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Chapter 10

Heading down to breakfast, I talked Alex into keeping our mating on the down low for a few days just so it gives Tessa a few days to cool off. Alex said after the ball he told her that he didn’t like her or want her in that way and apparently it wasn’t a pretty scene.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to witness it because I surely would have been on the receiving end of her rage and to be frank, I’m not sure if I have the patients to deal with her much anymore. I’m tired of her pushing me around and thinking she is better than me somehow. I’m tired of putting up with her harsh words and pretending I can’t fight back. So, I think it is best to just lay low a few days and then let the news out.

Sure, we have to be careful no one sees our marks. I mean it wouldn’t be a big deal if they see them separately, but if we were near each other or someone saw both of our marks, they would know we were mates since they were identical. Also with Alex being an Alpha, his mating is kind of a big deal.

However, since Alex agreed not to announce to the pack we were mates for a few days, he made me promise we would tell his dad after training. Something about Alpha Ben, I mean Ben-since he handed the pack over to Alex, riding his ass about finding his real mate instead of taking an ‘undeserving, rank chasing whore’ as he so politely put it. I didn’t even think Ben cursed but I guess everyone has their own secrets.

Sitting down next to Julian at the table, I glanced briefly at Alex to see him smirking at me with a knowing look. You know the kind of look that says, ‘I know what you look like naked.’ Yeah, that look. Removing my gaze from his quickly, I tried to stop the blush from arising by greeting Julian. “Morning, where is Fay?” He looked to me with a boyish grin on his face.

“She is back at her pack, she has some business to take care of and then she will be moving here and joining our pack. Ben and Alpha Alex has already approved of the transfer so we are hoping she will be settled here in the next 2 or 3 days.” He spoke enthusiastically while love shined in his eyes as he talked about her. I can now proudly say that I knew exactly how he was feeling.

Knowing I can’t keep a secret from Julian, I quickly mind linked Alex to let him know I was going to tell him. Alex looked over at me, giving a small nod as he stared at Julian. I suppose he wanted to see his reaction. Turning back to Julian. I opened a link to him and him only.Hey, Julian. I have something important to tell you.He glanced at me, raising an eyebrow as he picked up his coffee to sip.I found my mate, it’s Alpha Alex.

In that moment, coffee flew out of his mouth and nostrils as he coughed and hacked up the coffee that went down the wrong hole. The two girls sitting opposite of us, shrieked in outrage as they were now drenched in hot coffee and Julian’s spit. Hand to my mouth to stifle a laugh, uncle Raf patted Julian on the back from the seat on the other side of him as Julian wheezed, trying to catch his breath. “Julian, what do I always tell you. It’s not a race, bud, chew your food slowly and don’t be trying to chug hot coffee.” Raf said as if he were talking to a little kid.

Alex was looking mighty amused at the commotion. Julian’s cheeks tinted pink as he finally regained composure, apologizing to the girls, who I now recognized as two of Tessa’s friends. Eh, whatever, they sort of deserve it. Julian, sipping smaller sips of his coffee, finally replied.What?! When did you find this out? Did you guys get down to business?He sent me a mental picture of him winking. He is such a dork sometimes.

Eating my food, I answered him.Last night, he came to my room asking me to sing to him because he couldn’t sleep.I gave him a pointed look.Thanks for that anyways. But when I refused he touched my chin, and sparks flew. I feel so foolish for not shaking his hand the first time I saw him.I sighed disappointedly. Alex gave me a questioning look but I shook my head softly, making sure no one noticed our small exchange.

Julian nodded his head also at what I said.Yeah, Eve. You’re kind of stupid. But I’m so happy for you for finding him. He seems like a great guy. Too bad Tessa’s lips have been on his. Yuck.I grimaced as I bit my lip. Hopefully it was only that once like Alex said it was.

Alex said it was just that once at the ball, and he told her that he didn’t like her like that. The rumors were just rumors.He smiled before stating a simple.Okay, Eve. Glad we are both happily mated now.I agreed before we finished out breakfast. Turning my attention to uncle Raf, I questioned. “Are we training today? We still need to finish those tournaments for Alpha Ben, shoot. I mean, Ben and Alpha Alex.”

Uncle Raf looked at me before replying. “Yeah, we are. As far as the tournaments go, I’m not sure. Ben? Alpha Alex?” Raf questioned, turning his attention to them knowing they were listening to our conversation. Ben signaled to Alex, silently telling him it is up to him with how he wishes to proceed.

Alex looked at uncle Raf before his eyes naturally fell on me. He smirked. “Yes. We will continue with the tournaments. I still need to see how skilled you really are.” He paused before adding, “Along with the rest of my warriors, of course.” I knew what he was doing. He just wanted to have a reason to stare at me, pervert. But I couldn’t help the giddy feeling in the pit of my stomach as I nodded silently, excusing myself from the dining room, to change into training clothes.

Once in my room, Alex’s voice flooded my head.Can’t wait to see what you can do, baby girl. I already am having a hard time keeping my eyes off of you.I grinned, knowing that he was telling the truth because I could barely stop looking at him. Pulling on a tank top with some plain black shorts, I pulled my hair into a side braid, making sure it covered my mark. I’ll show him exactly what I can do.

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