Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 25

Last night’s festivities had been quite, irritating. Malice had not expected to have to dance, let alone courtesy to ever bastard in the bloody hall.

She was supposed to be an assassin, yet she had looked more like a Lady Royal as she pranced about with the rest. Lords and banner-men, a handful of Kings from other worlds, and then there were the twins.

Princes, though they acted more like barbarians, their royal fucking highness’ Hallyn and Tallyn. Oh, how she wanted to teach them some manners, remembering the way they greeted her, fondled her; expected her to be a whore.

Tall, dark skinned, and incredibly gorgeous; didn’t matter though, with their disgusting shows of vulgarity.

‘Come with us, and we shall show you why the pale skinned broads love us so!’ Broads? Pale skinned?

If she hadn’t been bundled up so tight in that corset, she’d have shown them just how much bigger her cock was than theirs. But alas, it hadn’t worked out like that, not with Kember intervening and stealing her away.

The female was smart, and used her wiles well. Now though, after all that wining and dining in that stupid dress, all the special interests after, and then again this morning; Malice was roaring and ready to get down those stairs.

Kember, on the other hand, was still lounging in the bed, her skin so soft beneath those sheets as she watched Malice dress.

“You know, you’re going to have to strip down, right?” She giggled, as Malice pulled on her jacket.

“That’s why, I’ve come prepared!” Malice grinned, tying back the mess of long black hair.

“I’m not gonna lie, my love, the hair has grown on me!”

“You look like your sister!” Kember cocked a brow at her. “Still beautiful, but I miss the golden locks!” “The things we must do to procure answers!” Malice sighed, and threw on her cloak.

“So, how do I look?” “It would look much better, if you were naked!” Kember groaned, and stretched beneath the sheets.

“You, are the reason they call them, Wicked Witches!” Malice growled at her, but restrained her urges.

“You know that, right?” “I guess all that is left, is for me to pick a domain then!” Kember laughed, and rose from the bed, draping the sheet around her nakedness.

“And I will carve it out for you, just as soon as I fuck a few bastards, silly!” Malice grinned, and felt Kember’s body against her own.

“Well, don’t have too much fun!”

“Never!” Malice replied, kissing her Witch hard.

“Now go, before anyone sees us together!” She smiled, and watched Malice walk out the door.

“I welcome you all, and wish you all the best!” Khia’s voice rang out, and it was all she could do, to hold her excitement back. Mia stood close by, listening as the crowd cheered, and those who would participate, came forward.

“As it is custom, I will call your name, and you will stand before all to receive your color!” Khia carried on with the first name.

“Lord Kalos, Governor of the Southern Pole of Boran Four, welcome! If you would, my good Lord, show us all what you have to offer the Dragon Gods!”

“Dragon Gods?” Mia let out.

“She likes Dragons, remember” Malice grinned back at her as Khia stood back and a tall, burly looking male turned round to face the crowd; opening each button on his long black jacket.

Long white hair and steely gray eyes, he almost reminded Malice of Nissa; but without the wings and God like aura.

“My name is Kalos, and I accept the invitation to hunt!” The male let out, and Malice had to bite her lip as he stripped down to nothing but his boots, and a leather skirt?

Was that what they called them, wrapped about his waist. Gods, those muscles looked divine though, and Malice had to make a mental note, that he was definitely on her list.

“Very well!” Khia replied and the crowd began to clap. “You shall bear the color yellow, and once marked, it will be known that you have made your claim!” Lord Kalos raised his yellow marker into the air, and again the crowd let out its roar.

“Thank you, my Lord!” Khia smiled, clapping her hands as he left the stage to stand on the tribute’s podium, which was cordoned off with red silk.

“And now, Prince’s Tallyn and Hallyn of the House Morath, coming to us from the planet Al’tienne; they are but two of last years finalists!”

“Thank you, Lady K!” Prince Tallyn spoke first, tying back his long dark hair. “And thank you all!” Prince Hallyn added, as he took to braiding his own. “It is an honor to be back here!” He told the crowd.

