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Chapter 17


I had to leave Evelyn in her uncle’s care with strict instructions to notify me if she woke up. As soon as word got to me that Tessa was restrained and waiting in the interrogation room, I trudged over there. My wolf pushing to be let out, to end her. It took all of my self-restraint not to let him take control and deal with the little bitch. I would have gladly let him, if it wasn’t for the small fact that Tessa is Evelyn’s family. She is family, and Eve might not appreciate me killing her half-sister. I ranted over and over again in my head before my wolf huffed in annoyance, agreeing sulkily.

Reaching the door to the room, my Beta- Parker, Julian and my newest pack member Fay was standing there waiting for me. Upon my arrival, they bowed their heads to show respect before Julian spoke. “Alpha. How’s Eve?” His eyes grew sad when I shook my head.

“She hasn’t woken up yet, but the doctor said she received the cure in time. She should be up by morning.” Turning my attention to Fay, I addressed her. “Fay, thank you for bringing Tessa back here. You’re new in the pack and we are already glad to have you.” I took notice of the small blush that spread across her cheeks before returning my gaze to Parker. “Who is the strongest girl warrior we have, besides Evelyn?”

He furrowed his eyebrows, before shrugging his shoulders. “Honestly, they all kind of suck, none of them take it seriously. Maybe Wendy?” I cursed. I swore I would never lay a hand on a woman, unless they have personally attacked me first, no matter what crime they have committed. “Why? What do you need Alpha?” Julian questioned.

I know it was silly, and most Alphas wouldn’t mind hitting a woman, especially if they attacked their Luna like Tessa has. But I also had to take into account that this is Evelyn’s half-sister, and if I started I might not stop. I just wanted someone to ruff her up a bit before Evelyn regained consciousness and could decide what she wants to do with her.

“I won’t hit a woman. While she did attack my Luna, I will not lay a hand on her, because frankly, even if I did I might not be able to refrain myself from killing her. I will let Evelyn decide what to do with her whether that is exile or death. However, I wanted to assert my dominance on her since she went behind my back, and attacked, not only her sister and Luna, but her pack member.” I stated evenly.

Fay’s eyes lit up, before she jumped into the conversation. “Alpha, if I may? I am pretty decent at combat, I’d be more than happy to give that little bitch what she deserves for hurting Evelyn.” I smiled appreciatively before accepting her offer. All four of us turning to walk into the room. I didn’t mind Julian accompanying us since his mate did just volunteer to participate, and I myself am curious as to what this little she-wolf is capable of. She looks so tiny, as if she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Tessa eyed me hungrily when I stepped in. Not even bothered by the circumstances of which we are here for. I noticed her hands tied around her back, she was covered in dirt and her hair was all over the place. She also had a cut on her lip. I raised an eyebrow at Fay who just shrugged casually as if to say ‘oops’.

I returned my attention to Tessa, my eyes darkening as the thought of ripping her throat out, here and now, passed through my mind. Appeasing, but not yet. “Want to explain to me why you thought it was a good idea to attack Evelyn? Your Luna?” I questioned angrily. I needed to try to keep cool so I don’t snap, but I couldn’t help the rage seeping through my words.

Tessa had the nerve to act appalled. “What?” She gasps. “I would never harm a hair on my sister’s head! What kind of girl do you take me for?” She asked. One look at Fay, and she was grabbing Tessa by the shirt, swinging a punch square in her face, bringing a satisfying crunch echoing throughout the room as Tessa screamed. Blood spilling down her nose, but I wasn’t bothered with it.

“Let’s try this again, shall we? Why did you attack my mate?” I seethed. Man, what I would give to just end her now. Breathing out of my nose, I waited for her answer. Through the blood, Tessa was gasping for air.

“Alex baby, it’s me. You know me, I would nev-” She was cut off with Fay throwing another punch, this time to the side of her jaw. Tessa’s head snapped to the side before she turned her glare to Fay, her eyes turning dark as she cussed at her. “You stupid fucking bitch. I will kill you.”

I slammed my hand on the table. “Answer the fucking question Tessa, and this can all end now.” She grinned wickedly up at me, blood covering her teeth. It was clear that she was mentally unstable, a part of me felt kind of bad for her. A very, very small part.

“Isn’t it clear? I mean I know you feel it too, Alex baby.” Scrunching my eyebrows up at her, I shook my head in confusion. I have absolutely no clue what this psychotic bitch is talking about. Seeing the question on my face she threw her head back and laughed. “Oh, Alex. We are meant to be together! Why else would I try to eliminate the one person standing in our way? We have sparks between us! Don’t deny them. So, is she dead yet? One step closer to it just being us!” She continued giggling.

Okay, that does it, this bitch is absolutely crazy. There have never been any sparks between us, unless you count the sparks of hatred I’m feeling right now. Growling out of frustration, I rub my palm over my face. Shutting my eyes to try to regain my composure before I completely flipped my lid.

Tessa screamed, bringing my attention back to her as I witnessed Fay throwing punches left and right, Tessa’s head snapping back and forth. I was impressed with the force that Fay was putting into it before Julian grabbed her around the waist, hauling her backwards. Fay was livid, kicking her legs out trying to land another blow on her as she glares harshly at Tessa before spitting out. “You’re a psychotic bitch! You attacked our Luna because you are a conniving little whore!”

I almost wanted to chuckle at the dedication she had for her Luna already. Although I’m sure Evelyn being Julian’s family helped with that bond. I patted Fay on the shoulder to calm her down before looking to Julian, silently telling him to get Fay out of here. He obliged immediately, pulling her out as she was still yelling profanities at Tessa.

Turning my attention back to Tessa, I spoke evenly, void of any emotion. “When Evelyn wakes up, she will decide how to deal with you. Until then, you will be held in the lower cells.” Moving to leave, I had my hand on the door when Tessa spoke up.

“I won’t give up on us. I’ll make sure I kill that bitch so we can be together.”

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