Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 19

Malice entered Marena’s room with Navina and Kember followed suit a few moments later. Laying in her bed, Marena looked as beautiful as they day that she and Malice had met.

Gods, what felt like a lifetime ago. Long black hair, porcelain cheeks, soft plump lips, eyes that had not opened in months.

“It’s okay!” Navina smiled at her, coaxing Malice to move closer.

“There was a time, when I worshiped the ground that she walked on.” Malice admitted.

“She had been relaying the apostate’s orders; and I followed every one of her orders without hesitation, even when the outcome was far worse than I could have imagined.”

“We’ve all had to follow orders at some point.” Navina smiled, but Malice looked so scared.

That was not something you usually saw with the Valkyrie, not something you wanted to see.

“No, you don’t understand, Navina; and if we are to do this, you must know the truth!”

“What are you talking about, Malice?” Kember cut in.

“Ugh!” The Valkyrie let out, and sat on the edge of Marena’s bed, gazing at her cheeks, her lips.

“Marena relayed my orders that night, and it wasn’t until after the ship had crashed.”

“What ship?” Kember inquired, feeling the vibrations that escaped Malice.

“Whatever it is, Malice, you can’t be held responsible for it, you were following orders.” Navina shook her head.

“We all follow orders!”

“I was supposed to make sure that ship never landed, and its pilot silenced.” Her words faded off.

“But when he emerged from the wreckage, and fell at your feet cradling that... ” Malice watched as Navina’s eyes lit up and the realization hit her.

“You, shot down their ship?” Navina choked out, trying so hard to remain calm.

“You were sent to kill Lokaryn?”

“I had no idea that there was a child on board, Navina, I swear it!” Malice closed her gray eyes and took a couple of very deep breaths to calm herself, before feeling Kember’s arms around her; and then Navina’s.

“I know it wasn’t your fault, Malice, nor was it my sister’s for ordering you out there!” Navina told her, and held Malice’s free hand as the Valkyrie poured the contents of the pouch into a mug and then filled it with water.

Marena pursed her lips as the liquid touched her lips, as if she were afraid to drink; but Malice was gentle in her coaxing, until her mouth opened and the elixir disappeared down her throat.

It was like a scene from one of Nissa’s old romance flicks. The Valkyrie leaned forward and kissed Marena; soft, and yet sure. They could all feel the need for it to work, looming around them as they waited, and when Malice finally stood and began to chant.

“Deffro fy nghariad, seibiannau wawr. Mae eich noson hir bron drosodd. Agorwch eich llygaid annwyl.” She let out in an ancient tongue, holding Marena’s hand.

The female shuddered, a breeze disturbing her perfect black locks, and she took a deep breath before opening her eyes; as green as the sea.

The Valkyrie’s own eyes filled with tears as she watched the female try to rise; fighting the temptation to smother the beauty with her embrace.

“Malice?” Her voice was shrouded and full of fear. “Please tell me that this is a dream?” Marena cried out as Malice reached over to wipe her tears.

“It is not a dream, my love!” Malice let out, and felt the warm hand on her shoulder as Kember stood behind her.

Marena looked so alarmed, her head shaking as she tried to stand up.

“You should not have awoken me!”

“We have been assured that you will be safe!” Malice protested, but Marena looked so distraught.

“I will make this brief, for my time with you is short.” She sighed, trying to rise once more; but Malice came towards her.

“Short? But Kalin told me that her tonic would cure you!” Malice blurted out, and Marena smiled as she ran her hand through the Valkyrie’s fair hair to calm her.

“You know as well as I, that it is not safe for me to awaken; not until Pathen has been eliminated.” Marena hung her head and closed her eyes.

“Those things that he released inside us all may be gone, but the threat has not diminished, Malice. His hold on me is far greater than that! They can still track you, Malice, through me; and I cannot have that. Nor you, Navina!” She let out with another smile. “Only his death will truly free me!”

“Damn her! Damn that lying BITCH!” Malice cursed, her rage growing more fierce with each passing second.

