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Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine - My Queen.

“Maddox, Call me Maddox” He voice almost sounded like a plead as he whispered his name to me.

“..Maddox” I felt my cheeks start to heaten as his name slipped from my lips.

A purr like growl sounded out of his chest and echoed throughout the trees as we began walking back to the castle through my woods, that now was almost eerily quiet and with what had transpired here over the past few hours, I do not blame it for being this way.

“Again” He stated in a hardened and almost strained voiced.

“Why?” I inquired, tilting my head to the side. Not fully understanding what he was trying to accomplish.

“Ada, please baby” He ran his nose along my collarbone, causing me to shiver in delight at the spark he left in his wake as our skin made contact and plead in his voice.

I thought there would never come a day where a king, let alone the king of one of the most strongest and dominate species, would plead me to call out his real name or that he would ever hold me close, while showering me with affectionate touches and names.

My dark elf began to stir again ready to seduce our mate at my call. She in this very moment wanted our mate as much as I did, Not caring that we had just met or that he was the one to cause us to go a rampage.

Besides, there was no harm in flirting with the very man. Who was destined and born to be by my side and me by his, right?

A little smirk made it’s way onto my face as I allowed my dark elf side to pull forward a little with me still in full control of my body. She boosted my confidence as I wrapped my legs around his waist, while placing my mouth against his ear. Causing him to growl lowly and place his hands over my backside, pulling me closer to him.

“Mmmm and this would please my mate, if I was to call him by his name?” I questioned running my hand down his chest and rocking my hips against his softly. He pulled me even closer with a snare escaping his lips.

I felt as his hand came up and wrap around my neck slightly, his thumb pressed softly against my throat, he pulled me away from his ear and into direct line with his own. I watched as his iris turned a golden colour, while the whites turned a dark shade of black, indicating that both sides of my mate, had decided to come and play with me.

“Little mate, it would be wise for you to stop with the temptation. We as a king and man maybe above taking a female in public, where anyone could see your beautiful and without a doubt breath taking body. As a mate and alpha wolf, have no shame taking you against a tree or bolder of my choosing and taking you, over and over again as my name falling from those beautiful lips of yours until your voice is no longer able to be heard by human, wolf or any of the species that walk this earth”

“You’re voice and body will be so raw that, in the hours after our mating. you will no longer be able to move or speak until a week of healing and even then I hope you will still be unable to walk straight. For not only the kingdom but the world and everyone will know that only I am able to bring you the upmost pleasure and when I am satisfied, I am sure you will no doubt return the same, if not a ten fold. Right baby?” He nibbled softly at the side of my neck, where my mark will lay when we decide to mark each other.

He gave my throat a little squeeze, as his thumb pressed a little harder against my wind pipe, not to hard that my air supply was cut off but just enough to make me breathless and cause me to getting a lot more aroused. I watched and saw as my mate lifted his head in the air and give a slight sniff, trying to smell something, his head and eyes snapped to mine. Before I was pushed against a tree.

Maddox, rubbed his nose against mine as his tongue was run along the seem of my lips, he gave my neck another brief squeeze as his eyes locked with my own, an intense and lustful look in his eyes caused my core to almost be dripping in arousal.

“Does my little mate enjoy a little rough play?” He growled lustfully, making my knees to weaken a little and if my legs hadn’t been wrapped around him or been held up by him, I would have already fallen to my knees.

A little smirk was pulled onto his lips causing my dark elf and I to become a little irritated, while we would love to play rough with our mate, If he thought he would be the only dominate one in this relationship. This alpha king had another thing coming to him. I mustered up as much strength as I could calling on my dark elf’s help and pulled his hand from my throat and in a flash I had him against the tree with my own hand against his throat, causing him to groan.

“Now, now. Isn’t that a little unfair? Hmm, you know my little weakness but what about you my king?” I sneered with a lustful smirk graced across my face, I allowed my elf’s voice to mix with my own, causing our mate’s eyes to widen slightly in excitement and concern for his own sanity. I applied slight pressure to his neck and pull at his bottom lip with my teeth.

“Now, Maddox. I suggest you get on your knees before I do something that really make you lose your mind..”

“As you wish, my queen”..


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