Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 22

“What the hell is wrong with them?” Lync’s voice was emanating from the room as Malice walked in. She had heard the voices and felt the sudden buzz in the air. Lync, was pissed.

“She’s shaking and won’t let me touch her...” “And that goes the same, for Kember too!” Malice told them as she approached the desk. Kordahn sat taller than ever before, and the glow on his face told her that he had in fact, been playing recently. Was Khia affected too?

“What’s going on, and don’t tell me that you don’t know!” Lync shouted at his brother by law. “Or do I have to ask Khia, myself?”

“We’ve had to strengthen the mist!” The male sighed, and hung his head, “As to why your females are acting as strangely as they are, I do not know.”

“What does strengthening the mist have to do with their reactions?” Malice asked. “Why, are they suffering so?”

“Have they satiated their need?” Kordahn replied with a question of his own, feeling quite proud of himself.

“Have you?” He chuckled at Malice.

“What need? She won’t even let me touch her?” Lync growled.

“I suggest you start explaining, before he loses his temper.” Malice glared at the Kor’Mhian male.

“Navina, Kember, Euphamia, even Bathsheba and Khia..” He laughed, “There is nothing wrong with them, except an insane need to, express their inner inhibitions!”

“I don’t do big fancy words!” Lync reminded Kordahn, who seemed to shy away from the male.

“She is hurting, and I don’t know how to help her; but you do!”

“She is sexually charged, my friend! Nothing a few rounds between the sheets won’t fix!” Kordahn laughed.

“The mist?” Malice choked out. “It has something to do with the mist?”

“What about the mist?” Lync inquired. “The mist acts as a shield, and covers the southernmost tip Samo’ana.” Kordahn started, rising from his desk and was making his way towards a nearby porthole.

“We are sailing through it, even now.”

“And?” Lync urged the male on.

“And those who sail through it, find an insane sexual urge that clouds their judgment. It comes in waves, growing more intense the longer you remain inside it!

It is used to sway the raiding parties from reaching the Southern Isles! Who wants to raid, when they’re too busy engaging in other carnal affairs!”

“Why are we not affected? Or Malice?” Lync kept on with the questions, running his hand through his spiky black hair, again and again.

“I have spent my entire life sailing through the Southern Isles, my tolerance has grown, and my abilities to control it as well.” He sighed.

“Khia gives in to it, believes it a sin to ‘not’ participate.”

“And, you do not follow her beliefs?” Malice inquired.

“She does not see life the way we do, Malice, she has lived among Humans, forced to live and learn their ways. She feels pity for them.” He chuckled.

“And she follows their beliefs, even if the legends ended eons ago.”

“What legends?” Malice replied.

“Dragons and ceremonies. Tainted food and drink to promote the well being of the fertile females,” He shook his head, “constantly giving in to their requests, because it ‘ensures that no one will ever stray,’ or so I have been told a thousand times.

She fears for them, fears that without her, the regime she had worked so hard to build, will crumble.”

“Whatever! Who cares about dragons and special ceremonies, what about Navina?” Lync growled.

“And Malice? She is female, why is she not affected? Or me?”

“She is Valkyrie, and you? You are still a mystery, my friend! You may have sired the Vampire race, but where you come from is something only the Gods would know!” Kordahn told them, opening the door for him.

“Go to Navina, calm her, give her what she needs. She will give in, and when she does...” His words faded off as the male approached him.

“If this mist of yours has harmed her in any way...” Lync snarled back.

“Easy, Lync! He’s still her brother.” Malice let out. “And the vengeance would be mine to seek as her mate. I have threatened no one, just a warning.”

“She is Kor’Mhia, she will survive, my brother!” Kordahn smiled at him, but the male shook his head and left the room, and Kordahn closed the door behind him.

“I am glad you...”

“Button it, Sweetheart!” Malice glared back at him, “Unless you want to start by telling me the truth!”

“I have told you the truth!” He cocked a brow at her.

“Kor’Mhia cannot lie, but they can twist their words!” She reminded him.

“So what’s really going on?”

