Corsair of the Sea: A Gemlish Girl Story

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This is the third instalment of The Gemlish Girl. It follows a different set of characters, but the events in this story connect with the first two novels and takes place approximately one year between the final chapter, “Alpheda vs. Alpha” and the Epilogue of The Gemlish Girl: Primefyah. Happy Reading!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Manahorm

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“Oy, Nieve! Point the sails west!” Jacobi called up from the deck below.

“Aye aye, Cap’n!” She nodded at him.

‘fucking jackass’

She shifted the rigging and pulled on the sails, her dark skirt flowing in the wind. The ship turned slightly with the wind and she held onto her wide hat while her dark hair whipped around her.

“Comin’ down boys!” She called as she descended the mast of the wooded ship.

Her heels clicked against the wooden planks of the deck and she nodded at a few men.

She was the only female on the crew. Jacobi had found her when she was a child trying to make it alone following the deaths of her mother and father in an earthquake, and the sailor had pity on her. She was eight when he brought her to his ship, ‘Jolly Maiden’ and she’d lived on it ever since. It didn’t come without a price though. After taking the little girl to get something to eat, dresses to replace the rags she was wearing, and took her to a bathhouse, Jacobi had brought her to the ship and told her he’d take care of her.

They were far from land by the time night had settled and the crew had all welcomed the girl with open arms, making her feel like she’d had a family again. One night when she was fifteen, when she was in her nightdress getting ready to climb into her bunk Jacobi had asked her to come with him for a moment. They went to his captain’s quarters and he had told her he needed something. She could still feel it. The pain. He had raped her that night in his bed, smirking as she whimpered in pain. She’d never forget that look on his face when he saw the blood smeared on his sheets and his cock. Satisfaction.

It made her sick. She didn’t know why she stayed, but she did. She could have left when they had reached land but she never did. Maybe she was too scared, or maybe it was because life on the sea was the only one she really had. Before Jacobi she’d been living on the streets since she was five following the death of her grandparents, and as much as she hated it, he was the only family she’d had. The seafarers treated her as family as well, but she owed Jacobi her life because she knew she would have died out there on the streets of Lavantre in Theyrion. Being on the Jolly Maiden had cost her her virginity, it costed her her body every night as Jacobi still made her pay up for his hospitality, but it saved her. For eleven years she’d had food in her belly and a place to sleep.

She looked out onto the sea with a sigh.

“We should be back on the Theyrion shore in two days or so.” Jacobi said

“Aye.” She nodded

Jacobi was a fat man in his sixties with long curly black hair and a matching beard and moustache with four gold teeth.

“You still be wantin’ to go and find her?”

“Aye. I know she’s out there.”

He scoffed. “You think she’ll know ya then?”

Nieve shook her head. “Nah. She won’t. They’ll not’ta told her of me. But I knows of her and I got the proof.” She curled her fingers around the gold locket that hung around her neck.

“Aye.” Jacobi nodded.

She felt his eyes fall on her and she sighed.

“Suns a settin’ little Nievie.”


They went to his quarters and he freed himself from his trousers, rubbing his short fat cock until it stood at attention. She braced against the desk in his room, her skirt lifted up and felt his hands on her hips, and his gut on her back. She prepared herself by closing her eyes as Jacobi entered her and began thrusting. At least it didn’t take long, only a few minutes until she felt him spill.

“G’on then.” He pulled his trousers up and she lowed her skirt.

She couldn’t understand how any woman would enjoy for a man to take her. It always made her feel dirty.

She lay in her bunk and looked out the small port window, clutching the locket. She opened it and looked at the faces of the family portrait inside.

Her mother’s beautiful face set in a smile, with long blonde hair in a braid, her fathers’ handsome features with a devilish grin under a moustache and dark hair with a dimple in his cheek. They sat together, each of them holding a little girl on their laps. Two identical little twin girls barely a year old, except for the fact that one had blonde hair and blue eyes, and the other had dark hair and dark eyes.

She smiled slightly and looked out the window again.

She whispered to herself just before the sea lulled her to sleep, “Don’t you worry sister. I’m finally comin’ home. And I’ll ta find ya. No sea s’will keep ya from me anymore. I’ll find you Samina. Come hell or high water.”

Chapter 1: Manahorm:

Nieve woke up to the sound of Bastien singing in his deep baritone voice and stretched in her bunk.

