Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 24

The doors had opened, and a tall female with long blonde hair followed Kordahn towards the table. She was the picture of elegance and grace.

Like Lady Ellaria herself, she comported herself as if all eyes were upon her and the fate of the world rested on what she had to say.

“She’s Human!” Nyx let out, and Mia sort of laughed.

“I mean, she’s cute and all; but she’s Human!”

“Oh?” Khia replied.

“I can smell her!” He growled, sitting forward in his seat.

“I am sorry, my Lord!” The female started, taking a few steps closer.

“I did not mean,” She paused again, and a moment later the Demon could hear her voice right behind him. “to be rude!”

“What the fuck?” Nyx jumped out of his seat.

“So, not totally Human!” Mia laughed, and leaned back for a better look.

“Do you have a name?” She added, watching as the foxy blonde minx worked her fingers through Nyx’s hair, easing him back into his seat.

“Ambrosia!” Malice blurted out, and then grinned so wide.

“Hello, Malice!” The female replied.

“Do you know everyone?” Nyx growled, but then, it could have also been a groan.

“Enjoying yourself?” Mia rolled her eyes, and turned them on something more intriguing.

“She bears your mark, Malice!” “Yes she does!” The Valkyrie laughed, “It’s been what... three or perhaps four hundred years?”

“Is that all?” Ambrosia smiled back at her. “It seems like only yesterday that I was introducing you to my Ezrianna!” She sighed, leaving Nyx in a lump in his chair, and moving towards Khia

. “And how is your beloved?” Malice asked, remembering more and more. “She is well, and will be thrilled to hear that you have returned to the light!” The female smiled.

“Though times and duties would see us far from each other’s arms, the love still burns bright!”

“You have done well for yourself!” Malice told her, with a nod of approval.

“I have heard nothing but greatness from your Guild!” “I try, Mistress Malice, for that is all you ever asked for!” Ambrosia giggled.

“And, I have learned much with the gifts you and Mist have awakened within me; as has my beloved!”

“And what gifts are those?” Kember raised a brow at her, watching as she undid her long gray cloak and a piece of parchment fell from the pocket and floated to the floor with ease.

“What are you?” Kember went on, mesmerized by the beauty.

“Oh my...” Ambrosia let out. “Nyx? Would you be a dear, and fetch that for me?”

The female looked up at the Demon and let off another smile.

“That’ll be the day!” Kember laughed, and took a drink from her cup; only to choke on those words a moment later as Nyx rose from his chair.

“If it would help the Lady.” He replied, and even Malice had to applaud as the Demon knelt down to retrieve the roll of parchment.

“Holy, shit balls!” Mia let out, sitting back in her chair and rubbing her eyes.

“I think I need glasses!” “Are you fucking serious?” Kember added.

“Nyx?” Ambrosia called out again.

“Yes?” He replied, as if in a daze. “Could you bring that to your female,” She told him, and smiled again as he turned towards Mia.

“Oh, Nyx?” She added. “With your teeth!”

“Of course!” He smiled back at her, and slipped the roll between his lips as he continued towards his mate.

“Fuck, me, running!” Mia giggled, as Nyx appeared beside her, and handed her the scroll.

“How did you do that?” Kember gasped, just as Nyx took a long deep breath and shook his head.

“What the fuck?” He let out. “What’s going on?” “What, are you?” Kember was so intrigued and it was written all over her face.

“She’s a Succubus!” Mia grinned, “And damn, is she good!” She added, unrolling the parchment.

“That is correct!” Ambrosia smiled, “Thanks to Malice and her sister Mist!” She giggled.

“I should have known!” Nyx shook his head as he took his seat and examined the cup before him.

“What are you doing?” Mia asked. “I’ve been drugged, and possessed. Just checkin for poison!” He growled, and the whole table lit up in laughter.

“I’ve heard stories, but I didn’t...” Kember paused with a bashful smile. “I didn’t think you were real; your kind, I mean!”

“As you can see, I am very real!” The female smiled back at her. “Though I was not always like this!” She smiled back at Malice.

“She helped me see what I truly was!”