“I cannot fight him, my love, but you can!” She grinned at Malice, and lay a kiss down on her cheek.

“Go to Samo’ana and look for an old friend, you may find what you seek, lurking within her lands.”

“Samo’ana is a hard place to get to!” Malice replied, “And I know of no one there, who I would call friend.”

“But you do, Malice!” Marena laughed.

“Find Kordahn, and he will show you the way to Samo’ana. Once there, search out the guild, and ask for a ship that will take you to the Lady!” Marena smiled again, feeling a slight fog come over her. “You must go, quickly.” She added, rubbing at her temples as Malice rushed to her sit back on her bed.

“Find Pathen, Malice; and end him. His Host, will no longer have a hold on any of us.” She was losing control, and Navina feared what might happen if she didn’t release her burdens and return to her peaceful slumber; if you could call it peaceful, that is.

“The others, will guide you, trust...”

“I can’t let you leave again!” Malice tried to protest, but Marena silenced her with the raise of a hand.

“I don’t give a damn, Mal! I don’t give a damn about your Valkyrie honor, or your pride. I want you to live, your vengeance be damned. I want your promise that you will be here when I awaken permanently. There’s been far too much blood shed already, and I mean to return to a world worth living in.”

“Bloody Hell!” Malice let out, “Fine, I promise to do my very best, to make sure that nothing bad happens.” She replied and Marena knew as well as she did, there were no guarantees. Marena then looked at her sister, Navina.

“Your greatest trials are yet to come, but take strength from each other.” She replied.

“Our kin may be few and far between, but they are Kor’Mhia nonetheless.” She smiled at her, shaking her head again before returning her gaze to Malice.

“I love you, Mal, but you have to let Kember take care of you.” She turned to face the Witch.

“Don’t let her do anything, too stupid.” Kember nodded in reply as both Navina and she shared Malice’s tears. The Witch could feel the all encompassing sorrow as Malice spoke again, her words filled with hurt and anger.

“I love you too, Rena!” But the female’s eyes were closing, her body growing limp as sleep took hold of her once more; and Malice’s heart grew heavy.

"Do you need anything?” Navina asked, as Malice sauntered into the dining hall; and bypassed morning meal to sit down across from her.

“I’m alright, really, I am.” Malice said earnestly and here she thought her daughter’s psyche was scrambled.

“Just needing to get this show on the road.” Sure, she has never felt such turmoil before, but it was not like she had died. Not like Marena had died.

She was just sleeping, and Malice was just as bound and determined to find, and kill Pathen, as she had been before.

“No you’re not, Malice.” Kember retorted.

she could still feel the raging temper that the Valkyrie had been trying to keep hidden below the surface. In fact, that emotional tempest just kept on building and that was not a good sign.

“Shit!” She let out. “I wish...”

“You could kill my Mother, I know! But guess what, you already did!” Kember laughed.

Not so easy for Malice though, if she didn’t release some of that pent up anger soon, the death toll was going to rise significantly.

“She lied to me, and I’d kill her all over again if I could, the fucking Bitch! Why did she even bother? She obviously knew what was going to happen before we did!” Malice threw her hands in the air.

“Is she still going on about this?” Nyx bellowed as he entered the dining hall, and nearly lost the tip of his nose as she shot a razor sharp feather towards him.

“What was that?” Malice replied, standing in full Valkyrie regalia.

“Sounded like you were about to report back on your findings!” She glared at him.

“Yeah yeah! Keep your panties on!” The Demon chuckled, and with a flash in his eye, he was next to her, whispering something she couldn’t make out. “You’ll have to catch me!”

“Wait, what?” Malice cocked a brow at Nyx, but he vanished from sight and she let out a blood curdling scream.

“I will gut you for this!” She shouted, slamming her fist on the table beside her.

“What did he say?” Kember asked a midst a ruffle of feathers.

“I have no fucking clue!” Malice sighed, her blood boiling and her head spinning.

