Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 17

“Markus?” Kember could hear Nyx as he raced up Sanctuary’s steps.


“What’s happened?” Kember took off down the hall to meet him.

“What is going on?”

“Malice needs Markus!” He let out, and Kember’s face must have gone white as a sheet, for his hands were coming out to grab her as her legs gave out from under her.

“Whoa now, Kember, I didn’t mean like...

Fuck, MARKUS?” He shouted again.

“Where the fuck is that Vampire?”

“Nyx?” Lady Ellaria called out from the banister above. “What is all the shouting about?”

“Malice needs Markus. Navina and Lync have gone mental, and there are a whole lot of Vamps that need a kindly reminder of who the bosses are!” The Demon blurted out as he stood panting for air.

“What do you mean, they have gone mental?” Kember mumbled, trying to stand on her own once more.

“It’s a battle back there...” The Demon started again, the words flying out of his mouth so fast.

“Swords flying and blood splattering, it was beautiful really, except that some douche bag was all threatening on Navina, and then her male showed up all beast like, tossing peeps around as if they were toothpicks and shit; and now, Navina’s all spewing some lost language and somehow, has gained control of them all... It’s messed right up!”

“Go back to the lost language...” Ellaria asked, “Which language?”

“What? Which one? For real?” Nyx was floored, “Which one...” He muttered, shaking his head. “Whichever one controls Vampires!” He shouted, and Markus laughed as he came around the corner.

“That’s my job!” He told them all as he reached the landing.

“Well, you’ve been replaced!” Nyx cocked a brow at him. “No joke, Homie, she’s got them all on a bent knee, and they ain’t worshiping you, my brother!”

“What? How?” Markus was now floored as well.

“On bended knee? Wait, who is she?”

“Navina!” Nyx replied, all out of breath, and looking like he needed a trip to the Doc’s office.

“But it’s not Navina...”

“And they’re Vampire?” Markus inquired again.

“Did I stutter?” Nyx lashed out. “They’ve found a new king, and it’s Lync, not you! Now, is your royal fucking highness gonna stand for this shit? Or, do you feel the need to rip shit up?”

Nyx was walking away now, with, or without Markus; and Kember was going with him. If Malice needed help.

Lady Ellaria, on the other hand, had disappeared to one of her many rooms, lost in a million and one books, and Kember had no idea what she was looking for.

“Shit! Look at them!” Mia sighed, “They haven’t moved!”

“It’s like a trance, she keeps chanting, and they just keep showing up and bending the knee!” Kordahn replied. “I knew that females of our clan could tap into the past, but this...”

“Where the fuck did you come from?” Mia inquired. “Where were you ten minutes ago? And what’s this about the past?” Euphamia was filled with the same questions as Malice, so there was no need to comment.

“The females of the Kor’Mhia are precious and extremely secretive, obtaining abilities that even the males cannot even begin to grasp. He made it so, after he claimed what was not his to claim. Only he would have control over them, and so they were taken at birth, and cleansed.” He sighed.

“Most of the young do not survive the cleansing and my Mother’s clan would not stand for the customs that Pathen had set down!”

“Pathen?” Malice let out.

“Before him, the Kor’Mhia lived in peace. Before Pathen, our males and females lived together, but he wanted our females for himself, for his Order; and so he took them. Those he could not take, he corrupted and mangled before sending them out into the vast nothingness, alone.”

“And you said your Mother’s clan, they would not stand for it?” Mia cut in. “They did not approve of Pathen’s ways, and since my father Foran, was of Pathen’s blood, he was no longer trusted either; and they left for the shores of the Isles.

Together with the others who left the Order, and a few they had met along the way, my Mother’s people saw fit to make sure that Pathen and his hoard of ‘Benevolent Oracles’ would never find us, and they erected a sort of shield around Samo’ana.”

“A shield?” Malice let out, “This just gets better and better!” She shook her head, and returned her gaze to the mass of Vamps who had gathered before them.

“It covers all of Samo’ana, keeping it hidden from the rest of Samo’san.” He explained, as the portal activated behind them, and Nyx walked through, with Kember at his side.

“What? What are you doing here? Why did you come back?” Malice made for the female’s side, her hands on her cheeks as she scolded her with her words.

“I had to come back!” Kember smiled, as Malice pushed a lock of hair out of her face.

“You are not happy to see me?”

