Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 20

It was cold on the docks, looking out of the waters of Samo’san, and taking in all that the harbor had to offer.

There was The Lady’s Shack. The Lady’s Pub. The Lady Livery and The Inn of The Lady.

It seemed that everywhere that Malice looked, The Lady was quite prominent. Not bad, for a small harbor town.

“What’s wrong?” Mia asked, as she slid from the shadows of a nearby ship, and landed like a feather on the wooden planks beside Malice.

Both of them dressed in leathers and dark cloaks, hoods up to conceal who they truly were. You didn’t want to get caught up in a place like this; too many people asking questions.

“My nose is twitching!”

“That’s never a good sign!” Mia laughed and shook her head. “And what does your twitch have to tell you?”

“That trouble is afoot in this fair town!”

“We haven’t even gotten into the city yet!” Nyx grumbled, hating the thought of having to ‘sail’ anywhere.

“Because she’s not in the city!” Malice sighed. “Seriously, were you listening at all?”

“Yeah! I heard you, you said there would be whores!” He shot back at her.

“You did say there would be whores, Malice!” Mia reminded her. “She also said there would be a hunt!”

“We need to find a ship and crew!” Malice ignored him, and pulling her long black cloak about her shoulders she led them away from the docks and through the shabby streets of the waterfront, looking for the tell tale signs of the local thievery guild.

Surely, this part of Samo’san would be crawling with them. Turning a corner, she saw a curious symbol, one she had not laid eyes on in quite some time. A simple flower, no a rose, shaded in black.

“A chapter of the Black Rose? Here, in the open?”

“What was that?” Nyx mumbled, following close behind the Valkyrie.

“How odd?” Malice muttered something in reply as she made her way over to the young guard, a female of ten and six perhaps? She was tall for her age, with long brown hair that was braided away from her face, and eerie gray eyes; complete, with an incomplete tattoo on her right sword hand.

“Mia, look at her hand...” Malice grinned as Mia approached the establishment. “And to my right, above the door!” She grinned even wider as she watched the violet eyes move about, and the sly smile that crept across that beautiful face of hers.

“The Black Rose, well I’ll be damned!”

“You already are!” Nyx laughed. “Are there whores inside?”

“In fact, there are! If you can handle them!”

“What do you mean, if I can handle them? Do you forget who you’re talking to?”

“You will find whores and coin a plenty in that there gambling den. In the middle of the day as it is now, you’ll find every longshoreman and pirate that would be, rubbing elbows with one another inside.

Go, see for yourself! Listen for news of Samo’ana, and under no circumstances, is Bathsheba to be left alone.”

“And where are you going, that I have to pull babysitter duty?” The Demon grunted.

“I’m going to try and find us a boat.” She flashed a wicked grin his way, “And your female is coming with me!”

“Then under no circumstance, is she, to be left alone!” Nyx grinned back at her, and made for the door handle.

“And you are?” The female guard finally spoke.

“Your worst nightmare!” He replied, and the female looked to another.

“She may enter!” The female replied when her eyes were back on him.

“You will need to bathe first!” Nyx let his jaw drop and the howling that let off in the background as Mia and Malice laughed themselves towards the docks.

“Did you tell him anything?” Malice inquired as the ships came into view.

“Of the Black Rose? Nadda! But he’s a smart male, he’ll figure it out!” Mia laughed and made towards the first boat.

“Should we not have gone with them?” Lync asked, as he followed Navina along the wooded path.

“They search for a boat, Lync, we will not find my brother by the docks!” She grinned, pushing on up towards the hills.

“And we’ll find him out here?”

“There is a temple at the top of that ridge, he will be there, waiting!” She sighed and shook her head.

“He’s always waiting, like a good little soldier!”

“Waiting for what?”

“Her!” She spat back and kept going. She couldn’t help but hate the female, not even able to speak her name for fear of the emotions it would drudge up.

With each new set of memories that returned, Navina remembered a little more; including her immense dislike for Khia.

“She’s been through a lot, you said so yourself!” He was trying to make conversation, trying to save the situation as it were, but she was so far done, having all those feelings, all those...

“She may have been taken from her people, but in the end, she chose to live without him.”

“But they were mated, she is his, forever, Vina!” “They were betrothed, there’s a difference! At one point, Kordahn had been betrothed to another, after Khia had been gone for many years and all had thought her lost.”

“That was over eight hundred years ago.”

“And yet it feels like yesterday, that I watched my brother fall to his knees before his shrine, begging the Gods to release him from the chaos that bound them!”