“Is this letter real too?” Mia asked, as she handed the letter to Malice.

“It arrived on a person, not two weeks past. A rather greedy fellow, with scraggly hair and a massive gritty beard. The male loved to talk, among other things and before he woke up the next morning, I had him make a copy of his little treasure for me!” Ambrosia grinned.

“You made him, make the copy?” Nyx looked stunned, and yet, impressed.

“If another is required...” Ambrosia started.

“I can find some parchment!” Nyx finished for her, and then gave her the evilest of glares.

“You did it again, didn’t you?” “Yeah she did!” Mia howled, and reached for her glass. “Oh, I’m going to have to pick your brain, my friend!”

“So you had him make a copy?” Khia laughed, returning them to the issue at hand.

“It was the least he could do, for the way he used my... females!” Ambrosia shook her head.

“Not just one, but three he requested; but I could not let them have all the fun!”

“So this is the original?” Malice inquired, flipping the thing over in her hands.

“Yes!” She smiled, “They were identical, and so we switched them.”

“And the brothel?” Malice added quickly, looking up at the female with concern.

“Were any harmed?”

“The brothel has been moved, of course; and the females remain untouched!”

“Moved to a different city?” Nyx cut in.

“Sadly, we have had to relocate a litter further; by way of a different planet altogether! Ezrianna and I will miss Earth, but there are others in your employ to keep track of the Humans; and even now, my beloved is seeing the opening of Lex!”

“Lex?” Nyx chuckled. “Sounds like a brothel to me!” “Lex, was the name of our mate, long passed!” Ambrosia glared at him.

“It is my Ezri’s way of remembering him! Each establishment has included some form of his memory or another!”

“Just how many of these whore houses do you have, Mal?” Nyx blurted out. “Hundreds!” Malice sighed. “Though I don’t get to visit them too often!”

“Thousands!” Ambrosia corrected her. “You have been away for awhile now!” She bowed her head at Malice. “And Ezrianna is quite skilled when it comes to the people!”

“As are you, if I remember correctly!” Malice grinned. “How is your throat these days?” She asked, and Nyx all but choked on his drink.

“It has become more difficult to please the crowds as of late; but there are tonics and such to ease the struggles of swallowing.”

Again, the Demon shuddered and choked on his drink. “You okay?” Malice inquired, seeing the blue tinge to his lips.

“For fucks sake, she sings you half wit!”

“How was I...” He started, and then shook his head. “Fuck it, what does the letter say?” Nyx grumbled.

“They are instructions, which seem to have been played out as per the request!” Malice grinned, and looked at Khia.

“You switched out the Mohini Root with the Passion Flower.”

“Same effects, except one will live to speak of it when their memory returns to them!”

“And the Mokeni Root?” Nyx cocked a brow. “Fun night, but you die in the morning!” Kordahn shuddered.

“The two are very similar and can be mistaken if not harvested by a trained eye.”

“Shit!” The Demon let out a face of disgust.

“So, everyone got shit faced, and then...”

“Because of this letter, which Ambrosia risked everything for to bring us, we knew that they were sending someone.” Khia sighed.

“We knew when, but not who, and so the plan needed to go forward.”

“But he didn’t stick to the plan!” Malice lit up with a smirk. “He brought a friend along.”

“That is correct!” Khia smiled, “A friend who stumbled into the wrong room, and paid the fateful price.”

“Who and what now?” Nyx blurted out.

“Bathsheba...” Mia replied, “She killed him, right?”

“See, even now, your memories return!” Khia laughed. “It was necessary to let them think that they had succeeded, so that they could attempt their assassinations; and we could catch them in the act!”

“Who did they come for?” Kember finally let out, she who had sat there quietly, contemplating the inevitable for a time. “They tried to poison us all!” Nyx cocked another brow at her.

“She is right though, they were only coming for two of you!” Ambrosia replied.

“Malice, which was what caught my attention, and one named, Navina!”

“Navina?” Nyx choked out, “Why would they want her? I mean, I get it, everyone wants a piece of Malice, but why Navina? And how, did you know where to bring the letter?”

