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Pain, love, and the ultimate sacrifice. Kairo King gave up on finding his mate years ago. To fill the void, he focused on his job as an English professor at the university and the family he had found within his pack. He's content. Until his dreams become haunted by a mysterious blonde stranger. Her face a mystery but her scent unforgettable. What will Kairo do when the mystery blonde from his dreams turns up in the hallways of the university? Will he deny his inner wolf the love he's been longing for? Or will he finally surrender to love unlike any other?

Fantasy / Romance
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Kairo’s heart hammered in his chest, his feet pounding the ground as he ran. The trees nothing but blurs beside him. He had to save them; he had to do something.

“Mom! Dad!”

His lungs burned and stars danced in his vision, but he couldn’t stop running.

“Mom! Dad!”

And then he was falling.

He screamed, his hands desperately trying to find something to grab to stop his descent.


A spine chilling howl ripped through his body as he shifted and Vincent took his place as they landed on a damp forest floor.

Vincent’s keen senses took in his surroundings. He recognized this place. He could smell the faint scent of students on the breeze, meaning they were somewhere in the woods near the college.

Sensing no danger, Kairo regained control, shifting back effortlessly.

He was about to turn back towards the college when a hooded figure caught his eye. The figure stood in the middle of the field, their face shielded by shadows.

Vincent growled as dread crept up Kairo’s mind, filling his stomach with apprehension. He took a few tentative steps forward; the figure remaining statuesque as he continued his approach, stopping a few feet away.

“Who are you?” his voice boomed.

The figure remained still and eerily silent as an icy breeze whipped by.

“I said who are you!”

A soft laugh came from beneath the shadows of the hood, but still the mysterious person said nothing.


His words stuck in his throat as pain ripped through his body. With what seemed like inhuman speed, the figure had closed the distance between them and had run a long jagged dagger through his chest.

His hands wrapped around the hilt of the dagger, pulling it from his chest as blood gushed from the hole in his chest.

“You could have saved yourself Kairo,” the voice taunted him as he fell to his side. The sky had turned to night, and the stars were twinkling brightly as blood pooled around him. “You never knew what was good for you though. We could have been happy.”

The taunting voice seemed to fade into the background as Kairo stared up into the night sky. A cool breeze blew past, ruffling his hair, and bathing him in a comforting scent. He breathed deep, a smile forming on his lips.

“It’s her,” Vincent’s voice said weakly.

“It’s nobody Vin-,” Kairo coughed as blood ran down his chin.

The smell was sweet, warm, and comforting. It promised him peace and love; two things he feared he’d never have again. His eyes fluttered shut and his heart beat slower.

“K-Kairo, i-it’s m-ma-”

“It’s my mate!”

And then the darkness swallowed him.

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