Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 1

The war room was dimly lit, even the candles felt the mood. Once again, they had joined each other around the long rectangular table in the war room, and once again, they were discussing the casualties of the latest run in with the Insid. The bastards were getting stronger, faster and more cunning than ever before.

That, and the attack strategies they were using, the planets they targeted, it was clear to everyone, that there was another Host in the mix.

“Who?” Lord Eroch sighed, shaking his head as yet another General rambled on.

“He calls himself Maxom, my Lord! And he is said to control a fleet the size of your own, Sir!”

“I highly doubt that!” Lord Eroch chuckled, “But he can continue to think about it!” He sighed, and slammed his fists on the table.

“We are surrounded by Idiots! For the love of everything that is sacred, can someone, please, give me some good news?”

“Kember seems to be doing better!” Malice piped in, and all eyes were on her. A Demon with hair black as night, and tribal markings that burned like the embers of a fire.

An Angel, whose hair and wings rivaled the snow white sheen of the clouds; but her wings were better. Beside them, sat their mates, Euphamia and Madrina.

One with hair of red and white, and the other, with white and black. Sisters they were, as was one other, sitting just to their left. Hair of black and red, and eyes that could search into your soul Zahara, was her name, and battle was their game.

There was also her Vampire, who they said was of royal descent. two Kalvashian Generals with skins of blue, along with a few others that Malice had not had the pleasure of speaking with yet.

They seemed competent enough, being that they were sitting at this very table, and though it known, as of late, that the Verse was falling to shit, these few individuals had managed to hold themselves together; sort of.

“I am glad to hear it!” Lord Eroch replied with a smile, and then closed his eyes.

“I thought for sure she’d have to...” But then he stopped himself and shook his head once more.

“Fucking magic!”

“Hey now!” Malice let out with a furrowed brow. “It’s not the magic, but the ones who wield it!” She wasn’t afraid of the Lord of Darkness, though millions of others cowered at his feet.

Standing well over six feet tall, and built like a bloody bus, with waist length, prison striped hair, just like Mia’s; he was after all, the female’s Sire. Still, she wasn’t about to take his shit.

“Sorry!” He mumbled, and rose from his chair; and everyone else did the same.

“That wasn’t cool two thousand years ago, and it ain’t fucking cool, now!” Malice reminded him.

He glared at them all, and Euphamia let out a giggle as her Father poured himself a drink.

“Sit your asses down!” So much like her Father she was, as Malice watched her from across the table, right down to that nasty little, dark streak, she was running though her veins.

Mia wasn’t evil, or anything. More neutral, in a lawful kind of way, and with a few chaotic tendencies; as in, she had a way of causing chaos. But Mia had her duties to tend to, and she fulfilled them with pride, it wasn’t her fault that the bastards had chosen the wrong side.

She was loyal, and loving. Malice shuddered in her seat as Lord Eroch returned to his own. There were mumbles and grumbles, and then there was some shouting, but Malice was lost in her need.

Bloody sexual overload, was more like it, ever since she had gotten caught in the tail end of that blast with, Crap! Kember.

Now, Mia could get Malice’s mind going, all five foot eight, and one hundred forty pounds of her. Malice grinned again, toying with a lock of her long blonde hair; but then there was Kember. Same height, same build, sinful black hair with a kiss of blue.

Now she, got the heart going, and a few other organs she couldn’t quite mention at this moment in time. But damn.

“Malice?” Lord Eroch caught her off guard.

“Uh, yup!” She replied, hoping it was the right answer. What the fuck had he been saying?

“Perfect! And what did Orella have to say?”

Shit! Orella? Bloody Hell!

“She is looking into the history texts, there are many stories on the asshole that is Pathen!” Malice replied, remembering the female she had seen in the hall of that abandoned fortress.

She was so much like Marena, and Navina. Claimed to be their older sister except she seemed to have all her screws in the right places.

“Then we’ll wait for her to find out more!” Lord Eroch smiled, and went off on another topic. Must be nice to be able to forget so quickly, as Malice’s mind still toiled on Kember, Marena now too!

What the hell? What spell was it, exactly, that Kember had cast? Everywhere Malice turned, there was a female. Every room, every corner. The Cook. The Kitchen Staff. The housekeeping entourage.

Even the bloody bath house was filled with males, that looked like females. Marena. Rehoboam. Mia. Kember... So many females, not to mention the males.

“Any word from Lync and Navina?” Euphamia let out, and her voice alone, brought Malice back to reality.

“Something about returning to see Sahge!” Malice muttered.