“Something about catching him, after that I think I’ll tie him to the portal and watch as the thing fries his ass the next time it’s activated!”

“You’ll need him, Malice!” Navina reminded her. “You’ll need all of us, if you’re going up against Pathen!”

“I will need your brother!” Malice grinned at her, “He is mated to this, Khia, right?”

Yes.” Navina replied, and felt an odd shudder run through her; a dislike of sorts. “And this Khia, could she be this Lady of the lands?”

“That’s what I’ve heard!” Navina sighed, “Though not once did I ever think she would be related to me in some way.” She laughed and shook her head.

And that’s a bad thing?” Malice inquired, and then Kember laughed.

Khia, has been around for a long time, my love, and she has acquired a unique outlook on those around her. She’s taken to more, dark and sinful measures.”

“Khia’s a whore! Happy? Now, can we talk?” He asked, looking a little more thankful.

“Okay, so she’s more like the head whore!” Kember just shook her head.

“I was trying to be polite about it!” She sighed.

“Why? Because my sister by law is a sinful slut?” Navina mumbled, though she wasn’t sure why.

“I take it, you remember more than before?” Malice eyed her up and down,

“What did she say to you?”

“Who?” Navina inquired; trying to brush the fog from her mind.

“Mal?” Nyx piped in from the doorway again.

“For the love of... pretty fucking please?”

“Marena!” Malice replied, ignoring him. “What did your sister tell you?”

“That Khia was family, but that she had lived with the outside world for so long, that there were some traditions that had been lost.” Navina told them, “And it’s true! The day I brought Lync to my brother, she was there, they had been arguing.”

“About what?” Kember asked, taking a seat at the table across from her.

“He wanted her to come home with him, to give up the life she had made for herself and be with him!”

“And she chose the latter?” Malice sighed, “Which was?”

“Mal?” The Demon tried yet again, and she waved him off with a glare.

“To return to a people who had corrupted her, to rule over their sinful taverns and manors as she had for so long already. They worshiped her, they needed her.” Navina shook her head.

“They didn’t even know her. To them, she was a mere descendant of the Great Madam, they have no idea that our kind is...”

“Malice?” Nyx called out again, louder this time.

“WHAT?” She shouted.

“Shit!” He let out, and scooted inside the door, just as another voice filled the hall.

“Nyx? Nyx, where are you? I need you, Nyx!” The sin filled voice floated into the room.

“I have no fucking clue what the hell is wrong with her, I fucking swear it, Mal!” The Demon looked horrified as the voice grew closer.

“Nyx? You can’t leave me like this!” The voice whimpered again, the footsteps staggering about in the hall.

“Oh Gods...” Malice let out, “Bathsheba?”

“Hey? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Malice heard the Angel’s voice in the hall, and then the sudden thud as if he had hit the wall.

“Uh, what are you...? Sheba?” “Fuck!” Malice hissed and tore towards the door.

“Bathsheba Ashlyn D’Ormand?” She let out with a gasp, as the sight of her daughter in the arms of the Angel, and the terrified look on his face as she continued to try and kiss him...

“Please, fine warrior...” Bathsheba whimpered, her thighs rubbing back and forth as she pinned herself against his chest.

“Bathsheba?” She growled, reaching for her daughter’s arm and pulling her away. “What do you think...?”

“Momma?” Bathsheba looked up at her, that fiery red hair all tangled and knotted about her shoulders, the skin glistening in a thin film of sweat; and that look in those diamond colored eyes.

“Momma, it burns!”

“Oh Gods!” Kember let out as she arrived at Malice’s side.

“She’s blossoming!”

“I should uh... I should go!” Nissa choked out, and turned towards the dining hall.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go find Madrina!”

“Come, let’s get her to her room!” Navina nodded to Kember as the Angel passed her and disappeared into the dining hall.

“Malice has business to attend to!”

I can’t...” Malice started, but Navina shook her head.

“We will take care of her, you have your words with Nyx!” Kember smiled, and put her arm around Bathsheba’s waist; leading her down the hall towards the stairs.