“I would have been happier to find you naked and safe, and waiting in my bed!” Malice whispered into her ear, and left a kiss on her cheek, just as Mia let out a huge...

“What the fuck?” Malice heard and spun round, scanning the scene for whatever it was that had caused Mia to shout.

“Markus, buddy? What the fuck are you doing?” She shouted again, but the Vampire would not respond; making his way from the portal, to Navina and Lync. That son of a bitch was just as captivated in the same fucked up trance as the others!

“And the moment of truth shines upon us!” The Valkyrie sang, as the Vampire King bent the knee.

“Uh?” Lord Eroch let out, and Malice slapped her hand on her thigh, and chuckled.

“Again, what the fuck, Malice?”

I know what he is!” She grinned back at the Lord of Darkness, and laughing still, she proceeded to kiss Kember on the cheek before making her way through the chanting swarm.

“Wait, where are you going?” Kember called after her, but Mia was holding her back.

“Malice? Wait...” She shouted, wrestling with Mia.

“It is with honor, that I approach thee!” Malice started to speak, her own words masked in that eerie tone, and her presentation of their language.

Everyone watched, as Navina let her head fall forward, no longer looking into the heavens, but at Malice, with a wicked grin upon her face.

“You speak in the tongue of old, you may approach the Lord, Valkyrie, and honor his presence with your blessing!” The voice replied.

Not quite like those of the Eno’tai, but just as eerie and creepifying for Kember, as she watched Malice fall to one knee, and bow her head. Malice, taking to one knee? Was this for real?

That big, bad ass Warrior, was bending to another? This made no sense; but then Kember remembered how Malice had acted every time she lay eyes on Lady Ellaria.

The patience, the grace she had upheld herself with; such an act. This was just another of Malice’s tactics, wasn’t it? This was how one communicated, in the days of old, right? It had to be.

“What is she doing?” Mia asked Kember, but all she could do was shake her head. She had no clue.

“It has been many centuries, since last, your Prince of Darkness has reigned from his throne!” Malice rose before Navina, looking first at her, and then Lync. The male was in a trance still, held tight by the chants of his followers. This was insane, this was unreal. Who the hell was he? And what the fuck?

“Yes, it has!”

“Then allow me to offer a gift upon his glorious return.” Malice bowed her head, and held out her hands for the female to grasp; but the moment she did, Malice let the blast flow from her fingertips, and the Orb encased Navina and Lync, breaking whatever hold was upon them.

On them all, in fact, as one by one, they rose to their feet, shaking their heads to rid the fog in their minds; and the questions started to rise.

Where are we?”

“What happened?” Some spoke of a sorcerer brought upon them by the enemy. A male so sinister and vile, he had turned their little planet into a vast training ground, and their children into warriors; long before their time.

They remembered everything, right down to their first meeting with the so called ‘Keeper’ and how he had promised them everything, and delivered nothing but war and chaos. They remembered how he had warped their world and twisted their traditions, and they remembered a name.

A male who called Pathen; and a tale of they had driven him from their lands.

“What will you do with him?” One of them inquired, looking back at Lync as he lay next to Navina inside the orb.

“Who is he?” Lord Eroch replied, as the masses moved around them.

“I don’t know, but I feel as if... I felt that he was special, somehow.” The male replied, the look in his amber colored eyes so lost.

Okay, so Madrina and Reh were safely on the other side, and it seemed as if the fighting had ended, for now, but Malice was dying to find out more about this Keeper. So, who would give her the answer she sought?

“Can you believe it? A sorcerer? Really? Is he that desperate?” Mia chuckled to Nyx as they passed, and Markus grumbled.

“Where do I find this, Pathen?” Malice asked throughout the crowd, desperate for word on the bastard’s whereabouts. Someone had to know where he’d fled to.

“Yo, Mal? Are you coming?” Nyx called to her, as he started to line the Vampires up in front of the portal.

“Coming where?” She muttered, still lost in thought.

“Home!” He laughed. Home! Where was home? The Null? Earth? Sanctuary? The Celestial Temple, which still remained lost? Lost, lost, lost! All of it, including her most vital memories.

“Pathen?” Malice roared into the darkened skies, and the thunder roared in return.

“I will find you, and when I do...” She added, her voice growing quieter, before she turned towards the portal, and Nyx.

“Let’s get off this fucking rock, and find us some answers!” She grinned at him, feeling heaven’s might beneath her wings.

