Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 23

The next morning, Malice awoke in a jumble of arms and legs. Confused, and slightly sore in places she didn’t know that she could be sore in.

She took a look at her surroundings; having never been in this particular room before. There was the smell of sweet breads in the air, and everywhere she turned, she found elegant statues and flower pots overflowing with colors.

The walls were covered in a dark gray paper, silver spirals etched into the shadowed background, and the curtains that hung to the floor, the same deep shade of red as the others; like that of blood. Furniture lay about the room, some of it toppled over, some of it in pieces.

What the hell had happened? Who? When? How? Why? They were all there, and so were Khia, Kordahn and...

“Fuck!” She hissed, feeling the sudden wretch in her gut. Kember was nestled in a midst the hoard, the blankets not even close to covering her naked self; nor Mist’s for that matter, as she curled in behind Malice’s lover.

Bloody hell! The last thing that Malice remembered, was sipping from her mug, and watching as her daughter flowered; or rather, deflowered.

What was in that cup? Nonetheless, the issue now was how to get Kember out of that bed. Gods, she had never before, not been able to remember what happened.

She’d lay with Sultans and Emperors, Governors and Kings, then there were those on the other side of the tracks. Demons, Vampires, there was even that moment with the Wolf; and the shivers ran down her spine.

All of them, wild and voracious lovers, or so they had claimed; but she had damn well remembered every moment of it. So, what had happened? Apart from the obvious; they had spent a pretty insane night together.

“What the fuck?” Malice let out, as the sound of a carriage approaching reached her ears. A carriage? Here? But were they not on a...

Up and out of bed with one quick glance out the window, and Malice was all but falling over as her knees turned to jelly.

“What, the mother of all fucks, is going on here?” She shouted, unable to control it. The drink, her sister’s arrival, Bathsheba’s flowering. A wicked orgy that she couldn’t remember; and now to top it all off, they were no longer on the ship? How the fuck had that happened?

“Malice?” Kember rose to sit up in the bed, clutching the black satin sheets to her naked chest. “What’s wrong, where are we?”

“We’ve landed; apparently!” Malice choked out, looking out the window once more. Long winding roads brimming with trees, a stable filled with horses, and a garden so lush and filled with colors.

Yup, they had landed alright, and it seemed they had traveled too! Kember was by her side in a matter of seconds, having dropped the blanket, Malice took her in her arms, trying to keep her warm.

“What the hell?”

“My thoughts exactly!” Malice replied, placing a kiss on her forehead as yet another carriage pulled up.

“Oh Gods, where is Bathsheba?” Kember gasped, which was enough to wake Kordahn. It was hard enough to gaze upon the sights, having no memory of how they got there; but now, Kordahn was standing there, stretching in the nude.

“Good morning!” He smiled at them, and then grabbed his robe and flung it about his shoulders.

“Morning yes, good, not so much!” Malice replied, trying not to imagine the long length that had hung down between his thighs only a moment ago; a battle raging within her, for more.

“Oh? How so?” The male inquired, using a strap of leather to tie back his long black hair.

“Did you not sleep well?”

“Oh I think I slept pretty good, considering I don’t remember leaving the boat, or...” Kember paused, gazing out the window.

“Did we ride in a carriage?”

“It is the only way up the mountain!” He replied.

“I assure you that everyone on board the ship has made it to their quarters within the manor!”

“And do these people get to wake up the same way we did?” Kember raised an eyebrow at him.

“Wrapped in arms, naked, with no memory of how we got here?” “What the hell happened?” Malice shot out, waking Mist and Khia.

“What’s going on, Malice?” Her sister asked, rising with a yawn. “What happened last night?”

“I don’t know!” Mist laughed.

“You don’t remember?” Malice cocked a brow at her. “Seriously?” “Malice, that’s the point!” Mist laughed again, rising from the bed with her long dark hair brushing against her lower cheeks, and a cock as large as Malice’s between her thighs.

“You get to play...” She added, and made her way into the bathroom and closed the door.

“Does she...?” Kember started, but Malice just shook her head.

“Yeah!” She sighed, and started the search for her leggings.