Malice watched for a moment, and then turned to face the Demon and the Angel who stood in the doorway.

“I didn’t...” Nissa started, and Nyx cut in.

“We didn’t!”

“I know!” Malice sighed, pushing past them into the dining hall.

“Fuck, I need a drink!”

“What the hell was that?” Nissa inquired, “She looked so sick and helpless.”

Yeah, helpless, until you get close enough and next thing you know her lips are inches from your own.” The Demon shot out, and shook his head.

“What the mother of all fucks? I mean, it’s one thing to kiss you, Mal, but your daughter?”

“That brings you to a whole new level of hell, and I for one, would like to avoid any future dealings of that sort!” Nissa chuckled.

“She’s blossoming!” Malice told them. “Kalin experimented on her.”

“So my...” He stopped short. “She didn’t...?” Nissa looked as if he were about to lose his shit.

“No, your young are just fine!” Malice smiled at him, “Bathsheba on the other hand.” She shook her head.

“Is a walking, talking, hormone machine!” Nyx finished for her. “You gotta get her some help, or no male in the ....”

“MALICE?” She heard her name ring out through the halls, and a moment later, Mia appeared in the doorway.

“MALICE?” Mia was holding her ears, and rolling her eyes.

“I’ve found her dammit!” She shouted back, and then returned her gaze to the Valkyrie.

“Um, you may want to come with me!” Mia sighed, and then took off down the hall.

“You don’t think...?” Nyx started.

“Lord Eroch?” Nissa finished.

“Oh Gods help me!” Malice whined, as they all took off out the door after Mia.

Malice needed to work off some of her stress, and what better way than by heading down to the gym? She couldn’t think of one!

She worked through a series of hand to hand exercises, then moved on to train with the sword; spinning and whirling in a deadly dance of steel.

From the sword to the punching bags without warning, as a sudden burst of rage overtook her and before she could stop her claws sheared through the bag’s side, dumping sand all over the floor.

“Shit” She sighed as she looked at all the sand at her feet.

It was a mess, and it wasn’t the only thing; but when she looked up to both Nyx and Mia coming across the mats, with Kember at their side...

“Talk to us, Mal!” Nyx grinned, “We love you, but you’re losing control!”

Malice’s eyes brimmed over and it took several moments before she could speak.

“I’m just realizing that what Ashlyn told me, so long ago, is true. Control is but an illusion, Nyx. My son and daughter went from nursing to... Ugh! In less than two weeks my world has turned upside down; and to top it all off, I almost lost my husband. Losing control, my friend? We never had any to start with.”

While it was true they had won several battles against Pathen’s minions, that didn’t mean they could stop the apostate himself. If he could cause her own young to age, what were the extent of his powers now?

Neither had seen the other directly Marena had been their only link, and yet he had still managed to taint what she held so dear.

For sometime now, the goal had been to stop Pathen from causing anymore chaos in the name of the Eno’tai, and find the Celestial Temple he had hidden throughout space and now, apparently time. With one final sigh as she dropped to her knees and gathered a handful of sand.

“I’m realizing that in spite of my words to Marena, this quest, even if I win, could cost me my life.” She finished, letting the sand fall back to the floor, watching as the final grains floated to rest atop the pile.

“Though it pains me deeply to say this, but there is no one other than you, who can do this, Malice! To be afraid, according to your own mythology, is what gives you your power, but you don’t have to face it alone!”

Malice looked up at her, at that smile she had grown so fond of. Euphamia, youngest and most devious of Lord Eroch’s daughters, she was a force to be reckoned with, and one hell of a warrior.

Malice would gladly stand and fight at her side, and claim the glory of battle with their cries, but that routine was getting old, fast.

Malice wanted more, let’s sit back and relax over a mug of ale or glass of sweet spring wine, kind of adventure this time.

Yeah right! Wasn’t going to happen! Not until she had killed Pathen anyhow!