Silence! Utter freaking silence! This was what awaited Malice when she let her head drop beneath the warm waters of the shower.

Damn, the nonsense that plagued her. She hadn’t been ready for any of this, a husband whose life hung in the balance; children, who aged overnight.

One blink and she’d miss it all. Then there was Marena and her endless slumber, and her sister, whose mind was just as wacked as Malice’s own.

‘She holds the secrets, and he, is the key!’

Damn, what a bloody key he was, at that. Lync, a male with no past, until now.

The son of Lokaryn, last of his kind and said to have sired the entire Vampire race; and Navina had saved him, from Malice.

It was a vague memory, but it was there nonetheless, and it plagued Malice to know that she had been the one to fire off that missile, and bring down Lokaryn’s ship.

‘Your orders are clear!’ She had been told, ‘His kind will ruin everything the Lords have worked for!’

Yeah, okay, that had been the mission, to prevent an enemy she had not known, from putting a kink in the Lords’ plans, but there had never been any mention of a child on board that vessel.

And oh look, who did that child turn out to be? Well, Lync himself! At least she knew where the insane strength and crazy territorial attitude came from.

Shit, he was what? An original? One in a million? Lync trumps Markus on the Kingly scale, and brought a shit ton of followers to their side.

“Bloody hell!” She sighed, as the chaos continued to swarm through her thoughts. And what about Kordahn and his Khia? Navina? Marena? What did this all mean for them? Marena sleeps, Kordahn waits and Navina....

Dammit, there was still something missing; like what the hell had happened after Navina had given Lync to Kordahn? Did he live at the temple with his uncle? Was that what he was? Navina was surely not his Mother, but she had saved the male...

So, where was his female that had helped birth an entire new race? Who was she? Where did he meet her? When, as in, what time period? Gods knew, with Pathen lurking around. There was a chance that he went back and became his own great grandfather.

Whoa, she needed to slow down, she needed to turn her mind off; but there was one question roaming through her thoughts, and it wasn’t going anywhere. What would Navina do, when she found out? About the other female, that is?

No matter how hard Malice tried to erase the thought, it kept rushing back to her, just as the water rushed down on her head, splashing down her back and landing at her feet.

Too bad it wouldn’t wash it all away, and her feathers ruffled. Moments passed, though how many, she could not tell; but the moment she felt that hand on her back, those fingers caressing the intimate patch of skin between her wings, she shuddered in anticipation of what was to come next.

“If my presence does not intrude.” Her voice was the pillar Malice needed to stop from falling over, and she yearned for her touch to be more fierce.

“I figured I would find you here, trying so hard to wash your woes away!” Malice was frozen in time, feeling the tingles as they shot through from Kember’s fingers, irradiating her back with a divine so divine; it kept her hushed in a dream like trance.

“I see!” Kember sighed, as Malice’s muscles flinched beneath her touch,

“Your silence speaks a thousand words, my love, just know...” She muttered, and Malice felt the warmth of her touch dissipate.

“No!” Malice let out with a gasp, spinning about in the shower and catching Kember by the hand, and pulling her under the water with her; fully clothed.

“No...” She repeated herself, softly this time as she stood before her lover.

“Don’t go!” Kember looked back at her, and Malice could see the hurt in her eyes, the fear that she had almost been lost.

“I would never...” She mumbled, and the embrace grew tighter. The hands crept up Malice’s back once more as her wings disappeared and the sinful flesh of the female stood clean and polished beneath the waters.

She felt them climb up her neck and lock in her hair, and the lips descended on her naked chest; teasing and tugging at her nipples and eliciting all kinds of sweet moans and groans.

She tried to undo the mounds of soaking wet fabric, tried to free Kember from her shrouds, wanting nothing more than to crawl between her thighs and taste that intoxicating elixir within; but Kember would not allow it, clasping her hands behind her back, as she, slid down lower.

“Fuck, me...” Malice let out, hissing as Kember’s touche reached those sinful lips.

“That is the one thing, I plan to do!” Kember whimpered as her tongue grazed across those succulent folds. Again Malice let out a moan so erotic, it made Kember’s heart pound faster, just to hear it.

Back and forth, sliding her tongue up and down, in and out, it was more than Malice could bear, and she whimpered against her lover’s lips; rocking her hips as the wave took her over.

“You, are a wicked, wicked female, you know that right?” Malice let out through labored breaths, feeling the shudders that coursed through her veins.

