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Chapter Four

Chapter Four - Little Mate.

“Your highness, I am here at your request. Sorry that it took me a while Prince Novak had me show the new arrivals to their rooms, what would you like for me to do today?” My personal hand maid asked as one of my guards escorted her through my chamber doors.

“Cara, please you have help me get my dress on. My brother’s had a dress delivered but there is no way, I am getting it on by myself” I pleaded to her with a small pouting smile.

“My princess, you do not need to plead with me it is my duty and honor to serve you” She reached for me gentle and pulled me in front of my whole wall length mirror that took up one side of my chambers.

“Your make-up and hair has already been done and looks exceptionally amazing your highness” I looked into the mirror and smile slightly, my parents had the best make-up artists and hair styles flown in just for the preparation of my brother’s coronations and even I had to admit they made me look really beautiful.

My black and white hair had been swept to the side in curls with a fishtail braid from my fringe to the middle of my head coming down the side of my head. Smoky black eye shadow framed my natural metallic sliver eyes, which complimented my high arched eyebrows and a deep red lipstick lay bold and beautifully across my plumb lips.

“Thank you Cara, for once I actually feel as beautiful as people say I am” I say quietly, causing Cara to smile at me softly. I knew that elves were known for being a beautiful species, but what good was that when an individual didn’t truly feel that way themselves? Especially when you were feeling this way but the world expects you to just accept it, that nothing in your life could possible be wrong or you have an easy life all because they you are beautiful.

“I’ve known you for years your highness, but in all my years I have never seen you smile so genuinely except for the times you have spent with your family” She squeezed her hands softly on my shoulders before moving to my walking closet and bring out a big white box.

“How about we see the dress your brother’s selected, get you in it and then selecting your jewelry and head piece for tonight?” I nodded my head at her suggestion and moved toward the bed.

A gasp left my lips as she pulled my dress out and I moved to run my hand over the material. It is customary for the royals receiving titles to wear white the night of the next king’s coronation. So I did not understand why as I looked over the extravagant dress, why it was white? I was not receiving a title tonight.

“Your highness, It seems your brother’s have left you a message” Cara said passing me a note, I looked down at it and proceeded to read.

Dearest baby sister,

We do hope you enjoy the dress, each one of us had the input of what was to be put in and onto your dress as we had this gown made for this particular night. Rogan also realized that if we had left you to pick your own dress you would not take into the consideration of wearing white. But we believe you deserve to wear white along with us. So if you will not wear it because of your brothers request and for formalities sake, please wear it as we invite you to be the guest of honor at our coronation.

With Love Always,

Your Older Brothers.

P.S. It is Saroyan writing this.. It was my brilliant idea to make you guest of honor. I know you will look astounding in white dear sister. Make everyone’s jaws drop off.

P.S.S. I intercepted this parcel before it could reach you. Saroyan is a liar, we decided on everything together. Love you baby sister. -Azarel.

I laughed softly at the note and shaking my head softly. It took Cara and I half an hour to get the dress on. I turned to my mirror and looked at myself fully dressed and done up.

The dress was a long sleeved laced plunge short bodysuit with corset ties at the back, the bottom was a see through laced skirt with a slit up the side, which ended at the top of my thigh. Little diamond embellishments laid all over the dress, making it sparkle just enough without looking to flashy, simple yet elegant just the way I liked it.

“The princes chose well?” Cara asked with a knowing smile.

“They chose phenomenally, they know me the best besides my parents and you, Cara” I smile over at her.

“Thank you my lady, I hope to continue you to serve you for a long time. Now what are we thinking for jewelry?” She asked moving to my walking closet again.

“Could you please fetch me the elven crown my parents gifted me at my coming of age ceremony” The diamond encrusted crown would sit on the top of my head, but the metals were woven in a way to make it look like a vine of leaves made from diamonds and a six different jewels representing my each one of my brothers and the last jewel was to represent my mate. Whoever he was to be.