“Her husband spoke of others, Navina hopes to gather a list of names for us!”

Any more visions?” Nyx cut in, pushing a piece of his long black hair out of his face.

“Not that they have said, but Kember has started through the pages of the book. I hope she’ll come across something!”

“It’ll give her something to do!” The Angel sighed, shaking his head.

“She’s been going stir crazy in her room!” “I’ve had to send almost the entire library up to her!” Madrina added, sitting back in her chair and playing with her long, red and white locks.

She too, was beautiful, though Malice knew there would never come a chance. Madrina was still very nice to look at. The same with Zahara, nice curves, sweet looking lips and.

“Malice?” Lord Eroch called out again.

“Bloody hell, Female! What is up with you?”

“She got hit with the tail end of Kember’s backfired spell!” Nissa cocked a brow at her.

“She was supposed to report, anything, out of the ordinary.”

“Buddy, I’m a Valkyrie. We are, out of the ordinary!” She snapped back at him, “And we’ve got work to do! I feel fine! Just a bit of a headache!”

“I’m not about to send you out there, with a chance you’ll go ape-shit, Malice!” Lord Eroch shook his head.

“You’re grounding me?”

“Think of it, as a vacation!” The Demon cut in, but the glare she shot out at him, like a leaf, shaking on the wind.

“Been there. Done that. Just got back, fuck you, very much!” Malice snarled at him, but a soft glow entered the room, and everyone hushed.

“Malice? My old friend.” The words vibrated through her, and she felt like putty in her chair.

“My Lady!” Malice managed to get out, as the maelstrom of endorphins rushed through her body. It had been so, so very long.

“It is good to see you!” “Likewise,” Lady Ellaria smiled, and the Demon let out a sort of, soft choking sound. It wasn’t a secret, though a tale told long ago that had been lost in time.

One that Malice, would save for a special place and time, to reveal. She shuddered, nonetheless, under the power and beauty that was Ellaria.

“My Love!” Lord Eroch greeted her next, having risen from his chair.

Please? Join us!”

“Yes, join us!” Malice smiled, “Or them, as I have found myself grounded, my Lady! So I must ask your forgiveness as I depart from your presence!”

“Oh, Malice! Always with mannerisms! It is always so refreshing to speak with one who remembers the old ways!”

“Of course, my Lady!” Malice let out, rising from her own chair with a slight bow.

“Until next we speak!” She offered a small smile, and turned from the table.

“Grounded?” She hears Ellaria inquire, and the mumbled words of Lord Eroch that followed.

Ha! Grounded! Vacation! Shower, was more like it; and then perhaps the mats!

Her head was spinning, but she was bound and determined to finish the chapter. So compelling, the way Navina had worded it, the images so clear in Kember’s mind as she read each line.

Never had I seen such pleasure, such passion. In all the worlds I had visited, this was one I would choose to remain on. Lavish suites filled incredible embellishments, the pools and the wildlife.

The beaches the males were what sealed the deal. In all my travels, I have never encountered such lust, such utter disregard for the public’s display of affection.

Hands groping that sin filled flesh, lips caressing each curve; and the ways in which they moved, writhing against one another in a mass of moans and whimpers.

This was their most holy day. This was their celebration of life, their way, of honoring the great Mother for all she had bestowed upon them. They sipped from goblets made of gold, tickling their females with feathers and silk, and devouring their passions whole.

Their minds and bodies were one, in the streets, in their suites, on the beaches by the cool blue waters. This was a day of days. A day to cast off your inhibitions, and dive deep into the seductive hold that awaited them.

Their Gods had given them plenty, and they would return the gift, by coming together with friend and foe, offering their bodies in thanks.

But it was one couple that caught my eye, their bodies so sleek and dripping with sweat as she rocked back and forth in his lap. They cared not, where they were, nor the fact that anyone could be watching them. They were giving their all, for their Gods, and nothing else mattered.

He kissed her lips and ran his hands through her deep, red hair; tugging her head back so he could ravage her neck. I watched the female shudder, arching her back as he nipped at her chest.

That was it? There was no more? Fuck, Navina! Kember had gotten so into the tale, that she could feel her heart racing as the male’s lips slid down her chest and now it was done?

Of all the rotten things how could she just not finish? Kember dropped the book on her bed, then tossed the blankets to the side.

There was no way, she was staying in this room a moment longer. She needed fresh air. She needed an escape. With the images of that red headed female and her mate in her mind.

