!” She told him, and turned towards the path ahead of her. Bloody Hell! Her children were growing faster than she could handle. How old were they now? After that last blast, Valkyries spent decades training, and yet Bathsheba and Ben...

‘It’s okay, Mother!’ She heard her son’s thoughts, and turned back to see the smile on his face. So much like his Father, so handsome and strong. Rehoboam would be proud; if the child ever stopped aging long enough for Reh to see him.

‘You’ll figure this out!’ Now that was a voice she wasn’t expecting, and she turned back to see her daughter grinning.

‘You always do!’ Mia was up ahead, trekking along the trail with daggers in hand. Insid and Vampires were lurking in these woods; along with a danger that Malice herself had unleashed upon them.

Whoever had taken control of the herd, could still be on the planet’s surface, and a necromancer was no one you wanted to toy with.

“Bushes, now!” Mia called back, as the branches up ahead began to move, and she disappeared from sight. Malice made sure her children followed suit, hiding away in the underbrush as the handful of dead staggered past them.

This was not like Malice at all, and she shook her head. She didn’t hide in the bushes when the enemy advanced, she stood her ground and delivered the heathens to the gates of the Null; but this time she had something else, or rather, two somethings, and she had to get them back to their father.

There were no chances to take, only the safety of the shadow; if one could call the shadows safe.

“It’s clear!” Mia signaled, reappearing a few feet away.

“Let’s move!” With Lord Eroch and Kember seeing Reh and Madrina through the portal with Nissa and his Angels, they were down to a small handful; and Nyx and Navina, Gods only knew where they were.

She had lost sight of them after the cottage had exploded; but Mia had assured them many times, that they still drew breath. So it was just Malice, Mia and Lync, and two, could she still call them children? Either way, she had to protect them, and her Momma Bear instincts were going into overdrive. No, there were no chances to take it at all.

“Stay close, and don’t engage the enemy unless you have too!” She told Ben and Bathsheba, before taking her place behind them.

“Go!” She ordered, and watched as her young disappeared down the trail ahead. It was not Ben, she worried about, but Bathsheba. Harboring within her, a rage that had once possessed Malice herself; an anger, she feared she had passed down to her daughter like an evil curse.

Valkyries were fierce and powerful, but their emotions ruled over them, guiding their choices for them. A Valkyrie who could not control her emotions, could not control her powers, and would be considered a danger to her fellow sisters.

She knew just as well as everyone else, that it was not Bathsheba’s fault. A two year old trapped in an eighteen year old’s body, her mind hadn’t the chance to process all the information that was required, and technically; this was her first journey into the field of battle.

She had set all those traps with Valkyrie precision, managed to keep her family, and even Kember, safe; and had almost decimated an entire legion of the dead, by herself. Not too bad, for a so-called toddler. Sure she could walk and talk like an adult, but there was so much more she had to learn.

Malice would never admit it to anyone, not even Reh, but their son all but mastered his role as a Valkyrie; sealing the deal when he helped Lord Eroch transport the others to safety and then returned to guide his Mother back home.

Bathsheba, was lost in her own pride, and that right there, scared the shit out of Malice. She had been down that road, letting her anger consume her, it was no place she wanted her daughter to end up.

“Yo, Malice?” Mia called to her, and Malice shook her head, almost bumping into Lync.

“You okay?” He inquired, cocking a brow at her. At least he wasn’t growling anymore.

“I just want to get them off this rock!” She sighed, and hurried up ahead towards Mia.

“Speak, and ye shall be heard!” Malice teased, and watched as Mia laughed, and then flipped her serious switch once more.

“Look!” She nodded towards the road down below. The cliff they were on was a small one, but still, it was far enough away to keep them hidden from the mass of Vampires who circled the gate. Fifty, at least, and no drones in sight.

“And that’s...” Malice started, and Mia shook her head as they watched the gleam of the steel dance.

“My Father, the bad ass!” She chuckled and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Any sign of Navina?” Lync asked, reaching their side and taking a good look at the horde below.

