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Chapter 12

Alex and I looked at each other with wide eyes. How did he figure it out? Was it that obvious? Shit. I guess our secret was going to come out eventually. Alex found his voice first. “How’d you know, dad?” Ben let out a genuine laugh, throwing his head back in amusement as his stony expression changed to one of excitement and happiness.

“Son, I may be old, but I still have eyes. Don’t you both worry though, I doubt anyone else noticed, but I’ve spent a lot of time with the both of you to know that something was up. When did you find out?” We both smiled lovingly to one another before I decided it was my turn to answer.

“Um, last night. After the ball. We were going to tell you after training.” Alex nodded to confirm what I said as Ben stood, pulling me up into a warm bear hug. He always did give the best hugs! Comfortable and loving, it reminded me of my father.

“This is great news! I was hoping you were mates! Thank the moon goddess! We will have to announce your mating to the pack!” He chuckled heartily as he pulled away, clapping his hands in happiness. Alex stood, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me to his side.

“About that dad-” He cleared his throat before continuing. “We wanted to keep it to ourselves for a day or so more.” Ben looked perturbed, waiting for an explanation. Alex began again. “You see, Tessa has taken a liking to me, and Evelyn doesn’t want to hurt her too bad. At the ball, I told Tessa I didn’t see her romantically, so we were trying to give that a few days before we announced our mating.”

Ben’s eyes widened in understanding before he nods, taking a seat again. “Oh. Of course. We wouldn’t want history to repeat itself. Good thinking, Evelyn. I will say though.... You guys are not doing a very good job at hiding your affection for another! It’s clear you all have already gotten down to business!” He gazes at Alex humorously. “I mean, I almost thought you were going to take her on the training mat!”

My cheeks a cherry red, Alex chuckles sheepishly before agreeing. “Yeah, we aren’t that good at hiding this, I suppose.” We talk a while more before we all decide to go eat lunch. Alex leaned down, pecking me on the lips before we left the office, making our way to the dining room. I took my usual spot by Julian, as Alex took his normal spot by his father.

Julian was busy taking about how he was going to meet Fay after lunch to bring her here. I was half listening, half in my own head as I thought about everything since finding Alex. It is crazy how life works. Suddenly, the doors to the dining room bangs against the wall as they are opened forcefully. Everyone looks up in time to see Tessa, walking in with all her glory, as she makes her way to the empty seat next to Alex. Before anyone could react, she places her lips on his in a loud kiss.

Alex pushes her away, looking frantically at me, almost pleading for me to do something. Tessa, not noticing the exchange, plops into the seat beside him, wrapping her arm around his. He tried to unwrap her hands, but to no avail. This bitch has gone too far. I could feel my eyes changing gold as my wolf pushed to the front, wanting to rip this girl to shreds. However, before she fully took the reins, Tessa says something that makes my mind freeze, my breathing stop, and my heart break. “Last night was so fun, Alex baby. Your bed is soo much better than mine! You sure know how to make a girl feel pampered.”

Even her exaggerated, high pitched voice didn’t help my shocked state. She was in his room last night? Is that why he didn’t want to go back there? Had he slept with her before he came to me? Had he lied to me? It was that moment that I realized, I barely knew a thing about him other than he is my mate.

I didn’t know his favorite color, favorite food. I don’t know if he wants kids? How many did he want if he did want children? The realization that I barely knew anything about him crashes into me like a freight train. Yet, I was so quick to jump into bed with him, because he is my mate. Picked by the moon goddess, that is supposed to be my perfect match.

I have always had a fairytale dream of meeting my mate and everything being perfect and we live a happily ever after. I guess sometimes that doesn’t happen. Shaking my head, I numbly stand up. I honestly don’t know if I excuse myself, I think I do, but I walk out of the house, making my way to the forest. Stripping and letting my wolf take over. I need to get away. To think.

Running through the woods for a few hours has done me good. I felt Alex trying to reach out to me, to mind link me but I keep a block up, not ready to speak with him. Stopping at a stream, I lap up some water, before plopping down, laying my head on my paw. I know I need to let him explain himself. It was the reasonable thing to do.

I didn’t want to though. I know that whatever he has to say would hurt. What good explanation can he have that led her to be in his room? Getting ‘pampered’? I huff in frustration. Closing my eyes. Maybe I will just take a break here, and then I will head back to face the music. Either way, he is my mate and I’ll have to deal with whatever happened between them last night. Just because I’m hurt and mad at him now, doesn’t mean that I love him any less.

It just means, I will definitely have to keep an eye on Tessa. To hell with her feelings. I decide finally. We will announce our mating tomorrow morning and she can throw a tantrum for all I care. Alex is my mate, and she just needs to learn that she can’t have everything she wants. It is my turn to be selfish. I am a Luna after all. Her Luna, and it is time she learns that.

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