Legend's II: Chronicle's

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Chapter 8

Malice looked out across the ice field, there were so many things happening right now, she had all but forgotten the magical allure of fresh fallen snow. The arrival of her sister on top of it all, well.

She had longed to see Mist again, to just sit back and be understood; but she knew it was Mist’s duties that had kept her so far from loving embrace.

So, she couldn’t help but feel overjoyed when those duties had finally crossed paths with her own. Mist had been here, on Vash, the whole time.

Tasked with monitoring the situation from afar, she was to make sure the people did not advance too quickly; for fear of repeating the past. Mist and Malice, Malice and Mist!

One with long black hair, the other with a melody of blonde and icy white highlights. Those eyes though, two sets of steely gray eyes glared back at you; two sets of eyes, that could search through your own and steal your very soul.

Both of them wore armor of a similar style, both blending in with the bright whites and various grays of the snow covered region.

“You good?” Malice heard the words and turned round to see Mia with her arms on her hips and one brow cocked.

“What are you, deaf? I said, ``Are you good?”

“Just reminiscing!” Malice smiled back, ignoring the attitude as she let out a sigh.

It’s been so long, since I last laid eyes upon her!” She paused for a moment, giving Mia the oddest of looks,

“You don’t trust her, do you!” There was more certainty, than inquiry in her statement.

“Was that an inquiry, or a statement of fact?” Mia drew her arms up across her chest and waited for a reply.

“Both!” Malice chuckled. “You don’t, or is it, you can’t?”

“Don’t start with the trivial shit, I don’t trust anybody!” Mia laughed, and went to walk away, but Malice grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back against her.

“You trust, Nyx and I, don’t you?” She whispered in her direction, letting the wind carry her words to Mia’s ears.

You’re different!” Mia tried to hide it, but Malice could see the hints in her eyes.

“It’s not jealousy that courses through my veins, Valkyrie...” Mia got real close; so close, Malice could feel the heat of her breath and heard the beating of her heart as she spoke.

“You have been in my bed and between my thighs, you are already mine!” She let out a growl that left Malice a little wet, as she walked away with a smirk on her face.

Bloody Hell! That female harbored more wickedness than Malice had given her credit for, and with a grin, she followed along behind her; plotting and scheming as they made way across the ice. Two, could play this sweet and sinful game.

The walls were closing in on her as the words circled in her head.

‘He’ll see me...’ She had whimpered, clutching her swollen belly.

Madrina? Does Nissa know?’ ‘I needed to build up the courage.'

“Madrina?” He called out to her through the bathroom door.

“Fuck, Madrina! Answer me!”

“Please, Kember? Send him away!” Madrina pleaded. “Tell him, tell him I am in the shower! No, the bath! The water is already running.”

Kember was shaking her head, not that she wouldn’t do it, just that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing as Madrina rose from the corner.

“Kember? Please? He can’t see me like this, not yet!” She whimpered, the tears running down her face.

Kember gave in, forcing her legs to move, and helped Madrina undress. She helped pinned back most of the long, red and white streaks, and let a few to fall down past her shoulders and chest; nestling gently atop her rounded belly.

"Gods, Madrina! You’re...”

“Pregnant? Yeah, I know!” She rolled her eyes, “Thanks for the reminder!”

“I’m sorry, but you’re really pregnant though! Like, I’d say about six months!” Kember finally let out.

“Six more months, and...”

“Shut up!” Madrina spat out as she climbed into the bath and slipped herself beneath the deep waters.

“Just, don’t say that!”

“How can I not, Madrina? Look at you? What happened?” Kember couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“A normal El’Terran pregnancy should last a year, and you only have half that...”

MADRINA?” He shouted again, banging on the door with his fist. “Open this door!”

“One minute!” She shouted back, and then her eyes begged Kember to help.

“Please? Just tell him I’ve spilled wine all over myself...”

“You can’t drink wine while you’re with a child...”

“He doesn’t know, I’m with children...” Madrina snapped back as quietly as she could.

Crap, that’s right! She said she had felt ‘them’ moving about inside her! Shit!

