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Chapter 19

As the time slowly passed, I could feel my strength returning to me. So much so, that I was ready to get up and get to business. We still have yet to discuss what we are going to do with Tessa, it was a hard thing to come to a conclusion on. However, I think I have made my mind up about just casting her out of the pack, forbidding her from ever coming back. If she is foolish enough to try to return, then we will kill her.

This is a chance at life for her, and I hope she is grateful for it and doesn’t mess it up with the crazy thought of hers that Alex belongs to her. I’ll personally kill her if she doesn’t stand down and stay away. Alex, as if reading my mind, nudged me. “What are you thinking about?” I smiled softly at him, before rolling off the bed, heading to the pile of fresh clothes that Julian received from my room.

Quickly changing out of my bloody clothes, I decided to let Alex in on what I was thinking. “I believe we should banish Tessa and the other two girls that attacked me. Forbid them from coming back.” Alex’s eyes lit up in anger. Clenching his jaw as he decided how he wanted to approach trying to convince me that we should just kill them now. I mean his argument would probably be something along the lines of, ‘Anyone that attacks an Alpha or his Luna is aware of the consequences, and deserves to die.’

And he would be right. I know that the punishment for it would be death, but I can’t really just ignore the fact that Tessa is family. Even if it is half, she is my sister, and I will not have her blood on my hands, at least not yet. I will give her one final chance. I spoke up before Alex could try to argue. “Alex, we will banish them, and if they come back, they die. This is a second chance for Tessa to leave well enough alone, to let go of this crazy notion of her and you. If she can’t get over her obsession, and tries to fight back, tried to take you from me. I will kill her. Also, the other two girls were being forced to attack.” I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly.

Alex eyes gleam with pride as he took me into his arms. “I love it when you go all possessive on me, baby girl.” He dropped his lips onto mine, before pulling away. “Fine, we will go about this your way. Let’s go see Tessa and let her know her punishment.” He wrapped his fingers between the spaces of mine, pulling me gently behind him.

I chuckled lightly before a thought occurred to me, how did Alex refrain from killing Tessa already? I’m sure once he found out who attacked me his wolf took over, angry and thirsting for blood. So, what happened while I was unconscious? Tugging lightly on the hand connecting me to Alex, making him slow down, I question him. “How did you control yourself from not killing her already?”

His shoulders tensed, before he glanced back at me. “Well, I had to keep reminding myself that she is your family, and we should decide together how to deal with her. But I will tell you, I may have gotten Fay to rough her up a bit.” He snorted angrily before he muttered, “If I would have known you’d let her off so easily, I would have made sure she was in worse shape than she is.” He scoffed before adding, “Few broken bones or something.”

Rolling my eyes at him, I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corner of my lips at his protectiveness. He clearly is having a hard time with my plans for Tessa, but he is going along with it because it is what I want. I could feel him pouting. Tugging on his arm so he would stop and turn around to face me. Pulling him closer to me, I wrapped my arms around his neck as his arms wrapped protectively around my waist, before placing my lips gently on his. His lips were so smooth and soft against my own, I knew I could do this for the rest of my life easily.

Pulling back slowly, I place my forehead against his, “Thank you for letting me have a say in what to do with her. I know the tradition on what to do with traitors, but she is still family, no matter how fucked she is or how bad she has treated me in the past.” Alex closes the distance between our lips again, in a short sweet kiss before pulling away and inhaling deeply.

“You’re welcome. However, the first sign I see of her disobeying us or even beginning to plot something to kill you while we are talking to her, she will be dead. Okay?” Even though it was in a question form, I knew it was a condition of his. He isn’t taking any chances of her coming back to try to hurt me again. I was touched, truly that he cared enough to even think about the possibility. Looking deep into his eyes, I gave him a small smile, nodding my head to agree with him.

We both have a new understanding of one another, bringing us closer together and causing our connection to grow. He grabs my hand once more, dragging me across the territory to the cells. Upon arriving, I noticed Beta Parker, pacing back and forth frustrated, as he yelled at one of the guards who cowered back slightly.

Parker was tall, and muscular. Not as toned as Alex, but he was up there in size. He had dark blonde hair that was normally gelled back, but today hung over his face that caused him to whip his head to the side to throw them out of his line of sight. He also had dark brown eyes and is sporting a goatee at the moment that is normally shaven. What caught my eye was the hard look in his eye, his mouth set in a thin line as his brows arched down, showing his rage.

Whatever he is angry about, can’t be good. Alex and I finally stopped in from of him as he let out a frustrated growl, glaring daggers at the guard before his hard stare fell on us. By the looks of it he was trying to stop himself from shifting as his shoulders shook and his fists were clenched. Alex squeezed my hand before he met Parkers hard stare with one of his own before he questions, “What is it? What is the issue?”

My heartbeat sped up before I could stop it, knowing that whatever was about to come out of his mouth couldn’t be good. With clammy hands, I waited patiently for Parker to answer. It felt like hours, but was only a few seconds, before Parker let out another growl before gritting out between his teeth. “Tessa is gone. She escaped.”

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