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Chapter Five

Chapter Five - Little Mate’s Dark Side.

“And finally this will be your suite, your majesty” The female maid said as she bowed her head at me, I don’t know what the scent that floated around this female but I knew the scent did not belong to her. I lifted my nose in the air and watched as the maid flinched a little, while Marco looked at me with a look of surprise.

“Female” A low grumble made it’s way out of my mouth, making her take a couple steps back and away from me.

“Ye-yes, your majesty?”

“What is your name?”

“Cara, my lord” I looked over at Cara’s slightly shaking form and noticed as she would not even look in my direction.

“Well Cara, it seems to me that you have the most delicious scent clinging to your clothes and hair” I watched as the maid’s face began to pale at every word that slipped from my mouth.

“I do not know what scent you speak of your majesty” She said not moving her eyes from her feet. I looked over at Marco, to which he just shook his head indicating what I already knew to be true. She was lying threw her teeth.

“Oh really?” I smirked as I began to circle her like a predator.

“Would you like to try and come up with a better lie, maid?” I growled lowly, making her jump and begin to shake more.

“N-no, your majesty” She stuttered.


“Now tell me. Cara, who is your lady?” I grinned.

Oh little mate, I will find you...


Marco came into my room as I finally did up my last cuff link on the end of my suit. Taking one last once over of myself in the mirror, I nodded and placed my family crest ring on my finger and looked over at my beta and sighed.

“I just have to get through this one bloody night and then we can return home” I felt the tension leave my body as Marco placed his hand on my shoulder.

I felt my beast stir a little at the contact, but with his weakened state that I put him in when I took my shot to keep him under control.

“Honestly Hades, I do not know how the hell you keep up the cold exterior day in and day out. I would have gone crazy by now man” He grinned at me and patted my back.

To the outside world I had the reputation of being a cold blooded killer and to an extent I was, but to my best friend and the only man I ever considered a brother. I was just another male he grew up with and spend days training side by side together, only difference was that I now had a crown on my head and a kingdom to run.

“I do know why you are so excited to return home so soon, that bloody castle has everything but you know the one thing you really want there is already here, in this kingdom and from what I hear she maybe a lot more stubborn than you and that is saying something” He grinned as he watched my face turn sour.

“You give me shit now, but you wait for when you meet your female. I haven’t even met mine and your already giving me shit” I laughed and pushed him away from me, as he released a bellowing laugh of his own.

Our laughter came to a stop as a knock came at my door, I placed a cold and hatred filled look on my face as Marco pulled the door open to reveal the queen of the elves and two men of her personal guard.

“Good evening, your highness, royal beta” She said giving a smile and a small nod in acknowledgement to Marco and myself, causing me to feel a sense of surprise and a look of surprise to cross Marco’s face. All the other royal’s of any species had never come to talk to me personally for the fear of me starting a war with them.

So why in moon goddess name, did the queen of the elves come to greet me?

“Good evening, your majesty. Thank you for humbly opening your home to us on this very special occasion for your kingdom to my king and our people” Marco said bowing his head slightly in respect.

“Oh nonsense, my husband and I are happy that we can share our children’s special night with so many people and kingdoms of the supernatural world” She walked closer to me as she spoke, before coming to a stop directly in front of me. I looked down at the petite woman but made sure my cold mask stayed well in check.

Her lavender colored eyes scanned over my face, and I watched as they flashed white for a miller seconded as a gasp left the queen’s lips, I stilled as I felt her hands come up and and rest on either side of my face.

“She will be safe with you, she will know what it is like to feel love but beware for if your flame was ever to dim and you rendered to ash, she will bathe in the darkness and take the world with her” She smiled softly up at me before letting me go and slowly started making her way to my chamber doors.

I stood there rigid, not quiet knowing what do to after hearing that declaration. The queen patted her hand against my chamber door and gave a respectful nod in both my and Marco's direction, like nothing had just transpired.

“Now I don’t know about you two, but I don’t want to be late to the party. Do you?” I watched she slipped out of my chambers and down the hallway with her two guards following after her.

“Marco” I said calling to my beta in a professional manner, my voice void of any and all emotion.

“Yes, my king” He said, falling to his knee with his head bowed at my side.

“When we do meet my little mate tonight whatever should happen, you and our men are not to interfere unless absolutely necessary, do you understand me? ”

“As you wish, my lord”


“And finally, my most precious jewel. My daughter, Adamina”I felt my heart beat speed up faster than usual as soon as my eyes landed on her, I swear I forgot how to breath. My little mate was not short of breath taking and her white laced dress did little to hide her most luscious figure, the jewels she had adoring her body accentuated her beauty and graced her body with a halo like shine every time they reflected in the light.

“Marco” I growled over to my beta, making him look at me confused.

“Yes, my king”

“The elven princess..”

“Hades?” He asked confused again.

“She is mine” I whisper, not sure what I should feel. How in the hell did I get so lucky to get this amazing woman as my mate?

I watched as my beautiful mate walked faster down the stairs and went to greet her parents, I didn’t mind her kissing her mother but as soon as she went to walk up to her father, I felt my beast pull forward and release the most powerful growl that he could muster in his weakened state.

I watched my mate’s eyes shift around the room in a predatory stare and watched as her beautiful metallic sliver eyes began to shift to an obsidian color and black like veins began to accumulate around her eyes, her nails grew into black like claws and her whole demeanor changed drastically.

I watched as her brother’s and parents took a step back from her as they saw that there was nothing, they could do would calm my little mate down.

The intent to kill shown on her face, almost making every man, woman and child cringe away in fear, but not me no. If anything it make me want to see how angry I could get her. Until it would make castles and kingdoms crumble to the ground with our powerful and intense lovemaking the two of us could have after an argument.

‘Oh my little dark mate, the ways I could corrupt your little body’ My beast stirred strongly at the thought of having our mate under us, screaming in intense pleasure.

“WHO WAS IT!” My mate snarled looking over at the crowd, making them all take a few steps back including that of my men. I cocked my head to the side observing my little mate and watched as she clenched her fist making blood start to seep out from between her fingers.

‘Mate is hurt’ My beast growled lowly at me. I began to make my way closer the little stage where the royal family was stated and my mate was left standing in front waiting for an answer to her question.

“Me” I said coming to a stand still a few steps in front of her and watched as her now obsidian eyes snapped in my direction. I felt as her eyes swept up and down my body, taking in ever little detail that she could. A scent of arousal hit me and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that my little mate even at her angriest was still pleased with what she saw and the male she was mated to.

Her eyes darted to the location of my family ring that was located on my right ring finger and a loud snare ripped out of her throat, her eyes began to return to their beautiful metallic sliver color and her nail retracted into their normal state before a smirk took over my mate’s plumb and kissable lips.

“Werewolf king, I do not think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you yet” Her sultry voice hit my ears, causing both my beast and I to release an internal purr.

“Oh believe me, little mate. The pleasure will be all mine” I grinned, pulling her off the stage quicker than she could react and into my arms.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on and your lips from now on only touch one male’s skin from now on” I growled lowly in her ear for only her to hear.

“I guess, that means I am not allowed to kiss that of our sons then?” She sighed playfully, pulling away from me, making me look at her in shock for a moment.

“Hmm, I guess you never really considered that now did you..my king?“..


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