Blah blah, blah! Malice couldn’t believe how much ass kissing they were doing; but she couldn’t help but watch, as one after the other, Hallyn and Tallyn dropped their cloaks and stood before the crowd in nothing but their underwear. Fancy too, judging by how snug they fit.

“Thank you, thank you!” They shouted as the crowd went wild, and Lady Khia approached them once more.

“Well, you have both filled out immensely since last we met.” She told them. “Prince Hallyn, your color shall be purple, and Prince Tallyn, yours will be orange! Take note, that once marked, it will be known that you have made your claim!”

“Thank you!” They replied in unison, and made their way to stand with Kalos.

“Next, we have Lord Waryn Baggorin.” The male looked to be seven feet tall, and was built like an Insidian Warlord; but holy hell, Malice could feel the river starting between her thighs.

Bloody hell, he looked just like Reh but bigger. He was given the color white, before he too, took his place beside the others. On down the list they went, a Lady Noss’ka, a tribal female with skin black as night, from the Eastern shores of Samo’san.

She was a fighter in her own right, and once handed her gray marker, wearing nothing but the shreds of fabric that covered her nipples and lower sex, she took a rather provocative stance next to Lord Waryn.

Now she, Malice thought, would make a worthy adversary, and was more than willing to show her a few of her ‘assets’. Needless to say, Malice was so busy admiring the female, that she almost missed the next name.

“Lord Casin of Indari, we welcome you!” Hey now, that was a name she needed to put on her face, and when she looked over, she saw the male standing with his back to her.

“I am honored that you have selected me from all of my brothers, and I will not shame you, my lovely Lady!” Oh damn! That voice was so very sinful, so very...

Oh Gods! Malice wasn’t going to last, not with all these tasty morsels lurking about. Malice watched in awe as the male dropped his cloak, sporting a mini sarong about his hips. So wicked, so...

“Owe!” She let out, as Mia elbowed her. “That’s him!” She told her. “I know!” Malice snarled back, rubbing at her arm. “Bloody fine looking male!” She said even louder, catching the wavering eyes upon her. “Lord Casin, your color shall be blue, and let it be known, that any who bear the color blue, have been marked and claimed by this Lord!”

She nodded her head, and the luscious male accepted his marker. Lord Avar was next, a Vampire of Earth with a voracious appetite and rather large belly. He was given the color brown, and sworn in as a contestant.

There was also Lady Sorenna of Kelmar, a lovely shade of blue on her skin, and hair as black as night; to her, Khia gave the color pink.

“Please, everyone, let us welcome Lady Tomoe!” Khia smiled at them all. “She comes to us, all the way from Illio, and has many skills, or so I have been told!”

The crowd cheered, and Mia had to nudge Malice again, before she realized that it was her they were cheering for. “My Lady...” Malice started, climbing the steps towards Khia.

“It is an honor to be in your presence, and I assure you, my Masters send their best!”

“Thank you, Lady Tomoe!” Khia smiled at her, and ushered for her to strip, and strip she did, letting the layers fall to the ground until all that remained were the skimpy leather halter and shorts she had borrowed from Zahara.

Skimpy, was actually an understatement, for anywhere else, Malice would never have dared; but this was the hunt, revered by all for its sinful nature, and Malice was feeling extremely dirty.

“For you, the color red, and may they all know that it was you, who left the mark!” Khia finished, and ushered her off like she had done everyone else.

“We have Belvaya, Lady of the night!” Khia chuckled and Malice was surprised to see her there. “And let me tell you about some of the things this one can do in the dark!” Malice lost track of what was being said about the female, as she was more interested in the scent that Casin was letting off.

A strong musk, as if he were... Oh Gods, he was extremely aroused; but for who?

“May I present, the Lady Miryn of the Northern Ridge!” Malice returned her attention to the stage as Mia made her way up the steps.

“Thank you!” Mia let out, and turned to face the crowd. Again, Malice took in Casin’s scent, and followed his eyes towards Mia. Long blonde hair, as Kember had suggested, and those devilish gray eyes to mask her own.

