Legend's II: Chronicle's

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A look ahead

Not too shabby, for the floor of a cell made of stone; if you could get past the putrid smell, that is. The stones were a dark gray and the plant life, at least, that’s what the fuck she hoped it was, crept through the cracks and tickled her nose.

This was not what she had signed up for; well actually, it kind of was, but come on.

“You awake yet?” She heard Euphamia’s voice, and the sudden memory of where she was, or rather, where they were, sunk in.

“Shit! Yeah!” Malice replied.

“Though I could do it with a trip to the spa!” She added, and then groaned as she rolled over onto her back.

“This sucks!” “Now, you double yourself? Now, after it’s all said and done!” Mia snapped back.

“You couldn’t have, you know, maybe put two and two together, before you killed the bastard?”

Yikes! Okay, so Euphamia was still mad. It was only natural though, after being stuck in this cell for, what was it now? Three days.

“He was a traitor!” Malice choked out, rising to a sitting position with her back against the wall, and her fingers searching for the pendant she’d worn around her neck.

“So you killed him? You couldn’t let the others do it for you, and not landed us in prison?” Mia shot out. Well, at least she was still talking to her.

“I had no choice!” Malice sighed, hanging her head to the side, not a care that her voice reached so many vile ears. “He killed the Shadow!”

“He what?” Mia growled. “He threw the dagger, not I! He endangered the mission!” Malice glared at Mia.

“You didn’t have to kill him!” “Oh, yes I did! The plan must fall into place, and that greedy little bastard was going to ruin it all! After all we’ve accomplished, Miryn, he would have risked it all!

“Have you lost your mind? You won’t survive in this place, Tomoe!” Mia huffed back at Malice.

“Hey?” The male shouted, and the footsteps grew louder. “You, with the loud mouth!” He croaked at Malice, as he appeared in front of the cell door.

Big and grotesque; like an Inside, though his skin lacked that hideous green tinge. Bald and fat, Malice could smell the rancid stench as he lingered a few feet away.

“What do you want?” Malice sighed and rolled her eyes. “Figured you’d be k.o’d by now!” He chuckled, jangling the keys at his belt.

“Most of you fuckers pass out after such a rigorous, interview!” The look in the male’s eye, the sinister odor that poured off of him with his breath, Malice wasn’t sure if she’d be awake much longer, if he came any closer.

“What? You don’t want to talk now, Princess?” He taunted her. “I wonder what Daddy will say, when he finds out his precious pumpkin likes to play with knives?”

“Princess? Ha! She may be precious, but come midnight, it ain’t a pumpkin she turns into!” Mia laughed, attempting to amuse herself; and whoever else might be listening.

“As opposed to the one who actually dons the tiara beneath Daddy’s sheets!” Malice glared back at her. “Or anyone’s sheets for that matter! Fuck, you don’t even need sheets, just something they can bend you over!”

“Wait, who are we talking about here? Me, or you? Cause I’m pretty sure you’re the one living in the sinful fairy tale, Sweetheart!”

“Female’s, please?” The male let out, we have places for this sort of thing!” He added with a growl. “And to think, that I begged your Father to let you come!” Mia shook her head, “ I should have left you there and completed the mission myself!”

“I am the darkness is in his heart, not you! You’re just a toy!” Malice hissed at her, and the guard’s face lit up even more.

“This was my mission to complete, and you will not stop me from the pride our Masters will bestow when all our enemies lay at their feet!”

“Wow!” Mia snickered at her.

“You’ve lost it!”

“No, I’ve found it!” Malice shot back.

“Alright then!” The guard let out, so excited, he nearly dropped the keys as he called for another to help him.

“The others will hardly believe what we have to offer them tonight!”

“I don’t know what you think will happen tonight, but if she is involved, count me out! I will not be responsible for her.”

“You just want to crawl back into my Father’s bed!” Malice hissed at her. “It’s more pleasant than this hovel!” Mia shouted, as the male’s entered their cell, and went for the chains about their feet; and then their wrists.