“Tell us, Malice, whenever that emotion overcomes you, and we will guide you through it.” Kember spoke next, before she kissed the back of Malice’s neck.

“You said it, my love, sacrifices must be made, alliances forged, this is a together thing!”

“And fortunately, you have us, Homie!′ Nyx finished for her. “We’ll follow your lead, the fucker is not invincible.”

“To quote a movie from old... Which is worse, the fool or the ones who follow him?” Malice laughed as she rose to her feet.

"I know, you’d follow me into the depth of Hell.”

“Home Slice, I don’t know if you’ve lost your memory, again, but we’re in Hell; we never left! We’re supposed to, in the morning, that is, after you know, Lord Eroch chills out.”

“Shit!” Malice closed her eyes and hissed. “I totally forgot about that!” She added, letting her fist fly into a nearby bag, that it wasn’t mangled.

“Mother had a good laugh!” Mia grinned, taking a seat on one of the benches and lay back, lifting the bar of weights off the stand.

“She...” Mia let the weight drop down to her chest, and exhaled as she pushed it back up. “... thought it was quite hilarious, how...” She muttered away, raising and lowering the weights a few more times.

“Shouldn’t you be helping her? Spotting her, or something?” Kember glared at Nyx, who moved towards his female, only to stand at her head. No hands out, no ’be careful.

“I ain’t getting snapped at, Homie!” He cocked a brow at her when her glare didn’t subside.

“Thank you!” Mia replied, letting the bar drop again, though it went too low, or too fast, and she let out a huff, and Kember all rushed to her side.

“You fucking fool, I told you so!” She let out at the Demon, trying to pull the weights off of her. By the time Mia was up off the floor, and laughing her ass off one might add, Nyx had received three shots to the chest, and one to the jaw; before he keeled over in his own fit of bellowing laughter.

Three from Kember, and one from Malice, just because.

“You fucking asshole!” Kember shot back.

“Me?” Nyx was still howling.

“It was her idea!” He carried on, still rolling about on the mats, holding his sides.

“What? You seemed worried!” Mia let out with the crack of a smile.

“So we gave you something to worry about!”

“I hate it when you two do that whole, I can read your mind routine!” Kember rolled her eyes and shook her head, kicking Nyx in the leg.

“Fuck, you!”

“Maybe later!” He let out another howl, and crawled up off the floor.

“Not likely!” Kember laughed.

“I’ll leave you all with your shenanigans, Rehoboam has returned to the Null, and I think I’ll go and visit with someone normal.”

And just like that she had left the room, and Nyx received another shot.

“What the fuck?” He shot out at Malice.

“That’s for getting me in trouble!” She glared back at him, and made for the door herself.

It had been just a few hours, since Malice had taken to her bed, Rehoboam on one side of her and Kember on the other. Wrapped in the warmth and knowledge that both of them cared for her deeply, she had let herself fall asleep in anticipation of the morning’s journey.

“Bathsheba?” Malice shouted as she awoke from the first sound sleep she’d had in weeks, and was up and out of the bed, armored and moving before Kember or Reh had even stirred.

Up the three flights of stairs in a moment, and down the hall to the very end where she found Ben waiting outside his sister’s door. Malice nodded in his direction, and the young male let up his armored cloak as she counted down.

“Three, two...” Mother and son slammed through the wooden door and entered the room, Malice leading the charge as she scanned the shadows for an enemy she could kill.

“Bathsheba?” She called out, but there was no reply, just a few droplets of blood that lined the floor and led Malice towards the bathroom door. She found the small puddle of blood on the floor that seemed to drip down from the sides of the tub, in which sat her daughter; naked and shaking as she tried to stop the bleeding.

“Sheba?” Malice asked as she drew closer, “Are you wounded?” The mumbled reply and the blood covered hands and thighs.

“Ben? Get Kember, and bring her here.” She called back to the young male who knew better than to enter the room, and then went to her child.

“It’s alright!” She smiled as Bathsheba caved into her arms, letting her tears and frustrations fall.