“Listen to you go!” Mia laughed, and then looked at Ambrosia. “How did you know where to go?”

“It is simple really, males tend to boast when a female is about their cock!” Ambrosia grinned, “And who would not boast, about attending one of Lady K’s prized hunts?”

“So you sought out Khia?” Malice inquired, “You have done well!”

“Thank you!” Ambrosia replied, and turned to Khia. “And thank you, as well! Emmagen and his wives have been most kind to Ezrianna!”

“Emmagen? The Mornin?” It was just one surprise after another for the poor Demon, and Mia was wondering when that shell of his was going to crack.

“You know Emmagen?”

“When Khia received word that I had closed the brothel, she insisted we stay with Emmagen in the mountain pass, until this was all sorted out.” Ambrosia told him.

“Do you know him, as well?” “We have met! We have a mutual friend.” He grumbled back.

“I see!” Kember muttered, “But what about Navina? Malice has made many enemies as of late, but why Navina? Why kill her, if they think she can lead them to us through Marena?”

“Navina is of the Order...” Mia started, but Kordahn shook his head. “I am afraid, it is far more than that!” He told them, and was about to say more, when a knock came at the door, and he rose to answer it.

What does he mean, there is far more to it?” Kember let out. “What are you hiding?” She was glaring at Khia. “What won’t you tell her?”

“What are you talking about?” Nyx cut in. “I found Navina on board the ship a few days ago, she was balling her eyes out and screaming that Khia was lying to her.

There was something she knew, and yet wouldn’t tell her.” Kember eyed Khia.

“She was right, wasn’t she?” Khia remained silent for a moment, and whether she was ignoring Kember on purpose, or was really intrigued by what was happening at the door, Kember had no clue; but as Kordahn returned, with him, was Saren.

“What’s going on out there?” Mia inquired, listening to the commotion before the doors closed. “Someone better start talking!” Nyx added. “I don’t like secrets!”

“What is it?” Khia asked, apparently ignoring everyone now. “It is the Vampire, Lady Khia, and my Mistress is quite concerned with what he has been saying!

She requests that he have an audience, and soon!” Saren spoke, and Khia looked towards Kordahn. His eyes were darting all about the room, and his muscles shuddered beneath his skin.

“Something is wrong!” He told her.

“Shit!” Khia sighed, and her whole demeanor changed.

“Show him in, and tend to the other guests! I do not want them wandering the estate just yet!” She told Saren, and the female skipped off towards the door.

“You uh, want to explain a few things?” Mia was eyeing Khia up and down. “I like a good game once in a while, but this shit is beyond fucked up!”

In a moment!” Khia hushed her, as if Mia were a mere child. “Excuse you?” Mia replied, but one look from Malice, and she was leaning back in her chair, waiting so patiently for answers.

“We may not have a choice!” Kordahn told her, as Saren showed Mist and a very agitated Lync to the table.

“Lync, my brother? What’s wrong?” Nyx inquired as he rose from his chair.

“We have a problem!” Mist replied for him, as the Vampire seethed behind her.

“Go on...” Khia looked concerned, but not as concerned as Malice was.

“Navina is gone!” Lync told them, about to break into pieces. “She left!”

“What?” Kember let out.

“Why?” Mia added. Malice kept quit, shaking her head, and Kember couldn’t help but notice.

“What is it, Malice? What do you know?”

“Only what I told her!” Khia sighed, and shook her head. “I had hoped that it would not come to this.” She added, and looked at Kordahn.

“We knew it would come!” He told her, and kissed her forehead.

“It is time!” “Close the curtains and make sure all the doors leading into the manor house are secure!” Khia told Mist.

“No one is to gain entry until I am ready to greet them on the front steps!”

“Of course!” Mist bowed her head, and made her way towards the door.

“What the fuck, is going on?” Lync asked.

“How much does she know?” Kordahn inquired.

“About what?” Lync snapped back.

“The children!” Khia sighed. “How much does she know about your children?”

“What children?” Mia let out; so very close to snapping. “She saw them, in a vision. We both did!” He started. “Two of them, a young male of three or four, and a female of...”