“Once more we sail with the Northerly gale towards our Island home. Our mainmast sprung and our whaling done and we ain’t got far to roam.”

Nieve smiled as she pulled the curtain open and jumped down from her bunk, slipping on her trousers and buttoned on a cream blouse, and fastened a brown vest over it. She opened the door of the sleeping quarters and into the kitchen area of the ship.

“Our stans’l booms is carried away, what care we for that sound.” She sang loudly.

Bastien grinned at her. He was a tall, heavy dark man in his forties. He wore a red rag around his head and had a gold tooth in the front of his mouth. A gold hoop hung from one ear lobe, and another in the septum of his nose.

“A living gale is after us, thank God we’re homeward bound.” He sang out as he stirred a pot over the fire of the stove.

“Good mornin’ to you, Nieve.” He said in his thick Jamaican accent.

“Morning to you, Bastien.” She said as she walked over, fastening her belt around her waist.

“Sleep good?” He said as he sprinkled some spices into the pot.

“Good as can.” She answered, stepping over the man sleeping on the floor. “Better than Remi.” She kicked the man in the shoulder, who groaned.

“Oy!” She said loudly, “Remi, good mornin’!”

Bastien chuckled loudly, “He passed out there last night, drinking a quarter barrel, I swear.”

She shook her head at the young man. “Men and booze.”

“Last I checked, you have your fair share of whiskey, Nieve.” Bastien grinned at her.

“Aye, but I don’t drink myself senseless.”

Remi sat up, rubbing his head. “Ain’t nothing that another drink won’t cure.” He grinned, grabbing his hat from the plank floor. He was a tanned man, as they all were from living on the ship, with dark hair kept cut short and a beard to match. He wasn’t an overly tall man, but he wasn’t short either, standing at about three inches taller than Nieve’s five foot seven. He was a couple of years older than Nieve’s eighteen years.

She rolled her eyes as she took a seat on a stool, and watched Remi stand up on shaky legs.

“Something smells… edible in here.”

Cory. Cory was a lanky man in his thirties with long brown hair that hung to his elbows in greasy strands. He was missing several teeth and had scruffy stubble along his jawline, and a crooked nose from multiple injuries.

“Tis my world famous breakfast stew.” Bastien grinned.

Cory rolled his eyes as he sat next to Nieve. He eyed Remi who was staggering over to a rope hammock hanging from the roof and laid down on it.

“You were in here all night, and chose the floor over the hammock?” Nieve questioned, amusement in her voice.

Remi grumbled a response, tipping his hat to cover his eyes.

The door swung open and Piero walked in, standing tall. He was a tall, burly man, and first mate to Jacobi in his mid thirties with long, thick dark hair he kept in a bun on the top of his head and kept his face clean shaven. His brother, Marco, who was in his early thirties and who was equally as tall but brawny as opposed to his brothers slightly fatter physique, followed after him, bare chested. Dark hair covered his chest with a trail leading down his abdomen. His dark hair, unlike his brother, was cut shorter, and he had a dark, neatly trimmed beard that ran along his jawline and over his top lip. The brothers were both from Italia, Piero had worked on the Jolly Maiden longer than Marco had, Marco had joined them only a few weeks ago.

Nieve had been having trouble focusing on her daily tasks since Marco had joined them, and found herself drawn to his magnetic, exotic energy. Jacobi walked into the kitchen and Nieve immediately looked away from Marco as he sat across from her.

“Grub ready?” Jacobi’s voice boomed. He looked around and glared at Remi. “Remi, get yer ass over here and join the family.”

Remi groaned and jumped out of the hammock, dragging his feet as he sat down next to Cory.

“If you don’t spend yer nights drinking, you wouldn’t be struggling to get on yer feet.” Jacobi stared at Remi.

“Sorry, Jack.” Remi muttered.

Jacobi nodded at Bastien who brought the pot over and started ladling the stew into the bowls. It was fragrant, and filled the air in the kitchen. Fish, potatoes, and carrots with a flavourful stock, same as every meal they ate.

“Nievie, pass the bread.” Jacobi nudged her.

She reached for the plate and grabbed a slice, handing it to Jacobi and dug into her stew, sneaking looks at Marco while he was focused on his stew.


Nieve sat in the dingy, waiting for Remi as Cory and Bastien fastened the pulley system, readying the dingy to drop.