She was a looker, not even Malice could pry her eyes away, and when she finally stood there, in a tight pair of black panties and tank top...

“Your color, shall be black!” Khia told her, handing her the marker.

“Of course!” Mia replied, and made her way towards Malice; and the scent grew stronger. Interesting, Malice would have to stay close to Mia, if this was how the male was acting, he’d be following her like a lost pup. “

And last but not least, we have our sweet, Lady Ladine!”

“What now?” Mia let out, and Malice coughed, giving her a nudge as they huddled together.

“Who is that?” Malice inquired, taking in the view before her. Long black hair, scales that shimmered.

“She comes to us from the Shadowlands and has given her word, that no shifting will occur!”

“Shut up!” Malice hissed quietly. “Is that one of...

“The eldest!” Mia shook her head, thankful for the disguise. “Your color shall be green!”

“Thank you, Lady K!” The voice ran through Mia like fingers down a chalkboard.

Holy hell! A Shadow, here! This was never mentioned, in any of the conversations they had had. Nonetheless, as Ladine took her place a few feet away from them, and Khia began to speak again, Mia kept a close eye on the situation.

“Everyone, please, calm yourselves!” Khia called out. “Now that you have met our lucky twelve, let us go over the rules!” The crowd settled, and everyone waited in anticipation for the hunt to begin.

“First of all, any and all weapons are forbidden within the hunting grounds. This is not a battlefield, this is an honorable place, and you will respect the activities, and one another, while you are here.

There is to be no bloodshed due to an act of violence; to do so, will forfeit your position in the hunt, and see you spending a year within the dungeons below my keep!” Khia paused as the crowd listened for the contestants to agree.

“Second, you hunt, you claim, you mark and you release! End of story! There are six males and six females, do not confine one for your continued pleasure! Your mark will only be counted once upon their skin!”

Again she paused for them to agree. “

Third, if you are hunted, and caught, you must surrender to their claim; but in saying that, there is to be no forced pleasure. You are all aware that any can claim you, according to ancient rights.

It is male on female, female on female, or male on male, if you are hunted, you can be claimed.”

Now that there, that was interesting! How many of the males standing beside them, were going to agree?

All of them it seemed, and Malice had visions running through her mind.

Bloody hell! That was a close one, but as Malice hid beneath the rocky out cropping, she learned that Prince Tallyn had had his sights on someone else.

Lady Noss’ka, as dark as she was, found herself in a rather compromising situation, when the bold Prince approached her from behind while she relieved herself.

That golden stream had been her undoing, and before long, she was on her back with Prince Tallyn inside of her. Malice watched as she moaned and whimpered beneath him, giving in to his sinful needs.

He had claimed her well, and when his cock was spent, he drew his orange marker from the pouch about his neck, and lay his claim across her thigh.

So erotic, so sinful, the way she had enjoyed every moment of it. Chalk one down for the twins! Now that it was over, and the threat of being caught had diminished, Malice left the safety of her nook in search of Mia.

Where she had taken off to, Malice had no idea. After Tallyn had set upon them, it was only a matter of time before they lost track of one another.

So much for keeping tabs on her, so she could keep tabs on Casin, but her thoughts came to a crashing halt as she spied another near the river’s edge a few feet below.

Lord Waryn had made his first claim, bending Lady Sorenna over a log and spanking those sweet red cheeks as he drilled himself into her. It was a intriguing moment indeed, watching as he drew himself out of her sex, only to slam it back in a second later; letting her cry out in pleasure.

Despite the fact that this was one male she had wanted to test, she had to find Mia, and Casin.

An hour had passed before she caught sight of another, Lord Avar and... Prince Hallyn? Oh, now this was too good, and hunkering down, she watched as the handsome Prince fell to his knees and the Lord’s leathers were pushed out of the way as his mouth found that throbbing shaft.

It was hard to ‘not’ get excited, knowing that something such as this was taboo on so many worlds; but here, now, she relished in the entertainment before her. With each stroke, each moan, Lord Waryn’s face as he let himself go.

