Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 4

‘Devil’s on the wind and he’s out on the prowl.’ Malice let out as she slid through the halls, her voice echoing as if she were the wind. ‘His eyes catch his prey in a gaze so foul.’

One dagger came up as the Warriors approached, hands above their heads with swords gleaming in the bright light. The first one fell to the tips of her fingers, her claws as sharp as blades. The second howled as her knee connected with his chest before spinning in the air for a downward swipe across the face and neck of a third.

‘Into the darkness he creeps like a shadow, his hunger so fierce.’ She continued on in a high note, holding it for a moment.

“Is she singing?” Kember asked with a set of daggers in her own hands.

“I haven’t heard that song in forever!” Mia shuddered, remembering how the people of old would sing it in the village square, almost chanting it as the Elders collected those for tribute.

One, would perish that night, but their death would signify something greater for them all as a whole; or at least, that’s what the village folk had been told for thousands of years.

He comes for the wicked, their greed calling to his soul... The Devil is my friend.’

"Couldn't she couldn’t pick a different tune? That one is so....”

“You want to ask her?” Mia glanced over at her as the Valkyrie shot on ahead, in search of another enemy soldier to slay.

Their hands run red with the blood, their selfish ways would become their fate... The Devil is my friend.’Malice’s voice continued to ring out in a perfect melody, her words masking the thrusts and grunts as her blades danced about.

‘He will search out the horrid, laying claim to their mates... The Devil is my friend.’

“Okay, that part’s new!” Mia chuckled.

“New?” Kember let out, but the sudden thud of a body on the ground before them, had their eyes looking up into the ceiling above.

“You don’t think...?” She added.

“Oh, I’m thinking, yeah!” Mia grinned, and the two of them watched as the tiles gave way just a little, with each step the Valkyrie took. “

On the roof? Really?”

“Doesn’t surprise me...” Mia started, but another body crashed through the ceiling tiles and landed down the hall...

“Now that surprised me!” Mia finished, and took off towards Malice.

“You alright?” She asked, only to receive a sly grin.

“Wrong step!” The female laughed as she rose to her feet, blowing a strand of her blonde hair out of her face before tearing past them towards the exit.

“Fuck, I love her!” Mia let out with a howl, and slapping Kember on the shoulder, took off after Malice.Malice was on the prowl, just as the Devil in her song; though now, she had lost her will to sing as the anger grew deeper with each slice of her blade.

Mia would keep up, and she would protect Kember, but Malice was on a mission, and she could stop for no one. Reaching the top of the stairs, she flung the large metal door open and felt the icy blast of wind against her face.

It was so cold, watching her breath escape in swirls, and listening to the howl so sweet as it whipped past her.

“We must get off this shit hole!” Mia told her as she approached from behind.

“How? The portal is in pieces...” Malice shot back, her eyes zeroing in on her next target. She didn’t hear Mia’s reply, nor see the squadron on route to her position, but she had been ready for them nonetheless.

One, two, three and four, all of them falling with their hands about their necks; the ground turning a nasty shade of green all about them as their life essence seeped out.

Malice tilted her head back, as if she were waiting for some great force to bestow some infinite power on her; but then the laugh she let out, echoing through the village streets.

Five, six and seven tried to come at her from behind, but her razor sharp wings were far quicker than their feeble swords; slashing through their armor and piercing the delicate flesh beneath.

Ten watched on, as eight and nine met the same fate; razor tipped feathers fluttering all about them as they lay on the ground at her feet.

He too, would perish in a blast of light as the fire ball left her palm and soared through the air, impacting his chest and leaving the embers embedded in his flesh; burning and sizzling as he screamed for mercy.

It was not Malice, who ended the Warriors life, but the bullet to the head he received from eleven, as he and twelve came around the side of a broken well.

“Came to join the party, did you?” Malice cocked her head to the side, ruffling her feathers.

“Hardly! More like, end it!” One of them chuckled in a deep, guttural voice.

“Well that’s no fun!” Malice grinned, her hand held behind her back, and in it, an energy ball of a different kind.

“Who said anything about fun? The Master’s ask, and we provide!” He laughed, and his companion joined in. “And your head is on the top of their list, female!” He growled at her, drawing his gun to the ready.

“There’s a list? And I’m number one?” Malice seemed shocked. “I’m flattered! You really want me, that badly?”

“There is a price on your head that sits ten fold of what it was before! I don’t know what you did, female, but I’m gonna collect the coin from your bounty, and listen to you wail as they fuck with your shit!” He growled so deeply at her, that she felt the tingles rise beneath her skin as the sizzle grew behind her back.