“My diamond drop earrings with matching necklace, my sliver family crest ring and finally my sliver gladiator heels please” She walked out of the closet and placed them on the jewelry selection table that had previously been placed beside me. I thanked her quickly before I placed my shoes and jewelry on and then finally setting the crown on top of my head.

I walked over to my bedside dresser and pulled the long dagger my mother had gifted on my sixth birthday and strapped it to the outside of my thigh so everyone would be aware that I was ready to fight if needed. I looked myself over in the mirror for the last time, before nodding in approval as a knock came at the door.

“Baby sister? I was the lucky one who had the upmost pleasure of escorting you to tonight’s coronation” A voice broke me from my gazing at the mirror as I turned to look at my brother.

“On the night of your own crowning? Xen please, this night is about you and the boys. If I walk in with the future king, people who do not know I’m your little sister, may think-”

“Who gives a damn what people think Ada! You are my sister, those who know that fact are the only people we should listen to. Also neither myself or any of the boys have a date to the coronation, so we were wondering if we could take you as our date, at least that way we all can have a dance with you” Xenos grinned down at me.

“You look beautiful by the way Ada, please stay by one of our sides at all times tonight”

“I will big brother and thank you, you look handsome to Xen” I looked over his pure white suit and white cape with gold accents, a long and short sword as strapped to his left hip. Xenos wore his golden leaf like crown around his head and had his now straight white with red tips hair flowing down his back, his teal colored eyes sparked with joy as he held his hand out to me in invitation.

“So what do you say baby sister? Will you be our date?” I smile up at my oldest brother, slipping my hand into his before he lead me out of my chambers.


We came to a stop in front of the ballroom curtains that would be pulled open as soon as each one of us began to make our entrances. It was customary for the royal family to enter last after all the guests arrived. But as my parents were hosting a few other kingdoms tonight, they had already entered the ballroom.

“Where are the others?” I asked looking up at Xenos.

“We are right here, baby sister” A voice said, making me turn to look.

I looked over each of my other four brothers, who stood in a line from oldest to youngest facing Xenon and myself. Rogan’s white and black hair was swept slightly sideways as a sliver leaf like crown sat around his forehead, his golden eyes popped against his white suit and cape with Teal accents, two katana’s strapped to his right hip.

Saroyan, mid length white hair was swept over his left shoulder with the right side of his hair tucked behind his ear, his own sliver leaf crown sat around his forehead, his usually mischievous red colored eyes taking on a serious feel. He wore his white suit and cape with purple accents with pride, a rapier no doubt hidden somewhere within his cloak.

Novak’s short white hair fell over his purple eyes and his sliver crown sat over the top of his hair and forehead. Dressed in his own white suit with emerald colored accents, his twin scimitar swords peaked out behind his white cape .

Azarel shoulder length pure white hair, was pulled back with a little braid, leaving his hair half up and half down, his emerald green eyes staying alert as they usually did, his sliver leaf crown sat comfortably upon his forehead, Azarel wore a pure white suit like the rest of my brothers but his white cape with red accents had been modified into a side cloak that hung over the left side of his body, while his glaive was strapped to his back with the custom made metal shaft visible over his right shoulder.

“My, my. Aren’t all the guest going to be jealous of our date?” Novak grinned widely at me, making me smile back at him.

“Of course, even though it is our coronation. Everyone is going to be pinning for her attention” Saroyan stated with a smirk on his lips.

“Well, they won’t be. If she is with one of us throughout the night, especially that we are all wielding our weapons” Azarel laughed as his eyes caught my dagger strapped to my leg.

“I am thankful to you all for including me in your special night, but are you sure you want me as your date? Because I know a few ladies who would love and hope to be introduced with you on this night” I stated looking at all my brother’s directly in the eyes.

“Why would we want any other women in our lives besides you, mother and our mates? Those women can just keep dreaming and hoping, because as far as we are concerned it will never happen” Rogan said looking at me with sincere eyes, while the rest of my brothers nodded in agreement.