“Now...” She added, pulling them up over her legs, and locating her halter on the floor by another window.

“What exactly is she talking about?”

“Of course you don’t remember, Malice. Like Mist said, you’re not supposed to!” Khia smiled at her.

“That is the way of the passion flower, which may, or may not, have been added to the wine!”

“And by that, she means it did, and she added it!” Mist chuckled as the door opened and she returned to the room.

“You added what?” Kember glared at Khia. “You poisoned us?”

“Not poison, just a little aphrodisiac to help you all relax!” Kordahn told them, and leaving a kiss on Khia’s cheek, he made for the door.

“After Bathsheba killed the male, you were all a little tense!” And with that, he was gone.

“She what? The male? Where is my daughter, Khia?” Malice spun about,

“What, the fuck, happened last night?”

“Relax, Malice! We had a little fun!” Mist giggled, and threw on a robe as she followed Khia to the door.

“Come! We shall discuss it over the morning meal!” Khia added, and opened the door for them.

“And though I pride myself for my open behaviors, the guests have already started to arrive, and it would be best if you put something on!”

“You go!” She told Kember, “I want to check on Bathsheba first!”

“Just cherish every moment you have with her. I know I shall.” She heard Khia say, and Kember smiled as her lover approached.

“Are your ears burning, my love? For we were just talking about you.” Her Witch giggled, and squeezed Khia’s hand.

Malice chuckled as she sat down between them, before turning her attention to the food before her.

Large bowls of mixed grains, steamed oats and jars of sweetness from the gardens. Boiled eggs in a variety of sizes, sat in a large glass dish, and the breads and sweet bungs piled high behind them.

“Bloody hell, I am starving!” She let out, and began to fill her plate.

“I would imagine!” Khia grinned, and Kember giggled again. Dammit! If it wasn’t Mist and Kember, that Malice had to worry about, then perhaps it was Khia and Kember.

“I wouldn’t know!” Malice replied, peeling the dark purple shell off one of the eggs.

“How is Bathsheba?” Kember inquired, letting go of Khia’s hand as the female rose from her seat.

“She is fine, I guess, though she remembers nothing either.” Malice grumbled, and tossed the egg into her mouth. After a few moments of that horrid silence, Khia spoke again.

“It had to be done, and though I am not sorry for the moments we shared, I am sorry, that you were kept in the dark.” Kember watched as Malice went on eating. Another egg, a mouthful of oats with a few berries on top. She was purposely ignoring Khia. The damn Valkyrie could be so stubborn at times, like now for example.

“Malice?” She cooed into her lover’s ear. “Tell me what frustrates you!”

“It won’t work, Kember!” Malice replied, stewing in her anger.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um, how about everything?” Malice let out, and shoved another mouthful past her lips.

“Are you angry with me, for last night?”

“Do you remember something about last night? Cause I sure don’t, and I don’t like it!”

“You did!” Kordahn told her as he entered the dining hall.

“Did what?” Malice snapped at the male, who was now, dressed in hunting leathers and holding a whip in his hand.

“Liked it!” He replied, coiling the whip around his fist.

“And how would you know?” Kember jumped in, before Malice rose from the table and tore him a new one.

“He does not suffer from the effects as we do!” Khia sighed, “The drug has no effect!”

“So it doesn’t work on males?” Malice asked, shaking her head as she put her fork down.

“It does, just not on males of the Kor’Mhia.” Kordahn smiled, “We are already, naturally seductive in our own way, we do not need the tonics to empower us!”

“I see!” Malice cocked a brow at him.

“So myself and Kember, my daughter. who else was involved in this master plan of yours? How many people did you drug with your ‘tonics’?”

“It was added to the wine!” Kordahn reminded her.

“Any who drank the wine as we did, would have fallen to the effects!”

“What about this male that Bathsheba killed? She remembers nothing, not even her time with Gamall! How is my daughter to become a true female, if she can’t remember anything?”

“It was necessary!” Khia hung her head. “It would seem that not all among us were friends!” Malice’s hand came up in a face palm sort of way, and she shook her head.

“For the love of the Gods, please, just start at the beginning!” “I can do even better!” Kordahn smiled, and took a few steps towards her, offering her his hand.

