Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 21

Kember had thought it strange at first, that Nyx and Mia, and Ben and Belvaya, were all crammed into the one little cabin; but that was before Malice had returned with Bathsheba at her side.

“You were to remain with Kember!” Malice hissed at her daughter as they entered the room.

“You didn’t have to kill him!” Bathsheba shouted back at her, and Kember all but gasped.

“You guys, want to keep it down?” Nyx grumbled, leaning his head back against the wall. “Someone’s gonna hear you!”

“Let them!” Malice growled back at him.

“No one’s gonna hear anything!” Sheba bellowed, picking up a chair and slamming it against the wall.

“Not after she was done with them!” “What are you saying?” Kember threw a glare at Malice.

“What did you do?” “She didn’t tell you all?” Sheba looked stunned, like a deer in headlights; a deer with long red hair, big doe eyes, and a rack that would please the Gods.


“What, didn’t she tell us?” Mia inquired, rising from her spot beside Nyx. “Malice? You know how I hate secrets!” As if her thoughts had summoned the asshole himself, there came a knock at the door, though it wasn’t closed, and Kordahn stood there with Lync beside him.

Tall, dark haired and handsome; Malice couldn’t see what Khia’s problem was with him. Talk about yum!

“Shit!” She hissed again, and shook her head. “What is it?” Kordahn asked as he made his way into the small cabin.

“She’s hormonal, and can’t get you out of her head!” Bathsheba laughed, and Malice swung around, slapping her daughter across the face.

“You, will be silent!” The Valkyrie seethed between gritted teeth, “Or you will not make it to your ceremony!”

“You’re such a bitch!” Bathsheba shouted back, and if it were not for Kember’s hand on her arm, Malice would have decked her daughter, but good; but she had stalled for the time being, as Bathsheba took off out the door, and Mia followed close behind her.

“Holy shit balls, Mal.” Nyx started, but Malice’s glare had him thinking twice.

“Just breathe!” Kember told her, running her hand up her arm to her shoulder, and then her neck, and finally her cheek. “Just, breathe!”

“I am breathing, my love, and so is she, for the time being!” “Great! So, here’s a question...” Nyx cocked a brow at Kordahn.

“If we’re sailing, where the fuck did you come from?”

“Come!” Kordahn laughed, and Malice took Kember’s hand. “We will be rid of this mess soon enough!” Malice grinned, masking the edge of her anger with a subtle smirk.

It wasn’t long before Kember laid eyes upon what Bathsheba had spoken of, though they were not dead; they were all... sleeping.

“What happened?”

“They ate, they drank, they were merry!” Malice grinned, “And all of it was laced with a special tonic!”

“Is that where my Kalmarona Root went?” Kember laughed, as loud as she wanted, for not a soul on board could hear her. “

You drugged them! And you said I was the wicked one!”

“I couldn’t let you have all the credit, now could I?” She sighed. “But why? I thought they were taking us to...” But she stopped short when she came around a corner, and witnessed the pool of black ooze.

“Oh Gods...” “Yup! There was a Shadow among them!” Malice sighed, “And where there is one, there is bound to be another! I couldn’t be sure who was friend or foe, so I dosed them all! This one, didn’t feel the need to sample the goods as the rest of them had!”

“Even the... Oh, Malice, you drugged the Captain?” Kember raised her brows at her. “He said he needed a good nap!” She smiled back, and kissed the Witch long and hard.

“I had to make sure it was safe, Kember, for even the Gilded Rose had been tampered with!” It suddenly dawned on Kember, the talk of Home Harbor and Khia, the way Malice and Mia took to gazing at the light fixture, and the ‘secret’ version of their plan.

“You uh, intended to leave the ship? But how?” “We are all leaving, the same way that Kordahn arrived! By the time anyone wakes to notice we are gone,” Malice grinned again, as the second ship came into view. “they will not be able to find us!”

“And we can finally get Bathsheba to Khia?” Nyx grumbled, feeling the shudders run through him as Malice’s daughter stood so close.

“Khia, is already here!” Malice smiled,

“You need not worry!” She burst into laughter as she led Kember across the plank that had been extended for them, and on to the deck of a ship; twice the size of the one they had been on.

“See, my love? Size does matter!” Mia giggled as she gazed at the magnificent floating mansion, and vanished before the Demon could reply.

