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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight - His Name.

I felt as my sharpened nails dug into the flesh of the captured prisoner, his fearful eyes met my cold ones before a smirk spread across my lips. Giving him one last sadistic smile, I ripped my hand away from his neck taking his throat from his neck.

“Who is next?” I laughed dropping the now detached body part at my feet, as I looked over at the two other cowering prisoners in the corner of the cell.

“No, no, not me. Kill him first” The older prisoner stated, pointing to the cowering boy in the other corner of the room. I picked up the clipboard that my brother’s guards would have left for me, stating the crimes and ages of the three prisoner’s I had asked to be placed in here.

I had just killed a warlock, who had killed and stripped others of his species of their own magic to gain more power. His kingdom did not want him brought back when he was caught in our kingdom and allowed us to deal with him, after being told of the countless successful interrogation and torture sessions the royal family has had.

“No actually, I think I will kill you first” I sneered dropping the clipboard and lunging for the older male.

“You like to rape little girls, isn’t that right?” I asked in a cold voice, making him shake and start to scream in denial.

“Bastards like you, do not deserve to be alive. Your place is to reside in hell for the rest of your days” I plunged my nails right into his stomach and ripping his intestines from his body, causing a gurgled scream to rip out of his lips.

“Stop, please stop. I don’t want this” He cried looking at me desperately, I looked into his eyes watching how much his pleads did nothing but fall on deaf ears.

“Is that what your victims said to you?” I asked, tilting my head to the side.

“I didn-” I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. So I sent my hand into his chest and crushing his heart, I watched as the life drained from his eyes.

“Now, Lucky last” I said dropping the man’s body to the floor. I turned to look at the young teenager that stood in the corner, his eyes down casted to the floor.

I picked up the clipboard and looked over the information of the prisoner to see that it did not match up correctly. The last prisoner was accused and found guilty of murder of mass quantity, it said here that the prisoner was to be a male in his late thirties but this young man looked to be about fifteen/sixteen.

“Boy” I said allowing Adamina’s soothing voice to mix in with mine, making it less harsh and comforting.

“Yes, your highness?” He asked, walking further into the corner and keeping his eyes on the ground.

“You are not meant to be here. Why are you here?” I stated, walking closer to him.

“Please, look at me. I know it maybe a bit hard considering what you just saw but I need to know that you are not lying to me” As soon as my words hit him, his tear filled dark brown eyes met my obsidian ones.

“What were you really in here for?” I inquired, sliding down the wall closest to him and sitting on the ground. He looked over at me confused before joining me on the floor.

“I tried taking medicine from the clinic for my baby brother, we are poor because my father’s drinking problem and my mother died three years ago” He rested his hands against his head as his eyes filled with sorrow.

“My brother is most likely dead by now” I let Adamina’s empathetic side take over me, I got up and sat beside him before bringing him into my arms.

“You know, I could find out wither or not your brother really has died or not” I stated, rocking his sobbing body in my arms.

“How would you do that your highness?” He looked at me intrigued.

“Your king, is my mate. He’ll do as I say or he’ll have an extremely pissed off mate on his hands”

A low growl rumbled through the cell, causing a pleasant shiver to run down my spine to my very core. I crouched down in front of the teenage pup, knowing exactly who was going to come rushing through that door. A loud bang and then a crumbling sound followed as my alpha mate, threw the door off it’s support and it hit the wall opposite to me.

“You touched that pup” He growled at me, before stalking forward. I intercepted him and pushed him against the wall by his chest, pushing my body against his.

“Don’t look at it that way, baby. You know your all the alpha I need, my wolf” I leaned up, purring in his ear. I felt as Adamina began to pull back as her shyness began to show towards our mate.

“Do I know that my love? We really haven’t had the time to talk, so I have some stipulations for you” He said calming a little, sniffing our scent in as he leant his head into our neck.

“You will never touch another male, who is not blood related to you ever again” He growled, gripping my hips between his claws. I pushed away slightly finally taking notice of the blood that dripped from his lips and down his chest.

“Yes, my alpha” I ran my hand slowly up his chest, causing him to purr softly.

“These lips are only for me” He stated, tracing my lips with his finger.

“Yes, my king”

“This finger is for my ring only” He kissed my forefinger.

“Yes, my mate”

“And this belly is only for my pups” He ran his hands over my lower stomach and kissed my lips softly.

I nodded my head softly as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips softly. He pulled me closer, pushing his lips harder against mine and making the kiss a deep one.

“Now my king, I have some stipulations of my own”

“Anything beautiful, name them and they shall be done” He ran his nose along the side of my neck.

“I am to the only one to receive this” I stated, allowing Adamina to take particle control of her body as she kissed over his chest, were his heart lay underneath the skin.

“Done, my princess”

“You will only give this to me and give me, pups only” I sneered, rubbing my hand over his harden cock making him growl lustfully.

“Only you, my love”

“I will be the only female, you take as your queen and the only female you will love and mate”

“Yes, my queen” He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He looked up at me with adoration in his eyes as he took in my appearance.

“Does both halves of my mate agree to this, my love?”

“Yes, always” With a nod of his head, he looked at one of the guards outside of the cell and gave him a small nod.

“Take this young pup to my chambers, get him treated, fed and properly clothed. Any and all charges against him will be wiped and the search for his younger brother will begin as soon as he leaves this cell. When he is found he and his brother will come to live with my queen and myself in my castle.”

“Any word against my orders, will be extinguished and the persons responsible will be killed immediately” He walked out of the cell with me in his arms as I watched the pup get help from two guards to stand and get out of the cell. He bowed his head towards me in respect, tears escaping his eyes again.

“Thank you, your majesties” When the teenage pup was out of my sight, I turned to look at my mate and kissed his lips softly. Also allowing Adamina to now take full control over her body.

‘Thank you’ She stated, happy to have time to be with our mate properly.


I looked into my mate’s eyes and caressed his face. He eyes darted to mine as a big grin took over his lips.

“She finally let you back, little mate?” He smiled softly at me, kissing my forehead. I nodded my head and kissed his cheek softly, making him growl lustfully again.

“Where are we going, Hade-” I was going to ask, when he cut me off with a whisper,

“What?” I asked not quite hearing what he said.

“Maddox. Call me Maddox”..


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