“Is Grandfather alright down there?” Ben let out.

Grandfather? What the hell happened to Papa? Malice shuddered as the thoughts played out, tugging at her own web of emotions.

“Shouldn’t you help him?” Bathsheba asked, watching as Lord Eroch worked his sword against the crowd.

“There are so many...” Her voice grew with worry. With a nod from Lync, Malice left her children in his care and disappeared; only to reappear seconds later, standing right beside the Lord of Darkness.

“Insolent fools!” She let out, her armor engaging in a flash of steel that shimmered in the glow of the portal’s horizon.

“Step back, or taste the sweet essence of my blade!” “You think your steel will scare us?” One of them laughed.

“Sweetheart, the hunger we feel is far worse!”

“So you crave it’s bitter touch? One last agony before your hearts stop and your souls cease to exist?” She laughed.

“Bloody idiots is what you are!” “We crave the sweetness that runs through your veins!” He howled into the sky, and the others joined in around him.

“We demand vengeance, and sustenance!”

“Not from my veins!” Malice growled, raising her sword to the male who approached first.

“There are many of us, and only two of you! How long do you think you will survive?” Another hissed, coming at her from the side.

“Three!” Mia added, appearing next to them and palming her daggers, grinning wildly.

“I fear, you know not who it is, that you are so willing to tangle with.” Malice laughed, and then glared at the male, her blade so close to his throat.

“What is it that you fear, as death stares you in the face?” The male inquired, wincing as the point of her sword pierced the flesh at his neck.

“What screams from inside you, when the Devil calls you home?”

His eyes were flashing, an odd sort of amber color, and Malice could see the sorrow deep within him. With one smile across her face, Malice looked towards Lord Eroch and laughed, asking but three words.

“Shall we dance?”

“We have to move!” Nyx bellowed, hearing the shouts up ahead as the portal came into view. Lord Eroch, Mia and Malice stood back to back with daggers, bows and swords drawn as they faced off against a crowd.

Blades were swinging and the wails and cries as they slashed though skin, sent shivers down Navina’s spine.

“Where is Lync?” She managed to let out, running as fast as she could in the flimsy dress he had found her, trying to keep up with the Demon. Where was Kordahn? Who were all these...

“Vampires!” Nyx answered for her as he crept over the last hill, pulling out a long ass blade and wielding it over his head as he let out a cry for battle.

“Euphamia?” He shouted as he bore down towards them, taking out four of them before the first drop of his own blood was drawn.

“Mother fucker!” Navina heard him shout, and then with a huge thrust, his assailant hit the ground at his feet.

“Nyx?” She heard Mia call out to him, just as an arrow lodged itself in his shoulder, and she was by his side so fast; her daggers up and a glare in her eyes that Navina was lucky didn’t kill on sight.

So much was happening, so many bodies lunging to and fro. Shouts, cries, and those blood curdling screams before the life left their bodies; but they just kept coming. Lord Eroch was doing all that he could to keep them from entering the portal and making their way to Sanctuary, but there were just too many. She had to get in there, she had to help them; and then a face so hideous, stood before her.

“Going somewhere?” The male let out with a grin that went ear to ear. Long blonde hair that hung in a scraggly heap about his shoulders, eyes like death themselves as they bore down upon her; and the only thing within her grasp, was a shovel.

Well, it was the shovel, or her own blood that would be spilled; or worse, and she chose to swing that shovel above her head, and smack that bastard so hard in the face.

It had not ended there though, as the shovel was knocked out of her hands and she felt the dirt beneath her chest as breath escaped her. From there, she was hauled to her feet, listening as her name was called out, and continued ringing in her ears.

“Navina...” It was growing louder as she felt the massive hands tossing her about.

“Lync?” She replied with a gasp, as something impacted her stomach, and she hit the ground again. This was not good. Not good, at all! The fists, the knees... her shoulder...

“Get her out of there!” Malice shouted, watching as the giant male tossed Navina around like a rag doll.

“I’m trying!” Nyx shouted back, but there were too many souls in his way. Malice let go of her sword, leaning an inch to the side as the blade came at her throat, and then disappeared across the village square.