“All females bleed, and it will happen with every cycle.” Malice told her, as Mia and Kember arrived.

Two, were better than one, but with three, they managed to get the bleeding under control and her daughter cleaned up, in silence.

None of them wanted to speak, for fear the emotions running rampant in the room, came back to choke them. This was a sacred time, this was a moment shared between mother and daughter. No sooner was Bathsheba cleaned and sitting on the edge of her bed with Malice, Mia and Kember took their leave, in silence.

Malice sat on the edge of the bed, gently brushing Bathsheba’s flaming red hair.

“I thought it would be some time before this would fall upon you.” Malice started with a sigh.

“Years, even! But with the tampering of others, it would seem as if you’re ready to become... ” She paused again as her daughter looked up at her with one brow cocked.

I know what this is, I just wasn’t...” Bathsheba muttered and closed her eyes.

“Ugh!” She sighed, “This sucks!”

“You’re what, seventeen now, by the looks of it, you’re going through the blossoming, and where I come from, that is a very special time for a Valkyrie. The blood signifies that we are ready to step forth down a new path.”

“But, Mother, it is not the blood that burns with need inside my veins.” Bathsheba whimpered.

“Each touch is like fire, every thought that roams free, twisted to fit the sinful nature of this horrid curse. It’s like every nerve in my body is ablaze.” Sheba groaned again.

“Save that ardor, little one, we will find you someone to tame your needs! You will have your ceremony, my daughter!” She whispered and kissed her on her forehead.

“Now sleep, if you can.” She added, and made to rise from the bed as Bathsheba nestled beneath the blankets.

“I’m sorry.” Sheba let out the sleep, filling her thoughts, “for Papa!” She finished, and her eyes fluttered shut.

There was no doubt in Malice’s mind, that her daughter would never have tried to seduce Lord Eroch... but Malice shook her head.

“Damn, Kalin!” She growled as she exited the room, closing the door as Mia and Kember came in to view.

“A Blossoming Ceremony? Really? The old way?” Kember inquired. She had read about the ceremony in the books, and through Sax, she had learned that the young ones were taught the pleasures of all the species.

Not only experiencing them with one another, but knowing when, and where to use each tactic to get the job done.

There was an arcane sort of energy exchanged, an enlightenment that would grant her full standings among the Valkyrie, for having mastered her first rights, as it were. And this, was what awaited Bathsheba?

When you broke it down, she was going to have sex, lose her ‘pureness’ as some would call it, and enter the world of love and lust; that devilish little roulette wheel of luck. Wasn’t she lucky!

“I would see to it that we all attended.” Malice paused, letting that little bit sink in.

“You want both of us there?” Kember asked, which in turn got Mia’s attention, and then the Demon’s.

“Of course, you two have been like her mentors, for the short time that it’s been. She adores you both.” And she had to pause again, as Kember almost choked.

“Well, she adores Mia, and you would need to be there, for me, more then her.” Malice admitted with a sly grin and Nyx stood off to the side with a bemused expression, until she winked at him.

“Yes, you two, of course! I’m sure we can find something for you to play with!”

“Uh, play with?” Now he just looked straight up, confused. Not gonna lie, it wasn’t really that hard to do, but he wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to get hit for assuming, anything.

“It’s a blossoming ceremony! Everyone gets to play!” Mia grinned at him, and he sort of relaxed.

“For her daughter!” Nyx reminded them, “Who, last time I saw, was trying to suck my face off!”

“I apologize for that." Malice started, creeping up before him, and running her fingers up his chest.

“She was not herself!” She added, getting even closer.

“I however, am!” She leaned in and kissed the Demon, locking her arms around his neck as his mate howled in laughter.

“She is my daughter, and I will offer her only the best for her first rights.” Malice grinned as she pulled away.

“But there will be others in need of satisfaction!” She added, and he just about hit the floor.