“Damn!” She hissed, feeling the wetness between her thighs. That was hot as hell, and there was no holding back. Malice emerged from her hiding spot a midst the trees, and making her way down towards them, she caught them both off guard.

“So nice of you, to get him ready for me!” She purred so sinfully, feeling their eyes upon her.

“Know now, that I have laid claim, to you both!” That didn’t seem like much of a problem, as both males fled to her side, their hands all over her in seconds as the anticipation took hold of them. It mattered not that they had been hunted, nor claimed, for their cocks would find satisfaction.

Lord Waryn took hold of her leather halter, unleashing her breasts; one for him, and one for the Prince. They suckled at her nipples, took pleasure in caressing her with their tongues, as her own hands fell down between their thighs, gripping the long hard shafts so tight.

Between moans and groans, she felt them harden in her grasp, thrusting into her hands as if they were fucking her, enjoying, her. Hands began to wander, leathers were thrown all about, and in a heartbeat, Malice was straddling Lord Waryn, and had the Prince’s throbbing cock in her mouth.

Gods, it felt so good, far from how Kember could make her feel, but damn this was close. The feel as they thrust into her, the power she held over them; it was captivating to say the least. In and out, back and forth, rocking her hips as her tongue curled around the Prince’s aching shaft.

“Fuck, me!” Lord Waryn let out, hissing as he pulled her off of him, and she felt the hot sticky mess as he unloaded his seed across her ass.

“For the love of...” Prince Hallyn moaned, grabbing hold of his cock as Malice sat back, letting him drip his own seed all over her chest.

“You’re welcome!” Malice grinned, using her halter to wipe away the mess, and she rose to her feet, hoisting up her shorts before she drew her red marker.

“Bend over!” She told them, and watched as they complied, still shuddering as their spent members hung between their legs; and she let the red ink glide across their cheeks.

“That was the best face job I have received in a long while!” Prince Hallyn groaned, as he pulled his own leather wrap about his waist.

“By the Gods, female, your cunt is so tight!” Lord Waryn added, rubbing at his cock. “A claim well laid, my Lady!”

“You are too kind!” She replied, tossing her halter to the side. “Now, if you will excuse me?” She let out, and took off into the woods as the two males argued over who had claimed who before.

“Not bad, for beginners!” Malice chuckled as the leaves whipped past her breasts. The fun was over, for now, and she had to find Mia; and find Mia she did, with Lord Kalos beneath her.

My, my, what would Nyx say? She took a moment to watch as Mia finished the male off, laying her black mark across his forehead before she let him scamper off into the woods.

“Marking him for later?” Malice called to her, and Mia rose to her feet with a smile. “I am just enjoying the hunt, for the both of us! I can’t help it if the beast returns to hunt those who bear my mark!”

Euphamia grinned, leaving her clothes behind her. “So, is it you, who will claim me? Or am I, you?” She asked, getting so very close and wrapping her arms around Malice’s neck.

“He’s watching!” She whispered into her ear, and then took hold of her lobe with her teeth.

“He likes to watch!”

“Does he now?” Malice let out with a sigh, letting Mia’s hands run up her back.

“Love me, like you did before!” Mia whimpered, kissing Malice’s neck, and there was no way in hell that Malice was going to resist.

Their lips joined, their bodies so hot, the leather all but melted from their skin as they took to the forest floor. Who knew that being watched could be so enticing? Malice felt the wetness, that moist tingle as Mia’s fingers lingered down below.

“You are a Devil!” Malice purred. “His daughter, to be exact!” Mia whispered, and let her tongue slide down the front of Malice’s chest.

“I can taste another of your nipples.” She added with a pout.

“He did well!” Malice shuddered, as the tongue dipped lower. One set of lips against another, and the whimpers began. Each of them, taking turns to satisfy the other; each of them, letting the sinful waves take them over.

Twice, they fell between the other’s thighs, and twice, they heard the muffled growls from the bushes to their left; and soon enough, the male himself was emerging; but he was not alone. The Shadow stood by his side, naked as the day she was hatched, and breathing quite heavily.