‘Hi, Nissa! Congratulations, you’re going to be a Father, in six months; to twins! Have a nice fucking day now, buh-bye!’

The Angel was going to flip his shit! Flip it, and lose it! She didn’t know why she did it, she’d always valued the truth, having never received any truth whatsoever form her own Mother.

Ugh, she shook her head, she didn’t need to be thinking about ‘her’ right now, she needed to focus on Madrina. Opening the door, she peered out and caught sight of the massive wings that shuddered with each breath he took.

“Where is she?” He growled.

“In the bath!” Kember laughed.

“She heard the shouting and ran to hide, but bumped into the wine rack. She’s covered in the stuff; and since she’s been hiding, it’s all sticky and gross. So, you’ve been forbidden to enter!”

“Fuck that!” He let out, and pushed against the door; but Kember stood fast before him.

That’s my mate, and I will see her!”

Nissa, I’m fine!” Madrina called out, doing a damn good job at covering the fear in her voice.

“And you will, not, come in here while I look like this!”

Oh, hell no! Kember wasn’t going to stand on guard for the next three hours, let alone months. No way, not happening.

“I just want to see you, make sure you’re safe!” He pleaded with her, and that scent of his wafted through the air. At least that, totally made sense now.

The male could smell the changes in his mate, even if he hadn’t clued in yet; his body sure had. Gods, she couldn’t keep this a secret forever, she had to tell someone what was going on. Madrina didn’t look pregnant this morning; but now, and it wasn’t even supper time.

Dammit, she looked like she was ready to pop! That definitely called for a ‘What the Mother of All Fucks’ moment, in Kember’s books.

“If you come through that door, Nissa, I will beat you!” She shouted back,

“Bloody hell, can’t I just have a bath?” The Angel let out a roar, as if he were about to attack; but instead he took a few steps back and shook his head.

“Fine!” He growled, “But you do not leave this room, either of you!”

“Roger that, Boss!” Kember replied, and shut the bathroom door before sliding down it as she melted to the floor.

“Thank you!” Madrina sighed, feeling the tension leave her for now.

“Oh...” She added, and moved to one side. “Oh, wow!” She giggled, her hands racing to her belly.

“They’re moving again!” From utter fear to absolute peace, in five second flat. Wow, it was an understatement. Madrina ushered for Kember to come over, and waited as she crawled across the floor like a slug, the realization of what was happening.

Up the side of the tub, feeling Madrina’s hand taking her own; the soft warm skin beneath the waters as a tiny little foot pressed against her hand. “

This isn’t a dream!” Kember gasped.

No, it’s not a dream!” Madrina smiled back at her.

This, this is real!” She felt it kick again.

“But how?”

“I don’t know!” Madrina shook her head, “But it’s very real, Kember. I can feel every little move they make, every hiccup, every beat of their tiny little hearts.”

She was about to break out in tears once again, fighting hard to hold them back as she felt yet another kick.

"They’re strong!” Kember jumped back a little.

“They’re females!” Madrina smiled, “Malice told me so!”

“Well I’m glad Malice knows, cause someone’s gonna have to help you explain this all to Nissa!” Kember sighed, and then giggled, watching as Madrina’s belly caused ripples across the top of the bath water.

“Mother knows as well, you’ll have to find her, and bring her here! She has to know what to do.” Madrina was starting to panic once more.

“You’re Mother’s not here, Madrina!”

“What?” The horror was creeping back across her face.

“She has engaged the Order, she can’t help right now!” Kember told her, and watched as Madrina shook her head.

“Bloody Hell, then where is my Father?” She asked, “What the hell am I going to do? I feel like I’m losing my mind!”

“Relax!” Kember laughed, “We’ll get through this, we always do!”

We’ll have to go to her!” Madrina sighed, attempting to rise from the tub.

Who? Your Mother? Absolutely, out of the question! She’s at war, Madrina, and you can’t travel!” Kember began to protest.

“Let alone make me come along for the ride!”

“You can go, with a little help! You can go to Vash and bring my Father back here. Please, Kember?”

“How?” Kember couldn’t believe she was even asking. “There is a vial of Markus’ blood in the top drawer! I keep it for emergencies...”