“Close your eyes!”

“Ha, last time I did that, I couldn’t remember shit!”

“Please?” He inquired again, still holding out his hand.

‘Did you see the way she stood against him?’ Kember giggled as the trays of wine were passed around.

‘He didn’t have a choice!’ Malice laughed, taking one of the glasses and bringing it to her lips.

‘It is the Valkyrie way! None may claim our bodies, who have not first proven their worth, my love!’

‘True words were never spoken!’ Mist raised her glass, and they all cheered and drank as the entertainment unfolded before them.

Bathsheba and Gamall had fallen into the bed, their whips and paddles laid out across the floor as their activities took on a more sinful twist.

From up above, Malice watched on with pride in her eyes, as Bathsheba took her turn claiming the male beneath her. Such power, such passion, and literally only a few years old.

To have the knowledge, the urge to perform such as she was with each thrust, each sinful caress, that was what made her female; the moans and whimpers of a male completely captivated by her captors.

The hand came over and rested on her lap, and the moans of another sort lit off beside her. Mist had disappeared beneath Khia’s skirting, and Kordahn’s hands had found their way to her chest, unleashing her breasts to the cool air.

She whimpered beneath their touch, and Malice felt the swell inside of her. She wanted to feel like Khia did at that very moment. She wanted to get lost in the moment, all that pleasure.

Fingers turned to tongues, and the clothing was littered about the floor. Over the backs of chairs, against the banister and on the stairs,

Bathsheba hadn’t been the only one to release her tensions that night. Or the next, for that matter, having taken to Gamall’s quarters with a pitcher of that very same wine.

Malice, Kember, Khia, Mist and Saren, all of them had consumed enough of that tainted elixir, to fill the ship they had sailed in on.

It was the morning of the third day when the shouts had rung out, and both Gamall and Bathsheba were found covered in the intruder’s blood.

There was no word of where he had come from, and so the cabin doors had been locked and the passengers were ordered to stay inside.

With the solitude came more wine, and with more wine, came the need that burned within them. It was only natural, as Malice watched Khia kiss Mist, and then Mist kissed Saren. Mist kissed Kordahn and Khia kissed Malice.

By the time Malice had woken up two days later, they had made their way off the ship, along the rocky path that led to the estate, in a very, sin filled carriage, and landed themselves in a rather large master bedroom, entwined in the arms and legs of naked bodies.

She knew that she had made love to Kember, Mist had frolicked about with Khia and Kordahn, and then she and her sister had switched.

Malice had taken Kordahn and Khia, and Mist had toyed with Kember and Saren. So much raw emotion, so carnal and captivated in their endeavors.

“What the fuck?” Malice growled as he withdrew his hand from hers, and the sensations subsided. “It’s been three days? Are you fucking kidding me?”

“More like four days, with today being the fifth!” Khia laughed.

“But you see, you had a wonderful time!”

“Would have been way cooler if I could remember it for myself!” Malice rolled her eyes.

“Well, Bathsheba did very well, both enduring her First Rights and defending us from the bastards who stowed away on my ship!” Khia was clearly not impressed though.

“Bloody sons of bitches.” She shook her head.

“But your daughter defeated one of them all on her own, and the other was tossed into the waves when Belvaya slit his throat.

So I am declaring this year’s hunt in honor of the both of them! Their strength and quick thinking has earned them both a place among those who would hunt; if they, and the rest of you, should choose to accept!” Khia grinned, only to watch as Malice cocked a brow at her.

“My daughter may observe the event, but she is far too young for such games!” Malice told her though it was hard to contain her excitement; and keep a straight face.

“And her father would surely kill me if I let her...”

“I understand; and send my hopes that your husband recovers quickly from his ailments.” Khia smiled at her.

“I hear he is quite the male!” “That he is; and he will regret not being able to be here for all of this!” Malice sighed,

“But Kember and I will gladly join you!” Kember’s eyes grew wide, scarcely unable to believe that she had not dreamt the last five minutes.

She and Malice, had been invited to participate in Lady K’s annual hunt! First Prize, was a private evening with the reigning Lady herself, and her many followers.

