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Chapter 15

Still furious, I clenched my teeth at the throbbing pain of my flesh being ate away. Tumbling into the infirmary, I locked eyes with the doctor, Doctor Seth. His eyes widened in shock at my bloodied state, before he jumped into action, ushering me to sit down on the bed.

Snapping my teeth at him in a defense mechanism, showing him not to push me too far. If I wasn’t so pissed I would feel bad for snapping at him, it isn’t his fault I was harmed. He was just trying to help. Complying with him, I sat down, just as two burly figures rushed in. Alex and Julian, both looking around frantically before they dashed over to me, scanning my body for injuries.

I growled out to Julian. “Might want to get Uncle Raf to get a few guys to clean up the bathroom. Two are passed out, one got away.” He nodded before looking me over one last time, a promise that he would be back, before he left to take care of it. I was trying to calm my wolf, reign her in so I can be at the forefront again. However, she would not budge, still on edge and wanting to go after Tessa. Alex grabbed my hand, squeezing it in his before embracing me, in a slightly awkward way since the doctor was working on my leg.

Sensing Alex’s need to hold me, the doctor stood, stating he was going to grab the vial of medicine to get rid of the Wolfsbane. Alex shifted hisself to where he stood right in front of me, he pulled me to his chest, shoving his face in my hair. I could feel the frantic beating of his heart and the heavy rise and fall of his breathing.

Just his presence and his arms wrapped around me was all I needed to return to normal. My wolf backing off, feeling content and safe in his embrace. Breathing his scent in deeply, I pushed him back slightly so I could look into his eyes. “I’m okay.”

That seemed to be what he needed to hear, because he took a deep breathe before his eyes turned stoney. He took in my injuries, his eyes going glossy right after, telling me he was mind linking with someone. I turned my attention to Doctor Seth, rummaging frantically through drawers and cabinets.

Not long after, he hesently walked back to us, his hands shaking and shifting nervously. He cleared his throat, rewarding him Alex’s and my own attention. “Um, I’m so sorry Alpha, Luna, it seems that we don’t have any wolfsbane cure on hand.”

Alex tensed, his eyes going black. “What!? You are to have vials available at ALL times!” Alex went to lunge at the Doctor before I quickly wrapped my hands around him. Doctor Seth cowered back before I exhaled. Surely, Tessa wasn’t that dumb to use wolfsbane with the intent to kill knowing that we would be able to heal me right away. That bitch stole the vials.

Rubbing Alex’s arms up and down to sooth him and keep him calm, I gritted my teeth together. “Surely, the girls that attacked me knew that there was some here and took them. Is it possible to contact the nearest pack to see if they could supply some quickly?” The doctor nodded frantically, before rushing over to a phone, and flipping through some papers before he came to a number. I’m guessing Alpha Trent’s pack is closest so he will try to call them.

Turning to Alex I spoke softly. “Alex, you should call Trent also. Tell him the emergency, and why we need the cure. It will get here faster that way so his pack doctor doesn’t have to get it authorized.” Alex agreed before pulling out his phone, stepping to the side to speak to Trent.

Feeling dizzy and lightheaded, I laid back on the bed. Willing my eyes to focus and stop being blurry, I blinked. Sitting up rapidly, I looked around for a bin as my stomach churned evilly. Dashing to it, I fell onto my knees, upchucking everything my stomach held. Its taste was bitter, as the chunks of my breakfast forced their way out of my mouth.

I could feel Alex, pulling my hair back and rubbing my back. Comforting me while I vomited. Finally, I stopped. Leaning back onto Alex, resting my head on his shoulder, before I felt myself being lifted. He carried me back to the bed and gently placed me down. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to get dizzy again and puke. I absolutely hated vomiting.

“Fuck.” Alex muttered. I heard rustling before Doctor Seth approached and asked. “Did she have a head injury?” The doctor came closer to me, so I opened my eyes. Looking at him as he searched for a head injury. His hands gently gliding across my scalp before he reached the back of my head. I hissed in pain before he withdrew his hands, showing the blood that was covering them. I couldn’t find the strength to tell him about the blow to my head, so I just watched as he moved around to grab some type of liquid goo, coming back to me while motioning for Alex to prop me up gently so he can have better access to the back of my head.

Alex rested my head in the crook of his neck, making sure there was plenty of space for me to breathe easily. I didn’t mind, inhaling his scent put me at easy, he smelled like mahogany and teakwood, mixed with rain? I couldn’t tell completely as I tried to focus on his steady breathing. I could feel the doctor poking and prodding, most likely cleaning the wound and applying the thick goo like substance. My eyes were growing too heavy for me to keep them open as I leaned further into Alex, letting darkness consume me.


I should have known. I should have fucking known that something was going to happen. When I felt that first sharp pain in my head I just thought I was getting a migraine. How fucking foolish of me. By the time the second sharp pain in my arm came, I knew Evelyn was in trouble. I should have known that something like this would happen.

Evelyn slumped in my arms. A sure indication that she was unconscious. Those she-wolves are going to pay, I’ll be sure of it. Growling out in frustration. I needed to calm myself down before I completely lose my shit. Of course, when I first find my mate someone has to try to kill her. It was infuriating that we couldn’t have a few days of happiness and just enjoy the company of each other. Getting to know one another and loving on each other.

Julian barged into the infirmary, walking over and checking on Evelyn. After he noticed her sleeping form, he turned his attention to me. “Alpha. It was two she-wolves here in our pack that attacked her. Their names, Brin and Jen. They are Tessa’s best friends, but they were easy to get information out of. Tessa ordered them to attack Eve and they were intending to kill, with Tessa delivering the last blow but Eve fought them off, and Tessa ran away.”

The news hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t expect my own pack members to try to kill their own Luna. I kind of figured Tessa was bat shit crazy, but I didn’t think she was to the point of trying to kill Evelyn, her Luna and my mate! The thought alone made me want to rip her limb for limb. However, I couldn’t dwindle on that right now. Evelyn needs me.

“Thank you, Julian. I will deal with them after Evelyn is seen to and treated properly.” I sent him a grateful nod. Turning slightly to observe Doctor Seth working on her head, I softly spoke so I wouldn’t wake Evelyn. “Alpha Trent is personally delivering the cure. So, there shouldn’t be any delays and he should also be here soon.” I noted the worried look in the doctor’s eyes as he acknowledged my words, not replying. I furrowed my eyebrows. “What is it?”

He bit his lip, contemplating on his words and how he should deliver what he had to say. My impatience and irritation growing as the time passed until he finally spoke up. “Alpha, her injuries are bad, even more so with the effects of the Wolfsbane coursing through her body. I’m afraid that if she doesn’t get the cure within the next hour, there will be no hope for her recovery.”

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