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Chapter Two

Chapter Two - His Mixed Queen.

I sat on my window seat, that my father and brothers had built me many years before, staring out at the castle’s city below. Watching as the people rushed around trying to prepare everything for my elder brother’s coronation. When a knock came at my door.

“Your highness, The King and Queen are requesting your presences in the throne room” I nodded quietly at the servant, before making my way out of my lavish room, through the castle walls. Until I reached the throne room.

Once I got there, my father and mother, sat seated on their thrones as three of my five older brothers stood in front of the few steps that led up to the two thrones.

“Good evening, My dear family” I greeted with a slight nod of my head, before walking over to kiss my mother and father’s cheeks with affection.

“Mama, Papa. I do hope the preparations are running smoothly” I said with a small smile, as I went and stood by my brothers.

“Adamina, my darling princess. They are going well, What isn’t going well, are these three” My mother said pointing to my brothers as my father sighed loudly.

I looked over at my three brothers that stood in front of our parents and frowned.

“Saroyan, Novak and Azarel. You know that this is a big day for you and our family, especially Xenos. He is to be crown king of the Elves and you all are to become apart of his council. You have a responsibility to up hold to our people and kingdom to do this-” I paused in my speech and looked at my parents.

“What did they do exactly?” My father sighed and called my two eldest brothers in.

Rogan’s pure white hair, that fell a little over his golden eyes was now adorned with black streaks. While Xenos’s mid-back white hair, had been dip dyed red.

Xenos teal eyes shone with utter rage, as he stepped into the room, as Rogan just kept this normally contempt look on his face.

“You sneaky little bastards! Look what you have done! On the day of all of our coronations” Xenos yelled, while my other brother’s just busted out laughing.

“Honestly Xen, it suits you!”

“Looking good, older brother”

“Wow! Loving the hair, Xenxen”

My eldest brother just threw his hands up in the air and grumbled under is breath. Well it looks like the younger three are gonna get away with this. I looked over at Rogan, who twisted a bit of his black dyed hair.

“Rogan, you don’t seem to mind?” I said looking at him confused.

“No, because it makes me look like a badass. And my hair matches your natural black and white hair Ada” Rogan said, looking at me with a big grin. Causing my three brother to realize that they fail to make Rogan angry and actually happy instead, as they started arguing with each other.

“Is that all you called me here for father?” I asked, turning to look at my father.

“Adamina, you know that you are the only one, who can control your brothers” He stated looking at me.

“Only because, I’m the only one with Dark elf blood” I said looking away.

“Adamina, your blood was past down to you from my mother. It is nothing to be ashamed of” Father said coming to hug me.

“You maybe the only one with Dark Elf blood, but it is only half remember that honey. You still have your light elf blood in your veins as well” My mother said as she hugged me as well.

“Yes, but with Grandmother’s blood, not only was she half dark Elf, she was also half werewolf as well. Who know how mixed my blood is. I’m not pure like you two or any of my brothers” I stated sadly, as I pulled away from my parents.

“Adamina, you are our little sister. We love you no matter, how mixed you are” Xenos said, as he kissed my forehead.

“Xen, is right Ada, we love you all the same and we will always be your family” Rogan said hugging me to him.

“We love our little sister” Saroyan smiled.

“More than anything, in the world!” Novak grinned.

“And would kill anyone, who hurt or talked ill of her” Azarel stated patting the sword that was tied to his waist.

“I’ll see you tonight at the coronation and banquet” I smiled at my family, and bowing to them, before leaving to return to my room.

As Adamina left and the door to the throne room was finally closed, so no prying eyes or ears could see or hear. Xenos turned to the rest of his family with a grim look on his face.

“It seems the wolves, have taking a new king as of a month ago. Apparently he has wiped his kingdom of the Alpha system, meaning the wolves only answer to his command” Xenos stated looking at his father.

“Is that not a good thing? It will not cause any civil wars within the kingdom, as it did with the last six king’s rules, when the system was put in place” Azarel said looking confused.

“Yes, that is a plus side to this. But the other is, if he has taking out the Alpha system, it means he had to visit all the packs in his kingdom. And as the rumors are saying, he is looking for a mate” Rogan sighed.

“While doing this, he also visited the other kingdoms. Looking for her, but he still hasn’t found her and the final kingdom, he has yet to visit is ours” The King’s eyes widened at Saroyan words that carried on from Rogan.

“Novak, did you send an invitation to this king?” The King urged his third oldest son.

It was a long shot, but the king had heard the rumors about this wolf king. Apparently he was ruthless, cruel and cold. Yes, he may treat his subjects with respect and provided them with a better system then the last few king’s. But if there was even a chance that this man could be his beautiful, innocent and kind daughters mate. He would try and hold of the inevitable.

“Yes father, but the weird thing is. I sent it in his name and the invasion was sent back, with the name replaced” Novak said looking to his father.

“With what?” Their mother said fearfully, stepping towards her family.


The King stumbled back, as the queen and his son’s caught him, before his terrified eyes shot to his mate and wife.

“The prophecy. He will come for her. After all..”

She is his mixed queen...


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