“Tell me, my brother, are the rumors true?” Navina asked, as she waited for Malice and the others to arrive.

“Did Khia kill Markin?” It was a question she had been yearning to hear the answer to, since she set out on this little quest.

“Her husband Markin, was a nasty piece of work, Navina. He was a madman and a sadistic fiend. As the Valkyries say ’Vengeance comes for those who are the most deserving.”

His words sent shivers down her spine; only adding to the chaos that had her ‘hating’ Khia.

“So, she did kill him?” She asked again. That was not an answer; she was not Malice.

“I would say, that she gave cause to his demise; but she herself, did not end his life!” Kordahn replied.

“And yes, I wish it had been my hands, but that was not possible.” Silence surrounded them as they waited in the dining room of the large ship. Khia’s ship.

It was a long, sturdy vessel, with five floors that included living quarters, a dining room and ball room for entertaining guests. Lavish dark wood spread out beneath their feet, and dark red curtains that hung in the halls gave an elegant, and yet ominous feel.

It was so quiet, despite the few who walked in that hall, but as soon as they had entered that dining hall; she felt the sizzle as her blood began to burn.

This place was familiar. This place was... The same dark woods floors and red curtains, though there was more like and she could see that statues hidden in the alcoves by the windows, shrouded in white silk to protect them from the dust. Her chair, as eerie looking as it was, stood off to one side, big

and bulky and covered in a royal purple colored throw. Beside it, sat another, smaller looking ‘pedestal’ reserved for whichever male she had accompanying her at the time.

“Ugh!” Navina let out, as a wave of nausea overtook her. It should be Kordahn in that chair, sitting by her side as she faced the world; but no, Khia was too good for that, too, new world! She had responsibilities to tend to, people to protect. To her, her world came first, not Kordahn; and that was just not right.

“You are too hard on her!” Kordahn sighed, “You always were!”

“How...” She started, but the sudden guilt, and the stupidity that she felt, held her back.

“How long were you away for?” Her brother finished for her, being the reader that he was.

“Yeah, I guess!”

“Two hundred forty eight years, three months and five days!” Kordahn replied with a sigh. “Sorry, six days, as the sun has already set!”

Two hundred... Was he serious? How could it have been two hundred years, so many months and a handful of days? What the hell had happened to her? Where had she been?

“Two hundred, forty nine years, three months and six days!” Another voice entered the room, and Navina all but lost her mind.

For the love of the Gods, Khia looked so very much like she did. So very much, like Marena; but with short hair. Not one that Navina would have chosen, but with all those males nipping at your neck, one’s hair would tend to get in the way!

“It is good to see you again, Navina!” Khia announced as she took a seat on her ‘throne’.

“Hello, Khia!” Navina replied.

“It has been...” “Too long!” Kordahn finished for her, without hesitation. He had to stop that; and where the hell was Lync? Why wasn’t he here yet? She needed someone to hold her back from wringing the female’s neck.

Bloody hell, she didn’t mind being so angry, but not knowing why; that was the kicker. All this rage towards a female she didn’t really remember.

“Still looking for your mate?” Khia laughed, and Navina shot her a look. “Still sleeping with all of yours?” She glared back at her and then rolled her eyes.

“Why have you come, Navina?” Khia sighed, “Even after two hundred and fifty odd years, you’re still a bitch!”

“Says the whore, from her putrid throne!” Navina shot back, unable to control herself.

“Enough!” Kordahn shouted, but neither listened. “

She knows what happened to me, Kordahn, she knows what happened to Lync!” Navina glared at her brother, the words falling from her lips so fast.

“She just won’t say anything!”

“I can’t say anything, because I don’t know! God, female, do you ever listen to your words?” Khia shouted, “Do you really think I could keep that from you? Knowing what you mean to your brother?”

“You’ve kept worse from him!”

“I do what I must, for the people!” Khia tried to compose herself

“You keep telling yourself that!” Navina rolled her eyes and turned towards the door as it opened, and one of Khia’s people rushed towards her.

“Show them in!” Khia nodded her head, and the male bent down to kiss her palm.

“How fucking quaint!” Kember heard Navina’s voice as the doors opened once more, as she and Malice were ushered in, alone.

“You will be silent, Navina, or you will be asked to leave this room!” The female on the chair spoke out, and Kember watched as Navina turned away and stormed off.