“One for each of us, my love!” The female spoke, and Casin approached with his rock hard shaft in his hand.

“If that is what you wish!” Malice replied, sitting back against the base of the tree, with Mia’s fingers still dancing, while her own twirled the pendant about her neck.

“Oh, I wish for that, and so much more!” Casin replied, a flash of lightning taking life in his eyes.

“But first, I am in need of some oral pleasures!”

“Of course!” Mia replied, making her way towards him, but the Shadow intervened.

“I have seen how well your mouth works, and now, I wish to feel it for myself!” Her words were like ice. “But not here, not, with them!” What was this? Not with them?

“Not with them?” Mia inquired. “I know how my mate likes to do things.” She grinned, and receiving a nod from Casin, held out her hand for Mia to follow.

“Don’t worry!” Casin let out, when Malice tried to protest. “She will be well taken care of; as will you!” He added, taking Malice’s hand and guiding it to his swollen groin.

“Very, well taken care of.” Well, if that was what he had in mind, then Malice was good to go. With a wink from Mia before she disappeared with the Shadow; nasty, dirty thoughts filled Malice’s mind.

She giggled, imagining all the ways in which she could use and abuse this male; but alas she was a mere Lady, harboring an assassin’s hunger.

“You worry for her?” Casin inquired. “You interrupted us, I had yet to lay my mark!” She sighed, “And I have been captivated by the female since first I laid eyes upon her in the harbor!” Malice replied, still naked as the day she was born, clutching the pendant in her hand as Casin approached her.

“I was hoping to finish her again, before you and yours appeared and ruined our fun.”

“That, is a lovely necklace!” He pointed out, just as she knew he would; and he took hold of her arm as if to guide her away.

“Indeed!” Malice replied, ripping her arm from his grip. “Strong, you are!” He grinned, his hand flying to the back of her neck as he pulled her even closer.

“I like it when they fight back!” “Do you now?” Malice smiled, until his lips were pressed against hers, and his hands were tugging at her breasts.

So full of sin you are!” He growled as she gave in, letting him handle her with those rough hands. It had been so long since she had been taken this way, so roughly; but she liked it.

She coveted the feel of his hand in her hair, guiding her head to wherever he saw fit; while his free hand pawed at every inch of her body. Pleasure and pain in equal doses, driving her wild with each touch; bloody hell, she was enjoying this a little, too much. “

You are so...” Malice gasped, her hand reaching down towards the male’s cock. “...massive!” She grinned, and then let out a moan.

“And you are quite clever!” He growled, capturing her lips once more.

“Tell me...” He chuckled as he pulled his head back, gazing into her eyes, and then down at the amulet.

“Who is your Master?”

“Oh, now if I told you that...” She purred, then ran her fingers down his naked arms, watching the goose pimples rise.

"He would then have to kill you; it is his way!” She told him, and then nibbled on his ear.

“I don’t like secrets, female!” He groaned, trying to fight the need that grew between his knees.

“Then you’re in the wrong profession!” She laughed, only to feel the pull at the back of her neck.

“I deal in nothing but, secrets!”

“From the lips of a true assassin!” He growled, pulling his cock from her hand, and in a moment he was on his back and guiding Malice into his lap.

“Now come, ride me like you would your Masters, and tell me how she died!”

“Which one?” Malice moaned, letting him slide deep inside of her. For a sworn enemy, the male knew just what he was doing,thrusting hard as she rocked her hips and moaned once more.

“The Valkyrie! Tell me how you killed the Bitch!” Oh, she was a bitch now?

Was that what they really thought of her? Truly? For she could show him what a true bitch looked like.

“I want to hear how you succeeded, where my own flesh and blood failed!”

“That, was your brother?” Malice inquired with a raised brow, and Casin sat up with one hand around her back, and the other at her throat.

His name was Damir, and he was the fastest and the most cunning of all our people!” He growled at her, and then laying back down, pulling her by the throat, he thrust deep inside her again.