Kember grabbed the black, silk robe that hung from the back of the chair across the room, and slid it over her bare shoulders. No time to change, and no need.

All of the males in The Null, were mated, or not even worth the bother; and it wasn’t like she was heading down the cells, themselves. None would challenge her, none would lust over her tank top and tiny shorts.

She was free to walk The Null in the nude if she pleased; ever since Kion had been sent away.

Bloody Hell! Now she was riled up and wet between the thighs, she was thinking about him. The traitor, and his lover, Tanin. Both of them, males; and both of them, completely in love with one another.

It wasn’t the fact that they were gay that bothered her, as she walked about the halls, but rather, the fact that she had given herself to him, many times, and it had been some of the best sex, she had ever had.

From a male who loved another male? Go figure! There had been nobody since Kion, unless you counted Tanin, but Kember considered that more of a close encounter, than a lover.

Whatever it was, it was over! No Kion, No Tanin, no male of any sort in sight, that she could dig her claws into. The Angel, Demon and Vampire were mated, the Null staff were all.

She didn’t want to go there; and Lord Eroch.

Eeeewwww! The male was like her Father, since her own Sire had. And now we could add Kember’s Mother into the mix of chaos that swarmed through her mind. She hated the female, but she loved her.

The female had given birth to Kember, though for her own vile reasons, there was still a bond between Mother and Daughter a bond, that Kember constantly tried to avoid.

Here she was, nonetheless.

‘You should be more careful, Kember! Magic is not a game! You will hurt someone, or worse, yourself’

Thanks, Mom! Not! Kember didn’t need any reminders, especially ones that related to that female.

Perhaps she would hit the gym? A good brawl would release some aggression; but with who? Kember continued on down the halls, up the stairs and towards the dining hall.

No one! Where were they all? Shit, had there been a meeting? Why wasn’t she told? She was part of the war council now, was she not? She still had vital information to offer.

Not so much right now, with that last entry she’d read; unless of course they were going on an Orgy Hunt! Dammit! There was no one in the dining hall. No one in the training center, and no one in the common rooms.

They had to be in the war room, but she had not been invited in, so there was no way she was barging in on her own. Air! She needed air, she needed to be outside.

Wandering some more through the halls, Kember passed by so many closed doors. It was a rule in The Null, always close the doors.

Now whether that had something to do with security, or Madrina’s O.C.D, Kember had no clue. But up ahead, there was one door, that was not closed all the way, and Kember could hear the muffled noises coming from within.

Odd! She thought to herself as her hand grasped the door’s handle, but instead of closing it, she opened it, catching a gust of steam in the face. Someone was in the shower, and the whimpers continued. Kember couldn’t help herself, her mind knowing it should shut the door, but her body begged her to move closer.

It wasn’t one of the sisters, or their mates. They had their own rooms and private baths, complete with showers. So who, was using the common shower room?

Curiosity took over, and Kember found herself shutting the door behind her. Step by step, she moved closer to the big black walls, listening to the sounds beneath the running water.

Her heart was racing, her body was so hot, she felt as if she were burning; and the wetness. Just around the corner, if she peeked, she’d be able to see the figure beneath the droplets; watch them, as they washed away their sins as she huddled back and imagined so many more. To live in the sinful moment of another’s pleasure.

Creeping towards the shelves filled with towels and soaps, her fingers grasping the sides and her nose rubbing against the edge as she peered around.

Long blonde hair fell down her back, tickling the tops of her perfectly rounded cheeks. Soap bubbles poured down in waves as the water rushed through her hair, and the moans continued, though louder now.

Muscles rippled as her body flexed, leaning into her arm, and then the long blonde hair whipped around, her back now planted against the wall; her eyes closed as one hand cupped at her breast.

She was massaging it, caressing it, pinching at her nipple and whimpering as she played with herself beneath the flow of water. It cascaded through her hair, across her chest and down her belly; and Kember’s eyes followed the whole way.

Her heart was pounding as the need grew within her, her own fingers sliding towards her sweet spot. It was then her eyes fell upon the sight that took her breath away, her hands more fierce as they groped at her body.

She was beautiful, like a sculpted statue. The Warrior held no fear, held nothing back as she moaned in release, one hand on her breast and the other, stroking the long hard shaft that escaped from between her legs.

What was this? She had a...

The instant flush of heat sent Kember into overdrive, her fingers now beneath the skirting she wore and the wetness dripping down her legs.

She had no idea why she felt this way, nor why she couldn’t pry her eyes away from The Valkyrie’s cock; captivated by the way her hand was stroking it tenderly. Malice had a...