“You’re going to collect it?” His companion let out, “What about the rest of us?” “What, rest of us? Do you not see what she has done to the rest of us? You blind fool!” Eleven argued back.

“We split it, sixty forty!” “Shove off! It’ll be fifty fifty, or I let Princess here rattle you with her feathers!” He grinned at the male who cowered below him, no longer aiming at Malice.

“The hell you will!” The little one bellowed, and Malice had to hold back her laughter as they both came up with weapons drawn beneath their chins.

It was then, Malice let go of her ball and the two stunned bastards watched, with weapons cocked, as the bubble grew larger, encasing them in an energy shield.

“What the fuck?” One of them let out, though his voice was warped through the barrier, he aimed his weapon at her with a horrendous glare under his furrowed brow.

“You will release us, female?”

“You may want to put that down, my friend!” Malice chuckled back, and turned towards Mia and Kember, who had stayed far enough back, watching the show.

“We should go!” She added, ushering them off down one of the side streets.

“The portal is that way, Malice!” Kember pointed out, looking like she had just danced on the battlefield.

“You been fighting?” Malice asked her, a surprised look on her face.

“We had to get you out of there!” Kember replied, feeling the moment in Malice’s gaze, but the explosion went off behind them, and Malice raced to huddle both Mia and Kember beneath her wings. “

That’s gonna draw some attention!” Malice let out when the place was clear.

“You two alright?”

“We are, thanks to you!” Kember smiled at her, but the scowl on Valkyrie’s face gave her chills.

“What’s wrong?” “Just a little singed! Nothing to worry about, but you, you should not have been fighting, Kember!”

“And why not?” The Witch inquired, “I can fight!” “You’re a Witch, not a Warrior!” Malice spat back, and stormed off ahead of them.

“What the hell, was that?” Kember let out, “I’m a Witch, not a Warrior?”

“She’s right, you know? You are a Witch!” Mia laughed, palming a few daggers as she ushered Kember to follow along.

“Totally, not, funny, Mia!” She rolled her eyes at her friend, and watched the long black and white hair, whisk away ahead of her.

“Keep up!” Mia laughed again, dodging crates and crumbled hunks of stone. It wasn’t long before Kember had to admit she was lost, as was usual when tailing Mia. A quick short cut where she thought they had gone before, was now nothing more than a downed building that now blocked her way.

“Funny! I thought the Warrior had blonde hair!” A voice called out from behind her.

“Guess this one’s, a free spirit!” A second voice chuckled from the shadows. “

One so free, it yearns for someone to trap her!” The First came again, so sick and twisted, it made Kember’s stomach turn.

“Well she did run down the, only, dead end!” The other voice laughed.

“It’s hardly fair, since we were the ones who let it fall in that direction; but that’s besides the point!”

Who the hell were these two? Male? Female? She had no clue, but the sound of their voices, and the sudden burst of anxiety...

Focus! For fucks sake! Focus!

“So tell us, what has you running so scared?”

“I thought we had collected all of the delicacies for transport?” “It seems, we forgot one!” The voices grew louder, and Kember’s heart thumped faster.

“It’s a good thing we found it!”

“Show yourselves!” Kember shouted out, “Tell me what you want?” She was yelling in the shadows...

Oh Gods, they weren’t Shadows, were they?

“It’s not what we want, but what our Master’s wants! Foolish, female, have you learned nothing?” And the first figure emerged from a darkened alcove.

“Oh Gods...” Kember gasped as she gazed at the face, seeing those dark gray eyes and the big fluffy brows above them. She took note in the way his nose sort of dipped down and his cheeks looked so smooth against the jaw line.

All that pale skin, set beneath the salt and peppered hair; he was no Shadow, he was...

“Papa?” She managed to squeak, the visual before her so captivating, she could not say much more. But how could this be? He was...

“She does remember us!” The male’s voice sounded just like his.

“Come forward into the light, my dear! Let her see you!” He ushered to another, and she watched in horror as the figure approached, and the hood was let down to reveal the long black hair, not unlike her own

. She looked just like Kember, but with feathers and beads, the woven strands of ribbon she kept tucked behind her ears and swept down about her shoulders; framing the olive colored skin and ice blue eyes of her...

“Mother?” She gasped again, her heart all but ready to stop.

“What sorcery is this?”

Whatever do you mean, my child?” Her father stepped forward, but he wasn’t really her father, now was he?

“Oh, just that...” She started, watching the lies unfold before her eyes, her father’s arm slipping around her mother’s shoulders, the look in her eyes as she smiled at him. “his little fantasy is cute and all, but you have it all wrong,”

“Is this not what you have always wanted?” “Well, yeah; but that’s so, not the point!” Kember sighed.

