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Follow two teenagers as they fight off a world of normality... and grow together during our adventure

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Beginning of the Beginning- Marc Strayt

Our story starts in a small double-wide, in a small town, with a young kid named… “MAAARRRRRRRRCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Oh. That’s him now… well, one thing you should know about Marc is th- “YOU GOT A DETENTION?!?!?!!!” Welp. That explains it. Marc ran down the stairs with a smile. “I’ll survive,” he said as he grabbed a slice of toast. “That's the fourth one this week! One more and you won’t be able to walk that friend of yours to school anymore.” His mom rolled her eyes. “Plus you need a better breakfast. You're gonna starve yourself if you keep eating like that.” Marc looked at his wrist as if there was a watch on it, “Look at the time, Gotta get goin’ or else I’ll miss out on my ray of dark sunshine.” He ran out the door with a box of Honey Buns and started sprinting the five blocks to Jade’s house. He stopped after running down a hidden alley and started thinking of her yard and took a step… He was there!

So let's backtrack a bit- So Marc isn’t normal… but his family is. You see, Marc was adopted as a 5 year old… that was found on the side of the road with blood dripping from his arms. He looked like he had gotten into a fight with a giant dog, and unknowingly to the world… he did. But not with a normal dog… This one was huge and red with fire streaking from his paws and tail with monstrous teeth, and that's not all. The reason that the animal was unable to be found was because he was from another dimension, and the only one who knew about Jade, as well as his only friend’s only friend.

He looked around quickly to make sure no one saw. And he finally walked up to the doorway to ring the bell and when he did… oh boy, is this gonna be fun.

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