“Oh Gods!” She whispered, picturing herself in the Warrior’s lap, so long and large, and pulsing within her. Her heart jumped as she felt the hand on her shoulder, her back against the shelf as she slid to the floor.

“What are you doing here?” Shit, her words were like satin, her touch, like silk and though Kember didn’t think it possible, she melted even more.

“I couldn’t...” The Witch started, captivated by the throbbing shaft before her, and the Warrior who was still stroking it. “I couldn’t help, but.” She muttered,

“Oh Gods...” She gave in.

“It’s so...” She smiled, her hand reaching out without even knowing it. She wanted to stroke it. She wanted to feel it; but she was speechless.

“It is said that she created me...” The Warrior started, “... gave me the gift of pleasure; not only for myself, but for others, as well!” She added, “Come, let me show you.”

The Warrior smiled as she eased the black satin off the Witch’s shoulders, then placed Kember’s hand on her burgeoning sex.

“Feel me, and know what it is like!” Kember shuddered in anticipation, her mind going blank, save for the image of the pulse; the need to know growing faster.

It had been ages since Malice had shifted her form, equipping herself with what was needed, and relishing in the the fact that it was so long, and hard in the female’s hand.

Her creator had done well, providing the tools for her duties as a pleasure slave; for both herself and any other who might have tickled her fancy.

Malice groaned as Kember slid up against her, their bodies so close as her hand so willingly, stroked at her shaft. Witches were known for their sinfully deviant behavior behind closed doors, and this Witch, was doing very, very well.

Kember watched the Warrior, took in her scent as the waves of ecstasy washed over her; and she giggled.

“I had no idea...” The Witch’s words were but a whisper compared to the raging torrent of the waters above, as she pushed the Valkyrie back against the wall.

“Oh Gods! Neither did I!” Malice let out, feeling the sensations rip through her as Kember’s lips touched down against her shoulders; but her meaning, was not the same.

“I don’t know why...” Kember started again, “...but I could not look away!” She groaned, dragging her tongue across the Warriors naked chest, flicking at her nipples with ease.

“It’s like a feeling...” Malice agreed, admitting to the feeling that she too, had felt for days on end now.

“A need...” She growled as Kember fell to her knees.

“Forgive me?” The Witch whimpered, the urge to gently run her tongue down the length of.

“Oh, fuck!” Malice let out as Kember’s lips slid around her swollen shaft , caressing it with her tongue.

“Oh, Kember...” The Valkyrie groaned, as her toes began to curl with each pull. Kember, felt so hot and needy, the urge in her rising and she just couldn’t get enough of Malice in her mouth; not even Kion, or Tanin, had tasted so good.

She was only interrupted, when the Valkyrie rose her to her feet, and grabbed her by the waist. She turned Kember away from her, running her fingers down the Witch’s back, and then bent her forward, making sure she held on tight as the Warrior buried her face deep into Kember’s wetness.

The female groaned as the Valkyrie nuzzled against those lips of sin, and she felt the edge drawing closer; that sudden pull before the explosion took hold of her. Malice pulled back, licking her lips as her grin grew wider, stroking that amazing shaft of hers.

“Come...” She beckoned, rolling her eyes into the back of her head as she arched her back at Kember’s touch. Warm and inviting, like sweetness dripped from a honeycomb as Kember moaned, taking her back into her mouth; and Malice had to grind her teeth to keep from emptying her seed right then and there.

The Witch was having none of that, she wanted to taste her; and taste her she did, running her hands across those luscious cheeks, poor Malice had no choice but to spill every last drop.

“You are filthy!” The Valkyrie let out through labored breaths, and led her lover to the bathing pool nearby.

“Sit!” She told the Witch, and sat down on the edge, waiting as Kember got in. The way she walked, the way she moved.

Malice couldn’t stop the sudden gasp she let out, as her swollen sex, rose to attention yet again.

Kember just giggled as she slipped into the water, and swimming to the other side, she emerged and placed her hands on the stone edge; raising her sinful cheeks into the air.

It was an invitation to do very naughty things, if Malice had ever seen one, and she made her way towards her; dragging her lips over those sweet mounds the moment she got close.

“Move over!” Malice growled, making to sit on the seat where Kember knelt, and the Witch so willingly obliged.

It wasn’t long before Malice was comfortable, and Kember had her long, hard sex in hand and lowered herself until it was deep inside. Both female’s gasped and groaned as they rocked against each other, and the smell of sex drifted through the air.