“I told you both, the mist makes them fiend for it!” Kordahn shook his head, but Malice could tell, he was hiding something.

“But I thought that only happens in the summer months?” “It does, usually.” The male sighed.

“So what has changed? And why is it affecting them like this? I mean, Kember can’t even stand up!”

“It’s the mist, I assure you! Due to the number of raiders, we have had to increase the shield!”

“You’re lying!” Malice spat back at him. “I can smell it on you!”

“I have no idea what you are talking about!” Kordahn replied, but the thin film of sweat, the way his eyes glanced over her.

“You’re a very bad liar!” She hissed, suddenly right in front of him as he tried to make for the door. Her hand was up and around his throat so fast, her razor sharp claws so tempted to remove his head from his shoulders.

“I hate liars!”

“I do not know what to tell you.” His words were scattered, his airways almost closed when she heard her voice.

“Enough, Malice!” Khia sighed, and Malice turned to face her.

“We will tell you what you want to know, but we must hurry!” “Hurry? Why?”

“The hour of First Rights approaches, and you will want to tend to Kember before your daughter’s awakening!” Khia replied, and Malice let her grip loosen as she continued.

“Come, we shall walk and talk!”

“Malice?” Kember called out from the bathroom, but there was no reply. She was still off doing whatever it is she was up to, and Kember was all alone in their cabin aboard the ship.

She felt better than before, having overcome some serious bouts of nausea, and the sounds of footsteps in the halls had her scurrying to find something to put on.

“What the...?” On the bed lay a gown, a deep shade of purple and covered in tiny black gems. The heart shaped bustier and the thick straps that tied behind her neck.What was this?

Had Malice left it for her, or Khia? It was beautiful, and when she picked it up, the silk felt so soft against her skin as she held it up against her naked body.

“You like it?” The voice surprised her, and she saw Malice standing in the open door way.

“I do!” Kember smiled back. “Thank you!”

“How do you feel?” “Like I have been hit by a bus, but it seems to have passed!” Kember grinned.

“As I have the hours...” Malice paused for a moment.

“Put it on!” “What? Now?” Kember laughed, “Seriously?”

“Bathsheba’s First Rights are almost upon us, and she will need us there when she meets her male!” Malice smiled back at her, as her eyes ran up and down that naked body.

“That’s happening now? Oh Gods, how long was I asleep?” “I came to check on you twice, my love, but you looked so peaceful I could not wake you!”

There was something about the way Malice was looking at her, like she was a hunter on the prowl and she was eyeing her up for the taking.

“What?” Kember giggled.

“Nothing!” Malice grinned back, “Just admiring the view!”

“You could admire it better, if you came inside!” Kember smiled back, tossing the gown back on to the bed.

“If I come in there, that dress will not survive, and we are needed.”

“Malice?” Kember heard another voice, and Mia appeared in the doorway beside her, with a glow on her cheeks just as flushed as Kember’s.

“What’s wrong?” Kember asked, not caring that she was in the nude.

“It’s Navina! She’s locked herself away in her room and won’t let anyone in!” Mia told them.

“Where’s Lync?” Malice asked.

“Pleading with her to let him in!” Mia replied,

“He swears there is something wrong with her. You wanna, come help?” “It’s the mist!” Malice sighed, “It does things to one’s body!”

“I, um, gathered that!” Mia grinned wildly. “But he says she won’t let him touch her, and it’s been nine hours since anyone has seen her. He’s so close to breaking down the door.

“Send Lync to me...” Kember blurted out, “He can stand guard while I help Bathsheba ready herself, and Malice can talk to Navina!”

“You sure about that?” Mia tried to ask, but Malice was shaking her head.

“I’ll deal with the Vampire, you can deal with his Queen.” Malice sighed, and then stopped dead.

“His Queen?” Mia laughed, “Okay, well I’ll get back to her highness then, and you can drag the bastard away!”

“You’re better with the mushy stuff!” Malice winked at Kember, before she left the room to go find Lync.