A night fabled far and wide, as extraordinary and rare. An event to satisfy all of one’s cravings. Hundreds would send word of their intent to partake; but only a handful would be selected to participate and it had become so legendary, that Kings and Queens from all over would flock to her halls.

Their sons and daughters just had to partake; the thrill of winning such a prestigious feat. For Kember, just being able to watch would be an adventure.

“What say you, Kember? Would you both join us?” Khia inquired, and Kember felt like such a child as she squirmed in her chair. The hunt was more than just a hunt, it was an escapade of sexual perversion, and Kember could feel the sin rising within her.

“The rules are quite simple.” Mist grinned, taking a handful of berries to her plate and popping one into her mouth.

“Just don’t get caught; but if by chance you do, and I sincerely hope you do, then have the best sex you possibly can with whomever catches you.”

“Those are some rules that I can follow!” Nyx grinned like a madman as he walked through the door. “You may refuse, but it still counts, and your captor will mark you with his or her own colored dye.” Khia smiled.

“But I have not met any, who would turn away from being one’s prey; not on any of these hunts.”

“Where do I sign up?” The Demon beamed.

“Where is Mia?” Kember replied with a question of her own. “After we got all tucked away, she went for a long hot bath, and then a nap; which she’s still enjoying!” He told them, reaching for a few of the green colored eggs.

“Damn, these are tasty!” “A Northern delicacy, my Father...” Khia stopped short, and shook her head.

“The Lord who purchased me and raised me as his own so very long ago, loved them!”

“The male had excellent taste!” Nyx grinned.

“So, where do I sign up?” He was serious, but then, she had already known that; having had to listen to his bickering for oh, the last month straight.

Ever since he had met Kordahn, and found out that the stories about Khia were true, he’d been jonesing to get in on the action.

“You heard the bit about the rules?” Malice chuckled. “There’s one more; no, killing, allowed!”

“Can we draw blood at least?” He looked up at her in surprise. “I would prefer that you not!” Khia replied.

“There is to be no violence of any kind, no traps or weapons; just you and your marker, and the clothes that are on your back, if you choose to wear anything, that is.”

“Wait, we get to hunt, naked?” Oh, the look of joy on his face. “I’d advise against it!” Kember laughed, and Nyx cocked a brow at her. “This right here...” He moaned as he spun himself about. “This is gold, baby! You know you want to see me naked!”

“I have seen you naked, and it wasn’t pretty!” She teased. “But I was thinking more about you, not wanting all those tree needles wedged between that egotistical ass of yours!” Kember shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“But by all means, you enjoy hunting in your birthday suit!” “I will, that shit fits good!” He mumbled, and sat down at the table, just as Bathsheba entered the room.

“Sorry!” He added quickly, after one glare from Malice had him turning around.

“Good morning, Mother!” The young female let out, kissing Malice’s forehead before she disappeared to the side table to load up a platter.

What the hell was she wearing? A long blue gown, her hair tied back and the way she moved about.

“Good morning!” Malice eyed her up and down. “Will you not join us?”

“I promised Gamall that I would return with sustenance.” Sheba blushed, and Nyx let out what sounded like a sigh of relief.

Poor Demon could stop hiding, now that Bathsheba had found another to tweak her interests.

“Did you now?” Kember raised her brows in Bathsheba’s direction, trying to keep a straight face; to the relief of not having to babysit a tyrant.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Bathsheba cut in.

“Sure you do!” Kember laughed, “You have blossomed and it is no longer our place to meddle in your affairs!”

“HA! Bullshit!” Malice shot out. “She’s practically still a child. My child; and she will follow orders!” Bathsheba glared at her Mother, just as Nyx burst out laughing.

“It’s like watching an episode of Malice verses Mini Malice! Who will win? Stay tuned for next week’s episode to find out!”

He howled. He was right, usually; but something had changed inside Bathsheba. Instead of lashing out and yelling back at Malice, she simply turned from the table and made her way out the door; in silence.

No a word, not even a glance back. “Shit! I stand corrected; that was right out of the Twilight Zone!” The Demon shuddered, and popped another egg in his mouth.