“If you say so!” He replied, still watching his words as he tried to comfort himself, and Malice just laughed as she let her hand fall from his cheek and was on her way back to her own room.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She laughed, with Kember following close behind her, and Mia still giggling away.

“Come on, my love!” Malice heard her say to him, and took in the Demon’s heated scent.

Long dark hair and emerald green, almond shaped eyes that peered back at her in the mirror. Ten years it had been, since she could first remember seeing Lync’s face.

Ten years, in which he had loved her, lavished her, coveted her every being; and he was still here. Her heart melted as she thought about their first night together, the way he felt in her arms, his lips between her thighs... and then it crumbled, as she thought about a lifetime that had been lost, a lifetime that neither of them remembered. She was a daughter of the Order.

Nope, scratch that, she was a traitor to the Order, though her sisters, the ones she could remember that is, hadn’t seemed all that bad; but when you took into consideration that they were all just a bunch of pawns for Pathen, even the smallest of tasks could have had such deadly repercussions.

No one would have known, they probably still had no idea, if they even still existed. Tampering with time, breaking the rules, wasn’t that what she had been banished for? And now, here was Pathen, and he had broken so many of his own rules, twisted the time lines for his own benefit... and the children?

The male was a monster, but then, what did that make her? She had been one of his ‘followers’ and she had followed his orders, somewhat; so what did that make her?

“What are you doing here?” His voice crept in and all she could do was close her eyes and let the touch of his hands take hold of her.

“I don’t remember!” She sighed, feeling him at her back, trailing across each shoulder and then up the back of her neck.

“Then it isn’t important, and you should come back to bed!” He growled in her ear, masking the memories she wanted so desperately to uncover, shrouding them in a sinful passion that grabbed hold of her and wouldn’t let go.

They were important. They were about him, and he was important.

“Come with me, Vina!” He growled again, stepping back and offering her his hand. “Come to bed and let me love you!”

That was all she’d needed to hear, and she let her hand reach back and touch his, let him pull her away from the blasted mirror and her shadowed reflection. He was her solace. Him, Lync, he was hers, now and forever, but had he also been hers in the past? Was there a chance that the life she could not remember.

“Don’t, Vina! Don’t let it consume you!” He groaned, laying her back on the bed, the ‘how’ she had gotten there part, completely eluding her.

It didn’t matter anyhow, not with his lips on her neck and his hands pawing at the small t-shirt and panties she wore; in black, as was her usual.

He was pulling, tugging, egging with his body for the fabric to just peel away; and the whole time the tingles shot through her, taking hold of her senses and driving her wild.

From her neck to her nipples, her navel and that sinful little treasure trail that led so seductively to his most favorite parts of her, Nibbling and nuzzling against her sweet folds as she whimpered in pleasure.

His tongue, his fingers, and then his own sex; rough and rigid and so very desperate to be inside of her.

“Oh, Lync...” She gasped as he slid between her thighs, mounting her with a force like no other. It’s not like it had been months since last they’d lain together, but holy shit.

It felt like it had, her muscles so tight and his shaft so long and hard; throbbing with each thrust as he claimed what was his. In and out, nibbling at her bottom lip, his hand in her hair, pulling her head back and exposing her neck.

The pinch was something unexpected. The first draw, divine; and that little trickle as her life blood dribbled down her skin...

“Oh, Vina!” He growled, as he worked his tongue across the wound, and brought his wrist to his lips, and then hers.

“Drink!” He groaned, his lips now against her ear, and that sudden need so strong inside her veins. He was Vampire, but not just any Vampire, he was their Sire. From him, sprang an entire generation... but with whom?

At that moment, Navina did not care. The only thing that mattered, was following the commands of her mate, and as her lips bore down upon his wrist and that sweet, sinfully delightful mixture of iron and candy swept across her tongue, she heard the purr emanate from his chest.

He was hers, and in true Vampire fashion, he was proving it to her; just as Zahara had told her Markus had done for her.

Navina’s heart swelled, as too did her sex as his thrust grew deeper, harder and faster. He was hers, forever.

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