They took their time, long hard thrusts, savoring every sensation; kissing and nibbling every bare piece of flesh they could grasp.

“How, have you kept this a secret for so long, Malice?” Kember asked as she bore down on the Warrior, causing her to bite her lower lip.

“It was lost to me, until now! I didn’t remember, until the need made me.” The Valkyrie mumbled, but Kember’s lips were there to seal the chaos.

“So big...” She groaned, riding Malice harder.

“So strong.” She added, as the shudder ran through her.

“Don’t, tell Nyx that!” Malice couldn’t help herself, as the orgasm rocketed through her.

“I may have, already given him, an inferiority complex on the mats.” She shuddered beneath Kember.

We have, to leave him, with some of his ego, intact.” It was hard to concentrate with Kember still gyrating in her lap.

“Mia, is going to flip when she finds out!” Kember grinned, and then arched her back as the shivers took hold.

“Mia has had me, though not like this...” Malice licked Kember’s nipple, and the female quivered in her lap again; giving in to the lust.

“I would have to share?” The sudden change in her tone had Malice raising a brow at first, but then she chuckled at Kember’s remark, and with one blink, she had taken them back to her suite.

Not bad, considering that too, was a first! Transporting two peoples, and both were alive? Not bad at all!

Souls didn’t weigh a thing, and they were usually confined inside one of her orbs but her and Kember, that was double the weight and no orbs.

Perhaps Kember’s spell had awakened some of her memories, what else, could she do?

“Those are beautiful!” Kember gasped, regaining her composure after that quick trip. On the table before the fire place, was a finely crafted crystal decanter.

Big silver ribbons wound around the neck of the bottle, and beside it sat a card. It was open, and as Malice walked up to it in the nude, and examined a picture that could only have been of her twins; the love in her eyes.

Before anything else, she lay a kiss upon the picture, and let out a soft sigh.

Kember smiled, she knew Malice missed her children and her husband Rehoboam, something terrible, and yet, from all that she had read about Malice’s kind, no where, had it mentioned anything about the Valkyrie having children; or getting married.

Neither did it say that she would grow a cock, so Kember wasn’t to sure it was entirely accurate. Which left a lot off questions. Shit? Could she?

“Malice? You can’t get me pregnant, can you?” Kember Inquired. Great time to think about it, seeing as how it was ‘after’ the fact.

“I could,” Malice chuckled, coming back to the couch where she had left the Witch. “but fortunately, I can choose whether or not I shoot blanks! My creator was not stupid. She made me so that I could pleasure those I deemed fit, not burden them with young; and if she herself, were to have become pregnant.” Malice shook her head, and nuzzled into Kember’s neck.

“There would literally, have been hell to pay.”

“Your creator, made you like this?” Kember seemed shocked, not that she minded, at all Malice had a very, unique, talent.

“Well, it was not the original reason I was created... ”

“Which was?”

“I, and my kind, are protectors! Or at least, I was...” Her words broke off. “But that’s what happens when you go rogue. You sort of, lose your way.”

“You certainly have not, lost your way, that is!” Kember grinned again.

“That was but a bonus! When my creator added a little too much, of everything.” The Valkyrie threw back her head in a laugh.

“You could imagine the side effects!”

“And this?” Kember inquired, grabbing hold of the Valkyrie’s sex.

“Could be easily replaced...” Malice met her gaze, and the throbbing shaft vanished in Kember’s hand or but a moment, reappearing again just as long and hard.

It is but one benefit, that my creator has bestowed upon me! One has to admit, you can’t fault her choices; I mean, come on, I come with more gizmos and attachments, than your standard, sex toy.”

She let out with a hiss, as Kember began stroking her.

“Then I must thank your creator!” Kember giggled, pulling Malice closer and sliding her tongue down across her belly and back to her sex.

“Perhaps this time...” Malice choked out, and then laughed as Kember grumbled at the sudden change; but she felt the female’s fingers none the less, and the smooth, caress of her lips as she toyed with Malice’s more, feminine side.

“Thank the Gods, for Asgardian mead!” Malice sighed, lounging in the chair by the fire.

“There are certain beings in this Verse, that would give you their entire planet, for just one bottle. It is quite rare; but this has been an interesting evening.” Malice pulled out two crystal goblets, fashioned just like the decanter, and poured them both a glass of the mead.

When Kember accepted the goblet, she couldn’t help but examine it twisting and twirling it in her hands.

“The goblet and the decanter are Asgardian?” She asked, even more curious than usual, taking in the intricate cuts in the crystal. So little was known about Malice, and her mind was toiling with questions.