“Bloody hell!” Kember let out in the silence that remained. “Pardon me?” She heard the reply.

“Who’s there?” Kember asked, though she could see no one, she could feel them.

“Just me!” The female laughed as she emerged from the shadows by the door, fully clad in leather with long white hair and fierce blue streaks.


“Hello, Kember!” She smiled, and those steely blue eyes gazed about the room.

“This is a nice cabin!”

“Yes, it is!” Kember replied, entranced at how similar they looked. Lost in the moment, if you would.

“You should get dressed!”

“I, uh... what are you doing here?” Kember blurted out.

“Helping Malice!” The female continued to smile.

“Okay, how?” Kember inquired, “I mean, how are you helping her, from my cabin?”

“I thought she would be here!”

“Well she’s not!”

“I see that!” Belvaya let out, and disappeared out the door. What the fuck was that about? Creepy, was an understatement, but before she had a chance to say, or think, anything more, Mia was back in the doorway.

“You coming?”

“Uh, yeah! I just have to get dressed.”

“I thought you would have done that by now!” Mia laughed. “It’s been a minute!”

“Try, like twenty minutes!” Mia cocked a brow at her.

“You okay?”

“Wait, what?” Kember was so confused. They’d just left, Malice had literally just walked out the door, and Balvaya had...

“Kember?” Euphamia called to her again.

“And I thought Navina was the flighty one!”

“What?” She shook her head.

“I’m fine!”

“Bullshit!” Mia snapped back. “Let’s go see Navina!”

“Navina?” Now that was a voice she hadn’t been expecting.

“Go away!” She shouted back, huddled in the corner still, her body covered in a thin film of sweat as she shivered in the dark. She just wanted to sleep; but those horrid dreams.

“Navina, you either open the door, or I’ll call Lync back here, and have him kick it down!” Kember replied.

“He’s not, there?” She inquired, feeling a hint of relief. No, he had to be there. She was hurting and he knew it, he wouldn’t have gone far.

“He’s gone to help Malice, Navina! Let me in, please? Before he comes back!” It took her a moment, but she finally made it to the door on her hands and knees, and no sooner was the lock unlatched, Kember appeared right beside her.

“Oh, Navina!” She let out, moving quickly to grab a blanket from the chair nearby, and wrapped it around Navina’s shoulders.

“What’s wrong?”

“Everything!” Navina whimpered and fell into Kember’s arms. “It’s all gone to shit!”

“Shhh! Breathe, Navina! The world has not gone to shit!”

The Witch giggled, but Navina’s grip grew tighter.

“It will not stop!” She whimpered.

“What won’t stop?”

“The need inside of me! It grows with each passing minute.” She was mumbling, holding on to Kember or dear life.

“I don’t understand what you need, Navina? Tell me how to fix this!”

“The sin grows stronger, the need to release it deeper.” Navina shuddered for a moment, and then her body went lax as if she were....

‘Just let the waves wash over you, Marena!’ The voice was so loud, and yet she had no clue who it belonged to.

‘But I cannot control them!’

Then don’t! Find yourself a male and let the effects of the mist play out.’

It was a female, but who?

“No!” She shouted, her eyes opening as she pulled away from Kember.

“I can’t!”

“Can’t what?” Kember asked, as Navina rose to her feet and took off towards the bathroom. It was a pathetic attempt, her legs wobbling and her feet tripping her.

“I can’t give in!”

“For the love of the Gods, Navina, I’m trying to help you here, but you’re not making any sense!” Kember sighed, holding her closer as the shudders took over.

“Just leave me be!” Navina fell away from her, scrambling back towards her corner.

“I will not!” Kember shot back. “You don’t get to tell me what to do, you’re not, my mother!” “Don’t, treat me like a child, Kember!”

How many times had the Witch heard that before? Sometimes, especially with Navina, you had to put your foot down to get her on track. “

Why not? You’re acting like one!” Kember argued back.

Why wouldn’t she just leave? Leave her in her misery and be done with it?


Fuck! And now Malice was here too? That was just what she needed, a Valkyrie with a ‘you do what I say attitude’ and where was Lync? Was he with her?