“Who are you?”

“Then what is the point?” The male impostor inquired, ignoring her question, letting his arm slide away in defeat.

“That you are clearly, not my parents; and there is only one race that I know of, that can mimic the image of another so well.”

“We are, not, Shadows! The thought of such a mention, disgusts us!” Their voices rang out. “We are far, superior, in every way!”

“Then drop the act, and show me who you really are!” She shouted at them, taking a few steps back, and then a few more until her heel hit the base of the stone barricade. “

There is nowhere for you to run!” The male growled at her, her father disappearing from sight, and a slick, black oily figure, stood before her.

We will find you, wherever you hide!” It added, coming closer, and closer still. It was but three feet away, when the sudden shrill let out from behind him, and the horror registered on his face?

How was one to describe an ooze ball with no nose or mouth, and two dead sockets for eyes? How did it even speak?

“What have you done?” It howled, leaving Kember for a more sinister target.

“I don’t like games!” Euphamia’s voice sounded loud and clear. “

And Shadow play, is one of the worst their is!” She finished, pulling her dagger from the black mess that now slid to a puddle on the ground.

“Everything, has a heart!” She laughed, holding a throbbing mass in her hand. The slick roared into the sky, charging at Mia as Kember made her way around them.

There was no way she was going to get caught in a dead end when the two of them exploded. These were.... totally Mia’s department. She couldn’t fight something, she didn’t understand not with her magic.

“Uh huh!” Mia warned the male ‘thing’ as she shook her head.

“I hear you can bring her back, as long as the heart remains beating.” She added, her hands closing slowly around the bulbous mass was in her hands.

“One step closer, and I squeeze what little life is left...”

You wouldn’t!” He growled at her, though he came no further.

Kember caught the movement in the shadows, watching out of the corner of her eye as the Valkyrie appeared before the slime covered monster; her hands going for his throat.

Malice ripped at the bastard throat, digging her nails in deep, before giving the others what Nyx liked to call her Full Fang Treatment.

She bared her teeth and snarled at Mia and Kember, as they stood by and watched her tear the blackened ooze covered soul, to pieces.

Kember jumped at the sound of more footsteps on the horizon, and took one last glance at Malice, who stood there with yet another heart in her hand...

“The bracelet?” She smiled at the Witch, and nodded her head in the direction of the incoming Warriors. Shit! How could she have forgotten about the bracelet? With one click of the flashy red button.

Mia watched as the armor crept over Kember’s skin, covering it in a wash of black silk. Then came the silver tipped armor that slid across the darkened silk and covered her chest, back, waist and... Kember had to giggle as she looked over and found that Mia’s eyes were about to pop out of her head.

Kember was fully armored, just as Malice was, and no sooner had the final shard of steel set into place, the Witch took off out of their alley way.

“So much for the, you’re not a Warrior speech!” Mia grumbled, and watched as Malice held up the heart in her hand.

“We match!” Was her only reply, before she crushed the heart in her hand.

Sinister little bastard it was.” She added, watching as Mia did the same, and then took off after Kember towards what she hoped was an exit off this blasted planet; and not a pile of rubble as it had been when she’d...

Dammit! She hadn’t walked by the bloody thing at all, had she? Had she even been in the woods? Had she not killed that Host? Fuck!

The portal wasn’t too far now, and oh look, it wasn’t even cracked; but it was surrounded by a squadron of Insid. With one look at Kember, fully armored and taking a stand for battle at her side,

Malice howled as she let the first ball of light fly from her fingertips. Blades were dancing, bullets flying, and waves of color careened through the air. The village square was full of battle cries and covered in streams of blood.

Green blood, pooling at their feet, their bodies now scattered about the portal, making it harder to maneuver.

Can you maybe, hurry up, and get that thing active?” She hollered at Mia, who was already prying the panel off the control hub.

“Roger that!” Mia chuckled, sticking her blade in between two circuits and the massive machine began to power up.

“Like a kitten!” She grinned, messing about with a few more controls.

“A what?” Malice called back over the whir of the portal, which only helped to mask the muffled shouts.

“Like... Fuck!” Mia stopped short, daggers dropping into her palms as she turned away from the controls. When Malice followed her gaze, she found the Witch on her knees, her hair held tight in the grasp of an Insidian beast and a gleaming blade at her throat.

“If I were you, I’d let her go, real, slow like!” Mia called out as Malice made a run for Kember.

“Uh huh!” The male chuckled, drawing his blade closer, and that little trickle of red slid down Kember’s neck. The world seemed to stop, and with one hand holding Euphamia back, and the other holding an energy ball the size of a tank, she closed her eyes.

