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Chapter Six

Chapter Six - Finally.

“Hmm I guess you never really considered that now did you, my king?“ I patted his cheek softly and quickly removed myself from between his arms and began walking towards my family, who still on the little stage.

I bowed my head softly towards my parents before turning towards my brothers and giving each one of them a small smile.

“I am sorry that I have ruined the coronation and the party that will follow but I need a breather and she needs to kill something, I can feel her trying to claw her way out of me” I bowed my head once more as I saw a pair of feet come into my peripheral vision.

“Little mate, I think we need to talk about a few things before you go running off anywhere” My mate grumbled as he wrapped his hand around my wrist.

I felt my eyes turn a darker shade of metallic sliver as my dark elf began clawing at the walls of my mind, wanting out to hurt as many as people that she could lay her eyes on. including that of my mate. No one ever tells her what to do, I even have a hard time keeping her in check and calming her down.

“I suggest you let me go before my dark side takes over and rips you to shreds. She does not give a fuck wither you are my mate or not” I wrenched my wrist from his grip and pulled his face closer to mine by his suit jacket.

“We will speak when we get back from killing something, not before and not during because she will kill you and will enjoy ripping you apart. Now I’m going to leave, you and no one else are to follow me unless they do not value their lives” I let a sadistic spread onto my lips.

“Rogan, Arazel” I stated turning to my brothers, as my claws began to extend, letting me know it was about time to leave before I killed everyone here and held no remorse for my actions.

“Rogan, I want three of the highest maxed prisoners locked in one of the interrogation torture rooms, leave them unbounded but unable to escape” My second older brother bowed his head in understanding and left to leave as I commanded.

“Arazel, quadruple the security on the last post outside of the castle city, I do not want anyone getting in and out. so I suggest you pull the guards from the posts except the very front one. Any and all things with a heart beat will be hunted” Arazel looked at me in concern but left as I nodded to him left, Novak gave me the once over, giving me a look to be safe before trailing after Arazel.

“Xenos, Saroyan. Make sure that no one leaves this room” They both bowed their heads to me before I left pulling my dagger from my thigh strap and throwing it to my oldest brother.

“You know what to do, if I am not back by morning” I sprinted out of the door making sure to enchant the door, so no one could leave and as soon as my three other brothers were safely back inside. The doors enchantment would not open for anyone or anything, until I regained full control back over my body.

I watched as the guards pulled the gates close on the last and heaviest guarded post before I finally let her take full control over my mind and body.




I sat seated in my chair as my men surrounded me, my little mate had left me here without so much as a word as to what the fuck was happening. My eyes shifted to that of her family, who talked amongst themselves as I watched Rogan paced back and fourth with the rest of their family trying to calm him down.

“She will be okay, Rog. This is Adamina, we are talking about right?” Novak said as Xenos put his hands on Rogan’s shoulders to get him to stop pacing.

“Get off me Xen, Before I fucking break your neck and our kingdom is left without an heir” Rogan sneered loudly, making the room freeze and people gasp at the two princes. we watched as Prince Rogan pushed his brother off him, drawing his longest katana and pointing it at his eldest brother’s throat.

I stood quickly ready to intervene if necessary, I did not want my mate to come back to see that one of her brothers had killed another while she was away.

“I am sure you four would agree with me when I say that if it had been one of us to set her off, he would have been killed the minute the words had left his lips. But we know our baby sister, would kill anyone who would dare make her lose control of herself, who would put her in harm’s way” I watched as the other four nodded their heads in agreement as Rogan lowered his katana.

“To bad the one I really want to sink my blade into I cannot touch for the sake of our baby sister” Rogan continued as the five brother’s turned to look at me with deadly looks in their eyes.

“Isn’t that right, werewolf bitch?” Arazel sneered, pulling his glaive. I felt my beast pull forward and growl loudly.

“You know what, I was going to be nice but now I just want to sink my claws and teeth into some elven flesh” I snarled and left my claws extend and watched as Marco shifted into his wolf form.



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