“I wouldn’t be your female, if I was not wicked, my love!” Kember grinned, licking her lips and wiping the Valkyrie’s sinful juices from her chin.

“And I would not have you, any other way...” Malice toyed with Kember’s kisses, nibbling and tugging at her lower lip, holding her closer as she slid her hand around her back, and let one of her claws extend to its fullest.

Dragging that claw up her lovers back, Kember hissed as the waters touched her bare skin, and her clothes fell to her feet.

“What are...” But Malice kissed her again, retracting the claw before sliding her hands down across those bare ass cheeks.

“You didn’t think that I would let this slide, did you?” Malice grinned at her, her eyes wild with lust and her body radiating such heat, it was hard, not to resist her.

“I thought you had learned my love.” Malice whimpered, her lips falling to Kember’s naked chest as she took her turn, pleasuring the female.

“You are mine, and I can be very patient, but I always lay claim to what is mine!” Kember let out a moan as Malice rose back to kiss her neck, and feeling the tip of her sex, that wondrous, magical appendage, sliding into her. Malice indeed, claimed what was hers.

“Where is Madrina?” Navina heard Nissa inquire, and witnessed the alarm in his eyes as he stormed the halls.

“Hey, chill!” Markus chuckled, “She’s with her Mother!”

The Vampire told him. The Vampire! Wow, now there, was a male of power, and apparently, a descendant of Lync.

Or so she had been told. She had been told a lot of things, a lot, of rather, stupid, fucked up, Gods, what else was there? Lync, was the sire of all Vampires, the newest generation that is.

He was the top notch, King Shit, and everyone back on that little back water planet, had known it. And what was worse, She, Navina herself, had lost control of her emotions, and allowed some other entity to take her over. She had seen through her own eyes, heard with her own ears, felt, smelled... but her words, those were not hers, nor could she control her body.

She was there, trapped inside, and whoever the Bitch had been, she had fought hard to maintain control.

“She’s been with her Mother all morning...” Nissa grumbled, pacing back and forth like an expectant Father in a waiting room; worn carpet and all.

“And she’ll stay there, until her Mother figures out what is making the children age!” Another voice entered the room, and then the figure appeared.

“Kalin!” Nissa growled, still unsure of whether or not he could trust the Witch. After all this time, after all she had done.

‘I tried to protect her, Stavros would have handed her over to Pathen.’

That, right there, that comment, was the only reason she was still alive; in his mind at least. Navina, had seen first hand what had happened, having tapped into her thoughts that last time. She had seen the betrayal of the father, she had seen what had happened when Pathen left Kember, altered.

“Nissa!” The female replied, with shoulder length black hair, littered with multicolored streaks and tiny braids with beads at the ends. She was beautiful, but deadly; and she was Kember’s Mother.

“What are you doing here?” The Angel asked, ruffling his pure white feathers and adjusting his tunic and chest plate.

“She is here, to help me!” Lady Ellaria smiled as she floated into the room.

“Poison is a tricky business, and a Witch’s specialty!” She added with a laugh, as she pulled a book off the shelf.

“Poison?” Nissa looked as if he were about to lose his shit.

“What sort of poison?” “Relax, my dear Angel.” Lady Ellaria smiled at him,

“It is not Madrina, or the young, that you need worry about!”

“Then it is Reh?” Nissa looked away, as if he did not want them to see him saddened.

“But, poisoned?” “Poison, is poison! Whether it invades the bloodstream or your mind!” It was Kember, who replied.

“Isn’t that right, Mother?”

“Shit!” Someone let out, as the door closed behind her, and Navina looked over to see Malice shaking her head.

“What are you doing here?” Kember asked, and then held her hand. “I don’t want to know!”

“She will!” Kalin let out, holding out her hand, and a small pouch appeared on the end of a string.

“Oh?” Malice let out, but Kember stepped before her.

“What kind of trick are you playing this time, Mother?”

“No tricks, my little one, only medicine; for her wounded mate!” Kalin smiled, and took a step towards her.

“What sort of medicine?” Malice was curious, Navina could see it written across her face.

“From the Isle of Samo’ana!” She replied, and she looked towards Navina.

“Taken from the southernmost tip, and blessed by the scribes in the sea!”

“How did you come across this?” Kember asked, watching as Malice took the small pouch from her Mother’s hand.

“I have my ways!”