“Go ahead, play your games!” She shouted and slammed the doors behind her.

“I am sorry, my love!” Kordahn let out. “Is there anything I can get you before I tend to my sister?”

“No, thank you!” The female sighed, and Kember had to hold back her gasp, when she saw the female’s face.

It was like looking at Navina, but with short black hair and deep blue eyes instead of green.

All Kor’Mhia had black hair, it was in their blood; but holy shit! Long red dress, black trim, lace draping from her shoulders.

“Come forward, Malice, for it has been far too long!” The female let out as she rose from her chair.

“I have heard such tales about you both!”

“Tales?” Kember looked a little stunned.

You are the Witch, Kember, are you not?” The female laughed. “I am!” Kember replied.

“And you alone, stood against the Oswan, Tangorin?”

“He was limping badly, and I just happened to stumble upon him.” Kember started, remembering the bloodthirsty Oswan that had plagued Samo’san for decades, before she had ‘accidentally’ killed it, with one of her wayward spells. Damn, that was what, going on eighteen years now?

“You did the people a great service!” Khia smiled. “It was a total accident, really!” Kember tried to shrug it off.

“Seriously, it wasn’t a big deal.”

“Nonsense!” Malice cut in, “And I for one, would love to hear the stories, but...”

“You wish to know why I welcomed your return!” The female smiled.

“Well, there is that!” Malice replied.

“So, we know each other?” The female laughed,

“I am Khia, Malice! Do you really not remember me?”

“I’ve met a lot of people in my time, but I know for a fact, that I would have remembered you!” Malice sighed and shook her head.

“The years have not been kind to my memory!”

“It was so long ago, the last time I saw you! Two hundred years at least; but even I cannot forget that night!” Lady Khia grinned, and Kember felt the shudders run through her as she watched the female touch Malice’s lips.

“But that also, is not the reason you have come.”

“No, it is not!” Malice replied as Khia turned away, and returned to her seat.

“But it is something that I am hoping to remember!” Again, Kember felt that spark of jealousy run through her, and the cold shivers that lurked beneath her skin emerged.

“In time!” Khia laughed, “Now, tell me about your daughter Bathsheba! She is a beauty!”

Kember listened on as Malice explained the situation, and with a nod of her head, the female spoke, and the shivers started again.

“We will see to Bathsheba, and I will have my son...” She paused a moment, and Kember saw the look of hurt in Kordahn’s eyes. “... tend to her, personally!”

“Your son?” Kember let out, unable to keep her words to herself. “His name is Gamall, and I assure you, he had been well trained, Malice!” Khia replied, returning her gaze to the Valkyrie.

“In fact, he is aboard the ship just now, and can be readied at your leisure.”

“Your son?” Malice repeated Kember’s inquiry, with a lot less attitude.

“He is...” “Pure? In a sense! He has been well trained by the finest paramours, though he has never been allowed to enter a female!”

“Then how can he be well trained?” Kember lashed out, feeling a sudden surge of anger; from where, she did not know, but it was there.

There are ways, my dear Kember, to pleasure oneself. Ways to learn all that there is to know about the art of love making, without having to....’

Kember couldn’t control her senses, the emotions waging war within her. On one hand, she felt the need to rip the female’s face off, and on the other, she felt so dark and sinful, so incredibly captivated that it made her wet between her thighs.

The images, the feelings, the sinful pleasure of it all... “

And in return for your services, is there anything you require?” Malice’s voice brought her back to reality, and the sudden awakening to the idea that she had...

Oh Gods, she was so wet! “If you will excuse me, please!” Kember let out, and turned towards the doors.

“Of course!” Khia grinned back at her, and then continued on with the arrangements.

“Your daughter and my son will be joined together, in ceremonial fashion with the setting of tomorrow’s sun!” She laughed, “By then, we should be putting in to shore!”

“And the observers?” Malice asked. “Will be chosen by you, of course!” The female replied. “And there is nothing you require in return?” Malice asked again, and Kember so badly wanted to hear the rest, but the doors had closed, and she was not going back in there.

Didn’t matter anyhow, as she had found her own cares fading as she wandered the ship, and ran smack into Navina and Euphamia.

“She knows something, I can feel it!” Navina sobbed, “She has to know something!”

“Why do you keep saying that?” Mia asked, trying to console her. “What makes you think that she knows?”