“What did she see?” Kordahn asked, his hand now on Lync’s shoulder. “We need to know?” “I don’t how, but the children were real! I knew them, I loved them.”

“Yo, you don’t have kids, Lync!” Nyx reminded him. “I know! But they were real, and I could feel them. I could feel the love in my heart, and the terror as we searched for Toria.”

“Toria?” Mia blurted out. “Anatoria, and Ky’rel, son and daughter, of Lord Lyncan and his Lady Navina!” Khia began, but Lync cut her off.

“We have no children, and she swears that we will never have any, until she destroys Pathen for what he’s done!” Lync shouted.

“She swears she has glimpsed the future, and will not rest until she has changed it!”

“What the fuck did that bastard do, or will do, now?” Nyx growled, his fists clenching in at his side. The silence filled the room as everyone anticipated the reply, but it was not what they had expected.

“What she saw, was not the future, Lync, but the past. Or rather, all that happened, in a future that is no more!”

“Can you say that again, cause I’m fucking confused.” Lync growled. “That wasn’t the future?”

“It was, and it wasn’t!” Malice finally cut in. “Oh, that’s helpful!” Nyx muttered.

“It’s the truth! In a few years from now, Navina would have given birth to a daughter, Anatoria; and a few years after that, she would have a son, Ky’rel!” Khia told them, “Sired by Lyncan, Son of Lokaryn, Ky’rel would be the first, in a long line of Kings; a line that would end as it has, with Markus.”

“Shut the fuck up! You’re serious?” Nyx half laughed, half gasped. “She speaks the truth! In the years to come, Anatoria and Ky’rel would give life to many offspring, building the race of Vampires as it is today. Half Vampyr and half Kor’Mhia.” Kordahn explained.

“You created a new race, that would one day rise up against Pathen and the others, and they could not let that happen!”

“Okay, let’s slow it down... This all happens, in the future?” Nyx was still confused.

“It did happen in the future, and so Pathen himself went back through time, and tried to change what would be!” Khia had tears welling up in her eyes, as Lync continued from there.

“He came for us at home.” The words just started coming out. “While the cities burned in outrage, he came into our home, killing our guards to gain entry. He then lured our daughter into the woods behind our estate, and murdered her before he came for my son...”

“Navina, being of the Order, knew that it was possible to undo what Pathen had done, and so she returned herself, hoping to prevent the massacre.”

Khia paused for a moment to take a drink. “She succeeded, but only for a time; and not nearly long enough to see her daughter reborn.”

“Oh Gods!” Kember let out, reaching for Mal’s hand, but her lover would not take it.

“Malice?” “What happened?” Mia asked as Kember looked at Malice.

“I happened!” The Valkyrie let out. “I was sent for his father, Lokaryn!”

“You what?” A few of them gasped, and Malice recoiled.

“I was sent after Lokaryn, As a traitor, it was my job to bring him in, or see him destroyed!” Malice admitted, feeling all eyes upon her.

“I shot at his ship and watched it fall from the sky...” She paused, and looked at Kember.

“Had I known there was a child on board, I never would have.” “You, killed my Father?” Lync let out.

“I was told that he was a threat to the Masters, but when I watched that so-called threat, hand you over to Navina. I knew what I had done was wrong, and I could not go back to them!”

“Shit!” Nyx let out with a huff. “Why don’t I remember?” Lync inquired, “Why doesn’t she remember?”

“She lost her children, Lync.” Kordahn replied. “She watched them die, and then watched her hopes for their rebirth, die as well.”

“Upon surrendering you as an infant to Kordahn, she asked that she never remember the heartache that was, and seeing the tears of loss in her eyes and hearing her plea to keep you safe; I could not refuse!” Khia finished.

“I lied!” Malice let out. “I broke my vows to be truthful, and I lied to Marena, and therefor, to Pathen. I told him the child had died with the father, and that is why he comes after me with a vengeance.”

“That, and the fact that Navina and Marena, are daughters of Foran; and Foran is his son!” Kordahn growled. “He could not bear the world to know, that he had sired one traitor, and lost his prized pupil, to another!”