Wrong question, as she hid in the bathroom, the door shut and her body aching for her male. She couldn’t give in though, and the longer she waited, the worse it was going to get. She needed him and he knew it, but she couldn’t let him take her; no matter how badly she wanted it.

“Navina? Come out here, please?” The Valkyrie asked, and she sounded like she was right outside the door.

“I can’t!” She replied, and then held her breath.

“There are no male’s present, I swear!” No males? No Lync or Nyx? What about her son? Oh Gods, Ben! So handsome he was, and young.

“Fuck!” She shouted, and a moment later the door lay in pieces beside her.

“I despise locked doors!” Malice appeared where it had once stood.

“Now get your ass off the floor!” She shook her head and laughed.

“I promise you, we can help!”

“You can’t help me, only Lync can.” She was saying when Malice interrupted her.

“Then let him help!”

“I can’t!” She shouted again. “What don’t you understand?”

“A whole lot, since you won’t talk!” Malice glared back at her, and offered a hand so she could pull herself up and away from the wall.

“I can’t let him help me, not right now, not here.”

“Why not?” Kember shouted, throwing her hands in the air.

“Why, fucking not?”

“Because she is afraid she will fall with a child!” Malice replied for her, cocking a brow.

“I told you to stay out of my head!” Navina snapped at her.

“Wouldn’t be so easy if your thoughts were bouncing around all over the place!” Malice sighed.

“You don’t want to get pregnant? Seriously?” Kember gasped. “But you’ve always wanted children.”

“That was before...” Navina shuddered again.

“Fuck off, before what?” Kember looked like she was going to blow a gasket.

“Before the world went to shit and I thought it was just going to be us. You, me and Lync; and whoever you decided to settle down with.

"Now, I find out that it’s full of evils and I can’t even fathom bringing a child into a verse as chaotic as this. I can’t worry about him, and the young we would have. It’s hurting him.... watch me suffer... not right, I can’t.”

She was balling her eyes out now, rubbing at her eyes, if only to mask the fact that she couldn’t bear to look upon them in their silence. She made no sense, not even to herself, it was all just a jumble to her; and then she heard him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Shit?” The Demon let out, and Malice felt the whole world shift.

“Vina?” Lync called her name, but there was no reply.

“Get out!” He growled, and all but Malice retreated to the hall.

“Your daughter awaits you, and I wish to speak with my mate, alone!”

“Very well!” Malice replied, and she too, retreated to the comfort of Kember’s presence in the hall.

“You look lovely!” She told her lover, as the door was closed behind them, and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“I have never seen them so lost.” Kember let out, and a single tear fell down her cheek.

“What is wrong with her?”

“Come!” Malice told her, and nodded to Nyx and Mia.

“We must meet with Bathsheba, for this is her night!” Kember followed along beside her, their arms linked as they made their way back to their own cabin.

“I will be but a moment!” Malice told her as she entered their room, and Kember had to hold her tongue as the Valkyrie undressed before her.

“Will she be alright?” “Who? Navina? I don’t know!” Malice sighed, pulling a dress from the closet.

“What do you know?” Kember inquired with a cocked brow.

“More than I wanted to!” Malice replied, and turned to look at Kember and the look on her face.

“Don’t look at me like that, I was just as surprised as you were.”

“But you knew it was coming!” Kember had both brows raised at her now.

“You may not be able to lie, but you can’t twist your words very well either when face to face with me, my love. So forget all the bullshit and tell me what the hell is going on!”

“Bloody hell!” Malice rolled her eyes and shook her head as she shimmied into a red velvet dress. “You know as much as I do!”


“What do you want to hear, Kember?”

“What is wrong with Navina?” The Witch let out. “She’s going through what you went through!” Malice finally gave in, she hated fighting with her Witch.

“I never went through that!” Kember laughed. “Whatever that was!” “No, not to that extent...” Malice grinned, coming closer to her lover.

“But you, found release!” She groaned, letting her fingers graze against Kember’s sex.