“Let’s go” Xenos stated, putting his arm out to me again. I took hold of it as Rogan stood on the other side of me, allowing to place my other hand on his arm and turned to face the curtain, Saroyan and Azarel stood on the other side of Xenon, while Novak took his place next to Rogan. I took a deep breath and gave one last small smile to each of my brother, before the curtains pulled opened to a grand staircase, in front of that six throne chairs on a marble platform and then an enormous crowd beyond that.

“Xen?“I whispered urgently but discretely towards my oldest brother keeping a smile on my face.

“Now, I would like to present our children” My father’s voiced boomed out, from where he was standing next to my mother and the six chairs.

“Yes, little sister?” Xen replied, not breaking eye contact in the crowd.

“My eldest and heir, Xenos” My brother nodded in acknowledgement towards my father.

“Why the hell is there six chairs?” I said not sounding at all happy. This was their night but these bloody brothers of mine, like to change everything.

“My second, Rogan”Rogan smirked over the crowd before tilting his head to the side slightly in observation as his other hand came up and squeezed mine slightly, daring anyone to come close to me tonight and the gesture did not go unnoticed as many people looked away.

“My third, Saroyan” Like usual my third eldest brother kept a cold look on his face, when it came to public events except for the small interaction with me and my other brothers during those events. Saroyan came across cold and uninterested in everything and everyone, when he was with us he would smile slightly and his eyes would light up in amusement.

“Well we could not have our baby sister missing out on all the fun, now could we?” Xen leaned towards me slightly and whispered, causing Rogan and Saroyan to snicker.

“My fourth, Novak” Novak lifted his right hand to the side of his forehead and gave my father a two finger salute before moving his hand back down to his side.

“This is so not okay” I whined quietly as we began descending the grand staircase.

“My fifth, Azarel” Azarel didn’t even acknowledge the announcement and just kept moving down the stairs.

“We never play fair when it comes to you baby sister, you know this” Rogan stated, looking down at me smiling.

“And finally, my most precious jewel. My daughter, Adamina” I smiled and bowed my head slightly at my father, before pulling in front of my brothers to give my parents a kiss on the cheek, I kissed my mother but as I was about to greet my father a large growl rung out over the crowd, making common folk shrink back in fear and other royals shiver at the power put into the single growl.

‘Who dare growl at me greeting my father’ I thought as I felt my fury begin to rise, my dark elf blood made my temper quiet short and the only thing that never got on my nerves was my family.

So whenever someone outside of my family either defied me or tried to mess with something that was mine or something I did, it was bound to never end well. My prideful dark elf side hated being told what to do and when I was forced to give it control, It would normally end in blood.

“Ada, calm down” Saroyan said, coming to my side. But as I looked up at him, a gasp left his lips.

“Baby sister, your eyes. Do not let it control you” Xen said concerned, no doubt my eyes have probably turned pitch black with black like veins surrounding my outer eye.

“WHO WAS IT!” I snarled turning to face the crowd, making them to take a few steps back and cower in fear at my sudden change. I felt my fingernails begin to grow and pierce the palms of my hands, making blood drip from my now clenched fist.

“Me” I turned my head slight and looked directly into the most beautiful metallic sliver eyes, I have ever seen.

My eyes ran over the fine specimen that this man truly was, I wanted nothing more than to run my normally manicured fingers threw his pitch black hair and pull it slightly, all while kissing his sinful pink lips and run my hand all over his muscular body that was hidden under his formal royal black suit, and discover how far down that tattoo that was peaking out of his collar ran down his body.

I took in his attired one more time and spotted the ring on his right ring finger as a loud snare ripped through my throat. I knew exactly who this male was and who he was to me. I calmed my emotions slightly and stood up straight before a smirk took over my face.

“Werewolf king, I do not think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you yet” I stated in a sultry voice.

“Oh believe me, little mate. The pleasure will be all mine”..


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