“As horrid as they are...” Kember grumbled. “How do we know that it will work?”

“He has already had his first dose, and it is almost time for a second! Madrina is with him now, if you would like to take it to him yourself?”

“I would!” Malice glared at the Witch, and took Kember’s hand as she led her away.

“Very well!” Kalin replied, and made to turn for the door, where Ellaria waited for her.

“Navina?” She called back, and waited for her to rise from her chair, a little surprised at having been beckoned.

“If you would come with us please?” With a nod from Lady Ellaria, and the Angel accompanying her, Navina did as she was asked, and followed the two towards another door.

“How are you?” Malice asked Rehoboam, as Kember hid in the shadows of the doorway.

“I am well, my wife!” He smiled up at her, the light in his eyes returning. “And I trust that our Kember,” He called out to her, his voice louder than before, “has kept you in good spirits while I have been sleeping?”

“Of course!” She replied, coming forward into the light.

“I couldn’t let her fall to pieces, who else would have gotten us home?” She teased, letting out a smile that hid her sadness. Seeing Malice with her husband, knowing that they shared with them a life of love, of passion and children. Soul mates, was not even the right description.

“And our children, I hear they too, have kept you on your toes!” He chuckled, trying to sit up.

“Oh, Rehoboam, I am so sorry, my love! I could not stop it from happening, and our babies, our sweet, innocent...” She stopped, before dropping her head into his chest and letting him run his hands through her hair.

“They have grown into magnificent Warriors, Malice! Warriors, that even the House of David would be proud to call their own! You have done well, my love, in the short time you have had!” “

Well, they are still alive!” She giggled, feeling the tickle run through her from where he caressed her ear.

“And feisty as ever!” He added, and Kember saw the love flow between them as Malice crawled on the bed beside him, lost in the moment. It was the perfect chance to get away, the perfect chance, to be alone; too bad the Demon and his mate, along with Lync and Navina, had had other plans.

‘Come on, you won’t regret it!’ and ‘We totally need a night out!’ How was she supposed to refuse?

Malice and Reh were... and then there was Madrina, all tucked away with Nissa and their daughters. Even Kordahn had returned to his lover, as apparently he had to share her; just like Kember had to share Malice...

“Ugh!” Damn! Things were messed right up, and everyone else was busy so why not get a little drunk and watch Nyx beat someone at an arm wrestle? Or four?

“So, are we gonna talk? Or are you just gonna sit there and not sip your drink?” Nyx cocked a brow at her, but the music was so loud, she could only thank the Gods for lip reading!

“About what?” She replied, at least no one else would hear them. Lync and Navina had taken to the floor, their bodies grinding in time with the tunes, and Mia, well...

Something about an important meeting, which was probably all just bullshit, and a way to get Nyx and her alone so he could dig for details. So fine, what did they want to know?

“How about, why you’re here with us, and not back in Sanctuary with Malice and Reh? Aren’t you three, like a thing?” He grinned as she shot him a look.

“Sorry, mind reader, remember?”

“And I thought it was you three, who had a thing going on!” She laughed back at him.

“And don’t even try it, I’ve heard all about your sit in the chair, and that extra sinful shower you all took.”

“Damn, I’d almost forgotten about that!” He grinned, and knocked back his drink.

“But, that doesn’t answer my question.”

“And I won’t, unless you answer one of mine!” She giggled, and raised her hand for another, before downing her first.

“Shit! Okay, what did you want to know?” He inquired, and took another swig.

“I, uh... Well fuck!” She sighed, and shook her head.

“No, I don’t think the females would like that much, Mia especially!” He chuckled, and ordered another when the waiter came to the table.

“I wasn’t expecting you to say yes!” She rolled her eyes and put her head in her arms.

“You said, question for question... So where’s the question?” Nyx chuckled, and sat back in his chair.

A trip to the zoo on Kelmar, a day at the beach, a few X-rated nights in an igloo... Nyx had done it all, or so he said; and that was pretty much how the night had carried on, for the most part.

Drinks and questions, as she tried to forget about the Valkyrie for the night, and let her be with her husband. Two hours and fifty four minutes of erotic destinations and sin induced pleasures; he and Mia had been busy!

“You gonna marry them?” The Demon cut in, after then twelfth, or was it thirteenth shot of whiskey?

“Them?” Kember choked on her drink. “Uh, no, I don’t think so! They seem quite happy as they are, and they have their own issues.” She added, but Nyx was lost in something that was happening on the other side of the tavern.

