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---- Wolfgang's POV ----
I can't believe I allowed Max and Remus to pull this shitty party off. My birthday had been over three months ago. What was the use of celebrating it now? I know they only wanted an excuse to throw a party.
"C'mon Wolfgang, it's gonna be just for one night! I wanna see if I can finally find my mate." Max whined as he laid his chin on my desktop mumbling.
"That's what you say and in your quest of finding her, you've slept with almost the ninety percent of the female population." Remus argued as he held a pile of papers in his hands.
"Oh, shut it. You don't care about this cause you already have a mate." Max shot to the oldest of us three.
Max and I we're both twenty-six-year old’s while Remus was already twenty-nine. We all took the roles we were assigned early in age after the great war where most of the leaders, including my father, the late alpha, his second in command who was Max's father and gamma Craton died in combat against the rogues. Since the gamma had only a daughter, the role of passed on to Remus.
"Having Aspen has nothing to do with it. I do wish for a moment of relaxation as much as you do Max, but our obligations come first." Remus argued.
"But I wanna find my mate." Max whined like a little kid. Sometimes I wondered how the hell he got the title of beta. Right, he inherited it from his father.
"You'll find her in due time. Right now, we gotta figure a way to get rid of the rogue Klaus and his lackeys." Remus countered.
"Ugh. We’ve been chasing those assholes for a year straight! One night off wouldn't hurt us. Plus, you might finally find your mate too Wolfie." Max said as he wiggled his eyebrows.
"Not interested." I answered. And it was the truth. The last thing on my mind was finding myself a mate to have to worry about her and my offspring’s safety. Being the alpha, my Luna and pups would be the first they’d target. All I wanted was to catch that bastard named Klaus and put an end to them.
"What do you mean not interested! You know? I'm starting to think that your gay dude." He said with a grin earning a glare from me.
"Might I say sir, he is right. No one has ever seen you interested in a woman, not even spoken to one." Remus added, earning a glare from me also as Max snickered to my right.
"Fine! I'll allow the stupid party to be held at the end of the month." I said as I pinched the bridge of my nose. "But we go straight back to finding and annihilating Klaus." I said to them both as I pointed my pen at them.
"Yaaaay!" Max jumped in delight.
"Yes sir." Remus said. "We'll start preparations then for the gala right away. Should I request help to come and work for the night?”
“Sure. Whatever.”
And that's how we ended here today; at this party I didn't even want to be at.
The leaders, the alpha from the blue moon pack and his daughter Tallulah Wilhelm, Remus and his mate, Max and myself stood out of the grand hall door waiting to be announced to enter.
One by one they filed in as their names were called.
My name was called last and I entered not bothering to see the people who stood around me. Once I reached our table, I looked around and my eyes met gray eyes who seemed to look deep into my soul. It was a simple house maid who stood in the far corner to my left. She seemed intriguing with those big gray eyes and Chestnut hair. I quickly looked away and centered my focus elsewhere.
The party went on slow to my displeasure. I was bored to my wits, having to constantly reject girls offers to dance with them. Even the blue moon alpha's daughter came up to me, batting those eyelashes as she tried to 'seduce me'.
"Hey Wolfgang." She said in her sweetest tone. I only nodded at her as I stood with my arms crossed.
"Nice party you're throwing. I didn't know you were the kind to make parties likes these." She said.
"I didn't do shit. Max and Remus pulled this off. I only authorized it." I said to her already losing what little patience I had.
At the moment, I was tackled by a dumbass. "Hey birthday boy!" Max slung his arm over my shoulder as he tried to keep his balance.
"You know my birthday was long ago. This was just to get you off my back." I answered.
"Oh, c'mon party pooper. You can't possibly be bored. “He slurred as he drank his beer. How much did he have to drink already? Being a wolf, our tolerance to alcohol is higher than the humans tolerance.
"As a matter of fact, I am. I'm only here because I am the host." I said as I glared at him. "Have you found your mate yet? Better do cause I want to end this party soon." I asked my drunken friend.
I regretted the question the moment it came out of my mouth because Max started tearing up as he threw his hands around me.
"Nooooo... I'm starting to believe I am mateless. Ooh moon goddess! Is it my faith to be a lone wolf forever?!" He cried as he held onto me.
"Let me go, you idiot!" I tried to get him off, but he had an iron grip on me.
"Noo. Comfort me you idiot! I'm heartbroken cause I haven't found my mate." He argued back.
"I said get of..." I was cut off when a heavenly scent soared through my nostrils. I pushed Max off me as I tried to sniff around the air for the source.
"What the... Hey!" Max started to whine but I cut him off.
"Do you smell that?" I asked him.
"Smell what?" Asked Tallulah who I had completely forgotten was even there.
"Huh?" Max sniffed the air. "I don't know exactly what I’m supposed to smell dude." He said with a shrugged. I ignored him as I continued sniffing the air. It smelled so sweet and delicate, like vanilla and marshmallows.
Suddenly my wolf was up howling like crazy in my head. He jumped and ran side to side as he too sniffed the air.
'Mate... I can smell her. I smell my mate.' Cronnos said from within my mind.
I stood frozen to my spot. This could not be happening. I haven't found my mate in eight years. Why now?
"Wolfgang? Are you okay?" Tallulah asked.
"Yeah dude. You turned really pale all of a sudden. Are you alright?" Max inquired.
"Uh... Yeah. I'm okay." I said, still stuck to the scent.
'Our mate is finally here kid. Find her! I can smell her!' Cronnos shouted making me snap out of my trance.
"I... Gotta use the restroom. Excuse me." I said as I walked away from Max and Tallulah. I had to find her. It was as if the scent pulled me.
I walked amongst the guest, not really acknowledging any of them. All that was on my mind was finding her, aside from Cronnos constant shout about it being our mate.
I kept walking until my hand instinctively grabbed a small soft hand. I looked up and came face to face with none other than the gray eyed maid I saw earlier.
"Mate..." We both said at the same time.
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