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Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven - Bathe In Blood.

I tilted my head sideways as I observed the Eurasian Lynx that stalked a herd of deer below, I watched as it looked for the easier target and moved to thicker vegetation for cover before pouncing on it’s prey.

Lynx are naturally silent animals and make little to no noise at all, but if I listened carefully, I could almost dance to the sound of it’s heart beat. A smirk spread across my lips as excitement began to build up inside of me again.

I dug my nails deeper into the branch I was crouched down on, causing the branch to creak loudly at the force I was using, spooking not only the deer but alarming the lynx as well.

It’s head raised in my direction and for a spilt second our eyes met. I do not recall what happened in the next following moments, but as I woke from my daze like state I found the lynx, at least a dozen deer and other animal carcasses ripped to shreds laying around my feet. While my previously white laced dress, now stained red in blood.

“Now, will you allow me to kill something real?” A sultry voice asked, using my very own mouth.

“What do you mean real, those animals do not count as real?” I said bewildered.

“You know what I mean mistress, allow me to kill something that will put up at least a decent fight. Maybe someone from another kingdom? Those who come for your brothers?” She replied gleefully.

“No, you are not to touch a single hair on anyone from other kingdoms or our own, with the exception of those who are thrown in prison or the ones who step foot into these woods. Do you understand?” I sneered at her.

“Loud and clear mistress, now then let’s go kill those three you had prepared for me earlier” She laughed crazily, before running in the direction of the torture chambers.

“Now time for some real fun”


Marco sneered as he prepare himself to fight one of my mate’s brothers in wolf form, as they began to surround me. Rogan pulled his second katana from it’s Saya, pointing it in my direction.

“We should kill you” He growled, making me sneer in his direction.

“I want to sink my blade through your disgraceful face” He continued, trying to get a rise out of me.

“That way my baby sister wouldn’t have to be mated to an asshole king like you” Xenos stated, as my beast became more agitated.

“We could kill him and then find her a more suitable mate for her” Saroyan’s cold voice rang out across the room.

“I am always ready for a fight” Arazel grinned widely.

“Do that and you will kill your baby sister in the process, do you want that you stupid idiots?” I growled, still trying to contain the beast in me. Who began to claw at my insides to be set free.

‘Find her!’ My beast growled, pushing forward more.

I felt as my claws and teeth began to extend and a loud growled sounded from my chest, shaking the very foundation of the castle. I fell to my knees and my hand flew to my head as my beast began to fight against me even stronger.

“Marco!” I felt as my second commands, now human hands checked my pulse, before he began to bark out orders to my men.

“Clear the room now!” He yelled out and as two of my men rushed to the door to open it, as soon as they came within two meters they were sent flying back to the other side of the room.

“My king, please hold on” Marco stated desperately, his fingers never once leaving my neck.

‘Kill them. Where is she!’

“Prince Xenos, I mean no disrespect when I say this. But is there anyway out of this fucking room before my king slaughters everyone in this room?” Marco urged. Xenos looked over to his father, who nodded his head in our direction.

“Follow me, through to the study” Xenos stated as Marco and Novak picked my convulsing body of the ground, carrying me into a small study chamber attached to the ballroom.

I was placed on the reclined sofa as Marco placed his knee over my chest, while four of Adamina’s brothers grabbed one of my limbs. I felt my eyes shift as a deafening roar escaped my lips, my clothes and skin started shredding away making way for my lycan skin and fur to sprout.

“Xen, you may want to hurry it up with that passageway!” Rogan yelled at his older brother. Who happened to push down on a knight status’s sword next to the book self, that opened a wall behind the fireplace leading to a secret passageway.

‘Go find, mate!’ My beast roared at me.

I pulled my arms and legs away from the ones who restrained me, sending them all flying around the room. Before latching my claws around the neck of one who had his knee across my chest. In that moment my restraint broke and I allowed my beast to slip forward as he pulled for control.

“Move” We sneered, pushing him away from me as I got up.

“I am sorry my king” Marco bowed his head and showed his neck in submission.

I felt my beast peer through my eyes as we looked around the study before they settled on the male next to the passageway. A felt a wide and cruel smile spread across my face.

“Where is she?” I stated coldly.

“She most likely will be in the torture chambers by now, King Hades” Xenos said, bowing his head slightly in respect.

My beast took control for a split second, flashing in front of my future brother in law and grabbed hold of his neck holding him up against the wall, drawing blood that dripped down my claws and onto my hand.

“Unlike my human, I do not give a fuck if my mate would grieve you. If it means keeping her safe. I will just kill you next time, you keep her from me” He growled lowly at him, before looking over our shoulder at the rest of the males in the room.

“That goes for the rest of you also. No person, kingdom or creature will keep me from her” He dropped the almost crowned king of the elves, we stepped into the passageway ready to shift but not before turning back one more time and licking the blood from our hand, making it drip down our lips and chin onto my bare chest.

“The world will burn and we’ll bathe in blood, before the likes of you will keep us apart again”..


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