“Add that to the list of other things that have pissed him off, and you get one cranky ass Host!” Nyx chuckled, but Lync shot him a look.

“All of this, because Pathen didn’t get his way?” Mia cocked a brow.

“All of this, because somewhere along the way, Pathen fucked up, and he’s been trying to fix things ever since!” Malice growled.

“He will stop at nothing to please his Masters, even if it means tampering with the bloody timeline!”

“What about Navina?” Lync inquired, “She’s gone, and I have no idea where!” “I do!” Kordahn replied with a sigh.

“I will take you there, and we will bring her home!” “I will go too!” Malice cut in, but Khia shook her head.

“You are needed here!” She told the Valkyrie.

“If Casin is coming for the hunt, we need to be ready! He alone, could lead us to Pathen!”

“They can’t go alone!” “

They won’t be!” Nyx growled, still standing beside Lync. “I’m going!”

“Then so am I!” Mia grinned, “Can’t let you have all the fun!”

“Not happening, you will stay here and help Malice! One of us has to enjoy the hunt!” He grinned back at her.

“It is settled then. Malice, Kember and Mia will stay for the hunt, and Lync will go with Kordahn and Nyx.

I will ask Mist to go along as well. They will find Navina, and they will bring her back to, us!” Khia told them all, before rising from her chair.

“There had already been a lifetime of sadness; it is time to bring the light back to us all and reveal the shadowed secrets!”

Well that was, interesting, though Navina had just learned to control her new skill, she had no idea how she’d managed to find herself far far away from all the drama; and Lync. Not that this place was welcoming and all, but it was... home?

‘Momma? Do you see the pretty lights?’ She heard the child’s voice. Ky’rel’s voice.

‘I do, my love!’ She heard herself say, but her lips did not move.

‘Shall we go find your Father? Perhaps he can take you down to the hill? You will have a better view from there!’ Ky’rel was so excited as he jumped up and down and clapped his hands.

‘I will go and find him and Tora too!!’ Such love in those little green eyes. So much joy on a face brimming with short black hair.

He looked so much like his father; so devilishly handsome with his dimples.

‘Come on, Momma!’ He shouted back to her, just before he turned the corner. A long hallway lined with pillars, a red running carpet down the center and curtains that matched hanging in each window.

She paused but a moment, looking out such a window, gazing at the light display over the ridge. Someone was celebrating! Across the courtyard and over the hills, she watched as the sparks flew into the sky, and then the...

‘Oh Gods!’ She heard herself gasp, as the flames grew closer, higher; lapping at the sky itself. That was not, a celebration, but an explosion; and there was only one place she could think of, that would produce a sight such as this.

‘Vina?’ He called to her, and she turned to see her beloved racing down the hall with their children in his arms.

‘Take the children and go. Find the chamber and hide there until I return!’

But where are you going?’ She asked, as another explosion let out. ‘I go nowhere, my love. Now go, keep them safe, Vina!’ He smiled, and placed a kiss on her forehead. ‘

Go to the chamber, now!’

The chamber? The explosions? It was all so vivid, she could see each crease in his furrowed brow, and the gleam in his eyes.

The vision had ended, and as Navina picked herself up off the floor, she could still see the vibrant reds of the now faded curtains, and the ivory pillars, now gray and covered in decades of dust.

Nothing made sense, how could this place be here? She had not yet lived here, had not yet made it her own... it shouldn’t even exist. She walked down the halls like she knew where she was going.

Past old pictures that still hung and mirrors with cracks and missing pieces. The chairs still lined the doorway to the dining hall, one on either side; and when she opened the doors, in the dust cloud that followed, she found the tables still set with her favorite china. From the dining hall to the kitchen, even the pantry where she and.

“Shit!” She let out, letting the memories flood her mind, and the fog rolled in once more.

‘Hush now, or they will find us!’ She whispered, as his hand came down beneath her cheeks and hoisted her up around his waist.

And if they do, find us?’ He growled in her ear, nipping at her neck as he thrust himself inside of her.

