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--- Aurora’s POV ---
It took us a complete day and a half to prep the place for the party. Mrs. Kala told me that there would be more than six hundred guests between our pack and neighboring ones with which we share a peace treaty.
Once done, Mrs. Kala sent us all home to get a couple hours of rest and then we’d have to be back at the leaders’ house by nightfall. The gala wouldn't begin until nine o'clock.
When I got home, I was greeted with the unpleasant view of my stepmother walking around nude.
"Eew." I purposely said out loud to gain her attention. "You know Montana, the rooms were made specifically for our privacy. Not walking around the house completely naked." I growled as I turned around waiting for her to grab a piece of garment and put it on.
Wolf tend to handle nudity as if it was the most common thing. Since our clothes tends to rip when we shift, most of the wolfs who are active in patrolling and guarding the borders tend to wander around naked. I know I should be used to it by now but im still not ready for that. It makes me wonder if I’ll even be a good wolf when I cant even be around my stepmother naked.
"Oh, sorry about that hun. I wasn't expecting you back so early. I just came from patrolling the southern area of the village to grab a snack and head back." She answered nonchalantly.
You see, my stepmother is a seeker with a keen sense of smell.
On occasions the alpha assigns her patrolling to see if she can sniff out the scent of the rogues that's been lurking around the borderline lately.
"Whatever." I rolled my eyes at her and went straight to my room and threw myself on my bed. I tried to sleep, but slumber just wouldn't reach me, so I got up and decided to head down to prepare dinner.
Once I stepped foot on the first floor, I noticed that I was completely alone home. Montana must have gone out again. I shrugged.
"Better for me."
I went into the kitchen and prepared some pasta. I sat in front of the Tv and watched a movie on Netflix.
My phone began to ring and when I looked at the ID, I smiled seeing it was my crazy friend.
"Hey Em." I answered as I kept scrolling though the Netflix list.
"So... How'd it go with the cleaning and setting up of the grand party?" She asked.
"So far tiresome. That place is enormous. I thought we'd never finish with the decorations." I commented as I stuffed a fork full of pasta into my mouth.
"Uhg, I can imagine. What time does it start?" She asked.
"I have to be there around five thirty. The whole ordeal starts at nine."
"Do you know what time you'd be off?" She asked.
"Not really, but I’m sure it won't be any time before twelve."
"Well... That sucks. Guess I’ll just have to wish you happy birthday tomorrow." She sighed.
"Yeah. They ordered me to leave the phone home, so I won't be reading any texts from anyone until I get back." I told my best friend to which she growled.
"This sucks." She said as she huffed, and I couldn't help but let out a giggle.
We spent the rest of the evening chatting and laughing that I didn’t even notice the time fly. I found myself heading now to the leaders’ house. I presented myself at the gate and headed into the place.
Once inside, I went to the maids quarter where I had to change into my official uniform which consisted of a white button up shirt with long sleeves, a red bow tie, high waisted tube pants, black leggings and black heels.
Once done, we headed out to the gala room which had the lights dimmed. We each took out trays and prepared to receive the guests.
Mrs. Kala had assigned us each a station, which was a certain number of tables we had to keep our eyes on and instructed us to stand against the wall nearest to that section.
The place soon began to fill with people dressed in their most expensive outfits. The last ones to enter were our allies, the blue moon pack from the west's alpha, alongside of his daughter, Tallulah Wilhelm. She was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She had this long gorgeous blonde hair, sun kissed skin and bright hazel eyes. Her entire being exuded perfection, except for her personality. I heard she was a complete snob.
After them entered the gamma, Remus Bowman who was in his late twenties, hand in hand with his mate Aspen. Remus had dark brown hair with a couple of gray strands here and there. He had brown eyes and was rather the smallest of the men in our village, but don't let his figure fool you. Not only is he the smartest one but also one of the strongest.
In followed the beta, Maximus Barone. He was tall, with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. All the girls we're crazy about him, not to mention that he was a womanizer. But also, the second strongest in the pack.
And finally, the man of the hour stepped foot in the hall, our alpha, Wolfgang Fortier Gagliardi. Now if you thought women were crazy over the beta, this one was the real panty dropper. He had this mop of jet-black hair that always looked as if he just got out of bed, in a sexy kind of way, eyes so blue they seemed like they shined and he was huge, I mean not buff huge, but you could see how the muscles marked under his clothes. It was as if he was crafted by the goddess herself. But... there was one problem with him... That man did not know how to smile or even be nice to someone. Even though he was drop dead gorgeous, his snare and his powerful alpha aura made people run away from him. Most of the time you'd see him only with the beta who happens to be his childhood friend and Tallulah, who is the daughter of another alpha.
For a moment our eyes met, and the intense look left me rooted to my spot. It was for only a fraction of a second, but it was enough to cause a great deal in me.
Once the alpha took his seat, that was everyone's cue to do the same and so the party began.
It all went by fast. Since I was busy with my tables, I didn't notice how quick the time passed.
"Rory, Mrs. Kala needs you in the kitchen for a moment honey" One of my coworkers said.
"I'll be there in a minute." I answered as I picked up empty dishes and refilled some champagne flutes.
Once I got into the cooking area, I was attacked with confetti.
"Happy Birthday Aurora!!" I heard everyone shout at me as a beautiful cake littered with eighteen candles was placed before me.
"Oh my God! Guys! You shouldn't have...!" I said as I looked at the cake in awe.
"Oh, c'mon Rory! It's not every day you turn eighteen." One of the cooks said.
"Yeah, pretty soon you'll hear your wolf, be able to transform into it aaaaaand" Mrs. Kala dragged on as she looked at everyone. "Find your mate!!"
I rolled my eyes at the last statement as they all laughed.
After we ate some cake, we all headed back out to the hall to continue with our work when suddenly I heard a strange voice in my head.
'Hi Aurora...' It was faint but clear as the day. It was my wolf. She had awoken at last.
'Um... Hello?' I tried to talk back to her. She giggled. And that's when she came into view. Her fur was white as snow and her eyes were purple.
'It's a pleasure to meet you Aurora. I am your wolf... Rhea.' She said as she sat there staring at me.
'The pleasure is all mine, Rhea' I replied. 'I hope we can get alo...' My words were cut short when a delicious scent filled my nostrils. The scent was a mixture of wild pine, almonds and amber. It was captivating, almost as if it was pulling me.
I noticed that Rhea caught a whiff of it also since she had her nose high in the sky sniffing, when suddenly, she said the word that shocked me to the core.
'Our mate is here. I can smell him.'

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