It never failed. He could be on vacation, and still find a reason to take a swing at someone; as per his epic tale of his trip to Indari a while back.

‘The asshole just wouldn’t leave her alone!’ His words were still rattling about in her mind as she looked over and took in the sight of two males, hovering about the bar. Of course, tall, blonde hair and probably blue eyed with their fancy jackets and their hands in their pockets; most likely on their cocks, getting them ready for whatever tasty little morsel they had cornered.

Poor female, probably had no idea what was coming. Drunk little tart with nothing better to do than spend her Father’s hard earned coin in a dive like this; but what did she expect? This was Samo’san!

They were cocky little Chieftain’s sons by the looks of it; and she... Kember couldn’t actually see the she at that moment, but guaranteed there was one and there was no way they earned any of that ‘Fabulously Rad’ shit themselves.

Was that really how they spoke these days?

“Fucking idiots!” Kember rolled her eyes and went back to her drink, but Nyx couldn’t look away as the crowd let out a roar and began merging towards the front door.

“I’m going to the...” She grumbled, but the stopped dead, catching the glint of fire head hair; just before the door closed.

“Was that?”

“Fuck, I was hoping that was just the alcohol!” Nyx growled, rising from his chair.

“We should probably head out there!” He told her, nodding at Lync and then towards the door.

male knew what was up, and he too, led Navina on a dance that took them closer to the doors, and eventually out front; and oh what a sight it was to behold.

Barrels lit with fire in their bellies. Stone pillars and crumbled walls surrounding them, Nyx felt right at home with the fire and brimstone feel. As they watched the crowd shift, it seemed as though it was turning into a battlefield, and with everyone closing in on the two in the middle of it all, Kember had to let out a laugh.

You’ve got to be kidding me?” “Female has some skills!” Nyx grinned, coming to stand beside her, with eyes peeled on the long red hair and diamond colored eyes; not to mention the blades that swung in time to the rhythm of a dance he knew well.

“She’s going to get herself killed; or worse...” Kember gasped, eyeing the tip of the blade that missed her shoulder by an inch.

“I’m not agreeing with you on that one, just watch!” The Demon chuckled, and crossed his arms over his chest.

“If she’s been keeping up with Mia...” His words trailed off as the commotion in the center grew louder.

“You said we’d get lucky!” One of the males shouted, but the female laughed at him.

“I said, you may get lucky, if you can steal the chain about my neck; and so far...” She lunged at him, swinging her sword to block his own,

“You suck!” “

He is a Vampire!” One of the others called out, and that got Lync’s attention and he grinned.

“Touche! Not a very smart one though!” His voice was low and filled with a chill as he kissed Navina on the cheek.

“No chain, no glory! If you cannot throw me down on the battlefield, I’ll be damned if you throw me down in your bed!” Bathsheba roared, swinging his blade away and spinning about, bringing the butt end of her sword up against his chin and sent him backwards into a wall.

“Who’s next?” She inquired and two more stepped forward, but Kember could see the strain on her face. One more fight, and she’d need the power within her to stand, and that meant more energy. More energy, meant another age shift, and that was so not happening on her watch.

“Lync?” She whispered, and he turned and bowed his head at her. Navina stood beside Kember in the shadows, watching as her mate made his way through the crowd, giggling as each and every one of them bent their knee; and the look on their faces as none knew why.

“Enough!” He bellowed, the control over them immense, and the female picked up her sword, as if to fight again. Who though? There was none left standing to head her call, none, who would defy their sire; even if they had no idea who the hell Lync was. Too funny!

“Bathsheba?” He shouted, and the young Valkyrie froze, her head turning to face him.

“You will lay down your weapon, or I will deliver you to the steps of your grandfather’s throne, myself!” He growled at her, and the young female disappeared from sight.

“And the rest of you, I have a need for a drink, inside!” He laughed, and they all rose about him, cheering as they followed him inside.

“You coming?” Navina asked, as she too, made for the door.

“No, I think I’ll head back to the Null, maybe fall asleep in the tub!” She sighed, “Everyone else is busy, and I’m in no mood for drinks!”

With that, she made for the portal. No mood for drinks was right. Drinking made her randy, and with no one to be randy with...

Fuck it, a bath it was, and she made for the room she shared with Malice; she’d deal with everything else in the morning.

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