“She’s the Lady of the Lands, she fucking knows everything, Mia!” Navina rolled her eyes, her emotion raging out of control.

“Everyone follows her lead, even though they think she’s some representation of the Khia, they’ll do what she asks; and if they don’t, she has hundreds of prisons!” She stopped short.

“Oh Gods, what am I saying?” She looked so scared. “I don’t think she just tosses them into the cells for no reason, Navina!” Kember called to her, “She may be a bitch, but she has done a lot of good! Or so I’m told!”

“She knows, I know she knows!” Navina was back to the tears like someone had flipped a switch.

“How? You want me to find out what happened, I need facts, Navina!” Mia replied. “If she’s keeping secrets, then I need proof. How does she know? Was she there? Did she see him? Speak to him? Write him a damn letter?”

“No, it’s just, the way she looks at me, the way they both look at me...” Navina whimpered and threw her hands in the air.

“Two hundred and fifty years, Mia, and no one knows what happened to me?” “But how do you know, that they know? Other than ‘it’s in their eyes’!”

“Khia knows everything, and what she doesn’t know, she makes a point to find out!” Navina replied through tears. “She was there the night that I left Lync with Kordahn, and I know she had a hand in raising him... but that’s where it all ends!”

“What did she say when you asked her?” “That the temple was attacked and he was lost to them!” “For two hundred and fifty years?” Kember cocked a brow as she cut into their conversation.

“I saved him, brought him to the temple, and begged my brother to keep him safe...” She paused, as if searching her thoughts. “... and then there is nothing; until I met him for the first time on that beach on Indari, kicking a ball around with his friends!”

“But you didn’t know who he was then?” Kember added for her.

“No, because she keeps the truth from me!” Navina broke down into more tears, and even Mia had to hold back her own as the babbles and mumbles carried on.

It was no secret that Navina had no memory of her past, and that it was slowly coming back to her, now that the Order had been disbanded and Pathen was on the run.

His hold on her was slipping, though not fast enough for her liking. She was remembering things.

“Excuse me, Miss Kember?” A voice called out to her, and they all turned to see a familiar face.

“Saren?” Kember let out, as the female who served Malice’s sister Mist, came towards her. “But how did you...?”

“It is a long story, and I am sure Mistress Malice will fill you in soon enough!” She smiled, “But first, we need to discuss a few things in regards to your daughter!”

“My daughter?” Kember laughed, and Mia threw her a look. “The one called, Bathsheba? She called you her Mother!” Saren looked at her with confusion.

“Do you not care for her, as a Mother would?” “Of course, who wouldn’t?”

“Then please, if you would follow me!” The female with the multi-colored hair smiled. It was an odd look, but then, she had lived for how long now? New styles were bound to happen.

“Wait, where is Malice? Should she not tend to these matters?” Kember inquired, leaving Mia to deal with a sobbing Navina.

“She is, preoccupied at the moment! There was a matter of payment to attend to, and I have been asked to see you to your daughter’s room.”

“Very well, I guess! Lead the way!”

Malice waited on the balcony, watching as the attendants arranged the fluffy white pillows on the bed below.

The events that would transpire later that evening would be incredible, and her daughter would find the pleasure to ease her pain; the right way, as was tradition.

Fuck, tradition, who was she kidding? If that had been true, she would have found the bloody Celestial Temple, and brought her daughter before the High Council; as was befitting a proper First Rights.

This however, was not the Celestial Temple, and the male in question, was nothing more than a child. A rather, incredibly gorgeous looking child; and only ‘a child’ because he was a mere one hundred and seven years old.

Compared to her, oh Gods she had lost track. How old was she now? It didn’t matter anymore, for her daughter, her Bathsheba, would lay on that bed down there, and let that male do sinful things to her body.

“Shit!” Malice hissed, feeling the need rise within her own body, feeling the heat as it crept beneath her skin.

“Mistress Malice?” Saren appeared beside her from out of nowhere it seemed, and Malice’s mind turned to a more civil nature.


“Bathsheba is resting, and Miss Kember has returned to the cabin provided for her, as the exhaustion has taken its toll on her.”

“I see! Thank you, Saren!” “Mistress Malice?” “Yes?” “Is there something I can help you with?” The female asked, her hand sliding down across Malice’s thigh, and in between her legs.