“And she won’t give in?”

“Exactly!” Malice replied as she fidgeted with her sash. “She fears that giving in will produce a child!”

“Will it?”

“How am I supposed to know?” Malice laughed, pulling her long blonde hair into a bun at the top of her head.

“Because you know everything!” Her female replied, running her hands down Malice’s sides as she pinned her hair.

“Bloody hell, female!” The Valkyrie hissed, “Have you no decency?” She added, with the feel of the fingers creeping up between her thighs.

“Tell me what I want to know; tell me, all that Khia told you of Navina!”


” “You’re avoiding my questions.” Kember whispered, and Malice hissed as her fingers pushed past the lace undergarments she wore.

“And you’re a wicked, wicked little Witch!” Malice groaned, giving in to the moment.

“She fears loss, as any, Mother would.” She added, feeling the tingles rise within her.

“She longs for the love, she would find, but she fears the loss, that would come at the hands, of the enemy.” She finished with a hiss.

“How could she fear something,” Kember kept on, massaging the folds between Malice’s thighs. “she knows nothing about?”

“Oh...” Malice whimpered, “Oh, but she does!”

“What?” Kember stopped short, her fingers no longer moving as Malice ground her hips against her.

“Oh Gods, please? Please don’t stop.” Malice moaned as she stood in her red dress with Kember’s fingers so sinfully close to that sweet spot.

“What do you mean, she knows what it’s like?” Kember began again, and Malice’s words floated from her lips to Kember’s ears.

“She had children, once.” Again Kember stopped, but Malice was so close, and before Kember could say another word, Malice had spun away from her; grabbing her by the waist, her own hands began to wander.

“She had two.” Her words continued as she took her turn against Kember’s backside, nipping at it with her teeth through that deep purple silk.

“Four?” Kember inquired, feeling just as helpless as Malice had only a moment ago.

“One daughter and one son!” She told her, as she pulled up her female’s skirts.

“Where...?” Kember started, but she was silenced when the touch became a stroke, and then the throb of a shaft so thick against her sex.

There was no denying what her body wanted, nor the fact that Kember was just as wet, if not more, than she was. The hint of mist was still in the air, though the waves had subsided, they would surely return with the next gust of wind.

Malice all but fell into Kember, her sex thrusting long and hard as the female whimpered and moaned beneath her. Bent over the chair, the door closed to prying eyes, what had started as Kember’s interrogation of Malice, had turned into a whirlwind of sexual frenzy and Malice was loving every minute of it.

“Tell me what happened to them?” Kember let out with a sigh as she relaxed on the lounger, watching Malice straighten her dress and fix her hair after their encounter.

“To who?” Malice replied, re-pinning one strand that just wouldn’t stay put.

“Perhaps we should talk about something else?” Malice replied.

“I want to know what happened?”

“They don’t even know what happened!” She sighed, and took a look at the selection of lip colors in the box. “

They? As in Navina, and Lync?” Kember let out with a gasp. “Oh Gods, seriously?”

“Yes, seriously!”

“But you do!”

“Dammit, Kember! Why can’t you leave well enough alone? Let the past, lay in the past!”

“I can’t, not when it could help Navina remember! I promised I would do no less!” Kember replied. “Before you, Malice, Navina and Lync were all I had!”

“You had Madrina...”

“But Madrina knew me, knew who I was and where I had come from! To Lync and Navina, I was just another female, Navina’s best friend.

I didn’t have to be the heir to the realm and dodge my mother all the time; I could be me!” She paused for a moment to catch her breath.

“Madrina has always been like a sister, but Navina was so outside the box with her visions...”

“And she’s never mentioned having any...” Malice started again, but there was a knock at the door, and the voice was telling them that the ceremony was about to begin.

“Children? Hell no! She would have told me!”

“Well she senses something, cause she’s so afraid that something will happen to that child if she conceives.” Malice was worried, and she knew that Kember could tell, how could she keep this a secret?

“Then tell me what the hell happened, cause we don’t have much time!”

“Pathen happened! Again, and again!”