“No wine, no blood, no traveling!” Kember glared at her. “Nissa made me swear to keep you safe, in this very room!”

“Not for me, for you!” Madrina sighed and shook her head.

“Drink it back, and think of my Father! It’s that easy!”

“For you, maybe?” Kember grumbled, but she retrieved the vial nonetheless.

“I can’t leave you, not when the third level is in chaos.”

“What do you mean?” “Someone opened the cells!” Kember sighed, knowing it was far too late to stop now.

“Most have been returned, but Nissa should have taken up hunting them by now!”

“On three?”

Yes!” Kember grumbled.

“And no, you’re not going there to help! Warden or not, you and those babies are staying put!”

“Then you will have to get my Father to help them!” Madrina glared at her. “Please, Kember! Just think of my Father. Picture his face, feel his presence, and it will enhance your gifts and take you to him!”

“On Vash?”

“Wherever he is, it will take you there!” Madrina smiled.

“Please, hurry! I can’t change Nissa returning with you gone; not like this!”

“You have to tell him, Madrina,” “

Oh, I will! When I figure out what, tell him!” She replied, and closed her eyes as Kember swallowed the thick, red liquid; and thought of the male she considered a Father. As messed up as it was, she had to help Madrina.

Mist had led them to a large tunnel that was warmed by volcanic vents, deep in the mountain range. It was too dark to carry on across the vast plains of ice and snow covered rock, and so she had taken them to one of many places, where she herself had once camped; out here in the wild, and alone.

She was always watching, always, waiting. Even now, she was perched atop a rock, overlooking a deep alpine valley, blanketed with snow. They had made camp, setting the fire ablaze and warming their drinks in its embers.

It was so peaceful and serene in the silhouette of whites, grays, and dark blues; the sky itself sheltered high above the clouds, like a canvas painted by the Gods. The wild had claimed this region, and it was said that those who lived here, did so, knowing that this was not ‘their’ domain.

This place was a vast wonderland of adventure; but where there was the thrill of life, there will always be death, lurking in every shadow. And so Navina watched the watcher, waiting for her drink to warm.

She watched the Valkyrie with the long black hair, and waited for a sign that something was coming. Mia came out of the cave with a wine skin filled with mead. She had gotten to know Malice quite well, and when the blonde haired warrior slapped the spot next to her, Navina watched as Mia sat down between her and Nyx.

They were a ‘special’ trio. A Demon, a Valkyrie, and an El’ terran. Who would have thought that they would have become so close? No one, except perhaps Navina.

She had seen so many things, been so many places; and even now, she could read their facial expressions and the body language as they mingled by the fire. The Valkyrie didn’t even turn, as she wrapped her arm around Euphamia’s shoulder, letting her snuggle against her for warmth. There was love in Valkyrie’s eyes, an adoration so rare.

“You know, Mal? There are warmer places for stargazing.” She heard Euphamia laugh as she observed the skies above, and handed her friend the wine skin.

Malice sighed after taking a pull, captivated by the flames and the stars, humbled by the warmth she both felt and received.

“I used to dream of that sky, when the enemy had hold of me. I wished that I could soar through the clouds, the winds beating against my wings. That one, small thing, allowed Mist to bring me back, from the brink of my own damnation. My love of flying, was what helped her break the hold that Pathen had used on me.”

She paused for a moment; her head spinning as her heart raced.

That bastard turned me against all of my sisters, all the Valkyrie. He would have had me destroy them all; but the one force that stood in his way, kept them all off balance and brought me back into the light, was Mist!”

She nodded towards her dark haired sister, and it was as if the female had heard her name a midst the wind’s howls, and she too, nodded with a smile. Time crept by as the fire burned higher and brighter throughout the night or perhaps it was the mead that lightened their moods.

Either way, none of them seemed to care, taking turns at the lookouts and sharing in good food and drink. They had been assured safe travels, Lord Eroch and Lady Ellaria were both confident, that these people would greet them with open doors and welcome good relations so why did Malice feel otherwise?

Navina heard the laughter, and watched as Malice rose and approached the game that had been started. It would seem that Mist had won yet another hand of Hida’chi, and was collecting a whole lot of coin from the males around the small crate.