“At least he can give me satisfaction.” It was only a second before the first one hit the floor, and the second began to swing his dagger about.

Mia took care of that, knocking the blade from his hand with one of her own, hidden in a similar place a midst her hair.

“You think, a few beatings, will be enough to keep me here? You have no idea the wrath that will ensue, when my Masters come for me!” Malice shouted again, before making her way out of the cell, smiling at the other prisoners as she walked.

She was quite pleased with herself. Things were looking up!

“My Lady!” One of them called to her, and her eyes were drawn to the sight of his own behinds the thick steel bars. Long white hair, murky gray eyes that looked like death himself was staring back at you; but his voice.

“Hello!” Malice replied. “And you are, my good sir?” She smiled at him, pulling back the loose strands of her black hair.

“Very glad, that you have come!” He replied with a grin, and came closer to the bars.

“Oh? And why’s that?” She replied, toying with the pendant as she stood before him.

“What the...?” The voices rang out, and before Malice knew it, she was caught off guard in a stampede of guards; arms hooked under her own as she was dragged away.

“We have places for females such as yourself!”

“Shit!” Malice growled, trying to fight them off; but there were too many.

“To the pits!” Another shouted, as her feet bounced along the ground.

“Let her fight off some steam, with them!”

Them? Who or what, were they? She knew who she was, but who was this other she was to fight? Shouts and cheers rang out as she was pulled down one gnarly hall and then another, past many doors; but never any windows.

Damn, Khia wasn’t lying when she said that none ever saw the light of day down here. It was down right creepy, but Malice was good with creepy.

“Go and bring us her friend, we shall watch them continue their argument in the pit!”

Shit! One of ‘them’ was going to be Mia. Not what she had expected, but she would have to make do; for the sooner she got back to her cell, the sooner she could find answers.

Somewhere down here, was the fool who had attempted to raid Khia’s ship and poison them all, he knew where Pathen was. The only thing left, was to get him to tell her where exactly, that was!


Standing in the Null’s war room, Kember shuddered at the thought of Malice locked away in a cell somewhere.

She had sent Bathsheba to find her Aunt, hoping Mist could shed some light on the situation. It wasn’t surprising, that when the young female had returned, she’d had an entire entourage with her; and they were beyond pissed.

Now, waiting for someone to tell her what the hell was going on, she listened to the shouting in Lord Eroch’s private study. He too, was furious, having been locked away in that room with Kordahn for quite some time.

Kember was starting to wonder if the male was even still alive. He had to be though, Lord Eroch wouldn’t just yell at a corpse, would he?

Fuck, Kember didn’t know anymore; about anything. Malice was in prison, having apparently committed murder, and it had taken Kordahn two days to inquire about the incident.

‘To avoid unwanted attention!’ He had told them. Two days, to meet with your so called mate and get the truth behind it all? Seriously?

She knew a handful of souls that would have tossed the rule book out the window and charged that bloody prison already. They were threatening to, as they all stood about the Null; waiting.

“Kember?” Navina appeared in the hall just a few feet away. “I hate it when you all do that!” Kember shook her head. “I’ll never get used to it!”

“Sorry!” Navina replied. “It feels like the only way I have ever gotten about now! It’s... odd; but I came to see how you are doing?”

“About as well as I can, for someone on the verge of a mental breakdown!” She sighed, “Gods, I just want to know what’s going on!”

“Have they said anything?” Navina inquired, ushering Kember to a chair nearby.

“Anything at all?” “No! Just one meeting after another, and everyone who leaves that room has this look of, almost death, upon their face!”

“That’s because they’re scared shit less!” It was Zahara, and she and her mate were making their way towards them.

“It’s not just Malice that is in there, it’s Mia too... and I hate to admit it, but she his baby, his favorite; and he’s fucking pissed that she’s stuck in there!”

“Mostly, cause he can’t just barge in there and get them!” Markus added. “And why the hell not?” Kember let out, as Lync and Nissa appeared as well.