“You females can get pretty crazy at times!” He agreed with her, and she spun around and hit him in the chest.

“What was that for?”

“I am not difficult!” Navina replied.

“I said crazy, not difficult!” Lync laughed, “But you can hit me again I kind of liked it!”

“Did you now?” She grinned, and up on her tiptoes she went, craving that long, sweet kiss from his lips.

“So, I’m not all bad?” She added, and bit his lower lip. The blood trickled down his chin, and she could not only see the lust in his eyes, but she could feel it, smell it in the erotic scent that surrounded them.

“This temple you speak of, does it offer privacy?” He growled, “Or do we risk an audience? Right here...” He groaned against her ear, “...right now?” Gods he was so handsome, so incredibly magnificent with his dark spiked hair and those emerald green eyes.

“Whatever you...” She had started, with his hands at her shoulders, peeling away the layers of fabric that surrounded her; but there came another voice, and all thoughts of a sinful nature were set aside.

“Not exactly what I thought I would find on my journey today!”

“Shit!” She gasped, hurrying to cover her now naked chest.

“It is not...”

“You are mated!” Kordahn shook his head, “No words are needed, though I would suggest a more private place, as this trail is traveled often!”

“Only you, Mal, would have a super secret hideout, in a whorehouse. Why am I not surprised?” Nyx said with a grin as Mia and Malice met him outside the small tavern. Which in turn, earned him a slug from Mia, and Kember just shook her head.

“So, did you find us a ship?”

“Sort of!” She replied and pushed past him and through the door.

“What do you mean, sort of? I checked the tavern, how can you sort of find a ship?"

"You mean you checked the tables, and found that there were three or four Hida’chi games going on.” Bathsheba appeared behind him.

“Now that sounds more like it!” Malice rolled her eyes.

“Someone had to win some coin to pay for the ship!” He shouted, and then threw his hands in the air.

“Kember? Stay close, and follow me.” Malice sighed, taking the female by the hand.

“So the rumors of the Valkyrie, are true!” She giggled as she followed Malice to the bar.

“The whole, having eyes and ears everywhere, bit.”

“And they all hide in plain sight, just like these ones here!” The Valkyrie grinned back at her.

“The outside world may think they’re in a courtesan’s guild, but behind every scheming female, there is vital purpose. No Valkyrie is ever truly alone.”

“So when do I get to meet your personal band of gypsy spies? Man, that sounds so cool.” Nyx cut in.

“Wasn’t it your Mother, the Sorceress Ashlyn, who gave life to your insane little group of misfits?”

“Gypsy’s and misfits? What the fuck, Home slice?” Malice threw him a glare, and waited for him to come closer.

“What crawled up your ass?”

“Don’t mind him, he’s just anal cause he hasn’t gotten to fight anyone yet; and he hates the sea!” Mia sighed and shook her head.

“Let him spar a bit with the locals, it’ll loosen him up for the voyage!”

“Awe, muffin! Watch this!” She giggled back to Mia.

“Hey, Nyx?” “What?” He growled as the bar kept handed him an ale.

“Watch this.” She grinned, and dropped the illusion that covered her facial tattoos.

“Uh....” He mumbled, moving closer to examine the intricate lattice work of climbing black roses that looked as if they went, all the way down. They matched the tattoo on her sword had, and upon seeing it, the barkeep handed her a box.

“Shit! Now, that right there is service! Do I get gifts too?”

“And behold the Rose herself!” A voice sounded from the far corner of the small tavern. “Peace be with you, sister.”

The figure moved closer, and Malice all but hit the floor as the hood was dropped, and the long white hair and lavish blue streaks fell about her shoulders.

“Damn!” Mia let out with a hiss of approval. “Just when I think I know you, Mal, you find something new to amaze me with.”

“Belvaya?” Malice managed a squeak. Was this the friend that Marena had spoken of? Was the female who stood before her, an assassin in her own right, and those eyes... those deep, blue eyes.

“Shit, Mal, no wonder you took to Kember! ” Nyx chucked, and took another swig from his mug.

“Why don’t you introduce me!”

“Hello, Malice!” The female smiled, and everyone felt the ground shudder as Nyx got all giddy and childish.

“Oh, you, I like!”

“She looks like she’d eat you for lunch!” Bathsheba howled, but Malice was still captivated by the beauty in front of her.

“It has been...”

“Forever?” The female laughed, pulling out a stool as she and Malice joined for a drink.

