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Beginning with a mystical prelude that shows how the Most Holy Triangle began his own godhood followed by creating the universe and later, we see the favored world Macron now secured in some hidden part of the universe far from the plummeting chaos the former Systemis is facing as they fall deeper into the grasp of the deceiving MonoMaster.

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First there was the O-N-E.

There was the O-N-E, He having a Name of Three Absolute Letters each Primal Letter having within their Signature the Presence of Him Who Cannot Inhabit Space or Time.

The Mzok nor the World So Favored had yet to be of substance as the Threeing blazing out of the Three Letters In the Name of Him now having made His 'Divide Act' final, the Threeing was omnipotent but shared an eternal impasse.

So it was that there were the Three all showing their mighty gold rings together swearing as One Eternal Power ' The Impauze': " There is but a single name and image among the infinitudes We see when closing Our eyes, T-R-I-A-N-G-L-E!!!" And as the multiplied mighty voice shouted this sound decision, so it was that appointed titles, crowns, and distinctions emerged according to all three.

The First Letter in the Name, signature 'O', Behold....the Throneship Who takes His seat at the Center of All Things Imagined and Designed. It is He Who is the Lord of Thrones very pleased to be crowned with the First of Triangles.

The Second Letter, signature is 'N', Behold.....He is Elosis, Perfect Servant to the Throne and Son of the Triangle.


There the Last Letter, significant 'E', releases outward a all-searching Spirit of the Triangle as multiluminaries of every kind of color, the Spirit of the Triangle He rests while unseen.


It was that the Throneship looked across to Elosis who with both eyes looked beholding the Throne and the Spirit his gaze shining back, and as before three hands were all raised with three golden rings with the Impauze reconvening:" Each of Our Names Awarding To Each Other Honor, We Shall Counsel On Our Unity Needing Reduction for none can know us as we appear." When the second Impauze recessed, it were that the Throneship, Elosis, and the Spirit of the Triangle saw fit to return to Oneness and Solitude as a great burning Pyramid all of countless golden bars.

The Pyramid serving the Most Holy Triangle for the time as their abode and finite presence until the next Divide Act were to be deliberated in the primordial oblivion still yet without form or shape or color nor light nor time nor measure, it was so that no plan to make of nothing a newer infant darkness was set. The Pyramid rotating its scraping diameter in a smooth and wayward flight adorned in the light of the energies too great for the Pyramid to contain.

The Pyramid would not be forced to hold within the Dividing Powers for long before the Pyramid did hault its flight before given a chance to release open all four of its walls.

And from out of the obeying and presenting Pyramid there ascended not the First, but the Most Holy of Triangles exposing to oblivion the absence at heart in its own abyss by proclaiming with a light so great and so bright offering ,

( Here now, is something I wrote for later in this chapter.)

The Spirit of the Triangle departed from the Lord of Thrones as a hovering triangle brilliant and radiant. Returning to is preferred invisible state, the Spirit did by stealth venture all across the Abyssity until reaching the World so chosen as Favored by the both the Throneship and His Son and Servant Elosis.

The Favored World appearing lush and bounteous as a newly created planet welcomed in the glory of the Spirit. The great clouds in the skies did part out of the way for the Spirit as the Spirit easily made descent to an enormous and high reaching mountain below on the surface.

( And still later, any tie-ins or connections to be made LATER.)

Out from among a handful of individualized masculine formations so manufactured from Macron's fertile soil, the Spirit of the Triangle did call forth to Him a great assembly of servants to act as His own.

Those assembled by the Spirit who had also been formed from the ground by the Most Holy Triangle's great Divisive Power had in total a head count of seventy. These seventy perfected male servants stood as they were fully unclothed before the Spirit of the Triangle . All seventy of the ordained servants had trembling eyes to gaze at the Spirit in holiest fear and unshakeable confidence all which the Spirit found to be very pleasing to Him.

There followed in swift flight to the great and high mountain the supreme im Thronegazer delivering to the seventy servants a sufficient bundle of seventy counted untouched brown robes. Thronegazer landed both of his powerful feet between the seventy awe struck servants and the Spirit of the Triangle before Thronegazer did lower his mighty personage down to where he was able to more easily hand out one brown robe at a time to each one of the seventy summoned males born from the mountain's soil.

Every male took one of the brown robes handed down to them by Thronegazer and slipped that robe over them. In doing so, these males had entered into their first stage of consecration to the Most Holy Triangle. From here, the Spirit of the Triangle moved high over the seventy robed males inducing in all of them a powerful inclination.

