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Chapter 11

Training started as normal before both Ben and Alpha Alex joined. Flutters erupted immediately at the sight of his well-defined muscles that glistened beautifully in the sunlight. As soon as he stepped foot onto the training ground, I watched his eyes scan over everyone until they found me. We both smiled at each other before Julian nudged me, breaking our trance from one another.

Part of me wanted to growl at him to back off before I realized he was just helping me out. I told him about wanting to keep it on the down low for a few days so he means well. At least that is what I keep chanting to myself so my wolf doesn’t take over. Ben asked for the attention of everyone so all eyes turned towards him. Except, mine seemed to have a mind of their own since they kept drifting to Alex. Noticing my wandering eyes, he smirked, keeping his gaze from me.Easy, baby girl. You will let our little secret out if you keep giving me sex eyes.Almost choking on my own spit as his voice entered my mind, I sent him a glare.

Sex eyes? Please. You’re not that good.I smirked. I was definitely lying about that, he IS that good. But if there is one thing I have learned over the years, is how to get under any man’s skin, and that is by making them believe they don’t affect you. Even if they do, it is all a game. One that I was willing to play if he kept teasing me the way he has been. Two can play at this game. He sent me a sharp look before restoring.That wasn’t what you were saying last night.... OR this morning.Imitating my voice, he started mock moaning.OH, Alex! Harder, daddy, harder!

He did not just go there! Letting out a warning growl, everyone’s heads snapped to look at me. Alex’s eyes were amused as he quietly snickered at me. My face reddened, as I shifted uncomfortably with everyone’s attention on me. “Uh, damn mosquitoes keep biting me.” I pretended to swat one away. A few people laughed, Alex included, as they all returned their attention to Ben who was shooting me a curious glance, not buying my excuse but not calling me out for it either. Thank goodness for that.

Daddy, really? Is he into that kind of thing? Maybe I should use this to my advantage, maybe even a little payback? A wicked plan started formulating in my brain, but things have to fall in line perfectly for it to play out like I want it. Ben stated he wanted to set up several tournaments at once so we can work through the warriors and see their strengths faster. They started me out on one mat, with a guy named Fred.

The match was over before it even began as I easily defeated him. Waiting patiently for my next opponent. This went on for the next 3 or 4 people before my cockiness started to show. Both Ben and Alex walked over to my mat, seemingly impressed as they discussed who was next to go against me. Deciding now was my chance, I spoke. “Excuse me, Alphas, if I may?” It was Ben who nodded for me to continue. “If this is to test my abilities, and see what I’m capable of, wouldn’t it be easier to- I don’t know- let me go against one of you? And seeing how, no offense, but seeing how it is Alpha Alex who is truly assessing us and our skills, I believe he should be the one to match me.”

Alex raised a brow, humor in his eyes, as he shrugged his shoulders to his father’s questioning glance. At that, Ben nodded his approval. “Very well. Sounds like a splendid idea seeing as you’re the only one that has been going against so many opponents.” Alex stepped up to my mat, giving me a small wink that only I could see before he stripped off his shirt. I could tell he used some of the makeup I have in my bathroom to hide his mark. He did surprisingly well considering I could barely see the difference between makeup and his skin tone. His sweatpants hanging dangerously low giving the perfect view of his delectable body. I took only a half a second to appreciate the view before I focused. Determined to see my plan through to the finish.

We circled each other, waiting for the other to attack first, just waiting. I knew I wasn’t skilled enough to actually defeat him, I mean for goodness sake, he is an alpha. But I knew I could probably land a few blows and hold my own for a bit. Figuring it was time to get into the action, I charged, faking a right hook before quickly landing a punch to his side with my left. He let out some air before retaliating. Throwing his arm out to punch but I ducked under it. Swiveling around till I was behind him, jumping onto his back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He easily, flipped me over his head before I could hook my legs around his torso to support myself, making me land on my back with a bounce. He quickly moved to hold me down by straddling me but I rolled out from his grasp, throwing my leg out to trip him in the process. Before his back hit the mat, I hopped onto him, straddling him and holding his arms down with my knees, making sure to keep a ton of pressure to secure the position for my plan. My hands wrapped around his throat as I squeezed lightly. I bent down low, my mouth breathing air on his ear before I whispered only for him to hear. “What do you say? Do you like this position,daddy?”

I felt him tense, as he let out a small growl. Faster than I could process, he had us flipped, me below him as he held my arms above my head with one hand as his other was wrapped around my neck. I could feel the erection in his pants, as he pressed into me, growling deeply. His eyes were pure black, signaling his wolf was present. The growl was one of pleasure, of need, but could also be taken as threatening. As I wiggled under him, fighting the urge to let him take me right here and now, I heard some gasps, and Ben yelling. “Alex! Calm down!”

That snapped Alex out of where he was as he quickly moved off of me. All evidence of his arousal gone. He looked around sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck before offering me a hand to help me up. “Uh, I’m sorry Evelyn.” Ben stormed forward, his eyes drinking in every detail of us and finally decided what he was going to do.

“Training is over!” He yelled before turning back to Alex and me. I nodded my okay, getting ready to take my leave before Ben stopped me. “Evelyn, I want you and Alex to follow me to my office.” He stated sternly. It sounded like we were about to get yelled at. Like we were little kids that got caught fighting or breaking something. We were about to get our asses handed to us.

Quietly following him up the stairs, I chanced a glance at Alex to see him already staring at me. He smiled reassuringly, before he took a seat. As I stood there awkwardly, Ben motioned to the seat next to Alex. I obeyed, quickly seating myself, making sure I was a safe distance away from Alex. It felt like minutes went by with Ben just staring between the two of us before he finally spoke. “When exactly did you both plan to tell me, you are mates?”

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