“Wow, Malice! Life around you is never boring.” Kember added as the Valkyrie ordered a round of drinks. The beekeeper’s daughter came towards them, and Nyx couldn’t help but hold Ben back.

The both of them looking as if they might pounce on the females, their eyes growing wider as she bent over to pour their drinks.

“We’ll need a few napkins!” Malice laughed, and put her cup to her lips.

“Yes of course, Grand Mistress! If it would please you, I would offer to make yourself welcome in the rooms above, and know that the drinks are on the house, for you and your guests.”

“Thank you, child!” Malice sighed.

“Guild Mistress Saren, will be pleased to hear of your arrival.”

“I would appreciate it, if you would keep my whereabouts to yourself, as I will not be staying long!” She told the female, as they picked up their drinks and followed the daughter to a sitting room.

It was small, but cozy; with dark pillows lining the loungers and window coverings the color of night sky itself, draping down over the burgundy wall papering.

“Not bad, for a whore house.” Nyx chuckled, and took a seat next to the fire.

“Be careful, Nyx, some of these whores bite back!” Kember grinned, taking a seat across from him.

“So, Malice? Where ever is that sister of yours?” Belvaya smiled, accepting a drink as she paced about the room.

“Mother?” Bathsheba let out, “It hurts!”

Breathe, Sheba! We won’t be here long.” Malice promised her daughter and turned back to Belvaya.

This was one of Mist’s outposts, she could tell by the decor, but where was the female, indeed?

“Last I seen of her, she was flapping her wings at some male up north!” Malice laughed, and then shook her head.

“You know Mist just as well as I she said, she would be here!” Balvaya cocked a brow at her.

“Unless she meant for me to come, for you?”

“What did she say?” “She wrote me a letter, in the ancient texts of course.” The female laughed again,

“Said that she was in need of a ship, and a captain that would sail to Home Harbor!”

“Home Harbor?” Nyx let out, “We were told to go to Samo’ana, and our source never lies!”

“Lady K, is in Home Harbor!” Belvaya replied, turning back to Malice.

“Is he always like this?”

“Don’t look at me, I don’t own him!” Malice laughed and nodded towards Mia.

“You poor thing!” Belvaya smiled at her and shook her head. “How do you do it?”

“Sometimes, I ask myself that very same question!” Mia laughed as she made her way to the window. Peering out at the docks across the way, as if scanning for someone or something, she continued on.

“But, he is an amazing hunter, and fucking wicked in bed; and, he’s right, our source, never lies!” “And you think I would?” Belvaya seemed so surprised.

“I believe the words are, she cannot lie!”

“Then your source must be of the Kor’mhia, or Valkyrie!” Belvaya cocked a brow.

“But which, and who?” “Wait, what?” Nyx cut in, “You can’t lie?”

“Oh, I can twist the truth in ways you can only imagine, and still be telling the truth!” Malice chuckled.

“So when you said you couldn’t stand me, but loved me because Mia loved me.”

She loves me, Nyx, you’re just a bonus!” Mia laughed, as she walked past him, and he reached out and pulled her into his lap. “I wouldn’t say a bonus...” Kember let out, and Nyx growled at her.

“Well she’s mine! You can’ have her no more!”

“Oh, be still my beating heart!” Malice whimpered, “I can’t help that my cock will always be bigger than yours!”

“Um...” He choked out, “That is so not cool, Mal! So very, not cool, my so-called friend!”

“So then, you are in need of the ship, and not Mist?” Belvaya looked rather sad.

“I was hoping to...”

“Let me guess, she has a cock, too?” Nyx grumbled, and everyone laughed again. “She does, I’ll even get her to show you when she...” Malice started, but there was a knock at the door and a middle aged female with various colors streaked through her hair, entered.

“Malice?” The female spoke with her head hung low.

“Mist, said you were coming! My name is...”

“Saren! How could I forget such a pretty face?” Malice smiled at her as the female embraced the Valkyrie.

“It is you, who needs the boat?” Saren inquired. “Well everyone knows we need a boat, so where is it?” The Demon was getting impatient.

“I have one ready!” Belvaya replied before Saren even had the chance. Malice looked at Saren, taking in the beauty of her sister’s Einherjar. She had served Mist for two hundred years as her seneschal, before she had ended up here as Guild Mistress.

“Is it fast?” She heard the Demon ask. “I hope not too fast?” Mia grinned at him.

“I fucking hope to the Gods you’re talking about the ship?” Kember giggled as she took a sip of her drink.

“Yes, the ship!” Mia grumbled, “I hear the baths on board are quite the experience!”