All seventy servants did in unison fall to their knees and bow their heads under the Spirit's passing flight but only before they all did hear a voice so strong and solid say to them each: " Every one of you will now from hereon be known as Xzir; a channel, a conduit through which I, the Spirit of the Triangle can transmit my power and glory to all who walk on Macron. You are all Xzirs, living channels of great godly energy sharing in the knowledge of the spiritis."

For as the seventy men were still yet only a few hours alive, not one knew that they were made alive by the Spirit who bestowed on each one of them a spiritis, a sentient and immortal mirroring of the Spirit of the Triangle which grants life to that which has no life but yet still, the spiritis is untapped in its limitless potential and for now, as the Spirit of the Triangle has determined, is to stay within those limits.

Each of the seventy newly designated Xzirs remained kneeling below the hovering Spirit of the Triangle, His voice continued on: " Now then my servants, here now as the Spirit of the Triangle provides the detailed instructions needed by all of you in order for all of you to begin the work of building and assembling here on this the Mountain of Undying Winds a fitting Altar for Me."

While remaining devout, attentive, and kneeling, the Xzirs did feel in themselves a sudden sense of trepidation and lax of which the Spirit above them all was fully aware of: " I say to all you Xzirs do not withdraw yourselves from the work I am commanding. Do not doubt in yourselves the capacity to complete this work though it seem far more than you can do. I, the Spirit know better than any of you the measure of your skills and surely would not request of you all so impossible a task. First, all seventy of you stand!"

And the seventy Xzirs rose in unison as one wave rising to its numerous feet. The Spirit of the Triangle hovered backwards so to be visible in the eyes of the Xzirs.

From out of the furious winds raging all about this holy mountain the Mountain of Undying Winds there appeared again Thronegazer. In his arms Thronegazer carried an enormous bag whose contents looked very heavy and bulky. Thronegazer made his descent slow and graceful to the mountain's ground where upon he set down the large and bulky bag.

The Spirit of the Triangle rested high above Thronegazer leaving it to his supreme im to enact the next staging. Thronegazer spoke to the seventy Xzirs:" Come, you Xzirs, but one at a time, approach me in a single line." and the Xzirs obliged as instructed taking a long moment to form a enormous line of themselves stretching across from before the towering Thronegazer all the way back to where the end of this line reached a crevice in the soil of mountain and out of the crevice there boiled hot steam and magma.

Thronegazer inserted his mighty hand into the large bag pulling out what was for the supreme im but a small handful of basic tools; hammers, cords, picks, pulleys, long wooden planks, and wide stone ramps. Now Thronegazer did not hand down to every Xzir who approached him every kind of tool produced in his hand. Thronegazer rather handed out to each Xzir a hammer or a pick or a long cord. When all of these singular tools were given out by him, Thronegazer would next signal by his hand to the remaining Xzirs to now pair up or en masse into groups of three or four so as to receive a wooden plank or stone ramp which the small gathered group of Xzirs could carry off by their combined efforts. This arduous process was not finished until all of the tools in the bag held by Thronegazer was fully emptied and all of the seventy Xzirs had in their possession at least one of the available tools.

With his task completed, Thronegazer took but a moment to view over the Xzirs to see for sure they all were with a tool. The supreme im turned then to the Spirit of the Triangle who in turn gave a command by blinding emanation to Thronegazer. Thronegazer instantly knew the message and command within the emanation and wasted no time flying off the Mountain of Undying Winds and into the storm-laden skies over Macron.

The Spirit of the Triangle moved by hovering closer to the tool welding Xzirs and said with an unsourced voice: " You have all been given what you now need for completing my next task for the seventy of you. Look now behind yourselves." The Xzirs did hear the unattached voice of the Spirit and in multitude did turn their heads fully around to see behind them a slew of immense and heavy boulders.

" You my seventy Xzirs are to use the tools you have been given in order to move the large rocks you are seeing away from where are sitting and to the very station where my divided presence hovers." The Xzirs together responded to the Spirit of the Triangle's loud call to them with strong reluctance, only the Spirit made for the Xzirs no reasonable excuse and continued: " I sense the doubt and fear you as a total are harboring. I will not tolerate such weakening feelings as these in my chosen servants. No my Xzirs, it is for all of you to take up your tools and move over to the large rocks all of which I have counted and so desire to be assembled by you all into my immovable Altar here on this holy mountain."