“Change of plans.” Marco’s deep voice called out as he approached, making Nieve jump slightly.

“Oh?” Bastien looked at him.

“Remi won’t be making it, he’s currently emptying his stomach through a porthole into the sea.”

“Great.” Nieve muttered, nodding her head. “Guess I’m going to shore alone then.”

“No you are not.” Marco cocked an eyebrow at her, “I’ll be accompanying you.”

Her heart sped up slightly, and she felt a blush rising to her cheeks. To hide her flush, she quickly put her wide brimmed hat on, adjusting the purple feather and nodded, clearing her throat.

“Alright then. Get a move on.” She said in a firm voice, fastening the small pouch of gold coins around her waist for the third time.

Marco jumped in and helped Bastien and Cory lower the dingy as Nieve watched his thick muscular arms’ every move. Once they were in the water, Nieve reached for the oars, but Marco stopped her.

“Let me.” His voice was deep, thick with his accent.

Nieve scoffed, “Just because I’m a woman don’t mean that I can’t pull my weight, or row a dingy.”

Marco gave her a smirk. “In my realm, the men do heavy work, not women.”

“This dingy, the Jolly Maiden, the ocean… They ain’t your realm. I’ve been doin’ port runs for a long time now with Remi and I always row.”

Marco grunted, taking hold of the oars, “Well, not today, Bella.”

Nieve scoffed and crossed her arms, turning her head to look out at the shoreline.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Call you what?” Marco cocked an eyebrow.

“Bella. My name’s Nieve.”

He chuckled, “I know what your name is, Nievie.”

Please don’t call me that.” She said softly, hugging her arms to her chest and subconsciously squeezed her legs together, feeling an absent dullness.

He noticed the small detail and gave her a slight nod. “I hear Jacobi call you it, I thought it was a nickname, I’m sorry.”

She nodded. “Just.. Don’t.”

The rest of the boat ride was silent, with Nieve’s face set on the horizon at the approaching shoreline.

“I’ll tie it off.” Nieve said as she grabbed the heavy rope, poised to through it around a peg on the dock.

After they docked, they walked through the traffic of passerby’s haggling with fisherman over prices, merchants trying to pull in customers, people pushing carts, pulling mules, the sounds of chickens squawking. Seabirds calling out and trying to steal fish being unloaded from ships.

Nieve weaved through the distractions expertly, her mind focused on one task.

“It’s very congested here.” Marco muttered, following Nieve.

“Welcome to Manahorm, the largest port in Theyrion. Peddler’s, fishermen, merchants, butchers… They all come here to sell and buy goods.” Nieve chuckled.

“Yes, I’ve heard Manahorm is a busy port but I’ve never seen it for myself. Do you come here often?”

“Aye.” Was all Nieve said in response as she walked toward the small village.

She turned to look at Marco and handed him a pouch Jacobi had given her that had gold coins inside, as well as a piece of parchment.

“Here’s the list of wares to buy and the gold. Stick to the list and haggle for the lowest prices. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Where are you going?” Marco cocked an eyebrow.

“I’ll be back soon.” She said as she turned and walked through the congested streets.

Nieve looked over her shoulder before she turned around a corner and down a street where there numerous unmarked dwellings and businesses. She ignored the looks from men thinking she worked for the brothel, ignored the women who tried to entice her to follow them, and ignored the dirty faced children playing in the dirt road. Children of prostitutes who were told to stay outside while their mothers worked. She paid them no attention as she entered a dark brick building, the word ‘Midwifery Services’ were faded and peeling on the sign that hung above the door.

Inside, Nieve took in the familiar sight of the small dwelling. A counter was to the left with heavy shelves behind it, all cluttered with jars, bundles, boxes. A heavy layer of dust covered the surfaces, the dark green settee and matching chairs were work and hard, the only light coming from a dimly lit oil lamp, as dark curtains covered the windows.

There was a rustle from behind a long, dark curtain and a middle-aged woman with long brown hair walked out. She smirked as she eyed Nieve.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the whore of the Jolly Maiden.”

Nieve rolled her eyes. She’d gotten the nickname from the locals of Manahorm who all thought that the only reason she was with the crew was to be their bedwarmer, their whore. She paid no mind to the rumours, not caring what the dimwitted residents of the illiterate port thought of her.