“Do you want to partake in this hunt?” Malice inquired. “Who; and what hunt?”

Came another voice, and Nyx’s face lit up. Literally, his marking let off their amber colored glow; as they did every time his female arrived.

“I was wondering when you were gonna crawl from that bed!” Nyx growled, the scent of her entering the room; that hint of vanilla masked by the remnants of the night before.

“Fuck, you smell so good!” He told her, leaving his eggs and trying to nuzzle into her neck.

“Down, boy!” Mia grinned, pulling away from him and pouring herself a cup of juice.

“This shit isn’t laced, is it?” She blurted out, before downing the contents regardless.

“No, it is not!” Khia laughed, raising her own glass.

“You did not enjoy your nights with Nyx?”

“We’re not going to go there! It was hard enough to peel myself from that bed without any reminders.” Mia cocked a look at her.

“Next time, how about a warning?”

“No, don’t warn her!” Nyx howled, and Mia punched him in the face with her free hand.

“Ha! Ha!” She rolled her eyes at him as he chuckled away and rubbed at his jaw, and she took a seat across from Khia.

“My bad! I deserved that!” He let out a little smirk, and took a stand behind.

“I am sorry that it had to be this way, but there were ‘others’ on board our ship, and we could not let on that we knew! It seemed the only way.” She paused, as even more entered her dining hall.

“And it would seem it worked better than planned.” She added with a grin, and rose from her chair.

“Navina? Welcome!” Her voice sent chills down Malice’s spine, and all turned towards the door.

“Khia!” Navina replied, and Lync appeared beside her. “We were told to meet you all here!” He told her, placing a hand on Navina’s shoulder.

“Yes, I thought we would sit together for morning meal, before the rest of the guests arrived!” Khia smiled, and led them towards the table.

“Guests?” Lync inquired, and Navina shook her head.

“They come for the hunt!” She grumbled, and sank into one of the chairs.

“You look as though you are feeling better?” Khia let out, offering them both something to drink; and Kember couldn’t help but feel guilty as she watched Navina make her way to the table.

Gods! She hadn’t, for one moment, given thought to Navina and her mate; and how the last few nights had more than likely taken their toll on them. Navina especially, being so terrified and...

“No thank you!” Navina replied and waved it away. “Who knows what’s in it!” She added.

“I assure you, the juice is fresh from the gardens, Navina, and contains no additives whatsoever.” Kordahn sighed, but his sister only laughed.

“It was necessary...” He tried again, but she cut him off.

“To drug us? I think you better stop there, dear brother, for I am not in the mood!” Navina snapped back, pulling her cloak around her shoulders.

“Wow!” Nyx choked out, hiding his words in his cup as he drank. Wow, was right! Had Navina been forced to endure the same, sinful passions? Against her...

“Everything needed to appear as it should have been, as per the instructions received!” Khia announced, slamming her hand on the table. “

Leave us!” She commanded, and those whose task it was to serve, scattered from the dining hall.

“What the hell is going on around here? What instructions?” Mia let out, clearly confused and rather annoyed.

“Now that you are all here, we may begin!” Kordahn replied, and moved to close, and lock, the doors and windows. Everyone waited in silence, except for Nyx, who sat munching away on the eggs before him; all of them waiting for answers as they shook their heads.

When Kordahn finally gave the nod, Khia’s mood turned, as did the expression on her face.

“Now that you are all here, and we are, quite alone...” All here? Quite alone? What the hell?

Malice was so confused as she looked about the room. Empty, save for Kember and herself, as well as Khia, Kordahn, Mia and Nyx, Navina and Lync; even Mist and Saren had taken off.

“It was brought to my attention, that one among you, had in fact notified the enemy of our whereabouts.” Khia, sighed. “Though unknowingly...”

“What are you talking about?” Malice glared at her. “My brothels offer more than just whores, Malice. They offer information as well.” Khia glared back at her,

“Or have you forgotten that, again?” Khia inquired, lifting up the sleeve of her dress. One look at the black rose etched in her skin, so small and yet right there; and Malice was sitting back in her chair with her arms crossed.