“Tell me, how you fulfilled what he couldn’t!” Casein was pissed off, though whether he was choked at her, or that insolent fool who now had a name, she had no clue; but she had to move fast.

“I had not known the male long enough to inquire about his name!” She moaned, letting him have his way with her.

“Coin exchanged hands, and my orders were given.” She whimpered as he grabbed hold of her breasts with both hands, freeing her airway and driving himself deeper still.

“I met with my contact and followed him on board the ship. We...” The waves were growing in intensity, and she could tell by the look in his eyes, that he too was also close.

“I made for the kitchens dressed as one of the staff.” Damn, this was getting harder by the second.

“Where did my brother go?” Casin grinned, pulling her down so her chest hung in his face.

“Tell me, how the bastard fucked it all up!”

Okay, so was he pissed off that Damir had screwed up and gotten himself killed? Or, was he fishing through his brother’s demise, remembering each glorious detail of his fall?

It was hard to tell, as his face told her nothing but the enjoyment he was getting with her in his lap.

“He thought he could take the Warrior, himself.” Malice started, whimpering as his hands slid down her back, clutching her cheeks; guiding her.

“He wanted to claim it all.” “Bloody Bastard!” Casin roared, and Malice felt the shudder beneath her.

“How? How did it happen?”

“I poisoned them, of course!” Malice giggled, feeling her own orgasm burst inside her, and she too shuddered, panting as she lay on his chest.

“And my brother?” His breathing labored, his cheeks flushed beneath that thin film of sweat.

“Was taken out by a female, and a mere child at that!” She laughed.

“He was careless.” She added, rising up to look down upon him, brushing a strand of his hair away from his eyes.

He took matters into his own hands. Greedy and selfish; and wanting all of the glory for himself!”

“Then he was a fool!” Casin laughed, shuddering again between her thighs, watching as she stretched up and ran her fingers through her long dark hair.

“But, he was a fool with a plan in mind.” “Oh?” Malice smiled down at him.

“Do tell?”

“What?” Casin let out, and his own smile began to disappear. “You, were to tell me! That was the arrangement, should anything happen to him!” The male growled,

“He would have told you, this I know for a fact! So I will ask you, ``where are we going next?”

Crap! This was not good, not good at all! He didn’t know? She was supposed to tell him? This was not the plan. Shit!

“Where is my brother?” Casin roared, and Malice really had no choice, but to extend her claws up through the bottom of his jaw, and the blood began to pour.

“Fuck, me!” Malice let out as she rose to her feet, leaving Casin’s lifeless body to bleed out beneath her. Wiping the blood from her claws, she retracted them, and made for the small length of leather the male had worn.

It would do, for now, as she wrapped it around her, listening to the footsteps as they drew closer.

“What have you done?” The voice called out, and Malice spun around, letting her hair fall down about her shoulders, the hidden dagger flying from her fingertips, landing its mark in the Shadow’s throat.

“Tomoe?” Mia called out to her.

“Tomoe?” She shouted louder, and a moment later, she appeared right beside Malice, gawking at the blood that stained the ground at their feet.

“What have you done?” Mia asked, but Malice stood in silence.

“Malice? What the fuck did you do?” “He knew!” Was her only reply, before she handed another swatch of leather to Mia, and turned into the trees.

“Come, we have more work to do!” “Malice? We can’t just leave them here, someone will find them!”

“Oh we can, and we will!” She grinned back at Mia, and disappeared into the shadows of the nearby trees. Malice had every intention of letting the bastards rot where they were, and she hoped that they would indeed be found; for there was a new plan on the horizon.

Somewhere in the giant manor, though Navina didn’t know where, was a chamber; and she had to find it. She didn’t know why, or how, but she could feel something calling to her.

Something, eerie, that whispered her name through the hallways of the old abandoned estate. Like a leaf on the wind, it soared past her ears, singing a sweet melody that captivated her senses and wouldn’t let her go.

Down one hall and then another, down a flight of steps, and look, another hallway. She traveled out through the yard and towards a small cottage that lay off to the side, and once through the door, she found herself lighting a fire in the old rundown hearth. She examined the hearth, feeling the mantle with her fingers and taking note as to how smooth it was; save for one notch.