Mia chuckled, and Malice just shook her head and made her way back to the fire, as Mist declared, that she’d never even played the game before.

“What’s that for, Malice?” Navina asked when she saw the look on her face.

“Oh, nothing! They’re all are just getting hustled!” Malice chuckled.

“Mist may have never played Hida’chi before, but she is a professional gambler.

"Several decades in her life were filled with fortunes she’d won from playing the cards! On Earth, before the American’s had their Civil War, Mist rode up and down that Mississippi river, taking her leave of the riverboats, when she’d won all the coin to be had. One game of cards, is just like all the others. It’s warfare, in its simplest form."

Mist must have felt their eyes upon her, and she turned and winked their way. Nyx wasn’t sure what was going on, and with a cocked brow he looked towards Malice, and the to her sister, who gave him her most innocent, of looks; and he shook his head.

Mist?” Malice called out over the fire. “I don’t think he’s buying it.” She laughed, taking in the sight of all the coins she had won. “Then again, maybe you’re the one paying?”

The Demon spoke up, though only to ask Mia for the wine skin, and Malice burst into laughter, as she handed him her own.

“Mal, what are you up to?” He grumbled.

“Me? Nothing, though you gentlemen may want to know that phrase, be careful what you wish for, comes to mind.” Malice told him.

“She knows what she wants, and sometimes, even what you want!” Malice grinned, and Mia spat out a mouthful of mead.

“Better watch yourself with that one!” She laughed, as Malice filled her mug again.

“She doesn’t bite, hard!”

Kember had taken the vial, downed the contents, and pictured the male who stood over six feet tall, with long black and white hair, just like Euphamia’s.

She felt the whirl as she vanished from Madrina’s room, and appeared down in the dungeons below. Okay, so not exactly where she wanted to be, considering she had been expecting snow.

“Kember?” His voice caught her off guard, and she spun around to face Lord Eroch.

“Um, hi!” She replied, “Where are we?”

“Level four!” He replied with an eyebrow cocked at her. “Where were you?”

“In the Null?” She blurted out, taking in the long dark hall and the cell doors on either side of her.

“Yes, Kember! The Null!” He laughed, “You hit your head?”

“No, but I thought you were...”

“I was, and then someone let these fuckers out of their cages!” He kicked the metal bars and the hissing started to grow more intense.

“What are you doing here?”

“Uh, well... There is this...” She was mumbling, twisting her thumbs and babbling like a five year old.

“Shit! I.... You see...”

“Kember?” His voice was slow, and deep and she tried to focus.

“Uh huh?” She let out.

“Out with it, come on now! She couldn’t have gotten herself into that much trouble.”

“What makes you think she’s in trouble?” Kember started as Lord Eroch made his way to the stairs.

“Wait, who are we talking about?” She added, trying to keep up with him.

“Madrina!” He glared back at her.

“What was it? A Nalrog? She brought one back, what was it supposed to be, a pet? Shit, I can’t remember; but it started with an um ... and then a well, you see... right before it drove a hole through the side of my throne room!”

He was mimicking her perfectly as he took the steps two at a time.

“So, out with it!”

“Madrina’s...” She just couldn’t seem to say it.

“Madrina’s, what?” He stopped short, the frustration registering clearly.

“She’s pregnant!” She just blurted it out, and waited for him to lose his shit.

“I know! I’m her Father, she can’t hide that shit from me!” He laughed, and stopped at the landing.

“Ellaria says she’ll have two!” He added with a smile. “I’m hoping for sons, but her Mother says otherwise! I don’t think Nissa will be able to handle any more females any time soon!”

“He’s going to have to learn, and fast!” Kember let out her voice so low that Lord Eroch stopped laughing.

“When I say she’s pregnant, I mean, really, pregnant!”

He could tell she wasn’t fucking around, with her big does eyes and that scowl on her face.

“What are you saying?” He was glaring at her.

“Where is she now?”

“In her room, but we must hurry, for she fears that Nissa will find her!”

“Why should she fear?” He looked so confused, and then turned back to go another flight of stairs.

“He doesn’t know yet!”