‘What, will you do?’ ‘Oh Gods, Lync!’ She shuddered now, just as she’d shuddered then. ‘

If the children...’ ‘The children are out at play with Kordahn; we are very much alone, my love!’

‘What of the manor staff? What would...’ She was trying to hold back the moan in her throat, and she was losing fast.

‘You are mine, and now and forever, and they know that!’ He shouted, and his thrusts grew harder, his kisses more powerful than ever before.

The door slamming shut behind her had the vision ending so fast; but she remembered how that particular door, had always had loose hinges.

I will get to it!’ He used to tell her. No, he didn’t use to, he hadn’t yet... “

Bloody hell!” She shouted, her voice echoing through the kitchen and out into the courtyard. There was no one there to hear it, but she shouted nonetheless.

A giant manse in the shape of an L, with a courtyard in the center and surrounded on three sides by the woods they had taught there.

No, they hadn’t taught them anything, not yet! This was insane. How could she be here? How could this place, this manor, be here? Unless, she was not seeing the future, but the past?

No, that wouldn’t work either. She.was so utterly confused. Not the future, but the past? And yet, she and Lync looked older.

“Oh Gods, make it stop!” She brought her hands to her head, and felt the world closing in on her. She needed fresh air, she needed out.

“You can’t go out there yet!” Kember laughed, helping Malice into her gown.

“I want to see them!” Malice grumbled, standing still for mere seconds at a time.

“And what’s with this getup? I can barely breathe!”

“You have to play the part, remember? You’re the assassin that was sent to kill, well, you.”

“Oh, right!” Malice sighed as Kember’s fingers moved quickly to fasten her corset.

“Did we at least get anything out of the fool in the dungeons?”

“He’s quite proud of himself, thinking that he and his followers have killed the lot of us; but he isn’t talking!

Mind you, I don’t think there is anything he can tell us, that Casin can’t!” Kember smiled at her, and tied the last of the loops, trapping Malice in that hideous black dress. At least it was black, and Kember had allowed her to keep her bracelet on.

“I am not the assassin.”

“No, he died! Remember? You’re the friend he brought along, the one that got the job done!

No one knows who you are, only that you were his associate, Malice! To everyone else, you died along with him!”

“And my name?”

“Whatever you want it to be, you weren’t supposed to be there!” Kember smiled at her, and lay a kiss against her lips. “

Now, turn around, I need to fix the frill.” “Fuck, me!” Malice let out, “Frills?”

“Later, and yes, frills! You need to appear Ladylike, waiting for your opportunity.” Kember grinned, sliding her fingers through Malice’s, now black hair, and toying with it until it sat atop her head with perfection.

“A lady, of the night!” She giggled, placing a dagger a midst the mess.

“I liked my blonde hair!!” Malice grumbled. “You look more like Mist now!”

“And Mia?” Malice cocked a brow at her, as she spun her fingers and spoke in ancient tongues.

“What the hell are you doing now?” “Hold still! The magic needs to set!” Kember scolded her.

“What magic? What are you doing?” “Your corset and undergarments will not come off, unless you, will them to!” Kember smiled at her.

“No one shall take you against your will!” “They wouldn’t stand a chance!” Malice laughed, and kissed her Witch.

“I know, but one can never be too careful when it comes to war!” Kember sighed, “I will not be there to help you.”

“I don’t want you there!” Malice growled at her. “The thought of another placing their hands on you.”

They both shuddered, and Malice was so close to testing out Kember’s spell. Hunt, what hunt? Her female was before her, and she wanted out of that dress.

“Here, take this...” Kember laughed, placing an amulet of sorts around her neck. “It was taken from the male before he was tossed into the dungeons; his friend, the one that Bathsheba killed, wore one just like it!”

Malice examined the small trinket, a small charm a lamp, or so it seemed, hanging on a strip of woven leather. “

Khia believes it is the lamp that lights their way, or something like that; but she says it should help Casin recognize you!” Kember finished tying the knot, and let it hang in place.

“It’s kind of pretty, in a old, warped, kind of way!” Malice cocked a brow at her.

“So, how do I look?”

“See for yourself!” Kember grinned, pointing at the mirror that stood in the corner.