When she reappeared, she caught sight of the male with his hand around Navina’s throat, and conjured an orb the size of a melon, whistling for the bastard to turn around.

“You think you’re something special?” The male with the long blonde hair grinned at her, letting loose a mouthful of horrid looking teeth and fangs.

“Come to ruin my dinner, have you?” Malice glared at the beast before her, with the blood dripping from a gash in his chest.

“Are you deaf, or stupid?” He asked again, that grin still on his face as she circled about him. There were no words to satisfy how she felt at that exact moment, only the slice of her blade as she pulled it up across his chest, spilling his innards for all to see.

“Where’s Markus? We need him!” Mia bellowed, letting loose another wave of daggers. Right! He was their King, he could control the bastards, couldn’t he?

Malice was on her way to the portal, when she heard the roar from behind her.

“NAVINA?” Malice heard the shout, and felt the wind as the male appeared before her.

“Mother?” Ben called out, “Watch out!”

The blade was coming down in front of her, and would have surely clipped her nose, if Nyx had not lunged and pushed her out of the way.

By the time she had come to the realization of what was happening, she was watching Nyx face off with one male, and Lync,with his hand around the throat of another, holding him two feet off the ground.

Damn, she wasn’t sure which one was more impressive than the other!

“That, is my female!” He growled so loud, and chucked the male clear across the village square.

“Holy Shit!” Nyx let out, and dropped the male before him with an uppercut to the jaw, and finished with a hair grab and knee to the face combo.

“That was epic, my brother!” He laughed, but Lync was not listening, as he picked up yet another male who stood between him and Navina, and sent him flying as well.

“Incoming!” The Demon hollered, and Lord Eroch had just enough time to step out of the way before becoming the bottom layer in a Vamp sandwich.

“For the love of... Will someone tame him, please?” He bellowed back, “I’d like to survive this shit!”

“Lync?” Mia called out to him, but he was losing it.

“Lync?” She shouted louder.

“For fucks sake...” She added, making her way towards him with Malice at her side.

“He’s gone ape-shit!”

Malice growled, an orb ready and floating in her hand.

“I sure hope we don’t need that...” Mia told her, just as another male sailed past them, and Lync stood panting before them.

“Easy there, buddy!” Lync was raging, his spiked black hair, and his eyes glowing that eerie green.

“We are not here for your female!” Malice started, as some idiot tried to come at the male from the side.

“For the love of... Are you stu...” She managed to get out, before the male’s neck snapped.

“Enough!” A voice rang out, and all at once, the Vampires who were left standing, stopped.

“Oh, what the fuck, now?” Malice growled, turning to face the female who stood, commanding them all.


“None shall raise arms against the Lord of Darkness, or they shall feel the temper of the Gods!”

Oh, what was this now? No one moved, no one spoke; or the fact their mouths hang open like flipping fly traps as they gazed at a disheveled Navina.

Navina, bellowing orders, not only in a voice so eerie it sent chills down Malice’s spine, but in a language she had not heard, in a thousand, thousand years.

“Navina?” Nyx called to her, but Malice had already come to realize that that was not Navina.

“Lay down your swords and take to your knees, for your Sire stands before you!” Navina finished, still speaking in that ancient tongue: and then her head fell back and she stared at the sky above.

The chanting began, and one by one the Vampires took to their knees and bowed their heads, obeying her command.

“Their sire?” The Demon let out, completely lost by the new look on his face.

“Shut the front door!” Malice let out, “You’re fucking kidding me, right? Do you see this?”

“Someone wants to clue me in?” Lord Eroch growled, “I sort of, hate, not knowing!”

“Ditto!” Mia added, watching as all the Vampires knelt before Lync, like he was some sort of...

“Take my children through that portal, and bring Markus back with you!” Malice grinned at Nyx,

“I have a feeling!” If anything, Navina was possessed; but by who?

That was the question, and Malice had an idea how to find out! Not even a necromancer could sway the people from the blood of their King.

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