“So, he’ll find out soon enough, and be thrilled to have young!” Lord Eroch sighed.

Kember had to stop him.

“I don’t think you understand, my Lord, he’ll know, the minute he sets eyes upon her.” She finished, and he looked back as she held her hand out from her belly, and nodded her head.

“Sweet Mother of all.... She’s...?”

“Looking like she’s ready to pop!” Kember replied, and followed after Lord Eroch as he tore up the stairs. There were two guards posted at her door, and just as her Father turned the corner, he caught the sweet scent of roses, and watched as his beloved came around the corner.

“Ellaria? Is she...?”

“Let me through, my love!” She replied, and he stepped out of the way.

“Please keep Nissa away for the time being!” She smiled at him, and lay a kiss on his cheek.

“Kember?” Lady Ellaria turned to her. “Come!”

She followed Ellaria into Madrina’s room, shutting Lord Eroch and the guards off in the hall.

“Madrina?” Her Mother called for her, and the door to the bathroom opened.

“Mother?” Came the shallow reply, as she tried to waddle her way across the room.

Kember watched as Ellaria helped Madrina to the bed and examined her swollen belly and her ankles too. Her breasts, oh Gods were they huge.

“I don’t know what happened! I went for a nap, and when I awoke.” Madrina sighed as she tucked her daughter into the bed.

“Hush now!” Ellaria cooed. “It will be alright. Now lay back, Madrina. Let me see your feet again!”

“It won’t be alright! None of it! You said I had time, that it would be best to wait before I told him.”

“It is custom to withhold information like this, until at least the second trimester, Madrina! Some children do not survive the first, and there is no sense getting them all worked up, and then.”

“But this is not a normal pregnancy! This...” She rubbed at her belly, “These are not normal children, Mother! Not when then...” And she screamed, feeling the pressure of her belly tightening.

“What’s going on?” Kember cut in, coming to sit on Madrina’s bed. “Human’s call it false labor!” Ellaria smiled, “It will continue on for a few more months as your body prepares for birth!”

“A few more months? But I’m not ready, Mother! Nissa doesn’t even know yet, and look at me!” Madrina was freaking out.

“How far along is she now?” Kember inquired.

“Ten months, by the size of the children and their positioning in her womb! It will not be long now!” Her Mother replied with a smile.

“Not long? Seriously? Mother, this can’t be happening? This, this can’t be real!”

“You need to calm yourself, Madrina! You don’t want these babies to come out too soon!”

“It’s all too soon! I only just found out! How could... ? But I... only eleven weeks." Madrina was hyperventilating.

Ten months? Really? From eleven weeks to ten months, not six? In a heartbeat, or rather, a nap?

“Breathe, Madrina! You need to breathe!” Ellaria’s voice was more irritating than soothing at this point.

“I can’t! I want Nissa so badly, but I can’t... I can’t explain this!”

“You may not have too!” Ellaria sighed, placing her hands in her lap.

“Wait, why did you stop? You have to do something? You have to make this right?”

“There is nothing to fix, Madrina.” She smiled.

“Bullshit! I’m not ready for this! We have no clothes, no necessity filled rooms for them, and the Null is a horrible place to raise a child; let alone two! We haven’t picked out names, Hell, their Father doesn’t even know they exist....” She started to cry.

“Oh bloody hell, make it stop. Make it all stop!”

“Madrina?” The door opened before Lord Eroch could stop him.

“What the hell is...” But Nissa stopped short as his eyes fell upon her in the bed.

“Oh Mother of Everything Sacred.” But the rest was mumbled.

“Uh, what did you say?” Kember stepped towards him.

“I tried, my Love! I truly tried!” Eroch grumbled, running his hands through his hair.

No one can hold back the power of a mate trying to get to his own!” Ellaria shook her head with a smile, as Madrina lay there, terrified in her bed.

“What? Why?” Nissa muttered, as if no one else in the room even existed. “Why would you not tell me?” He kept moving closer and closer, until his knees were at the side of her bed and his hands were around her belly.

“Oh by the Gods, Madrina...” He was whispering to the young inside.