The assembly of Xzirs were as one shook by the power the Spirit exerted in his command and at the same time exceedingly motivated. These initial Xzirs then grasped their given tools looking up at the Spirit with their own spiritises agreeing to do as properly ordered. Now satisfied, the Spirit of the Triangle appearing as He was a burning bright polygon said this to the Xzirs facing Him: " It is my time and my decision to leave all of you here on this the Mountain of Undying Winds. I last command you all to remain strong in Me and in Elosis the Son and Servant to the Lord of Thrones. Concern yourselves not with how long or how great the difficulty the task before you will prove to be, have the trust and confidence in your very beings that completing the construction of My Altar is achievable. I will return here soon."

The Spirit of the Triangle departed then ascended into the immense and violently active cloud clusters enveloping the holy mountain, these clouds responding to the Spirit's exiting presence with lightning flashes and thunderous clashes.

Upon their collective observing of the Spirit in His magnified departure, the Xzirs next looked at one another many of them struck silent with awe and perplexity. It was here that one such Xzir, he being taller and more imposing in body than many of the other Xzirs, first acted independently to initiate the first necessary step; appointing individual names to every one of the newly conceived and ordained holy servants.

With the sound of his voice coming across as firm and of loud volume, this initiating Xzir stepped out of the assembly and turned about his face while saying to all who looked back: " My fellows and equivalents, are we to labor as one group without distinction thereby preventing all of us from distinguishing one another? I take it upon myself to grant to myself first a name and from there, give to all of you names so to remove any confusion by face or hair or eyes or being."

This self-appointed chief Xzir announced himself as 'Xzir Anuel' and as his meaning 'first': " I am Xzir Anuel, first among us, I stand to lead us in our task." Those in the assembly stood together all looking at Xzir Anuel with blank stares, all but one Xzir who stepped forth out of the absent assembly. Anuel turned to the separative Xzir thinking him to be trouble.

" What is you?" Anuel flung at the separator.

" Xzir Zyro, I stand by my meaning 'object'." Xzir Zyro with his sleek dark hair, fair tanned skin, and piercing darkened eyes gazed back at Anuel who responded: " Zyro to mean object? You object to my leadership, Zyro. You Xzir Zyro will lead while I stepped out to lead first?"

" I, Zyro first step in objection to the first to lead if the first to lead demands full authority. By full authority Xzir Anuel I mean by you being the first to lead are you giving over to yourself the power to decide the titles and roles of every Xzir you see before you save me?"

This exchange creating a tension new to the Xzirs and a rippling fear. They eyes of the Xzirs shifted from one Xzir to another Xzir in search of answers as to what was happening now. In the confused and concerned assembly one Xzir quickly gained control over the fear being shared and smoothly walked out near Xzirs Anuel and Zyro to first pronounce himself in title.

" I am at present and from now on Xzir Phym to mean 'innovate'. Xzir Anuel and Xzir Zyro for you both to contend over leadership takes away from our shared task. I step here to not challenge either of you but to offer my view on the matters before us."

Anuel and Zyro turned to each other both their heads, faces, and eyes turning in eased unison before mutually gazing and agreeing in a simultaneous nod. Zyro next tilts his chin and head up as a signal of generosity to Anuel who next turns back to Xzir Phym before stepping in slow motions to the third outspoken Xzir.

" Xzir Phym fullness in authority is extended me to extend over to you, now offer before us all this your view."

Xzir Phym takes several steps forward to where can stand in direct diameter with Anuel and close in diameter with Zyro then turns about before the assembly before raising his right arm to proclaim: " Let us all be allowed then to decide on our own names and titles, roles and positions as connected to the names we have so chosen. Already we now know Anuel who has stood before us all to be first then Zyro we all know to object to Anuel's commanding. As a number in total we are forwarding and progressing in our task. Still we stand in total as a number only not yet counted or divided or assigned to which lines of labor of what materials from which sources and as to where on this holy mountain we are to find the sources for the materials we are to employ."

Xzir Anuel walks close to Xzir Phym raising his own right arm a few inches higher than the right arm of Phym thereby directing the collective gaze of the assembly toward him all save Zyro.

Xzir Anuel now having the singular attention of Xzir Phym and the assembly in whole speaks in high tone: " I did claim first in status with an idea as an answer as to what source to use for materials in constructing an altar to the Spirit of the Triangle."

Xzir Anuel proceeds by taking strong marching steps away and ahead of Xzir Phym and long past the observing assembly of sixty-eight Xzirs. Xzir Zyro remains firm where he has posted himself while watching Xzir Anuel lead the fixed eyes of the sixty-eight and Xzir Phym across the great summit of the Mountain of Undying Winds. Xzir Anuel leads by his marching, Anuel directs all watching him to behold far behind their gathered assembly a wide clearing on which there stands in their enormous estate a collection of monolithic stones most of them if not all of a estimated weight at two to three tons were the assembly of Xzirs to know such measures.