She could lay waist to them all, one flicker was all it would take, and all those around her would fall; but so would Kember.

Malice’s shield could protect Mia, but Kember was too far away, entwined in the wicked grasp of an enemy so vile.

“What the fuck?” Malice heard Mia grumble, as she tried to pull her arm away. “Just...” Malice sighed, letting her mind roam free, searching the stars for a way out of this mess.

‘Malice?’ Came the feminine voice she had not heard for a while now.‘You know what to do!’ The sword replied, sending a surge of adrenaline racing through her veins; and without even thinking, the Valkyrie held out her hand and prayed that it would work.

There was a flash of violet light, and a heat like the depths of The Null itself, as the sword appeared in her hand. There was no time for words, no time for warnings, and she hoped like hell that Sax knew the difference between friend and foe.

I am not an idiot!’ She heard the voice echo in her mind and couldn’t help but laugh as she raised the blade of dark metal to her forehead.

“For the Goddess!” She let out with a sigh, before bringing Sax down before her and aiming her at the one who held Kember captive.

“Whatever you think, you know, you do not! ” She started, and the sword began to glow an eerie blue light. “Whatever it is you have planned, you may wish to reconsider...”

The sword flashed as the dark metal vibrated in her hands and she held it above her head.

“There is nothing so great, no power so pure; and by the Goddess, may she strike you down for the foulness in your hearts!”

She bellowed into the sky, before bringing the blade down and letting the momentum carry her, she continued in a full swing; thankful that Mia had had the know how of when to duck!

Lightning flashed in the empty sky, crackling down around her and striking at all who would defy her will; and a moment later, the charred remains of many lay at her feet as the sword still smoldered in her hands. It was a second before Mia rose from the ground, taking in the destruction around them.

“What, the mother of all fucks, was that, Mal?” She asked, as the Valkyrie ran towards Kember.

“A soul sword!” Malice replied, falling to her knees beside the long dark hair of the shivering female. Just one touch against her cheek and her mind began spinning out of control.

Dark caves surrounded them, statues of old, forgotten in the sands of time. A doorway, littered with bones, and a cabin lost in the woods. So many visions floating past her eyes, it was hard to concentrate. A cave mouth, thousands of candles, and a room filled with bathing pools.

The fire lit up around the outside rim, and hundreds of little flames flickered along the walls. It seemed so deserted, so void of everything but the plants that hung down from the stone ceiling, acting as drapes and creating smaller covens for the patron’s delight. If it were not for the sudden movement, and the tender moan he’d let out.

She followed the sounds that echoed off the walls, uncovering the tiny coven, nestled away in the back. Dark brown hair and a scowl so grim greeted her, but then turned away from sight; masking his identity as he...

What was this place? Who, was that male? What, was he doing? Another bout of sinful whimpers had her toes curling, and yet Malice was so intrigued by the sights before her. The male with his back now facing her, as if he knew not that she was even there; and his female, whoever she was.

She watched as the two continued their little rendezvous; hidden in the caves out of sight, out of mind...

‘I will always love you...’ The voice moaned, and Malice was so lost in the moment, it took her a few minutes to grasp at what, or rather who, had just spoken. ‘I will always my Queen!’

“Pathen!” Malice gasped as the connection was broken, and the feel of hands came out of nowhere, lifting her up off the ground and... carrying her?

“Easy now!” His voice was smooth and his muscles so... “I got you!” He added, letting her rest against his chest.

Oh Gods, Nyx felt so warm, so, incredibly good with his arms wrapped around her; at least the Demon was good for something, even if he’d appeared out of fucking nowhere in her time of need.

She wasn’t about to call him a hero though, no, that would go right to his head and she’d be dealing with his asshole ego, for weeks.

“Thanks, buddy!” She let out, and let her eyes close, trying so hard to get back that vision of Pathen; and his so called Queen. Had it been Marena? Had she just encountered a vision of the past? Something she had walked in on, and forgotten? Or was his ‘Queen’ in fact someone else?

Could it have been a wicked nightmare? Fuck, she was exhausted and she didn’t need this chaos piled on to the shit she’d already had to deal with.

“Ellaria lowered the shield!”

“They must have had two legions...”

“Any survivors?”

“You’d have to ask Ellaria!” All she could hear were the voices, all about her.

“That’s, Lady Ellaria, to you!” Malice groaned, trying to rise from her chair.

“Easy now! Don’t go blowing things up, just yet!” Nyx chuckled, sticking her with a needle of sorts.

“What the fuck, Home Slice!” She let out in a tone he would understand.

“Sorry! I don’t know what they did with you, so I need a little blood, so just chill!”