“Oh sweet Mother of Mercy!” Apparently, there were a lot of sweet mothers in Nissa’s vocabulary, but there were no words to describe the awe he’d found himself in now.

“I wanted to tell you...” The tears fell down her tear-stricken face, “But it was far from time...”

“But you were... and we had... Madrina, how did this happen?”

This was where the asshole Demon, usually cut in with something snarky like, ‘Well, you see, when two people love one another...’

But the bastard wasn’t here to crash this moment. It was like they were watching a movie, their hearts in their throats as they waited for the scene to play out, the only thing missing was the bloody popcorn.

Ellaria and Eroch stood side by side, grins and smiles galore, and Kember just stood at the foot of the bed, slowly inching herself away towards the door.

“I don’t know!” She whimpered, and he finally looked up at her, his hand moving from her belly to her cheek, wiping her tears away as she nuzzled into his palm.

“No tears!” He told her, though the tears threatened to fall down his own cheeks. “Not now, not ever!” He leaned in, and kissed her belly, and then lay down a path of kisses all the way up to her forehead.

“But I... this....” She circled her belly with her hand, “Them...”

“Them?” It was yet another moment of pure shock, and then the room filled with his scent, at the words of not one, but two, children in her belly.

“Two? Really?” His eyes lit up, and Kember felt as if it were time to go; but she didn’t want to miss a moment of it. Madrina had always wanted to be with Nissa, to bear his children and raise a family by his side; and now, it was happening. It was happening a little fast, but it was happening, nonetheless.

“I’m sorry!” Madrina let out, as a fresh batch of tears ran down her face, unable to control her emotions.

“Bloody hell, Madrina! Whatever for?” He smiled at her, and kissed her lips.

“For this! For not telling you! For not letting it sink in, for not letting you... everything!” She let out when he started his trail of kisses back down.

“This...” He started, shaking his head and nuzzling at her belly with his nose. “This is a blessing, Madrina! No matter how or why it happened, it did, and I...” He stopped again, lost in the moment.

“Will be a Father?” Madrina finished for him, or so she hoped.

“I am! I’m gonna be a Father!” And he sat back on the bed, his hand still at her belly. “I’m gonna be a Father!” He laughed, and then again.

“And a mighty fine Father, at that!” Lord Eroch could barely contain himself, slapping a hand down on the male’s shoulder.

“My Lord!” Nissa all but jumped to his feet. “I...”

“Nonsense! Congratulations, my son! May these blessings be the first of many.” Lord Eroch smiled at the Angel, before bringing him to his chest in a Fatherly embrace.

“Kember?” Madrina called out, taking one look at her friend’s face.

“What is it?”

“Nothing!” She lied, hoping no one would notice. Fat chance of that, as Lord Eroch set his eyes on her.

“I don’t want to ruin your moment!” “She wonders how this could come to be, and she has every right too!” Lady Ellaria spoke for her, and Kember hung her head.

“She worries for the children, and what it might mean for them!” Lady Ellaria was right, Kember was worried.

How the hell did one go from eleven weeks, to ten months? That couldn’t be good for the young, not at all.

“Will they be okay, Mother?” Madrina let out, and Nissa took hold of her hand.

“They will be fine, Madrina! Perfect, just like their Mother!” Oh, Nissa was so sweet; but what if he was so wrong? “We can take her to the med lab below! The equipment is there, and I watched Mia use the ultrasound machine on one of the refugees from Kalvash!” He added.

“I wish Malice were here!” Madrina let out, and Nissa cocked a brow.

“You wish, the Valkyrie was here?” Nissa inquired.

“She knows things, Nissa! It was Malice who told me that I...” Madrina stopped with a giggle. “That we were with child! She knew, even before I did.”

“Well Malice is a little busy at the moment!” Lord Eroch chuckled, “She and her sister are trucking through the snow!”

“They’re where?” Kember let out, as a vision of her dream flashed past her eyes. “Northern Vash! I told you that earlier?” Nissa replied.

“Why” Had he really? Or had he just said, Vash? She was pretty sure, no wait.

“Dammit!” She let out.

“What is it?” Lord Eroch inquired, his beloved Ellaria still by his side.