A soft click, followed by the rumble at her feet, and a door slid open to her left, as if a portion of the wall just disappeared, leaving a passageway that lit up the moment she stepped through. Dozens of candles lit the way down a small corridor, to a room no bigger than a bathroom. In that room, Navina found paintings, stone statues and wood carvings; all of them covered in a thin film of dust.

There were books and scrolls, maps galore lining the walls, little red dots covering them like a vast network of... She had seen these before.

Studied them, trying to learn all she could; but why? What was so important, it required so many maps? And over such a vast period of time?

She tried to decipher the writing, but there was no way of making out what it said; the ink long dried and faded. Lining another wall were pictures, old and crumbling, but those, she could still make out.

A young female with shoulder length black hair, the spitting image of Navina herself.

“Anatoria!” She whispered, and then looked at the small male beside her daughter.

“Ky’rel!” No sooner had she said their names, again, a portion of wall slid away, and a staircase was revealed. Whatever it was that called to her, it was coming from down there; and despite the fear that welled up inside of her, Navina found herself at the bottom step, and face to face with the darkness.

“Welcome, Navina!” A voice called out to her, and the hairs rose on the back of her neck as the candles lit all around her. “Who’s there?” She replied, a quiver in her voice as she removed her hood.

“Show yourself!”

“As you wish!” The voice replied again, taking on a more feminine tone.

“It is good to see you!”

“Good to see me? Who are you?” Navina choked out, wishing that she had brought a sword with her, as the figure stepped into the light. Long black hair, deep green eyes, and a face like an Angel.

“Orella?” Navina gasped,

“But how?”

“I have been waiting for you!” Her half sister replied. “You’ve been waiting for me? You bloody well knew where I was the whole time!” Navina glared back at her.

“What is this all about? Where are we?”

“If you are here, then you should already know!” Orella smiled at her. “

Take a look around, lay your hands upon a few things; and remember.”

“And what...” Navina paused. “What if I don’t want to remember?”

“We have been down this road, Navina! That is what led us to this!”

“You need to stop with the psycho babble, and tell me what the hell you’re talking about!” Navina snapped at her.

“Fine, you want to play hard ass, we’ll play!” Orella’s demeanor did a total one eighty, and the glare she shot back sent shivers down Navina’s spine. “

You have no choice, but to remember, for only you can unlock the secrets!”

“Fuck off, with the secrets! If you’ve known about this the whole time, this, whatever it is. Why wait until now? Why lure me here? Dammit, Orella, just fucking tell me!” Navina was on the verge of losing it, but the female didn’t seem to budge.

“Yes, what happened to your family was tragic, but you can’t just forget them!” Orella shouted back. “You can’t just forget about everything!”

“I lost them?” Navina muttered, but Orella just kept on. “Your family needs to be avenged, Navina!” “When?” Navina whispered. “When did this all happen?”

“The first time?” Orella inquired, and Navina gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

“Pathen is a madman, there is nothing in this Verse that he would love more, than to destroy anything and everything, that our Father has created; but you, you were his golden child.

You were his favorite; for you reminded him of Rammal.”

“Rammal?” Navina’s mind was spinning.

“He loved her, until the Valkyrie Janice, stole her from him and he vowed that any who held the blood of either in their veins, would perish from existence!” Orella shook her head.

“He has murdered countless females, just on a hunch that they may have been kin.”

“And what of Lync, and my children?”

“He came for you! He had come many times, throughout many histories, but you had always managed to evade his wrath; and there was peace for a time.

That was until he fell in with The Eno’tai, and his rage was reignited. They gave him the power and the Mornin gave him the knowledge...”

“He killed them...” Navina whimpered, the tears welling in his eyes. “He killed them, and you all knew but said nothing!”

“One’s mind is a fragile thing, Navina, and we are not, the Eno’tai. We are Kor’Mhia, and though you suffered, we watched and we protected, in hopes that you would remember on your own; and claim the vengeance that has been yours since the beginning!”