“Go on!” She replied with a nod.

“We’ve had word that there was one among you, who harbored the ancient soul of another. One whose mind was linked with the enemy...”

Her eyes kept moving about.

“One of you...” She stopped as she gazed upon Navina. “Just what the fuck are you saying?” Navina blurted out.

“Yeah, I’m confused!” Nyx growled. “You calling one of us a traitor?” “Not one of you, per say...” “Just me!” Navina hissed back at her.

“No, not you, Navina; but she does haunt your thoughts, and they, hers!” Kordahn replied. “It is not, in any way, your fault.”

“Whoa now, Navina is the traitor?” Nyx growled. “Them be fightin words! Navina is no traitor!”

“We never said she was...” Kordahn started, but Nyx was faster than Lync with his daggers at the ready.

“You just did! Or did I just totally imagine it?” Nyx turned back to Mia and Navina.

“It’s not Navina?” Lync added, now standing behind his mate.

“You better speak fast, my brother...” He added with a growl.

“No, it’s not! But it is Marena!” Kember blurted out, and then hung her head.

“I’m sorry, Malice, but it’s true!” “Marena’s mind is lost to us, she will forever remain one with them, unless we remove the link that binds her thoughts to theirs!” Kordahn looked so sad, his eyes closed as he took a few deep breaths.

“Pathen will pay for what he has done to my family...”

“Marena is not a traitor!” Navina shouted at them, “She would never do something to hurt me, or Malice for that matter!”

“Her thoughts are always monitored, save for her recent slumber; but with her brief awakening, there is no telling what the enemy knows now!” Kordahn argued. “

And since your mind, is linked with hers...”

“You’re joking, right?” Lync cocked her brow at her brother. “You think Navina is transmitting on some invisible frequency that the Eno’tai just happen to have the codes for?

Is that what you’re trying to say? Cause you should just say it and stop pussy footing around the issue!”

“So you think I am a traitor as well?” She glared at her mate. “You can just rewind that shit, right there, and perhaps, edit that comment; for those words did not come out of my mouth, Vina!” He growled at her.

“I’m sorry, it’s just, you all want me to believe that somehow my sister was linked to me, and them, and now they know all about our plans. ”

She threw her hands up in the air, and turned from the table. “I’ll be in my room, waiting for you all to come to your senses!” And then she was gone.

“Uh, where the hell did she go?” Nyx let out. “To her room!” Kordahn replied.

“Yeah, I mean, how?” The Demon added. “Navina doesn’t just up and poof, gone!”

“She does now!” Lync grinned, and he too, dissipated from sight. “That, is gonna take some getting used to!” Kember laughed, trying to ease the moment, but it didn’t seem to be working.”

“She didn’t have to leave!” Malice rolled her eyes. “Perhaps, it is best that she did! Navina’s mind is not where it should be!”

Kordahn turned towards his seat, and sat down.

“How the hell can the Eno’tai track us, through Marena and Navina? I thought her big sleep was supposed to prevent all that?” Mia inquired.

“Or did I miss something?”

“I think we all missed something!” Nyx added.

“Then let us start at the beginning, as you already know, there are many that come through our doors, and many tales that follow!” Khia smiled, and looked over at Kordahn.

“Bring her in!” “Bring who in?” Malice asked, as Kordahn opened one of the small doors behind Khia.

“What does she want from me?” Navina shouted, and tossed a pillow across the room.

“Hey now, calm down!” Lync tried to comfort her. “They think I’m a traitor!”

“They said the Eno’tai can track her, and you through her!” He replied. “They also said it was not your fault!” “

Then why keep me around?” She threw her hands up again, and went for another pillow but Lync stopped her.

“Because I need you!” He told her, pulling her so close she could feel the beating of his heart through his chest.

“I know!” She whimpered, and pushed away from him.

“You know?” He looked shocked.

“That’s all I get?” “I don’t know what else to say, Lync! I truly don’t! Every time I turn around, there is another obstacle in my face. Everywhere I look, there is another vision, another voice in my head and I’m afraid that one of them might not be real and that I’ll fall into their grasp.”

She was running out of air, but the words just wouldn’t stop.

