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Chapter 18


My eyelids are heavy as I pry them open. Blinking at the soft light that is illuminating the room in a gentle glow. I slowly took in my surroundings, quickly noticing that I was moved to a bigger bed, with a warm body right beside me. Alex was breathing softly with his hand resting on top of my own. He was so fucking handsome it hurts.

Memories of what happened slam into me as I try not to voice my frustration in a growl. Fuck Tessa. I have tried to be a good sister to her and she just keeps pushing me. She has finally crossed the line. I hope that she hasn’t gotten away, I know she isn’t that stupid to not run, but I’m also aware that our pack is strong and fast. Surely, they caught her in time. But that also poses the question, what are we going to do to her? Hell, that’s if Alex hasn’t already killed the bitch.

If it were anyone else, they would be dead already. Attacking a Luna is a guaranteed way to die. However, she is still my blood. Should I let that effect what should be done? If I do, how can I be sure that she won’t try to attack me again? And maybe even succeed the next time? I know we have to be smart about what to do next. I’d love nothing more than to cast her out and banish her from the pack territory.

I’m not stupid though. If I did that, she would just find a way to come back, maybe with reinforcements that can overpower me, take me out for good. One thing I know for sure about her, she never stops until she gets what she wants. If Alex is what she wants, she will destroy anything in her way until she gets him. I am positive though that I can handle her, I’m just not sure about anyone she could persuade into helping her. She is not above offering sex to her advantage.

Alex shifts beside me, drawing my attention to him. When I look over to him, his eyes are parted, looking right into mine. He smiles softly, squeezing my hand as he moves to wrap his arm around my waist. “Hi, baby girl.” My mind melts with those simple words. The effect this man has on me is growing exponentially. I find myself falling more and more in love with him.

“Hi.” I manage to whisper back, moving to lay on my side, bringing myself closer to him. Alex lifts his hand, moving a few strands of hair that fell into my face to behind my ear. His touch gentle, his gaze soft and loving.

“How are you feeling?” He spoke softly. Almost like if he spoke any louder, I would fall unconscious again. Part of me feels guilty for making him worry. I mean I hate that he has to deal with my family baggage, Tessa being the big stinky bag without wheels. No one wants to deal with that crap. But here he is. By my side, willing to stick with me.

“I’m feeling much better, thank you. How are you? Where’s Tessa?” I looked around as another person popped into my brain. “Where’s Julian?” All the years that Julian and I have been attached at the hip, I know he is never far when I am sick. Normally he is right beside me. But with both of us having our mates, I’m sure he is off with her, but I’d still like an update on his whereabouts.

Alex rolled his eyes at the last question, before pulling me a little closer to him to answer. “I’m fine, why would you even ask? Tessa is locked up, I figured you would like the honors of picking her punishment, I for one, recommend death for her crimes. I mean how dare she attack you, her Luna!” I could see the rage just flowing through him. He says he is fine but I can tell that this little mishap has scared him.

Rubbing soft circled on his chest, I bit my lip, hoping he can hear the honesty in my voice as I said. “Alex. Baby, I’m fine. I’m sorry for scaring you. I know this must have been a lot to deal with, and I want you to know that you don’t have to pretend with me. You can show me how you really feel.” He lifted his eyes to me, before he allowed them to tear up slightly.

I could see the anguish in his flooded eyes, the anxiety that he had at the thoughts of losing me. He was showing me all of his vulnerability, not hiding a bit of it. Finally, I witnessed the relief wash over his face as he reminded himself that I was fine. I was alive and the Wolfsbane was no longer in my system. He declares, “I was scared shitless, Evelyn. We just found each other and the thought of losing you. I just- I just can’t, okay?”

The tears in my eyes finally toppled over, running steadily down my cheeks as I pushed pass the slight pain I was feeling to completely wrap myself around Alex. Reassuring him silently that I was fine and I am his and here. He chuckles lightly at my childlike clinging, before the doors opened, revealing Julian with Fay right behind him.

Alex, rolling his eyes again, huffing out. “Well, as for your last question, I think it’s just been answered.” I knew he was a little upset we were interrupted, but I was glad to see Julian, and Fay of course, but Julian mostly because he is my best friend. Julian stuck his tongue out at Alex before flopping down on the seat beside the bed.

“Hey cuz, if you could not almost die for a few months, that would be great. You’re starting to make this a habit.” Julian spoke playfully. I narrowed my eyes before spitting out the first comeback that came to mind.

“Well, Jules... If I recall correctly, you’re the one that put me in here last time, isn’t that right? Or am I still a little loopy from these drugs?” His mouth fell open in plain shock as Fay and Alex snickered quietly.

Sighing out, I was happy. It must sound silly, I know I’m still not discharged from the infirmary, and I was almost dead a few hours ago, but I feel great, and even more so with a few of the people I loved the most here keeping me company. The only thing that I had to figure out is what exactly are we going to do with Tessa? What would be punishment enough to get her off of my back and out of our lives, at least good enough to stop trying to ruin our lives. Will we have to kill her?

Shaking my head, I rid myself of those thoughts. Right now, I just want to enjoy not being dead, and take a few more hours to heal up completely. Then I will deal with the she wolves that tried to end my life.

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