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HE WATCHED. HE WAITED. HE SLAUGHTERED. HE TOOK. HE RULED. Three months ago, a civil war broke out. Between two royal alpha’s, twins to be exact leaving... Death, Destruction and Pain. In their wake. They accounted for nearly every possible outcome, expect the one that came in the form of their older half brother.. ------------ “There is a lot of things I could say to you mon amour, but sorry is not one of them” He said wiping his lips, before caressing my face softly. “Why?” I whispered, looking down at my palms that were now covered in blood. “Because baby, even the king of monster’s needs his queen”

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

Chapter One - Return Of The Rightful King.

Servants scrambled out of the room, as growls and snarls escaped the throne room.

“Dad passed away, last week. We need to pick a ruler. I think I am the best candidate for the throne” A snarling figure stated, as he crouched getting ready to pounce at his opponent.

“You! You’re the last person, who should be sitting on our species throne. I’m the oldest! It shall be me!” Another growled back, claws extended ready for the fight that was about to break out.

“Boys!” A mature older female voice said breaking them, from their growling contest.

“You have caused wars over this. Wars that has killed thousands of our kind. Destroyed families, killed women and children. Killed innocents. This has got to stop! As the late kings companion, I think neither of you shall get the crown, and it shall be under my decree until this is solved peacefully” The feminine voice screeched.

Until a slow clapping brought all occupants in the room, to a halt. Gasps and eyes widened as a looming and dark figure stepped out from behind one of the two large thrones that sat at the head of the room and came to stand beside the king’s throne chair.

His cold and steel like colored eyes swept over the room as a dark and sadistic grin took over his face.

“Now, now. If I do recall father left everything to his oldest child, the one born from his true and only mate. His only full blooded Lycan child, not the measly little wolves you call rulers, And if my memory serves correctly, my father only conceived one true Alpha Lycan pup with his true mate” The figure chuckled softly, coming to stand in front of the now late king’s throne.

“What are you doing here, Madd-” The female started, before her air supply was quickly cut off by the intruding male's hand, as he flashed over to her and held her by her throat.

“Mother!” The two men, who were at each other throat before yelled together.

“My real name, will never slip past your filthy mouth, I know what you did to my father, that night you broke his bond to my mother. I also know her throat was slit by your hands. And I promise you as soon as I am crowned, you will be the first to go. You mate stealing, throne hogging slut” He sneered in her ear, before throwing her to the ground.

“He never made you his queen before the twins were born or after. My father knew what a power hungry bitch you were. He just needed something to relieve his stress with over the years, but do not worry. You weren’t his only toy, after my mother died” He then turned around and walked back to the throne, sitting down where his father and fore-fathers we’re once seated.

“As of late, there has been a rogue full blooded Lycan going around. By the name of Hades, slaughtering millions, if not more. He wants a monarch ruled with fear, so any and all species will not threaten his own”

“Alpha wolves of all cities, states and countries. From this moment forward will be under the king’s ruling, any objections will be killed, any hesitation will be killed, any rebellious will be killed. Men, women. I do not care” The royal guard, nodded their heads. They were bowed down the him the moment he stepped into the room.

A frantic knocking on the large wooded door broke the mood in the room, as a skinny little messenger not came running into the room, and stopped into front of one of the twins with his fist over his chest.

“Sire, bad news from the front”

“W-what is it?” The twin stuttered, looking over at his older brother, whose face seemed to returned to it’s stoic look.

“Hades, Hades, has wiped out all the men from both sides sire, He is apparently already in the castle. He is said to want you and the rest of your family’s heads, my lord”

The two twins looked at each other and nodded, they could go back to their fighting as soon as they handled this Hades problem with their older brothers help, and then in turn they’ll get rid of him to.

“Help us, please” One begged looking at his brother, with pleading eyes.

“Why? What is the fun of doing that?” Their brother smirked from his newly claimed throne.

“We are your family, that means he’ll be after you to!” The other yelled, as the two stepped closer. They got down on their knees and lowered their head in submission to the powerful sure their brother began to let off.

“Now why, would I save something, that isn’t meant to be saved?”

“His name is Hades, because he rules over and dictates the death of people, it is quiet fitting if you ask me. Sure he may have killed a lot of people, but none of them were innocent believe me. He was doing the world a favor”

“I applaud him actually and must say, he is quiet dashing” Their brother said rubbing under his chin slowly.

“Y-you’ve met him?” They asked shocked.

“Oh, I see him everyday!” He said, almost in a cheery voice.


“By looking in the mirror”

Hades then proceeded to lunged and kill the last three of the four existing members of his father’s family. The final three chess pieces had been removed, now he could proceed to take his rightful castle and rule his kingdom. As he stood after the deed was done, soaked in the blood of those that did not deserve anything in this life.

He looked around at the very castle, he claimed back. That was rightfully his since his birth.

Sitting back on his throne, still covered in blood as the high priest’s shaking hands placed the pristine golden crown on his head. The guard’s and palace servants, all fell to one knee, signifying allegiance to the rightful king.

Hades sighed, after years he finally accomplished his revenge and his birth right but something was missing. This castle was a bit gloomy for one man to live alone in, he would have to find a jewel, a keeper of hearts, a mate. His mate.

To share it with him..


Happy Reading!

- Sheri ♡

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