“That sorry, stone hearted son of a bitch!” Kember growled, rising from the lounger.

“What did he do?”

“He killed them all, and when Navina took it upon herself to return through time and save him, Pathen killed Lync a second time.” Malice admitted, though she could no longer look at Kember, or herself, which meant the pampering was over.

“Then how...” “She went back far enough, and brought Lync into the future, leaving him with Kordahn and Khia for safekeeping.”

“But, why doesn’t she remember?” This was so much more than Kember could ever imagine. This was insanity, plain and simple.

“Because after she rescued him from me.” Malice paused for a moment. “Then she asked her brother to erase the memories of her young, and Lync, so that Pathen would never find him!”

“Oh Gods!” Kember gasped again, but a second knock on the door had Malice rushing for it, if only to get out of that suffocating cabin.

She had spoken the truth, as was asked of her by her female, and she hoped to the Gods that she had done the right thing.

To have lived through that pain was hard enough, but to relive it.

“We must go, Bathsheba is waiting!” Malice sighed and turned into the hall, and waited for Kember to follow.

“Welcome, and don’t you look lovely!” Khia let out as they all entered the room.

The dining hall had been redone to look like the temples of old. Malice wasn’t sure how she had done it, but even the stone pillars that held the white lace, looked so very real.

Like she was looking at a replica of the court, with the balcony hovering above for the viewer’s pleasure, and the marble pots that held the most exotic of plants.

Pillars rose up to her left and her right, and the stairs before her led down to an altar upon which they had arranged the bed. Red and white satin pillows, and black fleece throws.

A side table covered in chocolates and fruits, delicacies from the farthest corners of all the worlds, and the depths of each sea. Lotions and perfumes, powders and feathers, whips, chains, balls and mounts.

Khia seemed to have it all, and Malice couldn’t help but feel a streak of jealousy for the rights her daughter was about to receive. Not a male in sight, save for Kordahn, and the one who stood at the head of the bed.

Gamall, Khia had called him. Her son, but not his. So, who was his father?

“Malice? This way please!” Khia called to her, and she followed the female up the stairs and along the banister to the seats set out for them.

“We can watch, from here!”

Malice took a seat next to her, and allowed Kember to pass to her own seat, before she sat down. They were not that far up, and Malice could see the look on Gamall’s face as yet another set of female’s made their appearance.

“Is that...” Malice started, unable to believe her eyes. “... my sister?”

“But of course!” Khia laughed, as Malice watched the long, dark haired female ascend the stairs, with Saren at her side.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” Malice laughed as Mist came towards them.

“Never in a million years...”

“Oh, shut it!” Mist glared at her.

“Well, what are you waiting for, and invitation?” She added, holding her arms open as Malice rose from her chair.

“You always were the moody one!” She grinned, and leaned over her chair to embrace her sister.

“And you are the forgetful one, seeing as how you forgot that I would never, miss my niece’s First Rights.” Mist cocked a brow at her, and then smiled at Kember.

“Mother sends her regards, and wishes she could be here.”

“But there are things she must tend to, I know!” Malice sighed, pretending to act all hurt, but her sister was here, to share in this special moment.

“But, you didn’t come all this way, just for Bathsheba.”

“I would love to prove you wrong, my sister dearest, but alas, it is the hunt that draws me here: and a mission I hope you will help me complete!” Mist told her, as she took a seat beside Khia.

“The annual hunt brings many from near and far, it is true, but I don’t see how that will help you find Pathen, Mist!” Khia laughed,

“The male is impossible to locate, as you have learned!”

“Which is why I have been tailing the male who calls himself his second.” Mist grinned.

“And does this second have a name?” Malice inquired, her interests peaked.

“He does, but he is only part of the equation!” She replied.

“I see! Then there is another?” “There is always another!” Mist laughed,

“But he is still a mystery to me! You see, Mother has learned that Casin, Pathen’s most trusted and vile servant, has been dispatched to take part in the hunt.”

“Why?” It was Kember’s turn to ask the questions.