“Usually someone asks, before taking!” Malice groaned, rubbing at her arm after he had pulled the needle away. “

Okay then, I’m gonna go run this, and you all can babysit Grumpy!” Nyx grinned at her, and disappeared from sight.

“Nice ship!” Malice called out to Mia, who was across the way in the pilot’s chair. Looked, very familiar; but Malice’s brain hurt and she didn’t want to think.

“Kion wasn’t using it!” Mia laughed, setting the thing on autopilot and coming to help Malice.

“Don’t even play that shit with me!” She added, when Malice cocked a brow at her and shook her head.

“Take, my fucking hand, or so help me, Mal....” She growled at the Valkyrie.

“Fine!” Malice growled, “But we’re going to see Kember, first!”

“No worries, my friend! She’s in the showers!” Mia told her, and Malice felt the shudder run through her. “

She said if she couldn’t be on the bridge, then she was heading for the mats, and then a shower. That was two hours ago, so I assume she’s all cozy beneath the water now...”

But Malice was no longer caring, not about the aches and pains, nor the massive energy drain from wielding that sword. All she could think about was Kember, and how the female looked during that last shower.

“Shower sounds good, if not, a nap!” She chuckled, letting Mia lead the way.

“That was a pretty wicked show you put on! Had no idea you could pull something like that out of your ass!” Mia laughed, guiding her along the small corridor.

“Neither did I, to be honest!” Malice let out with a chuckle, before one foot gave out and the other just had to trip over it. So, that was a no go, on the whole shower part.

She could barely stand, let alone hold herself up. It wasn’t too much to say, that the only thing Malice would be doing, was finding a bed, and crashing into it.

Okay, so that was a bit extravagant, and there might have been a little disappointment in not, finding Kember there; but still, her body was sore and she was in no mood for chit chats.

By the time she reached the door to the room Mia said was hers, she was hoping for nothing more, than to slide inside and pass out.

“Thanks!” She told Mia, and watched as the female smiled and then turned and was on her way before Malice had opened her door.

Finally, silence! Until she opened the door, that is. She heard the first whimper, and the shudder rippled through her as she moved further into the dimly lit room. Dark gray walls and black carpeting, lamps on low as she made her way past a desk and chair, then bumped her knees on the edge of the bed.

She felt the gasp, more than heard it. That sudden intake of breath, the surprise behind it all. \

“What are you doing here?” Malice inquired, taking in the fresh, wet scent.

“Malice?” The voice replied, and yet another shudder ran through her.

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t... I couldn’t stop myself!” The Witch’s words came flying out of her mouth.

“I went for a shower and I tried to sleep in my own room... but I just couldn’t.”

“Couldn’t you?” Malice let out with a sigh, feeling the female’s hands upon her arms, and then her shoulders and face.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you!” Kember let out, as her lips pressed against Malice’s and the feel of her nakedness sent Malice into a dizzy spell.

“Oh Gods! You’re hurt!” Kember let out.

“I just need to lie down!” Malice smiled at her, and took in the worry in her eyes.

“I do, happen to have a little mixture I prepared for you! Well, best I could, seeing as how the ship can’t replicate everything... I had to improvise!”

“What’s in it?” Malice asked as Kember brought forth the little vial. “Some herbs, a few random spices, a little Vampire blood...” She went on, but Malice was stuck on the Vamp blood.

“Won’t that fuck me up again?” Malice cocked a brow at her. “Not the way I have made it!” Kember grinned. Her smile, her cheeks and her eyes, all glowing as her nakedness shone in the dim light. “

Just a few drops,...” She purred, laying Malice’s head back, and putting the vial against Mal’s lips. Potent it was, instantly coursing through her veins; and every touch, every kiss Kember lay down after that, was like paradise.

“Bloody hell!” Malice shuddered, feeling her leathers slip away, and the soft touch as a tongue draped across her chest.

“Do not move. Do not touch, just lay there and let me want you!” Kember purred once more, dragging her lips even lower. Circling Malice’s navel, kissing every inch on her way towards bliss and caressing those sweet folds as she nuzzled her nose against the tenderest bud in the garden.

Malice whimpered, feeling the tingle shoot through her, wanting so badly to return the favor.

“No!” Kember mumbled, catching the female’s hand before she had a chance to grab hold, of anything.

“Not this time, Malice! You need to relax!”

Again one set of lips was against another, an innocent finger, and then another, and Malice was panting by the time Kember slid forward.

“I may not be able to grow a cock, but I know a thing or two about females.” Kember whispered into her ear, before returning to suckle on that sweet spot between Malice’s thighs.

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