Sleeping Sheep

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When a hobby becomes your nightmare... Erika loves writing stories, especially about tormented heroes who because of circumstances turn into monsters. But what happens when one day the very revenge thirsty, cold-blooded character she writes about comes to life to take revenge on the person who made him into the monster he is. And guess who that would be?

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

Hello guys! I am back with a new story. So soo excited. Let me know what you think.

The sky turned dark, quickly getting covered by black and silver clouds. A storm broke out, crying and howling into the gloomy night while Erika stood in the kitchen making herself a cup of warm chocolate milk. She knew it was going to be a rainy night and she loved everything about rain. The sound and smell of it awoke her creative mind and it was the perfect atmosphere for her to overcome her writer’s block.

Taking her cup of hot chocolate milk she tiptoed to the living room as to not wake her little brother sleeping in the room nearby. On her way, she switched off all the lights and only left the faint light coming from the floor lamp in the living room.

She liked darkness when writing. It stirred something inside of her that made her want to put her fantasies into words.

Sitting down on the carpet Erika put her cup on the table in front of her, grabbed her laptop instead and then rested her back on the sofa behind, before switching on her old Lenovo. Today she knew she would be able to put some words down on the white screen and she was right. Her fingers danced over the keyboard as the scenes of her story played clearly in her mind. Erika couldn’t only picture the scenes but also feel the emotions of the characters.

It was seven months ago when she had begun to write and she had been very excited about it. But then slowly the stress of working as a nurse and taking care of her younger brother had taken a toll on her and she had lost the will and creativity to write.

Today, she finally found the time but also the desire to dive into her writing and the weather seemed just perfect for that.

The storm outside was relentless, whipping the branches and leaves side to side. It became cold inside the house and Erika reached for the little blanket that lay on the sofa before wrapping it around her body. She had already emptied her cup of hot chocolate milk but she was too lazy to make another. Right now she just wanted to continue with her story.

Erika began to type again. This time forcing herself since it was getting late and she was becoming tired. On top of that, she was confused about her main character again. Why did she make him so complex? It hadn’t been her plan to make him turn into the person he became. Now she wasn’t sure what to do with him. He was supposed to be the main character, the one people would root for despite everything, but now she had just made him into a monster.

Or did she?

Suddenly the storm stilled before a startling deep rumble vibrated loudly outside. It was followed by the rain pouring down mercilessly, pounding on the roof and windows before the storm picked up again. Erika looked outside the window. Her gaze fell on the trees that were almost bent by the storm and how the leaves got ripped of the braches. This wasn’t a normal rainy night. This weather was ready to destroy everything on its way.

Tearing her gaze from the window Erika decided to write a bit more before going to bed when she suddenly jumped at the sound of thunder. It was a loud violent crack that threatened to split the earth in half but instead, it turned everything into darkness.

What happened?!

Oh no!

It couldn’t be that the electricity went out. It almost never happened where she lived in Norway. But the weather had never been this violent either.

Erika grabbed her phone and switched the flashlight on to find her way. She checked the lights just in case but no, the electricity was out. She went on to the kitchen to light some candles when she heard a strange noise. Erika stood still and strained her ears but she could only hear the violent raindrops hammering against the rooftop.

It’s just the weather she thought and continued to fetch some candles. At the bottom drawer, she found a few. Now she just needed a lighter. She opened the cabinet and searched inside using the flashlight, but no. She found nothing. Just as she closed the cabinet she saw something from the corner of her eye. A reflection on the window and it wasn’t her own. Someone was in the kitchen with her, standing behind her. A shiver went down her spine but she tried to not panic.

Maybe it wasn’t someone but something.

Erika turned around fast aiming her flashlight at the someone or something behind her, but just then lightning struck with a load sound making her jump and drop her phone. Now it became completely dark but Erika could still see the silhouette of someone. Someone very tall standing in her kitchen. Fear crawled under her skin. She wanted to bend down and pick up her phone but couldn’t find the courage.

“Wh...who a-a-are you?” She stuttered.

The silhouette didn’t answer nor move.

Erika wasn’t the type to get easily scared but now she was struggling to stand still. Her legs were shaking, her hands trembling at the sides of her body. She clenched her hands into fists to stop the shaking but couldn’t. She tried to think of what to do and then remember the knife stand that could be somewhere nearby. If she could just reach her arm out she could grab one.

“Who a-are you?” Erika repeated while slowly reaching her arm behind to get hold of a knife. She hoped that she couldn’t be seen in the dark.

The person did speak but took a step forward causing Erika to jump in panic and reach hastily for the knife.

“Don’t come closer!” She warned holding the knife out. That’s if he could even see what she was holding.

Why she knew it was him was because no woman could be this tall or big.

“I am holding a knife.” She threatened.

That’s when a laugh erupted from his throat. It was a deep yet cold sound that made her shiver again.

A boom of thunder reverberated and a beam of lightning struck again. The flash from the lightning revealed the man’s form but Erika wasn’t sure if she saw it right.

An armor? A sword?

No, she must have seen it wrong. Another flash of lightning and she could see a glimpse of his face.


It couldn’t be.

It was impossible.

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