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Chapter 14

Waking up in Alex’s arms motivated me to be confident when it came time to announce our mating. We met with Ben first thing, telling him we didn’t want to wait anymore. Of course, Ben was proud and understanding especially after Tessa’s behavior the previous day.

So, he called an emergency pack meeting, gathering everyone in the meeting room, making it easier to spread the information that Alex has indeed found his true mate. As I stood off to the side of the stage that Ben occupied with Alex right next to me, we waited for him to motion us up to the platform. I could spot Tessa and her friend standing on the other side of the room near the front.

My blood boiled just seeing her as it brought the memories of her lips on my mate. fighting hard to suppress a growl, I bit my lip, almost breaking through the skin, until Alex turned to me. He noticed right away who my gaze was on and instantly grabbed my hand, leaning over to speak softly to me. “I’m yours. Just like you are mine.”

The reassurance calmed me down. Sure, I know he is my mate and I am his, but it never hurts to be reminded, especially when it could be questioned by others. Squeezing his hand, I returned my focus on Ben. In perfect timing it would seem, as he motioned for us to join him. We disentangled our hands as we walked up. The pack was silent, waiting on what was to be said. Alex, knowing I don’t do well with being the center of attention, spoke in his booming voice full of authority. “It is my honor to be here with all of you to spread the joy of some wonderful news. Some of you may have guessed, but I have successfully found my destined mate!”

Hollers and yells of delight echoed through the room as Alex held a proud grin. Lifting his hand, the room when silent. “I’d like to introduce her properly, as your Luna. Evelyn!” He reached out his hand for me to take, which I gladly took hold of, sucking strength from his warm grip in mine, as I step closer to him. Sure, I was nervous, moon goddess knows I hate being in the limelight, but I was excited and more than thrilled to show Alex off as my mate.

There were surprised gasps before the entire pack blew up in an uproar. Applause and squeals of congratulations were all that could be heard. My eyes fluttered across all of the delighted faces to land on one scowling face. Tessa had her arms crossed, her eyebrows down in anger as she stared straight at me. Shooting daggers at me, probably hoping I’d fall over dead. I fought with myself, forcing myself to simply look away from her instead of sending her a victorious smirk or sticking my tongue out at her.

Alex thanked everyone before dismissing the meeting. We stood at the door, sending them off with our farewells and thanks. Alex and I both received a boat load of hugs and handshakes. The entire pack was pleased to know Alex finally found his mate instead of settling.

By the time everyone was gone, I was ready for a nap. Alex slid an arm around my waist, pulling me to him gently. Placing his forehead to mine, his eyes looking down into mine. “Well, it is official. Do you want to celebrate?” I could tell by the look in his eye, his celebration was nothing appropriate for others to see. Nodding my head, I gave him a quick peck.

“Of course, Alpha. But first, I have to use the bathroom.” I replied. He chuckled before letting me go, a dark look in his eyes as he looked me up and down. Spinning me around to face the hall to the bathrooms, he patted me on the butt.

“Go. And hurry, I’ll be waiting in your room.” He gave me one last kiss on the base of my neck before going the opposite way down the hall to the stairs. I sighed happily, as I listened to his command. Doing my business and washing my hands, I was humming quietly to myself. I feel at peace finally. I have found my soul mate, and we don’t have to hide it anymore. nothing could sour my mood.

Walking out the bathroom door, I was suddenly forced back in by two sets of arms. Looking up, I noticed both the blonde and brunette girls automatically. I let out a deep growl, wasting no time in bringing the fear out of them. However, they plowed forward with determination, throwing me back into the far wall of the bathroom. Feeling my head smack into the wall and smelling the blood instantly. Damn, that hurt.

Hearing the door lock, I looked up into Tessa’s raging eyes. Standing up hastily, I pushed the pain of my throbbing head out of my mind as I tried to force my vision to focus on the threat at hand. Succeeding after a few moments. Glaring right back at her, I take in my surrounding and determined I could do this easily. At least, that’s what I thought before I watched as they each carefully pulled out knives. By the smell, I knew they were coated in Wolfsbane.

I knew I could get out of it, but I also wasn’t fooled with thinking I wasn’t going to get hurt. Wolfsbane is tricky. It doesn’t kill right away unless it hits the heart, but it will slowly eat away your flesh and bone until nothing is left and the infection has spread everywhere. Thankfully, there is a cure, and our pack doctor has some on hand just in case, but it is just getting to it within the right time. I knew I could kick their ass, but three against one is a bit harder, especially since I have no idea if they have any knowledge about fighting.

Shaking myself at my mental terminal, I forced myself to focus. I have this, easy-peasy. Tessa stepped forward, a twisted smirk on her face. “Well, well. Should I call you Luna now?” She cackled, before continuing her empty death threats. “Nah, I don’t need too. I think we will just kill you now so I can ‘comfort’ Alex and then become Luna, myself.” She turned towards the girls standing behind her, nodding for them to approach me.

Knives held up, they moved in, hesitating before they lunged, giving me enough time to grab the one on the left’s arm, slinging her into the other. I moved pass them, facing Tessa. Before I could reach her however, the brunette gripped my hair pulling me backwards. Twisting in her grasp, I managed to send a hard punch to the center of her chest, leaving her to fall down breathless. Before I could swing at her to knock her out the blonde swung her arm out, slicing into my arm with the blade.

Crying out, the burning in my arm almost knocking me over. Allowing my wolf to take over, my eyes turned gold. Letting out a threatening growl, I grabbed the blondes arm, one hand on her forearm and the other above her elbow, and without much effort, snapped the bone in two. Blondie falling over in agony, cradling her broken arm, passing out from the pain. I turned my sights on Tessa, seeing her eyes wide in fear. She backed away slowly as I stalked towards her, ready to put the bitch down.

I watched her eyes flicker behind me, making me aware of the brunette running my way. I spun to the side, making her tumble over onto the floor. She waved her knife from side to side frantically successfully nicking my thigh. Gasping from the pain but not stopping my pursuit, I dug the heel of my shoe onto her hand that was supporting her, hearing the satisfying cracks of her bones breaking. She started screaming until I kicked her face hard, knocking her out and effectively shutting her up. Most likely breaking her nose as well.

Eyes still blazing gold, I scanned the room to find that Tessa had vanished, not sticking around to help her friends. Scoffing, I glanced down at my bleeding thigh and the slice on my arm. Still fuming, I stomped out of the bathroom, making my way to the infirmary. I’ll find Tessa, and I will get the chance to beat her snobbish face in, but before all that, I have to get this Wolfsbane out of my system, or I’m afraid I’ll never get that chance.

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