“No!” She shouted, when he tried to console her.

“Don’t touch me! You make it worse!”

“What the hell are you going on about? Seriously, Vina! Ever since we got here, you’ve got this wall built up, and no one gets in but Navina! You won’t even want me to touch you, or hold you.” He paused for a moment.

“I can see that you’re hurting and it’s tearing me apart because you won’t fucking let me help you!”

“You can’t help me! No one can!” She was sobbing at this point. Nothing made sense, nothing seemed real; not even when the fog began to roll in, and she found herself lost in the horrid nightmare that had been plaguing her for days now.

‘Toria?’ She heard her own voice call out, but she had never heard that name until just recently. Toria, whoever she was, was lost. Toria was a child, with long black hair and emerald green eyes. How did she know this?

‘Toria?’ Another voice sounded out, and she felt the chill run through her.

‘Lync?’ ‘I can’t find her, Vina! I’ve looked everywhere!’ He told her, the worrisome brow, the fear... ‘Toria?’ She heard her own voice again, screaming and shouting at the top of her lungs...

‘Momma? Where’s Tora?’ Oh Gods, what did he call her? ‘Go with your Father, Ky’rel! I will find Anatoria!’

She caught herself smiling, and looked down upon the young male with hope in his eyes.

‘It is not safe, Vina! They are still out there!’ Lync tried to tell her, but she had made her decision.

‘I will not leave her, not out there, by herself!’ She shouted back as she ran across the vast lawn and into the tree line.She had to find her, she had to find her daughter.

‘Toria?’ She called out again, searching for the young female. Past tree trunks and lush green foliage, Navina made her way through this forest of...

Where was this place? Who was after her, and her family? ‘They will not rest, until your life lays in ruin!’ That voice, and the figure emerged from the shadows before her.

‘I told you as much! No one will live to speak of your treachery, nor will they remember your sister.’

‘Pathen?’ She gasped, the flash in his eyes, and the gleam of the blade he held in his hand.

‘I made your Father promise Navina, none of his kin shall survive.’

‘You can’t!’ She shouted, ‘We have done nothing to warrant this...’

‘You have the blood of a traitor in your veins, that is good enough!’ ‘Pathen you can’t do this..’

‘Oh, but I have!’ He grinned at her, and stepped aside. Oh Gods no! Her heart was racing and had come to a halt, the blood draining from her face at the horror before her eyes.

‘Toria?’ She screamed, racing across the rocks in her bare feet, the pain giving life to her will, causing her to move even faster; but it was too late.

‘Toria?’ She felt the tears dripping down her cheeks as she fell to her knees, her hand reaching out for that innocent porcelain face, fingers rubbing those chubby cheeks...

‘Anatoria?’ There was no reply. No life left in those big doe eyes that had fallen closed for the last time...

Vina?” She heard him call for her, still huddled on her knees, clutching her fists as the rage and sorrow seethed within her. She felt his hands on her shoulders, the breath against her neck, and before she could stop herself, she had crumbled into his arms.

“I’m so sorry...” She whimpered through the tears. “I couldn’t stop him...”

“I know!” Lync replied, “I was there, my love, in your vision.” Her vision? He had... and they weren’t... Shit! Just as she could not control it before, she could not control the way her body lunged away from him.

The burn of his touch, and the memory of the horror that awaited them.

“Vina?” His tone was short and cool, sending shivers throughout her body. It called back to him, yearning for his body against hers, she could not give in; not when it meant...

“You, saw it?” She asked, “You saw her?”

“It won’t happen, Vina!” He replied, taking a few steps towards her.

“I will kill him before he has a chance to harm our children!”

“He won’t be able to harm anyone.” Navina blurted out, rising to her feet.

“For he can’t harm, what does not exist!”

“Vina? What are you saying?” Lync looked so crushed, so lost.

“Talk to me!”

“He has sworn to kill us all, Lync! To kill every child born to Foran.” She paused for a moment, “I can’t let that happen! I won’t!”

“And neither will I! That bastard will die by my hand...” He replied, but she was shaking her head.

“I’m sorry, my love! Please forgive me.” And she was gone.

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