“Come through, girl.” The woman motioned for her to follow her behind the curtain.

The backroom was a sharp contrast to the front one. It was brightly lit and warm from a coal burning stove, with a large wooden table, more bottles and jars on shelves, a desk, and folded linen.

A little girl peeked through the room from a closed door.

“Juliette, away!” The woman hissed, causing the little girl to quickly shut the door.

The woman pointed at the table, and Nieve went and pulled herself up onto it. She grimaced slightly, noticing the dark stains on one end that she knew to be old, dried blood, as well as the stains on the plank floor.

“How long?” The woman asked.

“Seven weeks.” Nieve answered, watching the woman walk to a cabinet.

The woman clicked her teeth, nodding. “It’ll have to be the procedure then. A potion won’t do any good.”

Nieve nodded, “Yes. I tried to get here sooner so a potion could be used, but…” She shrugged, “I’m not in charge of timing.”

The woman hummed, approaching Nieve with several long metal instruments, linen strips, and jars. Nieve grimaced.

“It’ll be five gold coins.”

“Five?!” Nieve shot up, “Last time it was only three! Same as the two before that!”

“Prices rise as ingredients become harder to find.” The woman raised her brows at her.

Nieve sighed and reached into her vest, pulling out a small velvet pouch and handed the woman five gold coins.

“Take this potion to relax you.” The woman said, handing her the jar.

Nieve greedily drank it, her hands trembling, before she striped from her trousers, and laid down onto the table, scooting so that her ass was at the end, and folded her arms behind her head for comfort. She closed her eyes as she felt the sting, sucking in a breath as tears rolled from her eyes from the pain, but she just gritted her teeth, knowing if she screamed soldiers would investigate.

“The cramping will last a few days, bleeding will be spotty for a few days, maybe a week. But you already know that.” The woman said as she washed the blood from her hands in a basin.

Nieve winced as she fastened her belt, nodding. The woman handed her strips of linen and a small jar.

“Same as your monthly, use the linen. Take a spoonful of this every couple hours to ensure everything got out.”

Nieve nodded, putting the items into her satchel before slowly pulling it over her shoulder.

“You know, there are precautions available. Contraceptives.”

“Cont… What?”

The woman chuckled. “Contraceptives we call them.” The woman walked to the cabinet and came back with a hard disk, handing it to Nieve. “Put that in you beforehand. It stops the seed from going in your womb.”

“How much?”

“Think of it as a gift.”

Nieve nodded at her as she slipped it into her satchel.

She slowly made her way back to Marco who was finishing up getting the supplies.

“There you are.” He huffed, holding the wooden crate that contained the items.

“Aye. Did you get everything?” She asked, slightly weakly, one hand resting on her lower abdomen.

“Si.” He eyed her, “Are you hurt?”

She shook her head. “If you’ve got it all, then let’s go back to the dingy.”

“Are you sure-”

“Let’s go, we’ve not a lot of daylight left.” She interrupted.

They boarded the Jolly Maiden and Nieve immediately went to the crew quarters holding onto walls as she walked through to the bunk room and stripped from her clothes, slipping into her nightdress. She hastily replaced the linen from the belted garter between her legs, discarding the bloody used ones into her satchel and winced as she tried to climb up into her bunk.

“Fuck!” She hissed, resting her forehead on the space between her bunk and Remi’s.

“So, you’ve done it then?”

She closed her eyes nodding.

“Good. The last thing we need is that bastards offspring on this ship.”

She chuckled, nodding her head. “Aye, you’re right.”

Bastien chuckled, walking over. “Here, let me help.”

He lowered his hands and she stepped into them, allowing him to aid in her laying down.

“Thanks, Bastien.”

“When will you be able to walk?”

She shrugged, “A couple days I’ll be fine.”

He nodded, “I’ll tell Jacobi you’re ill with ‘women’s issues.’” Bastien shuttered, smirking, “I’ll bring you a bowl of chowder and bread in a few minutes before the boys dig in.”

She curled up into the fetal position, clutching her abdomen and gave him a smile, “Thank ya.”

She closed her eyes with a sigh, shaking her head after Bastien left.

“The curses of being a fucking woman.” She said softly, clutching the locket around her neck.

She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep, her thoughts going to the sister she hoped to meet soon, the gemlish Primefyah named Samina.

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