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Chapter Three

Chapter Three - A Journey Is What You Make It.

The elven kingdom, was to hold a coronation tonight. The crowning of Prince Xenos as the new king and his four younger brothers as his council.

If my understanding was correct. Prince Xenos, even though he was first born. He offered all his siblings the opportunity of becoming the next ruler. But out of respect for their brother and all he stood for, every single one turned it down and told him to take his birth right.

The second eldest, Prince Rogan was to be handed the title of the elven War Commander. His job was to come up with tactic and strategies, if the elven legion was to ever be called to battle. I also heard that Prince Rogan had also happen to be among one of the cruelest and sadistic light elves to walk the face of this planet.

The next eldest, Prince Saroyan had one of the great minds of our time. He was to be crowned, elven Intelligence Commander. His job was to find and search for weakness in the other kingdoms, if the need for blackmail was to come into play if a threat against the elven kingdom ever arises.

The next Prince was, Prince Novak. He was to be given the title of Foreign Affairs Commander. His job was to create treaties and alliances between his kingdom and other kingdoms. He is the only Prince and person that had my Royal Beta second guessing the stipulation that were agreed upon between our two kingdoms. According to my beta, he seemed like he could bargain his way out of any situation.

The last and final Prince was, Prince Arazel, He was to become the Head General of the elven Legion. Rumors is Prince Arazel loves fighting along side his people and just loves a good fight in general, So when it came to the day, where their father asked them what position in the kingdom each brother wanted to take. Instead of going for a higher position, Prince Arazel, wanted nothing more than to fight for his own country and family.

With the lingering thoughts of the royal family of the elven kingdom, I kicked at my horse, making him go faster as my men raced along behind me.

“I heard the elves only have one princess. I wonder if she is hot?” I heard one of the men from behind me whisper to a few of the other men.

“Apparently she is the most beautiful female in the whole kingdom” A man with him snickered.

“An elf, beautiful? I hardly believe that, nothing is more beautiful than a she-wolf” Another one laughed.

My Royal Beta, Marco stopped his horse and sneered at the group of three men, before he slapped them all upside the head.

“Bare in mind, elves are knowing to be a beautiful species, and the princess? She maybe rumored to be the most beautiful female in the whole kingdom, but she is the only daughter and sister of the king and his son’s. All of who are extremely protective of their little female kin” Marco growled out.

“When we reach their kingdom, you are to show the upmost respect. If for any reason you embarrass our king or kingdom, you will be killed on sight” Marco voice rung out over the men we brought with us. They all nodded their heads in agreement, as I yet again kick my horse to into fast gallop.

As we reached another boarder gate of the elven kingdom. The guards in front of the gate, pulled their weapons and pointed them towards us.

“State your business here” One guard asked, stepping forward.

“We are here for the coronation of the elven princes” Marco grunted. Knowing fully well, I wasn’t one to speak unless it was absolutely necessary.

“We need to see, the invitation that Prince Novak sent out to all kingdoms” The same guard stated, stepping closer.

“My king, sent it back”


“Because it was addressed wrong”

“That is no reason. Leave!” The guard yelled back, raising his bow and arrow.

“You will let me through” I growled, pulling my horse closer to the guard.

“And who are you to order me around?” The guard stated, looking me directly in the eye. Over the course of the whole conversation my patience had started to ware thin as did that of my wolf’s.

I raised my hand and felt my claws start to extend, as my hand started to come down. The gates slowly opened as a 6'ft male, walked out of the gate slowly.

I looked him over as he walked taking in his features. He had flawless looking skin, pure white hair that hung slightly over his purple colored eyes, a sliver leaf like crown was placed around his head and contrasted with his sliver armor and white cloak that flew behind him as he walked.

Twin scimitar swords were strapped to each of his hips, I only noticed them as the sun reflected against them. The male bowed his head towards me in respect before turning to the guards, that now got to one knee in front of this male.

The group of three men, that were making snide remarks, gasped and jaws were left wide open at the sight of this male.

“Pure and utter idiots” I heard, Marco grumble from behind me.

“Lione, I thought I informed you. That when the king of the wolves and his men arrived. You were to send for me” The male said, looking down at the guard that had talked back to me earlier.

“Your Highness, I apologies. I did not want to disturb you or the royal family with little matters on such an important day” Lione stated still on a bend knee as the male, let his other guards rise.

“If you will not listen to my orders, would you like to receive the punishment of ignoring the orders of a member of the royal family?” The male stated calmly, but if you looked closely you could see the mischievous glint in his eyes.

“No, your highness”

“What about dealing with my elder brother? Prince Rogan, I’m sure you have heard of the rumors of his many successful torture interrogations?” The Prince said, raising an eyebrow, as he gestured for the guard to rise.

“I will not fail to follow orders again, sire. Please do not get Prince Rogan involved” Lione said, rising to his feet at the prince’s command.

“Good, as a warning to any guard from here on out. You ignore the orders of any of the royal family again and you shall deal with my sister, herself. Be wise because believe me, she will do a hell of a lot worse than anything my brothers and I ever would” The Prince said to his guards before turning to me and my men again.

“King Hades, I am Prince Novak. It is a great pleasure to meet your acquaintance. If you and your men would please follow me, I will show you to where you will be staying, during the duration of your stay here in our lovely kingdom” Prince Novak said, looking at me with a smile, as a guard brought forth a pure white mare, adorned in sliver armor to the Prince, he thanked the guard as he climbed up onto the horse.

“Athena, off to the castle my beauty” With a call of the command, the horse took off into the gates, I patted my horse's neck, as he began to follow after.

‘Why the hell, do they have so many checkpoints and guarded areas before their city? We have been through six already’ Marco growled, as he finally got through the gate and past the guards.

‘Marco, is he who he says he is?’ I asked my beta, for confirmation. As I wasn’t completely sure as to why they had so many checkpoints

‘Yes, your highness. He is the man that came to the kingdom with the invitation and who we made the alliance with’

As we raced up the wooded area, on a small path, the Prince pulled the reigns on his horse making her slow down. He turned his head back, making sure we were still with him.

He grinned and came to a complete stop, until my own horse was right beside his and with Marco his horse slightly behind the two of us. Then the rest of my men stationed behind him in ranked order.

“You are probably wondering why, we have so many gates and guarded areas, miles away from the actual castle city and the castle itself?” Prince Novak smiled, as our horse began to walk next to each other.

“Please tell me, that we just past through the final one?” Marco asked, from behind us.

“Actually no, there is one finally one before the city, our most heavily guarded one. But we will be able to past through without any worry, as I have informed the guards stationed there before hand. Besides, it isn’t the gate you should be worried about” Prince Novak stated mischievously, as he turned his head back slightly to one of my men, who happened to be riding to close to the trees.

“I wouldn’t get that close to the woods, if I were you” He grinned.

“Why not, your majesty?” The man asked.

“These woods belong solely to my sister, get any closer and she will kill you” The man’s face paled and he pulled his horse back in line, as soon as the words left the prince’s mouth.

“Back to the answer about the gates and guard. Why so many, is it to keep something out?” Marco asked.

Prince Novak didn’t seem to answer as we finally came up to the final gate, nodded to the guards as they opened the gates. Novak finally whispered the answer.

“No, they are to keep her in..”


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