Running with the Wolves

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Osei Lynch is the stuff of nightmares should you get on his bad side. He's a very capable Alpha of a wolf pack, but when it comes to Danielle he finds himself making all the wrong moves. of course, Danger finds him and his family. And in order to save them, he must make certain sacrifices, while trying to hide his secret from Danielle: the human mate who doesn't know she's been claimed by an Alpha. On top of that, solicit the help of a witch who wants nothing to do with him. Semi, the witch, dislikes Osei because she knows things about him that would send any sane woman running for the hills, like his girlfriend, Danille. If Danielle was freaked out by discovering Osei could communicate with wolves, imagine what she'd do when she finds out that he is really a killer. Sometimes its safe have to judge a book by its cover. Mature Content.

Fantasy / Romance
Miss Brew
Age Rating:


Osei (O-in or, se in said and end with an eeee)

Asantewaa ( A- as in apple, San-as in San Diego, twaa- as in twa in first *twa* sound of twice')

Mystique = Mysteeque

)d) - love

Ago)f3(e) - beautiful

Ideas in this book are deeply cherished by me since it is a brainchild of mine. You wouldn't like it if someone stole your creation so don't do it. The Golden rule and all.

Consider this a copyright warning.

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