Xzir Phym and the sixty-eight focusing Xzirs did look while pondering at the great stones, at how the stones might in fact work as essential materials for the Spirit's altar.

Xzir Zyro alone looked over Xzir Anuel in his grand posture and presentation of the stones on the clearing for beyond all this there came at an accelerating approach a system of dark severe storm clouds. Zyro privately shook his head resolute in astoundment over how Anuel, Phym and the sixty-eight were in no way aware of how the incoming skies were emitting blinding flashes igniting the clouds from which the bright flashes were delivered only moments before deafening rumbles Zyro knew he could definitely hear.

Xzir Anuel extended his left arm and hand to Xzir Phym and to the sixty-eight and made with a reverse wave of his left hand a strong signal to Phym and the sixty-eight to all come close to where he was standing before the clearing where the great stones were set. Phym and the sixty-eight Xzirs did flock as like a wave of robed bodies moving in one great motion over to Xzir Anuel and moments after a loud crash of thunder did resound over and around the holy mountain. Were he in denial of the obvious thunderclap, Xzir Anuel thought to rather embellish for the sake of his own title how both the thunder's volume combined with the answering influx of the other Xzirs toward himself did grant to Anuel a tremendous boost to the esteem he held to his own name.

It was then Xzir Zyro thought best to step on toward the clearing where the great stones were standing. Zyro was at peace with being the last Xzir to reach the clearing but not the very last to listen to Xzir Anuel begin as he addressed all present: " All of you see there giant stones. It is these stones that I propose we use to construct the foundation and the ascending levels of the altar in an overall structuring made in the likeness of the Spirit, a likeness expansive in its own presence but fully symbolic of the Spirit's presence. I see how we as a great number can move these stones from off and from out of the spacing where we now see the stones stand across to an area we all can choose as a new designated place by which we can set the position and groundwork for the altar we are to build." Anuel at a peak and momentum continued on: " For the mighty im did hand down to many of us the tools with which we can and will be capable of uprooting these stones. Come now my fellows, show forth the tools you were all handed."

Those in the sixty-eight did listen to Anuel and did raise with their arms to hold up high the primitive hammers and picks and the shovels and the cables and the stone ramps taking two Xzirs at a time to hold up high.

Xzir Zyro knew he had best make some objection now and he moved quick between Anuel and the readied to work sixty-eight and spoke with his voice raised: " Xzir Anuel and those who raise their tools to his call, still you believe it that the labor in transferring the great stones will be as easy as Anuel here has you all to believe. Then, let us test this plan by in fact seeing how well we all as a combined force can lift off the soil one great stone first before we next move in confidence to assuring ourselves on how easy all of the great stones will prove to be moved."

Xzir Anuel is rattled by Zyro's strong interference though only momentarily before Anuel is quick to use his method of leading by walking. Anuel walks ahead then up directly to Zyro then nods. Zyro studies Anuel as he nods before Anuel turns away quick surprising Zyro. Anuel advances to a Xzir welding high a shovel and stretches forth his hand: " Xzir, identify your name, your title and meaning, then if you will, hand over to me your tool only so I may demonstrate before Xzir Zyro my solution."

The Xzir whom Anuel addresses walks to Anuel and speaks: " I introduce myself as Xzir Usalem in meaning ' foundation' as my purpose with the tool I am given is to build from the bottom level up." This Xzir Usalem complies giving Anuel his shovel. Anuel calmly takes Usalem's shovel before rotating the long-handled and sharp-ended tool. By way of immediate and industrious application, Anuel begins to dig in the sporadically dry and dense grass of the holy mountain. Despite how the soil bilateral in it state proves resistant to his digging, Anuel endures as he digs creating before Xzir Zyro and Xzir Usalem a wide path of crumpled dirt. Zyro watches with his skepticism intact. Usalem is impressed. The other sixty-seven observe Anuel continue his diligent digging for he does not cease creating his path in the dirt. Anuel stabs the shovel down deep before pulling the shovel out tossing the loose dirt away over his shoulder in a mad, driven cycle. Anuel gives himself no rest, none until he has presented before the assembly the start of a path broad enough beginning where himself and the assembly are standing, at a middle junction point near the clearing where the great stones sit. Anuel then suddenly stops, stops to take a breather, to use the sleeve of his robe to wipe the sweat off his brow and then to speak to the assembly: " There! That is how we can and will move the first large stone from its base."

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