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Evelyn is half human and half wolf with a snooty half sister named Tessa. What happens when Tessa tries to stake a claim on the new alpha who has given up on finding his true mate? And what happens when Evelyn feels an undeniable attraction to this Alpha? **This is a short story, so characters and events build fast**

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Witches, vampires, and werewolves are meant to be fictional characters in a story, but in my life, they are real. I also happen to be one, well technically half of one. My father was a werewolf and my mother was a human. Being mates with a human is rare, but in some cases, like my parents, it happens.

Now my parents story is a bit different. In the werewolf community, it is uncommon to still be mate less by the time you are 25. My dad was 26 and without a mate so he took one of the she wolves that was in the pack and mated her. Her name was Jen. They ended up having a girl and shortly after the birth of their daughter, Tessa, he found his true mate, my mother. He left the she-wolf for my mother and they had me. Things were good for a few years, dad lived with my mother and was still involved in Tessa’s life.

That all came crashing down when the jealousy was too overwhelming for Tessa’s mother and she killed my mother. That angered my dad and he killed Jen, but what no one realized is that Jen found her mate a while before these unfortunate events. She was too obsessed with my father that she didn’t give her mate the time of day, or the love a mate is supposed to give to each other. That day, he followed Jen and watched her die, and in retaliation, he killed my father. Depending on who you asked, some say he didn’t put up a fight. Others say the wolf was of high status. Alpha or a beta or something of the sort.

After that day my dad’s brother, Raf and his mate Sam, took both of us girls in and raised us as their own. Since Raf was the top warrior we lived in the pack house along with the betas family and the Alpha’s family. Raf and Sam have one son named Julian. The Betas have two sons, Parker and Wayne, with Parker next in line to be Beta, and the Alpha family has one son whose name is Alex and he hasn’t been around for the last 10 years. Something about some type of special Alpha training every soon to be leader has to go through.

It is now 19 years after my father died. Tessa is 21, almost 22, and I just turned 20. Tessa and I don’t have a good relationship. She is the preppy cheerleading type whereas I’m the shy quiet type. We both have the same color hair, dark brown thanks to our dad, but everything else about us are different. She is tall whereas I am short. She is petite whereas I am curvy. She has blue eyes from her mother’s side and I have brown eyes. Both of us are beautiful girls but in completely different ways. No one would realize we were half-sister unless we told them.

Because we were so different in our personalities, she got a lot of her friends to make fun of me. Now this isn’t one of those “everyone made fun of me so I became a badass type of stories” because not everyone made fun of me, just her and her group of friends. Which I shrug off most the time because I would rather not argue with her. She tends to be pretty petty and holds grudges. A lot of people believe I’m the older one because I’m more mature. Tessa tends to throw tantrums, which are not pretty and looks like a 3-year-old should be throwing it. Stomped foot and all.

I help out any way that I can when it comes to pack duties. I help cook and clean and when I’m not doing any of that I’m training with my uncle and Julian. With me being part human, I had to work extra hard to become as skilled as the other wolves but it is all worth it because I love my wolf and all the friends I’ve made along the way. Julian is my best friend. He is the only one that I confide in about Tessa and her friends being bitches to me. I think that is why he has basically taken me under his wing and if Tessa and her friends get snooty while he is around he gets very protective.

Tessa likes to spend her time shopping and checking out the male wolves. She never joins in on the workouts but she likes to watch them walk around half naked. She cannot cook to save her life and she doesn’t do any of her own chores. I don’t even know when the last time she washed her own clothes was. She is one of the pack gossips and tries to get involved with the Beta brothers.

She is what you can call a rank chaser. She only tried to seduce Alpha’s when they visit or betas. Sometimes she will try to get with omegas, but that is the lowest she will go. She won’t give anyone else attention or even look their way. Sometimes I swear she is going to end up with your everyday average wolf as a mate. I feel a little bad for whoever her mate is because I’m fairly certain she hasn’t saved herself for him. Who the hell am I kidding, I know she hasn’t.

Me on the other hand, I’ve not even had my first kiss. I’m in love with the thought of mates and I’m so excited to meet mine. Because being half human and half werewolf is rare, I had to visit another pack where another half breed like me stayed. Raf wanted me to see that I could fit in just like a normal wolf. Although to find my mate I have to physically touch them for either of us to know. Which kind of sucks because any normal wolf can just look at another and know if they are their mate or not.

Since learning that little tidbit of information, Raf and Sam along with Alpha Ben has made it mandatory for me to shake hands with every unmated wolf in our pack along with anyone who is unmated that visits our pack. But to no avail, I’ve still not met my soulmate. But I will not give up like my father did. I will wait until I meet him, I know for a fact he is out there somewhere. Besides I still have 5 years until they say it’s nearly impossible to find your mate. So, I’m confident I will find him soon. I can just feel it.

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