“We’re all here, interesting!” The Angel noted. “Not all of us!” Kember hung her head. “Do we know anything yet?” “Lord Eroch has been in there for an hour now!” Kember replied, just as the doors swung open, and he and Kordahn emerged.

The male was alive and walking on his own, at least!

“Good, you’re all here!” Lord Eroch let out, “Well most of you...”

“You never were good at waiting, my love!” Lady Ellaria’s voice floated through the room, and then she appeared herself, with both Mist and her mother Ashlyn, at her side.

That was... that was Malice’s mother? She was here? “Not, when our children are involved!” He growled, and she raised a brow at him.

“Don’t give me that look, Ellaria!” He snapped at her, and Kember’s heart almost dropped to her belly. Never had she seen Lord Eroch so angry. Never, had she seen him “Then let us shed some light on this issue, shall we?”

Lady Ellaria smiled, and ushered for them all to sit.

“Where is Mia?” His voice was the loudest, as was his entrance, for the room filled with the smell of smoke and the puff blew in as the Demon came forth.

“Where is my mate?” “Nyx? Would you join us, please?” Ellaria offered him a chair, but he, like Kember, could not sit still.

“I’ll stand, my Lady” He replied, bowing his head; but that was all she was getting today.

“Very well!” She sighed, and looked at the others, and then at Lord Eroch.

“What does Lady Khia have to say?” “It would seem that Malice and Euphamia, or rather, Tomoe and Miryn...” He paused, as the looks started.

They were in disguise, as per Malice’s request!” He added.

“There was to be no bloodshed, no...”

“I highly doubt that Malice killed anyone.” Kember cut in.

“We found the bodies, and her blade; Khia had no choice but to sentence Malice before all the guests.” Kordahn explained.

“And Mia?” Nyx let out with a huff. “Why’d they take her?” “She too, drew blood, but only in the defense of Malice, when they arrived put her in chains!”

“Oh Gods!” Kember let out. “She wasn’t supposed to kill him!” “Indeed, that was not the plan, but that is what happened!” Kordahn replied, and hung his head.

“But, I must add, as per Lady Khia’s request, that upon sentencing, Malice was, smiling! She showed no fear, no rage; only a smile, as if she knew something.”

“She was smiling?” Zahara replied with a scowl. “Now that sounds like my sister!” Mist laughed, and the tension in the room subsided for a moment.

“If she was caught off guard, she could have had no choice but to kill him!” “But she needed him, he knew where the others were to meet with Pathen.” Kember was so confused.

“Perhaps something changed?” Ashlyn finally spoke.

“A Valkyrie will always, as you say, fly by the seat of her pants!” Damn, that female not only had a way with words, but with her looks as well.

Graceful. Glorious. Everything about her screamed of regal prestige. She spoke, and you couldn’t, not, listen to what she had to say.

She commanded, and you followed; or, at least that’s how it felt to Kember.

Just like Malice and Mist, she too, was a force to be reckoned with!

“So, how do we get them out?” Nyx grumbled, as he began to pace back and forth.

“That, is going to be tricky!” Kordahn told him.

“Try me!” Nyx let out with a glare so sinister.

“I’m in the mood!” “Then perhaps you could enlighten each other, in another room?” Mist laughed, and Ashlyn shook her head.

“You will need to plan wisely; for just as the Null is proud and fierce, so too is the dungeon beneath Lady Khia’s keep.” Ashlyn sighed.

“There are souls in there who have not looked upon another for centuries, and the pits, alone have claimed more lives than any Insidian arena!”

“So the sooner we plan this the sooner we can get them out of that shit hole!” Nyx growled, letting off a few puffs of smoke.

“Bloody hell! You have one hour!” Lord Eroch sighed, and waved the two of them off.

“I swear, that female will be the death of me!” He growled, and sat back in his chair.

“Which one?” Ellaria laughed. “Both!” Her beloved grumbled, and then looked upon Navina.

“Tell me more about the sword, while we wait!”

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