“Oh boy!” Malice let out, taking a few steps so she could see her reflection.

“Wow!” She added with a hiss, “I look hot!” She grinned wildly.

“Don’t get any ideas, you can wait until the hunt begins; they are your prey, not I. Not today!” Kember grinned.

“And I will keep an eye on your daughter!”

“So it’s just me and Mia then?”

“And Khia, and all the guests; one of which, is Casin!” Kember whispered as she drew closer to the Valkyrie’s ear.

“Take your rage and play their game, fuck them all if you have to, but know that you will be one step closer to your vengeance, when the information we seek, is obtained!”

Bloody hell! How was Malice supposed to concentrate, when Kember was spouting such sinful words?

“Oh, I will play their game, my love, but it is you, that is my ultimate prize!” Malice growled, drawing her closer, their lips locking in a sweet and sensual embrace; leaving them both breathless when Malice released her.

“Then make me proud!” Kember replied with a growl of her own. The moment would have continued, if not for the knock that came at the door, and a second later it opened.

“What the fuck, are you wearing?” Malice let out, as Mia stood there, glaring at them both. “That’s a really good fucking question!” Mia replied, and closed the door behind her.

“What’s with the hair?” “What’s with the shoes? The make up? The body jewelry.” She shouted, pointing to her nose and eyebrow.

Dressed in a pair of flowing silk pants, at least, Malice thought they were pants, and an itty-bitty halter all covered in shiny jewels, but her hair.

“I guess you’ll find out if blondes really do have more fun?” Kember laughed, unable to hold it in.

“This...” Mia pointed at her ‘costume’ and scowled, “This, is so not funny, Kember!”

“Honestly, I think you look adorable!” Malice let out, and had to duck as one of Mia’s shoes came off her foot, and launched towards her head.

“Nice shoes!” She added picking the thing back up, and tossing it back. “Check out the daggers in the gems!”

“The what?” Mia let out.

“Did you even look?” Kember inquired. “I feel like a Sprite, and Sprite’s don’t usually do weapons!” Mia glared at them, pulling the tiny blade from its hidden slot behind the gems.

“Nice touch!” She added. “But I miss my trench coat!”

“Try the sleeves!” Kember grinned.

“There’s more?” Mia grinned and took hold of the sleeve, which was more of a sheer stocking that draped down her arm, but in the cuff was a hoop, and attached to that hoop was a thin line.

“No fucking way...” Mia’s eyes lit up.

“Seriously?” “It’ll cut through anything, or so Khia says! Made of the purest Kor’Mhia silver.”

Kember’s own eyes lit up as she explained.

“Weapons are forbidden during the hunt, but Khia was not about to send you both anywhere, without provisions!”

“I like the way the female thinks!” Malice grinned, as she and Mia discovered even more hidden treasures.

“Good morning, females and gentle males! It is good to see you all!” Khia announced, as she descended the first few steps.

“Please, come inside! The cooks have been busy!”

“You heard the Lady!” Mist shouted, getting everyone’s attention. “Mid morning meal has been announced!”

The crowd cheered as they hurried past her and up the steps, and Malice watched as maybe fifteen, no, sixteen individuals with mouths open and drooling, swept into the main hall.

Males, females, and all of their cohorts, scrambling up the steps and into the estate, while Khia stood talking with Mist.

Any one of these bastards could be Casin, and she was hoping to spot him as she twirled the lamp like medallion in her fingers.

I want you to go with Kordahn and the others!” She heard Khia tell Mist.

“Then they go after Navina? They go to the manor?” Mist replied, and Malice thought about the manor Khia had mentioned.

The place where Pathen had destroyed everything; for the first time. Navina had gone to Kem’pir, and now, after the fall of the Order, there was no telling what she would find there.

“Go now, and make sure they all return safely!” Khia smiled at the dark haired Valkyrie, and then Mist turned towards Malice.

“You as well, must take care, my sister; for there are many dangers lurking in the shadows.”

“Then we shall have to shed some light on them!” Malice laughed in reply and embraced her.

“Shadows do not last long around me!”

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