“Pathen seems to be on this mass search to find Malice!” She laughed, “And there are supposed to be dragons!”

“Dragons?” Kember let out.

“You can’t be serious?”

“I am very serious! The bastard thinks he can find them!” Mist howled, as the doors below were opened, and Kordahn led the group in.

“Oh, here she comes!”

“Oh Gods, look at that dress!” Kember gasped, “It’s gorgeous!”

She wasn’t lying either, as Malice watched her daughter enter, the long, flowing gown, spinning about her; as if the snow itself circled her in a perfect circle.

The flows of the silk brushing up against her porcelain skin, and Malice herself had her breath stolen away as she let her hood drop, and all that red hair fell about her shoulders.

“Oh, if only Reh were here!” She whimpered, her eyes filling with tears at the beauty before her. Reh would have been so proud.

Bathsheba walked down those steps, all the way towards Gamall, and that smile on her face, like a child in a sweet shop, her eyes lit up at the magnificent male before her.

It wasn’t long before Kordahn had locked the doors, and made his way up the stairs to stand behind his Khia, and Khia rose from her seat to begin the ceremony.

With a few quick words, she announced the semi-permanent union between Gamall and Bathsheba; and they watched, as her robes were lowered past her shoulders, and then her waist to her feet.

The silky skin shimmering in the candle light and the scent of lust on the wind, mixed with the sinful way Gamall put his hands on her arm, his fingers sliding up to her shoulders, and then her chest.

“Oh Gods!” Kember let out, her heart in her throat as she watched the moment unfold; before everything stopped, that is. The wind, the sea outside, the moment itself. Bathsheba took a step back and made for a paddle on the nearby table.

“What are you doing?” Gamall asked with a chuckle, one brow cocked with his hands on his hips.

“You, must prove your worth!” Bathsheba let out, raising the paddle above her head as she pulled another item from the table top.

It was a scarf, and she used her free hand to wrap it about her neck, tucking the edges in with a grin.

“Are you nuts?” The male asked, and Malice laughed.

“I’m not here to fight you!”

“Pity!” She replied. “For I am Valkyrie, and if you want this body beneath you, then you will first have to take this scarf from my neck!”

“You’re joking!” The male laughed. “Right?”

“She’s not joking!” Malice grinned, the raging proud parent face, clearly on and blinking for attention.

“If you will not fight with me, and for me, then you will never lay inside me! End of story!” Her grin grew wider, and Gamall reached for one of the canes.

“Oh, now this should be good!” Mist giggled, her hand resting upon Khia’s. From the floor to the steps, the fists were thrown and punches landed left and right, and back down again, towards the silk sheets and curtains, now laying in shreds at their feet.

Split lips and black eyes awaited the pair of exhausted lovers, but there was enough energy for Gamall to raise his finger to her cheek, wiping away the blood as she stood panting before him.

“You, fight well!” Sheba smiled at him, their eyes locking on to one another as their arms did the same. There was no stopping it, as the scarf fell from his hand to the floor, and their passion carried on as he claimed her right there then and there.

No need for fancy lotions or creams, no oils or paddles, feathers or whips; just the sordid carnal nature of such a wicked pairing. Hard, strong thrusts coupled with the whimpers, moans and growls as he flipped Sheba onto her belly and mounted her; as fierce as any animal would.

“Bloody hell...” Kember started, but she was so lost in what was happening before her, and beside her, as she looked over to see Khia with her back against her chair, Kordahn’s hands caressing her chest beneath the black gown she wore.

As Bathsheba moaned, so too, did Khia; and it was clear a moment later, as she watched Mist disappear beneath the darkened fabric, and Khia threw her head back.

“Oh Gods!” She let out feeling the fingers glide across her thigh, and looked up to see Malice gazing back at her. “

Fuck!” Khia let out, panting hard as she spread her legs wider, and Kordahn came down to nuzzle at her neck.

“Oh my...” She hissed, feeling Malice’s grip grow tighter. Right here, right now? With all that was happening around them, how could Kember resist? With everything going on, it was so hard to say no.

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