“How?” Navina let out, crumbling to her knees. “How do I remember?”

“Feel, Navina! Let your thoughts and your memories guide you about this room, and you will find your answers!” Orella replied. Navina started without hesitation, picking up random items and spinning about in a frenzy.

There was something in this room, something that was calling to her, though she could not find it; she couldn’t even grasp at her own thoughts. “For the love of the Gods, help me!” She shouted, placing a dagger back on the stand. “I don’t know what you want?”

“It is all yours, Navina! Things you have collected, treasured, protected.” The voice was fading.

“You know what you must do!”

“Orella?” She shouted, spinning towards the door.

“ORELLA?” She was screaming at the top of her lungs, spinning about as she hurried to find the next item.

“I don’t know what I’m looking for!” She cried, moments away from insanity. “For the love of everything that is sacred, show me the will to keep going!” The sudden rumble in the floor and the creak of the doors as they swung open, Navina hurried to her feet and tore across the room as another entered behind her.

“Vina?” He called out to her, and his presence only amplified the call she heard as her eyes peered upon the podium, and the lush purple velvet that hung down over top of it; masking the glory of what lay beneath.


“In here!” She called back, her mind clearing of the fog as she drew closer and picked up a corner of the soft purple fabric.

“What is it?” Lync asked, feeling the buzz the moment he entered the small chamber and Navina pulled the cloth away.

“By the Gods...” A gasp sounded behind them, and Nyx, Kordahn and Mist, stood in the doorway.

“Is that...” Mist started again, brushing past them all as her eyes laid upon the cushion; and the sword that lay upon it.

“That right there, is something beautiful!” Nyx grinned, following behind her and reaching out for the grip.

“No!” Mist shouted, pulling his hand away.

“That, is the Queen Sword; none may wield it, save for royal blood!”

“Lync could do it!” Nyx laughed, looking over at the male who stood with his arms around Navina; running his hands through her hair as she trembled.

“He is not Valkyrie though!” Mist reminded them, still admiring the beauty before her.

“You are!” Kordahn cut in. “But I was not chosen to receive it!” Mist shook her head.

“How do you know? It’s been here for what looks like centuries!” Nyx grumbled.

“It would glow!” Mist laughed and Navina sighed. “It’s true; that sword would glow, if it was meant for any of us!”

“Then who? Why did you have it, if it wasn’t for you?” Nyx was on a roll with the questions.

“I was merely a protector, and there was only one, who could claim the honor of wielding it!” Navina went on.

“So that’s not your sword? We can’t use it?” Nyx grumbled. “And I suppose we have to search for the one who can?”

“We won’t have to search far!” Navina smiled, “And when we find her, I assure you, she will be ready and willing to claim her sword!”

“Oh really? And who could this Almighty Warrior be? And if you say the Angel, I will shit my pants; for reals!” The Demon cocked a brow at her.

“So out with it? Who do I need to kidnap, to get this show on the road?”

“Malice!” Navina replied. “She alone, can wield the Queen Sword, and have it guide her to her deepest wishes!”

“Wait, Malice?” Nyx huffed.

“Homie, she’s already got a sword with attitude!”

“And this too...” Navina nodded towards the podium, “... is hers! I don’t remember all the details, but you need to bring her here! She will need it for what is to come!”

“And what is that, exactly?” Nyx growled, just as another presence filled in the room and the sword let off a flicker.

“Bathsheba?” Navina let out as she turned to the door, it had to be; and when she saw the look on the young Valkyrie’s face...

“What’s wrong?” She inquired, hurrying to the female as Mist did the same.

“Sheba? What’s happened?” Nyx growled. “Where is your Mother?” Mist added.

“Mother, has been arrested!” She broke down, and if it were not for Nyx and those strong arms of his, she would have hit the floor.

“What did she do?” Mist asked, backing away from them all, her wings extending as if to take flight.

“Mother, and Euphamia...” She paused a moment, looking up at the Demon. “have been arrested for murder.”

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