“You and your baths!” Nyx rolled his eyes.

“Do you want happy Mia, or bitchy Mia?” She offered him a look; complete with pouty lips and puppy dog eyes.

“How about sinful Mia? I like her best!” The Demon growled and nipped at her neck.

“Okay, well...” Malice started. “Has Kordahn been here?”

“He has not, as of yet!” Saren replied. “But he left this, when last he was here!” She smiled, and went to a small box atop the fireplace.

“I was to give it to you, should you happen upon the Guild. It is a letter of introduction to the Lady K, in case he was not able to meet with you first.”

Malice opened the brown envelope, pulling the parchment from within to read it. It crackled in her hands as she unfolded the note, admiring the penmanship the male had used.

My Dearest Lady, The bearer of this letter, my love, is Malice of the Valkyrie. She is loyal and strong, and her heart, though shadowed, is pure. She was the one to nurture the flower, but it would be best if she explained herself further, and I would hope that you offer her the same courtesy that she has shown our kin. You and yours can trust her, as you do me.

Forever, my heart will belong to you, Your Lord.

“He’s got it bad!” Malice let out with a sigh as a lopsided grin came over her face. She had seen matches like this before, where both parties spent more time apart than together, like her and Rehoboam; but that’s where the differences started.

“Lady K has been...” The female with the colored streaks started. “Why do we keep calling her Lady K?” Nyx cut in.

“That is her name! That, is what the people call her!” Saren replied,

“She is Lady K, the Paramour of Samo’ana!”

“But her name is Khia!” The Demon blurted out.

“I believe you are mistaken!” Saren told them, shaking her head and pointing at the ceiling.

“The last Lady Khia to grace our halls, has been gone for many a year now. A hundred, if I remember correctly, and she was but a mere descendant of the Great Paramour herself!” She went on, still shaking her head as Malice paced about the room.

“There have been lots of Lady K’s, and all of them have upheld the works that the original Lady Khia herself, put in place so very long ago! I mean really, no one lives forever!” She laughed, but the look on her face said otherwise.

“I could arrange a meeting once we sail for Home Harbor?”

What kind of fuckery was this? Lady K, Lady Khia... did the people here not know who, or what she really was?

“So, we’re still sailing?” Nyx inquired, and Malice nodded her head. “Damn!”

“You have a ship prepared for us?” Mia asked, rising to her feet as Malice scowled.

“Yes, it is waiting by the docks for you now!” Belvaya replied, as Malice pointed to something near the light.

“Come, I will take you there!”

“And you will tell my sister that we are safely on our way to Home Harbor?” Malice inquired, as she grabbed hold of the closet doors to her right and flung them open.

“We will need cloaks and furs if we are to travel that far north!”

“North? I thought we sailed south?” Nyx grumbled and shook his head.

“You females are confusing as fuck!”

“Mother?” Bathsheba called for her, before racing towards a small room near the back.

"I will see to her!” Kember smiled, and followed behind the young female.

“Shit!” Malice sighed and shook her head.

“All will be seen to, when you reach Home Harbor! She will not suffer long!” Saren smiled, and turned from the room.

“Gather what you will, your Captain sails in one hour!” She added, before retreating to the chatter of the halls.

“You will be alright!” Kember held Bathsheba’s long red hair back, and waited for the retching to subside.

“I hate...” The young female paused a moment, “... the sea!”

“So does Nyx!” Kember grinned, thinking of how green the Demon had gone over the last few hours. Even with night falling, she could see the tinge as he bypassed the dining hall and went right back to his room. So much for rough and tough, more like...

“Oh Gods...” Bathsheba started to vomit again, and Kember thanked those very same Gods, that the winds were about and the stench of sickness was nowhere near her nose.

It will pass!” She cooed, rubbing the young Valkyrie’s back.

“Like hell... it will!” She tried to pull her head away from the side of the ship.

“I feel the burn inside of me, like a fire that won’t snuff out. Raging flames in my veins... and only the touch of a male will soothe the need.”

Her words stopped and she was back over the edge, emptying her stomach once more; leaving Kember to wonder just how much was left in her poor belly.

“Puberty is a bitch!” Kember sighed. “But every female must face it! It is what makes us stronger and allows us to give life. Have you ever seen a male give birth?” She giggled, just as Nyx made a second round about the deck of the ship.

“No!” Bathsheba replied with a deep breath. “Cause they can’t!” Kember laughed.

“Oh Gods...” Bathsheba couldn’t stop herself, the waves about the boat were causing the waves to rock in her belly; add that to her need...

