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Chapter 16


Pacing back and forth, my eyes never left the clock, wondering where in the hell Alpha Trent is. He should have been here by now. Damn it! I swear if I lose Evelyn this fucking soon I will bring hell down on the ones responsible! That is an absolute fucking promise.

Pausing mid stride, I glanced at Evelyn, making sure she was still breathing before I continued with my brooding. Julian sat by Evelyn, watching me. Suddenly, he shoots up to stand, fists in a ball on the bed next to Eve, glaring daggers at me. “Will you just stop? Pacing isn’t going to help anything. I’m going to go check outside for Alpha Trent, and call Fay incase Tessa decides to book it in that direction. Just sit down, Evelyn will be just fine!”

It sounded like he was trying to convince the both of us of that fact before he stomped out the door with determination. Rubbing a palm over my eyes, I sat down, grabbing Evelyn’s small hand in my big one, letting out a frustrated sigh. I sure hope he is right and Evelyn will be fine. I don’t know what I will do without her. I just found her and my world revolves around her already, she’s so special to me and I know this can’t be the end for us.

Just as I finished my mental pep talk, Trent strolled into the infirmary with just a pair of shorts on, it was clear that he ran in wolf form all the way here. Cure in hand, he rushes over to me. “Alex, I’m so sorry to hear about your Luna. I came as fast as I could.” Doctor Seth hurried over, taking the cure from Trent with a bow, before speeding to the station behind Evelyn, grabbing a syringe and a tourniquet. He turned to Evelyn, rolling up her sleeve, wiping the crease of her arm with alcohol before tying the tourniquet around her bicep.

He extracted the cure with the needle and then quickly poked into her skin, administering the medicine. When he was done, he turned to me to speak. “It was close to the hour, but we got it to her in time. Now we wait, for her body to heal itself, she should regain consciousness by morning.” He bowed, then made his leave. Leaving Trent and I to ourselves and an unconscious Evelyn.

I spun to acknowledge Trent, as I gestured for him to take a seat beside me. “Thank you, Trent. I don’t know what I would have done if I would have lost her. I owe you big time.” The good thing about Trent is that we were around the same age. So growing up together, training together, we became pretty good friends. Hell, I’d even go as far as saying he was my best friend. Trent regarded me with sympathy before he gave me a reassuring smile.

“Hey, I’d do anything for you, man. And I know it goes both ways. I’m just glad I got here in time.” I agreed, staring absentmindedly at my beautiful mate. She sure is breathtaking, even pale, bloody and unconscious she can make my heart race. Sticking out my hand for Trent, he took it. Doing a little shake before clapping each other on the back.

“Yeah, man, you’re right. I just can’t believe something like this happened right after we found each other, ya know? I was fucking terrified we wouldn’t get to do the whole future thing, marriage and kids.” Pausing, I don’t know where that came from, and I told Trent just as much knowing I could trust him. “Hell, I didn’t even know I wanted that sappy shit until the chance of the possibility of it all being taken away.” I let out another tired sigh, just relieved that she was going to be fine.

Trent looked at me with understanding. Smiling a cheeky grin, he replied. “Look at you, getting all soft on me.” He nudged my shoulder. “I haven’t found my mate yet, but I get it. You want that shit with the right girl, and until you find her, it seems unreachable. But Alex, I’m happy you found your mate. I’m also happy I got to meet her, even unconscious, but haven’t I seen her before?”

I glowered before answering. “Yeah... You just met her at my ball, she’s in my pack. She is half human so we had to touch skin to skin before we knew we were mates. How fucked is that? All this time since I’ve been home, she has been right in front of me, and I’ve been too stupid to realize the attraction I felt for her was something more. Hell, the first time I saw her in dad’s office she had me wanting to strip her bare.”

Placing my head in my hands, laughing at the memory of her hair up in a messy bun, flour and other things stuck to her hands as she tried not to touch anything. She even had a smudge of flour on her cheek. I could still remember the way her eyes scanned me over, her gaze alone had my cock twitching to life. I’ve never reacted to a woman’s gaze like that before. She had me from that moment without me even realizing it.

Trent let out a chuckle. “Dude, you’re whipped. No dissing, hell I can’t wait till I have a lady to lead me around by my balls, figuratively of course.” We both burst out with laughter that was welcomed. This whole ordeal was stressful and I definitely needed a distraction. My smile falling from my face, our laughter died as soon as Julian’s voice rang through my head, causing a loud growl to rip through from deep in my chest.

Fay intercepted Tessa while she was trying to escape. They will be here within the hour.Pleased with the news, I directed him to take her directly to the interrogation room. I knew as soon as they got here, I would have to leave Evelyn’s side for a little bit. However, it would be well worth it. My vision went red, as I knew my eyes turned pitch black. Grinning viciously, he knew as well as I did that this was going to be fun. Tessa is going to wish she never crossed me, she will be begging me for mercy before I’m done with her.

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