“Yes they are!” Malice smiled. “Both were made in the Valkyrie fortress of Rihmsjalier. ” She stopped short.

“Bloody Hell!” She added, bring her palm to cover her face.

“Thanks!” “For, what?” Kember asked, still fully nude and relaxing next to Malice. Legs entwined, hot and sticky from even more sinful moments.

“I’m not sure! Could have been that spell backfiring, or our little encounter right now... But I remember where I hid the scrolls!” She laughed, throwing her hands up into the air.

“They’re in the library! I’ve hidden a lot of things in there!”

“Like, a vast collection of knowledge, that no one knows, or has heard of, for who knows how long? Who knows how far back it could go?” Kember got all excited, rising from the couch, letting the blanket hit the floor.

Just thinking about the books in a place like that.

“Not everything!” Malice laughed again. “It’s true that the Valkyrie record everything, and have since their beginnings, but this library, is not as fancy! More like, Third and Main Street, than Holy Godiva! Nothing, compared to the archives, there are probably a couple of million books and scrolls in there, along with countless memories. Or so I’ve been told by my Mother.”

“Memory archives? You have to remember, Malice, the outside world thinks the Valkyries are mythical beings. No more real, than say, Unicorns.”

“And the older they get, the less they believe in Unicorns; which is why I found the children’s section to be the perfect place to stash my goods!”

“At Third and Main?”

“Why not?” Malice laughed, “It’s not like any mere mortal can find them! I’m not an idiot!”

“No, you’re not! You’re something way more!” Kember returned to her spot on the couch. “Spells or not, I don’t think it would have taken us long to get to this point.” She grinned, leaning in for a kiss.

“Oh?” Malice sighed as she pulled away. “Do tell!”

“Well, you, have your husband Reh, right?”

“Yes, but he is far from here. Safe!” Malice seemed, almost heart broken.

“And, you have Mia, you said so yourself!” The Witch grinned again.

“Go on...” Malice cocked a brow at her.

“I have had many lovers...” “And I, don’t want any; least of all, a male!”

Malice couldn’t lie, she liked where this was going; but she played along.

“I am confused... I thought you loved me...” She teased. “Oh I Do!” Kember silenced her, slipping her hands beneath the blankets.

“But I also love your other attributes...”

“Then we should...” Malice gasped, feeling her grip tighten.

“Yes, we should!” Malice whimpered, sliding her hands away.

The Valkyrie nodded and rising from the couch, she walked to a nearby shelf; shuddering like a leaf. The dark wooden bookcase was covered in scrolls and papers, and from a midst them all, Malice picked up a small box and opened it before returning to the Witch.

She toyed with the contents for a moment, and approached Kember, holding a bracelet in her hand and gently placed it on Kember’s wrist.

She muttered something as she fastened the latch with a sharp click, and a tingle swept through Kember as the separation disappeared.

“What is it, Malice? It’s beautiful!” Kember asked, examining the new piece. “

There are some in this Verse, who would call it a weapon; and after that Insid managed to blow up the gate, I’ve been kicking myself for not giving you this earlier!” Malice sighed and shook her head.

“It’s battle armor, like mine. If you had had this on, the explosion would not have injured you, you wouldn’t even have felt it.” The Valkyrie went on.

“Touch the red light.” As soon as Kember did as she was instructed, there was a sudden rush of warmth. Like a hot flood of water, and then a different sort of tingling as Malice lead her Kember off the couch and over to a full length mirror. She watched, as before her eyes, the transformation took place and completely astonished her.

She was covered, head to toe, in the same matte black strands of silk, and sleek, shiny metal that matched the Warrior’s own. It was incredible, if she could remember to use it. That was the key.

Malice smiled for a moment before she spoke, admiring the fit against her body. “

It is yours, for you shared with me, something great; and I always repay my debts!”

“Nonsense!” Kember pulled away, the guilt filling her as she pushed the little red button once more, and the armor disappeared.

Damn her emotions! Always whacked, always out of control.

“Had I not cast that spell of Forgetfulness...” She sighed, attempting to take the bracelet off, but it would not budge.” I only tried to help the others get away.

” But she felt the Warrior’s hand on her own, staying her attempts.

As you said, spells or not, it would have happened, either way...” Malice smiled at her, slipping her arms around her waist.

“You are protected nonetheless, and that is all I can ask for. This...” She hissed, laying a kiss down on Kember’s lips, “This, is an added bonus!” She groaned, and felt the Witch’s will, giving in.

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