“Nyx?” She cried out, catching his scent.

“Not happening, Sheba!” Kember reminded her. “

They would kill you for it!”

“Mother wouldn’t kill me!” Bathsheba shook her head, but went right back to retching.

“If you brought dishonor upon her, by, say, sleeping with the mate of a close friend of hers.” Kember sighed. “She wouldn’t kill you, but you’d get some major disowning going on, and that’s even worse!”

“Fuck, me!” The young female groaned, before turning around, and sliding herself to the floor. “Why can’t we just get it over with?”

“Because you’re not ready!” “Who? My Mother, or the Valkyrie High Command? Cause one is too busy with her long lost friends, and the others don’t get a say in matters pertaining to my body!”

“It’s not the High Command, Sheba.”

“I don’t care!” She shouted, peeling herself away from the side wall of the ship, and raced across the deck to the door.

“Oh, that went well!” Nyx grumbled as he made his way around a third time.

“I should go follow her!” Kember groaned, hanging her head into her hands.

“Where’s Mal?” The Demon asked, coming to stand beside her.

“With the Captain, she couldn’t sleep!”

“And you two couldn’t tire each other out?” He chuckled, until she fed him a shot to the shoulder. “She misses Reh and she needs to rest. So I’ve, left her alone!” Kember shrugged her shoulders.

“She has enough friends to keep her company!”

“And you’ve been playing mother hen to Bathsheba?” Nyx cocked a brow at her.

“Having to deal with Bathsheba and the whole, becoming a teenager overnight thing; no training, no nothing. It’s just another weight on her shoulders!” Kember laughed, “I’d rather play Nanny and let Malice save the world, cause I don’t see it ending well if the roles were reversed!”

“Can you play Nanny? I mean, no offense, but you look like shit!” That was Nyx for you. Big and scary looking, with an arrogance that bordered delusional; but he never sugar coated things.

It’s not that he couldn’t lie, unlike Malice who had been created with honest genes, he just didn’t see the need to lie. If people couldn’t handle what he had to say, there was the door.

Didn’t bother him any; unless it was his mate that he had pissed off.

“Thanks!” She sighed, rubbing at her eyes with a yawn.

“I ain’t trying to bust your balls, Kember, It’s taken everything in me to keep one step ahead of Bathsheba; the female is quick and in her state, lethal.”

“Lethal?” Kember let out a snort. “Oh hell yeah! She gets anywhere near me and her hormones soar!”

“True; but lethal? It’s not like she kicked your ass!” Kember was still laughing, the cool night air waking her up some.

“No, but Malice and Mia would, if they ever came round the corner and found me scrambling for my life as she tried to rape me!” He growled at her.

“Lethal, and she rapes people!” It didn’t matter how you said it, it was still funny as shit. Nyx stood damn near six foot three, maybe four; and Bathsheba was five feet and six inches of ... “Pure hormones?” He cut in and she threw him a look.

“Yeah, yeah, stay out of your head! Then don’t make it so easy!” He ended with a growl.

“That shit ain’t funny, Kember! She may be small, but she’s fucking crazy!”

“Oh, I am well aware of just how crazy she can get! You have no idea where they found her the last time!” Kember shook her head.

“Shit, trust me, I can imagine!” Nyx shuddered, trying to shake the image from his mind; and Kember was glad she couldn’t read them.

“Wait, they?” “That poor males...” She sighed, bringing a palm to her face.

“Poor male?” Nyx blurted out. “He was probably loving it!” Nyx chuckled, and again she punched him in the shoulder. “He was loving it, a little too much; or so I was told.”

“By who, Mia?” He cocked a brow at her.

“Belvaya! Says she found the little vixen, arms deep in a love triangle, with not one, but two males; for fucks sake! If Malice had found her.”

“Two?” Nyx’s eyes were about to bug out of his head.

“I said, males!” She huffed, and pulled away from the hull.

“Huh! So you did!” He chuckled, “Where are they now?” He added, following close behind her.

“You’d have to ask Belvaya!” Kember replied. “I was told about the incident, and cared not to hear what happened next!”

“You know she’s an assassin, right?” The Demon inquired, looking a little queasy again.

“Yeah, hence the ‘poor males’ bit!” Kember sighed. “It’s been a long day, and looks to be a long night as well!”

“You better go find Bathsheba then, before someone else does!” “For the love of everything that is sacred.”

“No use praying, we are the Gods!” The Demon shot back, before disappearing into the coming night.