I had a dream, no, more like a nightmare... A vast whiteness, a handful of specs crossing the icy terrain towards a fortress; and then there was a blinding storm, and... and something was coming...”

“What kind of something?” Nissa let out, his wings ruffling but a noise at the door had them all turning.

Lord Eroch made his way over and opened it, speaking in whispers with whoever stood on the other side. It was a few moments before he ducked back inside, and announced that they had visitors.

“I will take Madrina to the med lab, and then meet you in the throne room!” Nissa told him, scooping his mate from the bed, and wrapping a blanket around them both.

“We will join you in the throne room!” She corrected him, and beckoned for Kember to follow.

“Come, we must head out!” Mist called to them, standing on her rock once more. “There is a storm on the horizon, and we must make it to the keep before it swallows us whole!”

That was a lovely way to wake up, just like old times! Malice had a good stretch as she remembered their old room, though never truly children themselves, she and Mist had often shared those moments of childhood adventure.

“Come on, get yourselves up! We hike in ten minutes, my friends!” She called out again, and threw a bucket of snow on the already dwindling fire.

“Yup, she’s Malice’s sister alright!” Nyx let out with a yawn, scratching at his head through his long black hair.

“How so?” Mia asked, as she too, stretched out with a yawn beside him.

“She’s loud!” He grumbled, wanting so badly to go back to sleep. “Come on!” Mia laughed, rolling on to her side as was up on her feet as he still grumbled on the ground.

“Let’s go, my love, and I may let you play when we return home!” Malice caught the grin across his face as his eyes met hers. Playtime was a fun time for Nyx, and he took his games, very, seriously.

“Promise?” He cocked a brow at her.

“Either or...” She paused for a moment, looking at Malice, “...or both!” She laughed again, and offered the Demon her hand.

“Oh, you are so on!” Malice heard him say, and he was up and ready to move out in the blink of an eye.

“He is such a child!” Malice told Mia, as Nyx made his way into the woods for a private moment.

“Try living with him!” Mia grinned at her as she packed her satchel.

“I would, but then I’d run the risk of killing him!” Malice sighed. “So I’ll stick to playing!” The Valkyrie laughed, and ruffled her feathers.

“Well don’t play too hard, I’ll still need him one day!” Mia smiled at her. Malice was confused, was Nyx not, sterile? How would she ‘need’ him, unless of course for just plain, rough and rowdy sex? And oh, was he good at that. They didn’t call him a Demon, just because he was one.

“I promise, I won’t break him!” Malice laughed as she shrugged it off, and Mia took off to find her mate. Poor female, never to bear a child for the male she loved.Perhaps Malice could help them?

Perhaps, she could surrogate for them, at the very least. She had done it before, she’d just needed a little help from a friend. It was then she lost herself in the moment, as the vision of the dark haired beauty came into mind. Long black hair, streaks of blue running through it. Gods, she was perfect in every way. Her Kember.

“She’s beautiful!” The voice cut through her dream, and the cold hard face of the snow filled reality came crashing back in.

“Mist?” Malice let out, a little surprised to be caught off guard. “Who’s beautiful?”

“The female in your thoughts!” Her sister giggled, and handed her a fresh skin of wine.

“You’ll need it! It’s not far, but it’s cold, and we have to get there before that storm hits!”

“But you said it wasn’t far?” Malice questioned Mist.

“What’s the problem?”

“The problem, is whether or not, the Kor’Mhia will open their gates!” Mist replied with a sigh.

“They have been hiding in fortress’ or many years now, scattered all over the Verse.”

“So we play nice.” Malice shrugged her shoulders, and took a bite of some dried meat she’d pulled from the pouch at her waist.

“It doesn’t work like that! You’re either good, or evil!” Mist sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

“And they’ll know!”

“I highly doubt, that they would turn away one of their own!” Malice grinned at her, and looked over at Navina across the way, and Mist followed her gaze.

“She is Kor’Mhia?” Mist took in the long black hair and emerald green eyes.

“Her name is Navina, and she was once of the Order.” Malice told her.

Mist gasped, taken back by the words her sister spoke, and Malice could see the wonder igniting in her eyes.

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