“Something I can ease, for you?” Her voice was so erotic, and the images of a short while ago, floated through the air like leaves in the wind.

“Oh Gods!” Malice whimpered, wanting so badly; needing, so badly.

“Not again!”

“I fear that Lady Khia, has not satisfied you enough!” Saren went on,

“Though she does have some intense ways for pleasure, she is not Valkyrie...” She added with a hiss, feeling the rock hard swell, grow even larger in her hands

. Oh, Lady Khia had satisfied her well enough, with her lips and her sex so wet and...

“Fuck, me!” Malice moaned, “Shit!” She added, pulling away.

“I am sorry, Saren!”

“For what, my Mistress?”

“I am not your Mistress, Saren, nor do I wish for your services!”

“Of course!” The female replied, and pulled her hand away. Malice wasn’t sure what was worse, the touch, or the lack of, as her swollen member raged in her leathers.

“It’s just...”

“No words are needed!” Saren smiled at her. “Kember waits in your room, perhaps she can help with your needs!” The female told her with another smile, and turned away from the balcony.

“Bloody hell!” Malice sighed, adjusting herself as she tried to walk. She would not make it to tonight, she had to find her release now, and so she wandered the passageways around the dining hall that had been converted into a ‘mating room’ to find her own cabin.

Kember was trying to sleep, but Navina’s words, and that smug look on Khia’s face. Not to mention that Malice was probably fucking her, right this very minute.

“Fuck!” She shouted, and tossed a pillow across the room. She could feel the tension surrounding her, the hot, thick stench of sex, permeating the air.

It made her want to vomit, and yet her hands could not keep to themselves; and she found herself with her back against the wall, and her fingers sliding ever so close.

Damn them, she wanted to scream, as the lingering hint of sin closed in on her, capturing her and holding her hostage to the pleasure she was receiving.

It felt so good, the way they slid across her underwear, so moist and warm, she almost started to squirm. Images of Malice and Khia, though revolting, filled her mind and the jealous streak took hold.

Malice was hers, but she couldn’t help but watch as her imaginary Malice did such wicked things to Khia in her mind. With her eyes closed, she could see every kiss, every suckle, she could feel the lips and the fingers, and the stretch as her cock filled her.

“No!” She hissed, pulling her hand away, trying so hard to rise from the floor as the wetness dripped down her leg.

“Oh Gods...” What was happening to her? Why did she feel this way? So torn, so broken.

She was angry, hurt and afraid that Malice would not come back; and yet she yearned for the touch, wanted to see more, do more, to both of them. The shower.

She had to get to the shower, she needed to cool down, she needed to cool off.

It was in the shower, that Malice found her, whimpering like a pup in heat. She was partially clothed and soaking wet, her long black and blue hair hanging about her face as she cried. Her body was shaking, huddled in the corner with arms wrapped about her knees in a desperate attempt to hug herself. She was a mess. The look in her eyes, the black mascara running down her face... Without a word, Malice lifted the Witch to her feet, and stood gazing at that beautiful face. She leaned in and placed a kiss on Kember’s forehead, and then her nose, her lips, her chin.

In a heartbeat, Kember’s rags were about her feet, and Malice watched as her thighs rubbed together, the slightest hint of friction sending her over the edge.

“What is happening to me?” Kember mumbled through chattering teeth.

“I can’t find... release. Oh Gods, Malice...” She shuddered, as the Valkyrie ran her tongue down the back of her thigh.

That was the beginning, and the middle seemed to carry on in their room for what felt like a lifetime. Wave after wave, with each kiss, each flick of the tongue; each time Malice tickled her sex.

Kember couldn’t stop the passion even if she wanted to. Rolling onto her belly and raising her ass in the air, Kember buried her face in the bed as Malice mounted her from behind. Deep, swift thrusts, and gentle fingers that reached around front and toyed with her wet folds as she moaned in pleasure.

There was nothing compared to this, nothing that she could have wanted more, and as another wave washed over her, she felt the surge run through her lover.

Malice growled so loud, her wings spreading out as she shuddered in release, letting them fall around her and Kember; shrouding them in a mass of feathers.

“Bloody, hell!” Kember groaned, feeling Malice’s weight against her back; her breasts touching her shoulders as the Valkyrie panted for air.

“Indeed!” The Warrior let out, sliding her hand up Kember’s side. It was but a moment before she fell to the bed, her arms unable to hold her up any longer, and the long, soothing release that escaped her lungs as her eyes closed, was bliss.