“Lady Khia poisoned her husband, or so say the rumors.” One male let out as they sat around the Captain’s table.

“I heard that she let the crew toss him over the side and drug ’em through the waves!” Spouted another.

“No, no... It was his own sister that poisoned him, the hatred ran deep in that family!”

“So did the lust!” They howled. “I’ve heard about them hunts, oh what I wouldn’t give to partake in that sinful adventure.”

“Top prize, a night with Lady K herself!”

“Damn, I’d give my first born for a night with that!”

Malice has heard such rumors before. Some of them were even true. As the males babbled on, Malice and the Captain sat side by side, shaking their heads at the commotion.

It seemed that Lady K, or whatever her name was now, was quite a big subject on board the ship, as was true for the cities themselves; and each member of the crew having a lustful story to tell.

“I heard Mad Markin fucked them all; right down to his own Mother.” Tall, small, big and fat, and short and lanky. Some had beards, some had scars, one was even missing an eye. Ugh, what had she gotten herself into with these stench ridden sailors?

“Markin was a bloody bastard, that’s what he was; the whole family was said to be insane! It’s no wonder that she killed him!”

“I’d kill him too, if he came at one of my daughters the way he did that poor female!” “If, she killed him!” The Captain interrupted.

“The legend of Khia and her husband has never been proven, my friends! It’s propaganda for those who rule the harbor towns, a way to bring the men to the whores!”

“And such lovely whores they have!” Another male replied. “None as nice as the Gilded Rose!” A third shouted.

“My little Minx is a true harlot! Be still my heart, I can still smell that sweet scent of her.”

“Dagren, there is a female present, for fucks sake!” The Captain bellowed, “You’re sweet Sarabell will have to wait!”

“Aye, Captain!” The male sighed. “As will the tales of Khia! For now, we drink and feast, and in the morning we land in Home Harbor!” The Captain bellowed, raising his glass.

“To Mistress Malice, and her traveling companions! May their journey be swift and safe!” “Here, here!” The shouts rang out, and Malice lifted her glass, but did not drink.

“It is so kind of you all to offer us a ride!” She thanked them. “It is the least we can do, for a Lady such as yourself!”

It was then the knock came at the door, and one of the crew rose from his seat and allowed their newest guest in. Kember stood there waiting for Malice in the doorway, with a concerned look on her face.

“May I speak with you?”

“Of course!” Malice replied, rising from her chair and towards Kember.

“It’s Bathsheba!” Kember sighed, “I have tried everything I can think of, but she suffers so badly, and she keeps running off; I fear she will not last the night!”

“She will not have too!” Malice smiled back at her, and looked to the Captain and crew. “I am sorry, my good Captain, but there is an issue with my daughter that I must tend to!”

“Your daughter? Is she here, on this ship?” One of the males inquired, literally drooling down the front of his shirt.

“She is...” The Captain started, “...and if you so much as lay a hand on her, I will gut you like a fish, and leave your innards for the birds.”

“So noted!” The male replied.

“Go, Lady Malice! We will be here if you would like...” He paused a moment, letting out a rather large yawn, “... to return!” He finished and rubbed at his eyes.

“Thank you!” Malice replied with a smile and bowed her head. “You have been most kind!”

With that, she and Kember were out the door and walking towards the aft of the ship.

“I’m sorry...” Kember started, but Malice stopped her.

“I will hear none of that!” She smiled at her Witch, cupping the female’s cheek in her palm before laying a sweet kiss on her lips.

“Now, where is my daughter?”

“I have no clue!” Kember sighed. “One minute she’s right beside me, the next we’re arguing, and then I spend a half hour looking for her, only to find her.” She stopped short.

“Only to find her, where?” How could she tell Malice that she had already found Bathsheba, fondling a male she hardly knew, with his hands down her leathers? And, that was after Belvaya had caught her with another two, in almost the exact same position?

“For the love of the Gods!” Malice let out.

“Shit!” Kember gasped, as the realization dawned on her, Malice could hear her thoughts.

“It’s not your fault!” Malice grabbed her hand as Kember tried to walk away.

“She was my Mother!” Kember shook her head. “My blood line!”

“That doesn’t mean you..” Malice started, but then she stopped, and cocked her head to the side.

“Hold that thought, and meet me back in the cabin!” She blurted out, before her claws extended, and she took to the ropes that led up to the crow’s nest of the ship.

“Bloody hell!” Kember let out. She would have never thought, to look up in the crows nest; let alone attempt the death defying feat to get up there in the first place.

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