This was perfection; except for the fact that her lover was now, getting up out of the bed and returning to the shower? What the fuck?

“Kember?” Malice called out to her, her voice so groggy and muffled by the pillow; but there was no reply. “Kember?”

“I feel so useless!” The room was dimly lit, one room among many on the floating mansion that was Khan’s ship.

“You’re far from useless, Vina!” He told her, but even the sound of his voice was so irritatingly unbearable. Each word, every little syllable draped in an echoing thunder that raged through her body.

She stood before her male, completely naked and shuddering as yet another wave took hold of her.

“It will not end...” She mumbled, her teeth chattering together.

Then come back to bed and let me ease the passing of time!” He growled, his voice more carnal, his tone, so sinful and sweet.

“I can’t!” She told him, “Not right now!”

“And why not? If you are suffering, Vina, let me help!” Lync replied, climbing from the bed to stand in front of her. She was shivering, quivering and quaking.

The thought of him touching her, making it so devilishly impossible to resist. How could she tell him? How could she stop him?

“Vina? What is happening to you?” “To me, and every other female on this ship!” She shouted, and then burst into tears.

“It is starting, my love, and I cannot stop it!”

“What is it starting?” He inquired, his hands going to her shoulders, only for her to pull away. “Vina? What’s wrong?” He sounded so concerned, so hurt that he could not help her.

“I can’t stop it, Lync, but I must! I can’t, let it happen.” She let out, falling to her knees. The pain of not giving in, was ripping her apart. How was she going to get through this?

“Vina? Please, tell me what’s wrong?”

“I can’t, stop, it.” “Fuck this!” He growled, picking her up off the floor, he held her in his arms and wrapped a blanket around them both.

“It’s okay! Shhhh....” He went on, kissing her head. “We’ll find out what’s wrong! We’ll find Malice.”

“NO!” She shouted, squirming out of his grip and landing in a pile on the floor before she scurried to a corner.

“No, I have to stay here!” She couldn’t go out there! There were others, out there; other males.

“Why? What’s going on? What’s happening to you?” He shouted, running his hands through his hair.

To tell him, or not to tell him? She wanted to tell him. She wanted to tell him everything; but was it safe?

No! She couldn’t tell him, he would want to help; and she couldn’t let that happen. The repercussions would be...

“Vina?” He shouted, so close to her he was, and his scent. “I want to...” She whimpered, but the tears were tripping her face.

“Tell me, Vina?” He asked again, his voice, calmer than it had been. “Tell me!”

“It has taken hold of me, Lync, and yet the summer months have yet to fall upon Samo’ana.” “What do you need, Vina? Tell me, so I can help you!”

“No! You can’t help me!” She shuddered, “No one can!”

“That’s bullshit, and you know it! Someone has to know how to fix this!”

“Please, Lync? Just let me be! I need space to breathe!” She whimpered in the corner, wishing his eyes would turn elsewhere.

“Not a chance, until you tell me what the hell is going on!”

“I am sick, and it will only get worse with you around!” She told him. “Then let me get you some medicine!”

“There is nothing to cure this ailment, not for any of us!”

“Any of ‘us’?” He seemed so confused, but then, he didn’t remember, did he? Not like she did!

“Who, Vina?” He asked her, but she could not reply. “You know what? Fine, you will stay in this room while I search for answers; and you will wait for me to return!”

Navina nodded her head as she watched him slip on his pants and make for the door.

“I will be right back!” He added, and she nodded again. Anything, to get him to close the door. She was alone now, shaking, and finally relaxing with him gone.

The waves still washed over her, and his scent was still in the air, but the temptation was diminishing. Gods, how could she have forgotten about the lust? How could she have forgotten about the mist?

Those sweet, sin filled summer nights when the mist was at its peak... but it was not summer? There was no need for it! It was far too early for the raiding parties to be out.

To give in as her people had once done, to lavish in the pleasures of one another.

No, she could not give in, not when it meant... No, she couldn’t even think about that right now. She couldn’t imagine bringing a child into this world, with the threat of evil so high.

She couldn’t give in. Not to Lync; not to anyone.

She couldn’t, no, she wouldn’t risk it; but could she fight it? And the others, would they be able to fight the hold the mist had on them?

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